Burundi: Forces de Defense National du Burundi – Communique de Presse (27.06.2020)

The incursion of the Rwandan army in North Kivu in April 2016 (Youtube-Clip)

“Incursion de l’armée Rwandaise au Nord-Kivu Avril 2016” (Amis de Moise katumbi Londres, 2016).

If you struggle with the French langauge, then you put on texting and translation of the text to understand the video from Youtube. Peace.

Rwandan Video Report: “The “Spy” who lied to Burundi” (Youtube-Clip)

Here is Rwandan’s Counter-claim to the Burundian pick-up and reports of  the arrest of Corporal Rucyahintare Cyprien. That the Rwandan news company The New Times, claimes is wrong. We can question who is right, is it the Burundian who wants evidence of Rwandan involvement in counter-intelligence in their country? Or is it Rwandan interest to counter-address it and say the “Spy” is lying. Hard to know whom to believe as the UN report told that the Rwandan Government we’re training militias. When Government of Burundi affirming it, and the Government of Rwanda saying it was not true.

This is the second of these between the countries. First the militas, now the spy case. Wonder what is next, do you? Peace.

Press Release from the Rwandan Parliament on DGPR’s demands for Political and Electoral Reforms (10.03.2016)

Rwanda 10.03.2016 PR