Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – A statement about the victorious December 6 million marches (06.12.2021)

Our victorious rebel people;

The hordes of revolutionaries and free revolutionaries rose today in the capital and the provinces, and the roaring processions overflowed on the millions of December 6, opening of the activities of the peaceful mass resistance to the coup in the month of the launch of the glorious revolution, it tightened its peaceful siege of the brutal coup and confirmed its complete loss of legitimacy. And revealed the failure of their desperate attempts to create a political or popular incubator to hide their bad act.

Our teacher people;

We in the Sudanese Congress Party salute the struggles and sacrifices of our proud people, and we support the honorable revolutionaries and revolutionaries in the forces of the living revolution in its various professional and partisan organizations and resistance committees.

We also condemn the systematic violence of the brutal coup forces against the peaceful processions, which led to the fall of a number of casualties and the arrest of dozens of honorable people, as well as the deployment of armed gangs and the orchestration of the burning of the Al-Safi police station in a new miserable attempt to stigmatize the movement as neutral from peacefulness.

And justifying the repression and violence of the hijacked state machine in favor of the coup authority, as they are open criminal tricks practiced by all dictatorial regimes to oppose their opponents, have not and will not deceive public opinion, especially with the rise of collective awareness and careful monitoring of all the course of the peaceful resistance movement.

We affirm that perseverance in the act of resisting the coup and escalating the mass movement and diversifying its means is our way to achieve the goals of the glorious revolution and the establishment of pure civil authority, and that we will make every effort to strengthen the unity of the forces of the revolution and continue the march steadily until victory is complete, the coup is dying and its vital signs are fading day after day, in return for more igniting the flame of the revolution, and the power of our people who are commanding and overpowering.

Long live our people free and victorious

December 6, 2021

Sudan: Sudan Professionals Association – Procession Statement December 6, 2021 (06.12.2021)

The masses of our great people and their revolutionary forces went out in millions of processions today, December 6, 2021, in the national capital and various cities and villages of Sudan, and confirmed that the revolutionary attendance book on the third anniversary of the glorious December will be more radiant, bright and determined.

The people’s revolution continues until the uprooting of the putschists and their corrupt regime from the roots, and the establishment of the full transitional civil national authority according to a new revolutionary legitimacy is an uncompromising goal, and the construction of a Sudan of freedom, peace and justice is an imposition that cannot be undone.

The paid forces and militias affiliated with the Military Council coalition attacked the peaceful revolutionaries in a number of cities, and used excessive force and tear gas, and they still practice harassment and arbitrary arrests in the streets of the steadfast city of Bahri, and they pursue the peaceful revolutionaries who are returning to Omdurman.

It is another crime that is added to the record of shame and disgrace for the criminal putschists, and irrefutable evidence of the barbarity of their authority and their hostility to the people’s revolution and its goals in civil and democratic transformation.

The revolutionary forces will continue their daily work in diversifying the tools of peaceful resistance, millions processions will continue throughout the month of December until the defeat of the putschists and their fair trials for the crimes and massacres they committed against our patient people, and until the establishment of the authority of the revolution and the people stemming from the revolutionary forces and believing in radical change and its goals.

December 6, 2021

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Central Leadership Council – Press Statement (05.12.2021)

Media platforms, citing (Darfur 24) website, circulated news about the proposal of the Central Council for Freedom and Change, for a political declaration that paves the way for a new agreement based on the agreement signed between Al-Burhan and Hamdok on November 21 last.

The Central Council for Freedom and Change confirms that this news is incorrect and contradicts our declared position regarding the political declaration signed between Dr. Hamdok and the coup leader, General Al-Burhan, who considers what happened between them as an attempt to legitimize the coup.

And it is only a continuation of the successive coup decisions since the date of October 25, 2021 AD, and we in the Central Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change confirm that we are working with the broad groups of our proud people who reject the coup in order to resist and defeat it.

December 5, 2021

Sudan: Khartoum State resistance committees focal points – Joint Press Statement (03.12.2021)

We, Khartoum State resistance committees focal points, have received a meeting invitation from the Special Representative for Sudan and Head of the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) to discuss the recent event in Sudan after the ill-fated military Coup that took place on the 25 October.

The following response reflects our collective stance towards the recent developments in Sudan. And it is signed by Khartoum resistance committees focal points to send a strong message expressing our solidarity and unity against the common enemy.

We promise the masses of our people in all cities, villages, and townships that there will be no retreat or complacency. The people are always stronger, defection is non-viable, and the popular demand will prevail, be victorious, and continue towards its goals.

Subject: Resistance committees position from recent developments in Sudan

Regarding your letter on 7 November 2021 (no reference), we value your interest in the Sudanese people and the developments with their holy revolution that allowed Sudan to restore its position in the .. international society after a long break from the Islamic dictatorship. We want to convey to you our position regarding the latest events in Sudan:

First: Our stated and clear stance remains that Sudan is now under a complete military Coup orchestrated and executed by the armed forces and militia generals who are implicated in several wars atrocities, and crimes against humanity. Most unforgettably, the massacres of the Armed Forces HQ and states sit-ins 3 June 2019.

Secondly: We will continue our fight to remove the junta that currently runs the armed forces and dissolve all Juntas and militias that violate the Sudanese public with vicious killings and terror on the streets. We stress the prosecution of the commanding general of the armed forces, the Rapid Support militia leader,, and all the heads of the security system who took part in the military Coup and the unlawful murders, abductions, sexual assaults, and detention of the innocent Sudanese people.

Thirdly: Sudan should undoubtedly be led by an entirely civilian government. This leadership will manage all the country’s matters. At the same time, and the military should be embargoed from participating in the political scene. We also demand the dissolving of all militias and forming a unified national army under civilian control.

Fourthly: Our motto will remain “No deliberation, No compromise, No partnership” with criminals. We refuse any intermediary or settlement with the coup leaders, and we will carry on our struggle and fight to oust the Coup and take the criminals before justice.

Fifthly: we welcome all efforts aligning with the Sudanese people’s ambitions and aspirations toward a democratic transition. We call the international society and all nations to stand in solidarity with our fight for Freedom, Peace, and Justice through you.

A cause that will not be possible to realize without the defeat of the country’s militarization advanced by the commander in chief of the armed forces, Rapid Support Forces, and their Coup supporters.


Khartoum Resistance Committees Focal points

Greater Omdurman Focal Points

Bahri Resistance Committees

Haj Yousif Resistance Committees Collective

Sharg al Nile Resistance Committees Focal points

Sudan: Sudanese Professionals Association – Statement on the statements of the Secretary-General of the United Nations (03.12.2021)

News agencies circulated about the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Antonio Guterres, rejecting statements regarding the political agreement between Al-Burhan and Hamdok, calling on the Sudanese to accept this agreement and its consequences and warning of the consequences of continuing his resistance.

This is considered a transgression by Mr. Guterres of the will of the Sudanese street, which rejects the aforementioned agreement and what precedes it, and it dictates to the Sudanese what they should do from a position of guardianship that they do not have what qualifies them for it.

Guterres’s repudiation of the revolutionaries’ threats to the Sudanese people with dire consequences if he continues to resist them and their miserable agreement with Hamdok is a moral and political fall, which the Secretary of the International Organization should not have fallen into, as it is a justification for the violence of the putschists directed against our people’s right to peaceful expression of their aspirations.

It is a condemned trend that the international organization should hold accountable for, who did not take into account the sensitivity of his position and disregard the message of the United Nations in the maintenance of basic rights, foremost of which is freedom of expression, and even protection.

We say to Mr. Guterres, the time has come for the international community to listen to the voice of the Sudanese people and reset their discourse and behavior on this basis. The time has passed when our people are led by dictates. Our people are not waiting for anyone’s permission and will impose their will with the tools of their peaceful struggle on whoever is deaf, whoever they are. .

December 3, 2021

Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – Press Statement (03.12.2021)

We follow with strong condemnation, and since before the brutal coup on the twenty-fifth of October, what the pens of the officers in charge of the People’s Armed Forces newspaper have been writing about going into the politics of the country, and their systematic campaigns against the national political parties and their miserable attempts to sow discord and charge members of the regular forces against them with slanders that sidestep the truth, and drive a wedge between them and the various groups of the Sudanese people, the last of which was the article of its editor in which he attacked the Sudanese Communist Party.

We in the Sudanese Congress Party affirm our categorical rejection of the politicization of the armed forces, and we believe that these pens necessarily represent an extension of the former regime, which calls us to further adhere to one of the most important demands of the glorious December revolution, which is the reform of all public institutions and the removal of the systematic empowerment that covered it during three dark decades, and at the forefront of these institutions the armed forces, which leads to the existence of a single national army that represents all of Sudan and operates through a law that defines its professional role and criminalizes its involvement in politics.


Noureddine Babiker

Spokesperson for the Sudanese Congress Party

December 3, 2021

Sudan: Sudanese Professionals Association – Statement (30.11.2021)

Revolutionaries, we open to the sun in our night the door of a new day

And we will redeem you and we will redeem you, we will not throw your name in the dirt, and our eyes will turn to you, you are the teacher and the book..O our people..

The masses of the revolutionaries and revolutionaries of our people today wrote their inspiring denunciations in bold calligraphy and loud cheers on the page of the sky.

Her steps were vigilant and daring, she surrounded the presidential palace in Khartoum and other destinations in other cities with valor that cast terror and despair in the hearts of the putschists.

We will not lie down during the battle, and let us make today’s epics a rehearsal of reception for December, the glorious month of our revolution.

May the front of our joint action expand among all the revolution’s forces committed to its afflictions, and efforts to be integrated until the partnership of blood and servitude is overthrown, and the banners of a free civil Sudan are erected on the hills of high sacrifices raised by our victorious revolution with the blood and bodies of our righteous martyrs and the struggles of our proud people.

November 30, 2021

Sudan: Sudan Central Doctors Committee – Statement (30.11.2021)

We carefully follow the testimonies of many doctors and revolutionaries who arrive at hospitals about their feelings of different symptoms after being exposed to tear gas, agreeing that it has symptoms that differ from all types of “bombans” they were exposed to in the past. Hospitals also recorded a number of injuries he suffered burns of varying severity from the sound bombs that were used today.

We are working in cooperation with interested parties to find a scientific and effective method and start counting, analyzing and studying these symptoms to know the extent of their impact on the health of our people in the short and long term. This should be coordinated with weapons experts and relevant authorities the link inside and outside Sudan to know more details about what our victorious resistance people are throwing at.

We confirm that the use of tear gas of all types and authorized and unauthorized trademarks; It poses a direct threat to health, especially to the elderly and respiratory patients, and is not limited to them. And our people remember a number of martyrs who died during the December revolution due to suffocation with tear gas, including:

-Uncle Martyr Abu Bakr Othman Yousef (February 17, 2019)

– Martyr Grandmother Kinaina Ayoub (15 March 2019)

-Uncle Martyr Hashem Hazrat (March 24, 2019) and others.

A number of martyrs rose during the course of our victorious revolution As a result of direct hits from tear gas canisters, we mention the martyr Uncle Hassan Al-Haddad (April 18, 2019) and other martyrs of our mighty people.

These incidents are examples of many of the lethal effects of tear gas, and the use of power by another type of tear gas with more severe symptoms is an unsurprising continued killing. The authority killed the people with live live bullets on the heads, necks and chests.

Another weapon used by the forces of the Prime Minister of the coup to suppress the last processions is the #مليونية30نوفمبر , a type of sound bomb that has incendiary effects on the extremities and the skin. preparation. These injuries produce sores that may be difficult to treat and multiply and cause cases that reach the rotting of the affected organ and the possibility of its amputation, and the burn and shrapnel scattered from these bombs can affect more vital organs in the body. All of this directly harms the health of our people and threatens their lives.

Bear the coup prime minister, leaders the trembling ones see all these violations against our rebellious people, and the eye of the revolution is anticipating every transgression, not blinded by idle talk, nor by the slander of lies, and its determination will not be limited by the long term.

November 30, 2021

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Central Leadership Council – Press Statement (30.11.2021)

don’t negotiate

no partnership


The masses of our rebellious people continue their resistance activities with perseverance and determination to bring down the putschists, opportunists and remnants of the former regime, fraught with creative awareness which exposes and refutes attempts to circumvent its indomitable will, as today at exactly one o’clock in the afternoon processions of the revolution #مليونية30نوفمبر in the capital and the provinces, dressed in dazzling peacefulness and adhering to the same goals of restoring the path of civil democratic transition.

And the accountability of the coup d’état, murderers, and violators of our people’s inherent right to freedom, peace and justice, and the obstacles to achieving the goals of the glorious December revolution.

We in the Central Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change support and support the demands of our great people, and we will be at the forefront of the ranks in today’s processions. We also warn the coup authority against attacking the peaceful and free revolutionaries, for freedom of demonstration and expression is a right guaranteed by law and not a gift from any party.

We will continue to escalate the masses with all the forces of the live revolution, until the complete demise of the coup d’etat on the chest of the country.

November 30, 2021 AD

Sudan: Coordination Office of Karari Resistance Committees – Statement (27.11.2021)

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