Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – Statement (17.09.2022)

Our party remained true to its democratic traditions even in the darkest hours of the tyranny years. His choice was clear that the gateway to partisan health was to open the doors and windows of renewal and openness so that he would not be affected by the diseases of calcification and closure.

During the past decades of life Sudanese Conference, the presented a unique experience in Sudanese political life when he made his way without relying on a cross-border sect or ideological creed or external support, but rather he continued to dig deep into the soil of this country to plant roots that tyranny projects did not succeed in uprooting.

We are now looking forward to the sixth conference of our party after it rose from the bases.. In the past months, the party held grassroots conferences in 121 localities, 17 states, and 13 professional factional conferences, in addition to its branches abroad that exceeded twenty and held a conference in which it elected its collective leadership, these days, the rest of the conferences are completed, leading to the General Conference in January, which will elect the party’s leadership and review its programs and structures.

In our party, we are waging the battle of institutional building and development on one front, fighting against totalitarianism, and opening the path to democratic transformation on another front, both of which feed each other, so the conference slogan is “Institutional Driving Change”.

The issue of building and developing institutions as a prerequisite for the consolidation of democracy has never been lost from our eyes, and we are happy to see the expansion of this culture in the civil milieu of unions and grass-roots civil bodies and others. The guarantee of civil democratic transformation is building solid democratic civil institutions Its roles are integrated and extended to expand this medium and increase its scope.

I am proud that I am part of this system that was built with the minds and effort of thousands of daughters and sons of this country, to put an imprint in the path of its construction and development that cannot be lost by the eye.

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Important Statement (14.09.2022)

The masses of our rebellious people:

The coup forces continue their violations against the Sudanese people of brutality and killing, leaving behind hundreds of martyrs and wounded in the face of the peaceful civil movement of our resistant people, demanding freedom, peace, justice and the establishment of a civil state.

Our Supporters:

The Forces for Freedom and Change have been working in the file of implementing justice through its various specialized committees, and in this context, we learned that the coup authorities, after many demands from the revolutionary forces and some organizations, allowed, in a very late step, the autopsy of the bodies found in mortuaries and hospitals.

Through a committee formed by the coup authority from several sides, including the criminal evidence, the judicial authorities, the Public Prosecution, the Director General of the Police and some relevant international organizations as claimed by the current de-facto authority, and in the complete absence of a presentation of the reasons for the establishment of this committee and its tasks, and the doubts surrounding it, the loss of confidence in the coup authority, and the lack of transparency and clarity in its actions, we demand the following:

First: Condemning the government’s inhumane treatment of these corpses and the failure to take the necessary measures to ensure that the families of the missing are able to identify them over the past period.

Second: We call on the authorities that undertake this work to work transparently in taking criminal and legal procedures and preserving evidence, and we warn against tampering with evidence, which may lead to concealing the circumstances and reasons in which these lives were lost, ensuring access to the perpetrators and enforcement of justice in accordance with the recognized legal procedures regarding the data of those bodies, starting with naming the notifying policeman, the date and place of finding the body, the autopsy report to determine the time and circumstances of death, keeping the genetic fingerprints of any of the bodies, and the necessity of burial in a known grave to facilitate the process of identifying the owner of the body in the future and matching the genetic fingerprints with any of the persons who match it.

Third: The Forces of Freedom and Change request and support the demands of the families of the martyrs and the missing from specialized international organizations, regional institutions and United Nations bodies interest in advocating this humanitarian issue that concerns all the Sudanese people so that the law is applied and justice is achieved.

Fourth: Demanding justice for the martyrs, prosecuting the killers, revealing secret hideouts and detention facilities, all methods of enforced disappearance, and revealing the fate of the missing.

Fifth: The judicial and judicial authorities’ dealings with the accused and the perpetrators is tainted by suspicion. The judicial authorities release the convicts and fail to conduct trials for those accused of sniping and killing the martyrs.

We affirm that we will continue to follow this file with vigilance and diligence, and to inform our people and the local and external public opinion of any developments and developments related to it.

Committee of Martyrs, Wounded and Missing – Forces of Freedom and Change

September 14, 2022

Sudan: Statement by Under-Secretary-General and Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide, and the Special Adviser on the Responsibility to Protect on the recent visit of the Prosecutor of the ICC, Karim A. A. Khan to Darfur, Sudan (08.09.2022)

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Important Statement about Initiative of the Bar Association Steering Committee to Draft the Transitional Constitution (08.09.2022)

We followed with interest and appreciation the enlightenment presented by the Steering Committee of the Sudanese Bar Association on Wednesday, September 7, 2022 AD, and its announcement of the completion of the drafting of the transitional constitution as a prelude to the next step, the project is presented to the various parties, actors and stakeholders in order to agree on a constitutional declaration to manage the transitional phase and form a basis for establishing a tight, democratic civil transition that rises on the ruins of the October 25 coup.

In the Forces of Freedom and Change, we affirm our continued support and support for the subsequent steps of the Sudanese Bar Association initiative and our readiness to engage seriously in the later stages of the discussions. In continuation to our continuous role and duty during the previous stages since the launch of the Bar Association initiative and its discussions until reaching the draft constitutional declaration.

We call on all civil, democratic political components and the resistance committees to seriously engage in the discussion of this draft in order to reach agreement on a constitutional framework governing the transitional period it achieves the legitimate aspirations of the Sudanese people in a civil and democratic state, ending and defeating the coup and restoring the democratic transition.

Executive Office – Forces of Freedom and Change

September 8, 2022 AD

Sudan: Ombada Resistance Committees Coordination – Political Freedom (31.08.2022)

Freedom is the ultimate value for which generations of Sudanese men and women have fought throughout the history of the Sudanese national movement.

Years of authoritarian military leadership have tarnished our history by tightening its grasp on the right to speak, confiscating all different voices, and only allowing the chorus of its followers in every period to rumble in the people’s ears with the call for submission.

In this frame of reference, the glorious December revolution came to restore this right. Following the rule of the coup regime of 30 June 1989 A.D., professional and labor unions were dissolved and political activity in the country and all free forums were halted, and began to open in ghost houses to abuse, torture, and murder the daughters and sons of our honorable people who have resisted it from the start. Despite the price of the word at that time, the student and professional movement sacrificed a large number of martyrs for the sake of the country’s and people’s freedom, as well as the cessation of killing and imprisonment for expression of opinion and disagreement.

As a result, We in Ombada Resistance Committees Coordination, reiterate—first to ourselves and then to our fellow members of the resistance committees—what we have repeatedly stated: that difference is not a reason for disagreement, but rather a fact that needs to be handled and managed democratically, not by canceling and criminalizing the other. The right of political forces to communicate with their masses is guaranteed by law and must be protected, and it is the right of all forces of democracy, change, and resistance to hold seminars and events at any time and place, and for them to be judged based on this original principle and nothing else, in order to achieve our common goal of overthrowing the coup of October 25th.

Media & Culture Office

Ombada Resistance Committees Coordination

August 31, 2022

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) – Press Release (01.09.2022)

Yesterday, Wednesday, August 31, 2022 AD, a procession witnessed the continued practice of the coup authorities’ repression and violence against peaceful demonstrators, which led to the martyrdom of the martyr Hatem Najmuddin Obaid Koko after he was hit in the head with a tear gas canister, he was then run over, according to eyewitnesses, by a vehicle belonging to the coup forces.

The martyr Hatem Najm Al-Din Obaid Koko holds the number 117 among his peers, the martyrs who were presented by the Sudanese people during the resistance to the coup of October 25, 2021 AD in parallel with the thousands of injured and injured as a result of the systematic violence of the coup forces.

In contrast to the usual violence by the coup forces, medical sources reported that the procedures for completing the exhumation of the body of the martyr Hatem Najm al-Din from the mortuary witnessed a deliberate delay and attempts to falsify and modify the reasons and place of martyrdom.

Referring to its occurrence in the hospital or as a result of a traffic accident, which was rejected by the doctors. This behavior reflects the new tendencies of some elements of the coup forces to falsify and manipulate facts, a behavior that besides violating the law, it contradicts morals and professionalism.

In addition to what was mentioned above, eyewitnesses attributed practices of violation of control and linkage to some employees of the coup forces on the evening of Wednesday, August 31, hours after the convoy ended by firing tear gas indiscriminately at citizens and shops on Airport Street.

The behavior of the coup and its elements confirms their systematic, deliberate and growing violence due to the lack of accountability for abuses; And the lack of the professional aspect when performing the duty and tasks in a way that confirms the necessity of ending and defeating this coup, the rule of law and the reform of large sectors of the regular forces in order to carry out its duties to the fullest extent, by applying the law in a professional, disciplined and professional manner based on protecting the people and respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms.

We believe that our people will defeat tyrannical tyrants as they defeated those who preceded them, and that the sacrifices of the Sudanese men and women for freedom, democracy and peace will reach their limit on a near victory day; We renew our call to all the revolutionary forces for unity and joint action to end this coup and defeat it and restore the democratic transition again.

We ask God Almighty to the martyr of August 31, 2022 AD Hatem Najmuddin Obaid Koko mercy and forgiveness and to his family and relatives patience and good condolences and to expedite the full recovery of all the wounded and injured, reveal the fate of the missing, and reunite them, whether they are alive or martyrs; The people of Sudan are victorious over the tyrants who killed the people and plundered the country. A victory is not far away.

Our people are Mansour and the coup is defeated.

Forces of Freedom and Change – Media Committee

Thursday 1 September 2022

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Important Statement (21.08.2022)

About (the disaster of torrents and rain and the coup authority’s disregard for the dangerous humanitarian situation)

The Forces of Freedom and Change are following with great concern the catastrophic and tragic conditions that large parts of the country are experiencing as a result of torrential rains and floods in many regions. This resulted in the destruction of thousands of homes and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of families from their areas.

The repercussions of the humanitarian and health conditions are exacerbating terribly in Al-Manaqil locality in Gezira State, South Darfur, River Nile, Kassala, White Nile and South Kordofan, and the matter is likely to get worse and cause health and environmental damages with expectations of an increase in the levels of the Nile during the last week of this month, and an increase in rainfall.

The state of drowning and torrential rains that hit a number of regions in an unprecedented manner is the result of the government neglect of the coup authority and its abject failure to make any preemptive arrangements for the fall season. Operating dams, opening and cleaning canals and canals, or responding to citizens’ warnings of cracking local dams, as happened in South Darfur, and the totality of this failure is added to the balance of the October 25 coup, which is studded with incidents of continuous failures that have accumulated throughout the previous months.

The failure of the coup was not limited to the lack of preparation and preparation, but extended its practice of silence and complete silence regarding this disaster, continuing its disdain and disregard for people’s lives and the silence of its media institutions as if those disasters were in another country.

What is required now is a concerted effort and popular aid to confront this disaster and to declare the country a disaster area to attract and attract regional and international aid to provide relief and aid to the afflicted in all parts of the country and to take early precaution to confront the subsequent repercussions and the spread of epidemics and diseases.

Accordingly, a transparent investigation must be launched with popular participation after overcoming this ordeal to find out the causes and shortcomings and to hold accountable the parties that caused the exacerbation of these disasters, which were the main cause of the current unprecedented catastrophic situation.

The Forces of Freedom and Change affirm that they are monitoring the situation and will communicate with regional and international parties to extend an urgent helping hand to those affected; And she asserts that these facts prove more than ever that the continuation of this coup will only leave the country devastation and bring it into ruin. There is no chance for a better future except by ending it and defeating it and restoring the civil democratic transition.

Forces of Freedom and Change – Executive Office

Sunday August 21, 2022 AD

Sudan: Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination – Joint Press Release – Popular Campaign Announcement (20.08.2022)

As is typical of tyrannical dictatorial regimes, they do not hesitate to spill the blood of the people as rivers as a sacrifice in order to maintain their hold on the throne that is placed over the skulls of innocent people, and they turn a blind eye when rain overflows and leaves behind what we cannot endure, intensifying the horror of the calamity when the official role of the state falls short of relief efforts and warding off disasters and the wrath of nature. However, as it was expected, the coup authorities adopt the same strategy as the previous government and concentrate their efforts on supplying tools of oppression and robbery of the citizens, as if there is a surplus of Sudanese lives, and it is okay for two-thirds to die and the remaining third to live at the mercy of the boot.

Our patient people:

We, Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination extend our condolences to you and to ourselves for the loss of precious lives that the Lord Almighty has chosen from among us. We pray that God accepts them as martyrs, and we also pray for a speedy recovery for the injured, as well as for strength for those affected by the torrential rains that have caused catastrophic conditions in various parts of the country.

And since we have decided to carry the banner of change, it was necessary for us not stand by and watch as thousands of our people’s homes collapsed in Al-Manaqil and the surrounding villages, as well as in many other areas in Sudan’s cities and villages, leaving them without shelter, food, or medicine, or even the most basic necessities of life.

In light of these dire circumstances, we are raising the state of emergency to the highest level and calling for a popular campaign to unite our efforts with the honorable people of our country and charitable and community organizations in order to aid our brothers and sisters. We will announce later the means by which we will coordinate with the actors and how we will deliver aid to areas in need.

Signed by:

South Omdurman Resistance Committees Coordination

Umbada Neighborhoods Committees Coordination

Bahri Neighborhoods Committees

El Hajj Yousif Neighborhoods Committees Association

Al Arbaeen, Al Fil, Al Mawradah and Al Arda Coordination

Sharg Al Nil Janub Coordination

Umbada Dar Al Alsalam Resistance Committees

Old Omdurman Resistance Committees Coordination

August 20, 2022

Sudan: Sudanese Professionals Association – Statement (20.08.2022)

The strike is a form of peaceful resistance to dictatorial regimes and means the paralysis of state institutions that the military and their allies have robbed and are trying to use to suppress us.

Or deal with it.

Our resistance people chanted with our throats eager for freedom and with our honorable martyrs, “The revolution is a union and a neighborhood committee.”

In order to prepare for the strike and raise the degree of organization through the general political strike committees, linking and coordinating them with the disobedience committees in the neighborhoods.

We also call on the masses of the Sudanese people in all the cities, villages, and regions of Sudan, especially the resistance committees, to continue the peaceful resistance and adhere to it, improve it and rise by degrees. Organizing it by initiating the formation of civil disobedience committees in neighborhoods and al-Furqan.

We will proceed in the battle of national liberation by all peaceful means and means to seize the full civil authority of the revolutionary forces, provided that the study continues among the revolutionary forces to chart renewed paths for the resistance action.

The valiant struggles of our people and the glory and immortality of our honorable martyrs lasted, and the revolution was free and victorious.

August 20, 2022 AD

Sudan: Sudanese Bar Association – Steering Committee – Declaration on the continuation of the dialogue activities on the transitional constitutional framework (09.08.2022)

For the second day, the activities of the dialogue workshop on the transitional constitutional framework, organized by the Sudanese Bar Association, continued. with the wide participation of political, professional, civil, revolutionary and societal forces and armed struggle movements.

The workshop aims to find foundations for political consensus and democratic consolidation on issues of constitutional arrangements, this is in recognition of the importance of constitutional dialogue and broad participation in the making of the transitional constitution and its protection from the abuse of power and the disruption of its provisions.

The first session of the second day was initiated by Counselor Tariq Mubarak Majzoub, Head of the Constitution and Research Department at the Ministry of Justice, on the axis of the transitional authority institutions, their levels and who constitutes them. For her part, Ms. Safaa Al-Aqib, a human rights activist in the field of peace and gender and head of the Darfur Women’s Forum, initiated the second session on the axis of peace in the transitional constitution.

Professor Kamal Muhammad Al-Amin, lawyer and legal expert, initiated the dialogue in the third session on basic rights and freedoms. The participants’ interventions in the three axes dealt with visions and positions on the institutions of the transitional authority, their levels and how they were formed, and about the peace agreement and its completion, and the document of rights and freedoms in the transitional constitution.

August 9, 2022

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