Sudan: A Joint Statement (27.10.2021)

my Lord,,,

The bullet is my date to celebrate my beloved Mariel’s face

Or at the risk of what I am,, Peace be upon you, my country

Prayers be upon you, O the best of names, O my shroud, and O the crowds

The rebellious masses of the Sudanese people in the parts of this extended country, a salute to steadfastness and struggle that we convey to you as you write the most wonderful history that can be written. This great country. Greetings to our martyrs whose souls rose pure at the hands of the executioner and his rudeness, and to the wounded and injured a speedy recovery.

Rebels and rebels

It seemed to the obscurantists that by their coup they had laid their hand on the Sudanese people and the gains of their revolution, and that they would rule and control this people, and that the intimidation that It is practiced in the street now, it will worship them the path of government, and that by doing so they stole the dreams and aspirations of this people in a civil and democratic government, but they do not know what this people is and do not know their capabilities, and they also do not know that their worst fate and nightmare will be written in the hands of this great people.

Our great people, we assure you that your majestic and great exit after the announcement made by the coup d’état was inspiring and its impact became clear, and that the disobedience and general strike announced today was successful in proportions exceeding the expectations of the executioner and his entourage. Thus, we, the undersigned, pledge before you to continue to join you in the riots and the demonstrations.

Night in the neighborhoods, to continue our disobedience and general strike, and to prepare for a parade #الردة_مستحيلة On the thirtieth of October, whose tracks will be published later.

As long as the earth is a banner for us, and the enemies of the birds are shrouds

The signatories:

1- Democratic Alliance of Lawyers

2- Sudan Central Doctors Committee

3- The legitimate Sudan Doctors Syndicate

4- Sudanese Teachers Committee

5- Sudanese Engineers Association

6- Sudan Central Pharmacists Committee

7- Central Committee of Medical Laboratories

8- The Central Committee of Health Officers in Sudan

9- Sudanese Human Resources Professionals Association

10- Meteorological Professionals Association

11- Sudanese Environmentalists Association

12- Committee of Consultants and Specialists

13- University of Khartoum Engineers Association and Network

14- Association of animal production specialists

15- Aviation Sector Coordination

16- Sudan University Engineers Association

17- Omdurman Al-Ahly University Professors Gathering

18- Tax Professionals Association

19- Sudanese Media Gathering

1- The Preparatory Committee for the Restoration of the Sudanese Journalists Syndicate

2- The Preparatory Committee of the Union of Professors of Omdurman National University Social (Government Sector)

2- The steering committee for professional accountants and auditors

3- The Supreme Central Committee of the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources

4- The steering committee of the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources – Civil Division

5- Steering Committee of the Sub-Committee of the Trade Union of Workers of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

6- The Steering Committee of Sudan Airports Holding Company

7- The Steering Committee for the employees of the Savings and Social Development Bank

8- Steering Committee for Administrative Officers

9- The steering committee for the workers of the Khartoum State Water Authority

10- The Steering Committee of the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources, Khartoum

11- A subsidiary steering committee for the workers of Sudan Airports Holding Company and its subsidiaries.

12- Steering Committee of the Sub-Committee of the Meteorological Workers Union.

13- Sudan Airways Management Committee

14- The Steering Committee for Bank Al-Balad employees

15- The Steering Committee for the Employees of the Export Development Bank

16- The steering committee of the trade union body for handicraft workers, Khartoum state

17- Steering Committee for Vocational Training Workers

18- The Steering Committee, the Sub-Committee for Transportation, Khartoum State

19- The Steering Committee for Civil Aviation Authority employees

20- Preliminary Committee of the Union of Air Traffic Control Officers

Sudan Doctors Abroad (SDA): Statement against the Military Coup in Sudan – United in Support of Freedom, Democracy and Peace (25.10.2021)

Sudan: The National Umma Party – Important Statement About the Military Coup in Sudan (27.10.2021)

Opinion: Whatever Al-Burhan is selling… I am not buying it…

We are here to pave the way for the state institutions and unity and we are hoping that no political party in future will undermine our civil peace”Al-Burhan (26.10.2021).

I don’t believe a man Lieutenant General Al-Burhan, the Sudanese Armed Forces General who served for several of years under former President Al-Bashir. No, I don’t eat his words and believes them. It is so conning of him to do this coup d’etat now. Just a month ahead of scheduled before the civilians would take more control of the Transitional Sovereign Council. Alas, he never intended to give away the power bestowed upon him.

Al-Burhan is an entitled man. He is a man who expects respect and honour now. The sort of fashionable big-man. An army commander who wants people to listen to his authority and be obliged to his decrees. However, it couldn’t be further from the case.

The second coup d’etat and the second time trying to hijack the revolution will not pay-off. The arrests of the signatories of the Juba Declaration. The leaders of Civil Society and the Unions will not salvage the case. The supposed house-arrest of Prime Minister Hamdok will do him no good either.

Calling this a “modification” of the transition is a lie. That several of people have already died for and scores have injured. While live-bullets, heavy weaponry and assaults on civilians has caused harm. The army wants to rule in fear and terror. Why should these gentlemen rule? When they cannot even be civil about it? There is no humility and grace about them. Only the size of the guns and the supposed pecker who probably is working too.

We know the authorities under Al-Burhan has no pride or justification for the power-grab. When the soldiers are raiding and assaulting students on campus in Khartoum. There is no honour in this, but only ceasing all power. That’s why people are kidnapped and detained at unknown locations. This because, the general knows their role and their place in society. He needs to silence the voices of the revolution and the ones who inspire the masses. Alas, the ones who was on the streets was there just two years ago and can easily remind the general why they went there in the first place. It was not to anoint him, but to get a civilian government.

Al-Burhan is not a civilian and not the pontiff who everyone is supposed to look up to and learn their lessons from. No, he was custodian and a temporary one until the proposed general election. Al-Burhan did this the first time with the Transitional Military Council (TMC) after Al-Bashir and now he ends the Sovereign Council too. Where there was some civilian cabinet and measurements for a transition from him to civilian leaders. Alas, he “modified” that to takeover everything.

This only means that he wants “Yes Men” and “empty suits” who fits his agenda and his objectives. Where the “chain of command” is respected and honoured. As he couldn’t stomach the tensions and the negotiations with the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC).

Singling a group to seize the transitional phase has become a threat to the unity of Sudan. The army has dealt with some crises that the government has failed and neglected. We have taken this position to restore the luster to the Sudanese people’s revolution” – Al-Burhan (26.10.2021).

We know his trying to sell a story, but I am not buying it. Not a single bit. As this is stifling the already shaky transition, which was in-effect. Where the TMC and the army commanders already had to much power. Now, Al-Burhan has ceased it all by use of arms, yet again. He thinks he can get away with it too. This man holds no grudges and no concerns. Right now it seems like he plans to whether the storm.

Hopefully, the calls for civil disobedience and act upon the revolution. It seems like those calls are answered. Al-Burhan cannot contain this forever. Neither can he arrest everyone. His troops cannot assault everyone and silence thousands-upon-thousands. That is a train that’s coming his way. Peace.

Sudan: Sudanese Professional Association – SPA statement to Peace and Security Council of the African Union (PSCAU) regarding the brutal military coup in Sudan (26.10.2021)

Sudan: Sudanese Professional Association – Peaceful resistance is our way to defeat the coup tyrants (26.10.2021)

We have mercy on the souls of four martyrs of the Sudanese people who were assassinated by the brutality and bullets of the putschists, and we call for a speedy recovery for the dozens of wounded and injured in our people’s battle for freedom and human dignity.

The response of the masses of the Sudanese people to the nonsense of Al-Burhan and his companions from the coup tyrants was urgent and decisive. The revolution is a people’s revolution and the authority is its authority. The barbarism and terror of a group of mercenaries and adventurers will not control their fate.

The goals are clear and obvious:

Full civil national governance, independence of political and economic decision, and the establishment of a state of citizenship, freedom, peace and justice.

We call on the masses of our steadfast people, foremost of which are the neighbourhood resistance committees, and the union, demand and popular revolutionary forces in all parts of Sudan to continue confronting the military coup.

Using the proven tools of nonviolent resistance in the general political strike and #العصيان_المدني_الشامل And open until the defeat of the putschists.

– Closing all roads with barricades to protect the revolutionaries, while avoiding clashing with the rabid forces of the putschists, in order to save lives.

Work strike.

Managing processions inside neighbourhoods

Solidarity and provision of consumer and medical needs to needy families, “You have a sister, you don’t have a scarf”

To inspire fear, nightmares and betrayal

And we came in the morning.

26th October 2021

Sudan: Al-Burhan and Hemiti coup d’etat [updates!]

Today, it’s official that the Transitional Military Council (TMC) took over. They are using force. The Rapid Support Force (RSF), the Janjaweed is involved in the coup d’etat together with the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF). Everyone is using their power. While the civilian parts of government is either house-arrested, taking hostage or detained. Therefore, the army commanders are taking all power.

There some updates, but only reported 4 dead. While over 80 people injured is reported at the Royal Care Hospital. While we don’t know nationally or total numbers. The internet is blocked and phone-lines are jammed. The international airport in Khartoum is seized-off as well. The Sovereign Council, as we knew it is history. As the President Al-Burhan has taken all power and decided to later appoint his own technocrats in cabinet.

There is also reports that the Minawi and Jebrel is participating in the weapons against the general public. This shows that the peace-deal between the rebels and the state is working, but the rebels are not fighting for democracy… that is clear and they have no issues using force against unarmed civilians.

Sudan Central Doctors Committee: Military forces affiliated with the military coup prevent the Central Blood Bank employees from carrying out their work preparing blood for the injured. The methods of dictatorships are one and their fate is one and inevitable” (Sudan Central Doctors Committee, 25.10.2021).

Rapid Support Forces use (12.7) anti-aircraft machine guns “Dushka” against defenseless citizens in the Berri Nasser area and brutal repression in the vicinity of Airport Street” (Girifna, 25.10.2021).

There are thousands of people on the streets. As well, as the military using all means to silence the crowds. The general public isn’t in favour of the military government. The FFC and it’s partners has called for civil disobedience and huge protests. The people have answered this call.

The public have put up road-blocks, while the army have tried to destroy them and with violent means. Meanwhile the general public have reacted. They was before the coup d’etat today on the streets. Therefore, the army and military commander could anticipate this. The same army commanders that hijacked the previous revolution.

General Al-Burhan and General Hemiti tries to silence everyone. Either by the guns or by the control of communication. The generals hope they can survive the condemnations and the international community crocodile tears. So, that they can enjoy the spoils … and not have the civilian leaders questioning them. That’s why they got rid of them today and announced “state of emergency” just to give Al-Burhan more power as well. Peace.

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) – A call for mass civil disobedience (25.10.2021)

With Al-Burhan announcing today the outright coup against power, and his arrests of the prime minister and his staff, and civilian members of the Sovereignty Council, and the cancellation of a number of articles of the constitutional document, Al-Burhan brought the country back to the stage of the Transitional Military Council and before the agreement with civilians, and the formation of the transitional government.

With this, the proof confirms his confusion and his reading of the ancient history book, and that he leads the army of the homeland and the people against his will, and he falls into a fatal mistake that will lead him and his remnants to the dustbin of history, not regretting them.

We, in the Forces of Freedom and Change, reject the coup altogether and in detail, and we call on the steadfast masses of the people to go out to the streets, in order to preserve their revolution and to continue the peaceful initiative that has been its title since its launch on December 18, 2018. We call on all Sudanese around the world to go to the parliaments and ministries of foreign affairs in the countries in which they reside, to demonstrate and pressure not to recognize and reject it.

We also call on the Ethiopian President, the President of the Government of South Sudan, the African Union, the League of Arab States and the international community to declare their explicit rejection of this coup d’état and not to recognize it.

With this, we declare a state of comprehensive civil disobedience in all state facilities, and throughout the country until the following demands are fully achieved

1- The release of all detainees from the Council of Ministers and the Sovereignty Council, who are no longer authorized to negotiate with the Military Council, after the matter and decision returned to the people who filled the streets to recover their revolution.

2- All members of the Transitional Military Council step down and hand over power to the civilian government. The people fought and sacrificed martyrs for it

3- The people are the source of authority and only they have the right to delegate it to whomever they want. It is he who will determine who deserves this authorization.

Central Leadership Council for Freedom and Change

October 25, 2020 AD

Sudan: Sudanese Professional Association – “Our brave people” (25.10.2021)

As expected, the statement of the proof came filled with illusion and lies, and evidence of the tyrant’s separation from reality, and that he did not understand anything from the lessons of the glorious December, his reckless decisions will increase the ferocity of the resistance and the unity of the street after all the illusions of partnership have disappeared and the fig leaf has fallen.

Let us make Tatars and general disobedience a response to the nonsense of the proof and its cronies, and to break the state of emergency today with more crowds and evening activities is the first practical response that the decisions of the proof are not for implementation, but rather for the dustbin of history.

The proof has written its end with his own hand as he writes the words of this statement, and now he has to face the wrath of a people liberated from fear by the December revolution, the authority that the proof resolves is the authority of blood partnership, while the authority of the masses will uproot the proof and its assembly as a eaten storm.

25th October 20201

Sudan: The TMC is having their military coup in Khartoum today

This was most likely planned at night by the military commanders within the Sovereign Council. The army commanders have grown tired of the civilian participation in the transitional government and wanted them gone. The Forces of the Freedom and Change Declaration (FFC) have pushed and pushed, and now the army is taking their power.

We shouldn’t be shocked by this, as the President Abdel-Fatah al-Burhan Abdel-Rahman and Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo aka Hemiti who could easily be behind it all. Though there been some speculations that the Rapid Support Force (RSF) haven’t supported this and there are possible ramification of the leadership there as well. If that is so… than Hemiti might not even be involved this time, but the other army commanders with loyalty towards Al-Burhan are. That wouldn’t be shocking either. I would still take those speculations with a grain of salt, as this would amass more power to Hemiti and his RSF/Janjaweed of Darfur.

There are coming reports that the civilian ministers are fearing for their arrests as the Prime Minister Hamdok is kept hostage at unknown location. While rebel leaders Al-Tabet Hajar and El-Hadi Idriss who was signatory to the Juba Declaration has also been detained today.

The Ministry of Justice Nasredeen Abdulbari have declared the unfolding events as a military coup and that is evident by the approach and the means of which the state actors are using.

President Al-Burhan have used all of this to declare “State of Emergency” as the citizens are going out on the streets to protest the regime move. The FFC and Sudanese Professional Association (SPA) have called for civil disobedience and revolt against the move.

The men of the Transitional Military Council (TMC) is back at it again and think they can get away with it. He has dissolved the Sovereign Council and the Empowerment Removal Committee. The cabinet is also dissolved as well, meaning the civilian participating in the Sovereign Council is now ousted out of office.

The phones and internet are disconnected as well. The airport is Khartoum is ceased as well. So, there is proof of the plan and how they wanted to take all control of the affairs. Where he will be in power and have his puppets on a sting ahead of a general election in 2023. As the President has informed of appointing his own technocratic government.

Al-Burhan thinks he has the sovereign rights to control it all. There is no difference between this man and the Al-Bashir. It is his henchmen who thinks his obliged to rule supreme as well. This is happening as the FFC and others wants answers and accountability for the martyrs of the recent revolution in 2018 and 2019. When scores of extra judicial killings happened, and nobody have been charged for it. Just like today, when 12 people have lost their lives in Khartoum as well.

This is a military coup and Al-Burhan is behind it. As he has announced it to everyone and initiated it. The FFC was to naïve and went to early into agreement with the TMC in the last round and now they have paid the price for that. Thinking these old men and their gunslingers would change for the better. Which today is proven, that they never did. Peace.