Sudan: Sudanese Bar Association – Steering Committee – Declaration on the continuation of the dialogue activities on the transitional constitutional framework (09.08.2022)

For the second day, the activities of the dialogue workshop on the transitional constitutional framework, organized by the Sudanese Bar Association, continued. with the wide participation of political, professional, civil, revolutionary and societal forces and armed struggle movements.

The workshop aims to find foundations for political consensus and democratic consolidation on issues of constitutional arrangements, this is in recognition of the importance of constitutional dialogue and broad participation in the making of the transitional constitution and its protection from the abuse of power and the disruption of its provisions.

The first session of the second day was initiated by Counselor Tariq Mubarak Majzoub, Head of the Constitution and Research Department at the Ministry of Justice, on the axis of the transitional authority institutions, their levels and who constitutes them. For her part, Ms. Safaa Al-Aqib, a human rights activist in the field of peace and gender and head of the Darfur Women’s Forum, initiated the second session on the axis of peace in the transitional constitution.

Professor Kamal Muhammad Al-Amin, lawyer and legal expert, initiated the dialogue in the third session on basic rights and freedoms. The participants’ interventions in the three axes dealt with visions and positions on the institutions of the transitional authority, their levels and how they were formed, and about the peace agreement and its completion, and the document of rights and freedoms in the transitional constitution.

August 9, 2022

Sudan: Al Shabia Resistance Committees – Extrajudicial Arrests (07.08.2022)

The coup militias detained a number of revolutionaries today in the city of Bahri, a practice that is not uncommon. These forces also stormed a number of neighborhoods in an attempt to harass and spread terror among the residents.

Over the past period, these militias have conducted arrests in violation of and in total disregard for the law. We warn these forces not to re-enter the neighborhoods again, and our response on the ground will be immediate and decisive. Additionally, we warn them not to arrest any revolutionary inside or outside of the neighborhoods.

The use of tactics such as terrorism, intimidation, and extrajudicial arrests will only serve to strengthen our resolve and belief in the cause.

Media Office

Al Shabia Resistance Committees

August 7, 2022

Sudan: Forces for Freedom and Change – press release about Central Council for Freedom and Change meeting (07.08.2022)

The meeting of the Central Council for Freedom and Change was held on Saturday, August 6, 2022 AD at the National Umma Party House, with the presence and participation of its blocs, parties and components.

The meeting, which lasted for nearly six hours, deliberated on many political and regulatory agendas and related issues.

The meeting renewed the Alliance of Forces of Freedom and Change’s adherence to its political position based on ending and defeating the October 25 coup, restoring the democratic transition and building transitional, civilian constitutional institutions of governance.

The meeting also directed the Executive Office to prepare a political declaration that includes the coalition’s visions on political issues.

The meeting approved a number of organizational directives related to the work of the institutions of the Forces of Freedom and Change coalition, that the regular meetings of the Central Council should be held monthly.

With the possibility of holding emergency meetings if necessary, and issued the necessary directives to manage and develop the work of the specialized committees during the coming period.

The meeting decided to refer the draft constitutional declaration and the notes and proposals for amendments submitted about it to a legal and political committee that includes in its membership the Legal Committee and members of the Central Council representing the blocs, parties, and parties that submitted observations or proposals for amendments to the draft constitutional declaration.

Provided that the joint committee presents the draft declaration in its final form to an emergency session of the Central Council to be held within two weeks from its date with the purpose of approving it in its final form.

The meeting also adopted the general guidelines for the vision of the forces of freedom and change to be presented during the workshop organized by the steering committee of the Sudanese Bar Association on the basic issues of the country’s transitional constitutional framework after the end and defeat of the October 25 coup, the restoration of the democratic transition and the realization of the glorious December revolution slogans of freedom, peace and justice in a democratic civil state.

Forces of Freedom and Change – Media Committee

August 7, 2022 AD

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Important Statement (02.08.2022)

About (the statements of the commander of the Rapid Support Forces about the failure of the coup)

The commander of the Rapid Support Forces, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo admitted in an interview with BBC Arabic channel, the failure of the October 25, 2021 coup, the collapse of the country in all fields and its announcement once again to accept the integration of Rapid Support into the army to establish a single regular army.

These statements proved that the mass popular movement, which confronted the coup and resisted it from its first hour, with determination and courage without breaking, is progressing in the direction of achieving its complete and undiminished goals. And that the revolutionary accumulation of our people’s struggles will pave the way towards completing the tasks of the glorious December revolution and overcoming all plans to block the road ahead, whatever their source.

Getting the country out of the current tunnel and avoiding the risk of regression to the worst scenarios will only come with an actual response to the people’s demands by ending this coup completely and establishing a full democratic civil authority that will lead the burden of the transition according to new constitutional arrangements according to which the transitional period will be managed and the achievement of the goals of the December revolution and its slogans of freedom, peace, justice and the dismantling of empowerment, the formation of a single professional national army that carries out its constitutional and legal duties and exits from political action and the circle of economic and commercial work, and is fully committed to the country’s foreign policies by not engaging in any diplomatic or military activities parallel to the policies and directions of the state, and that the security institutions carry out their duties in protecting the country’s resources from looting and smuggling.

We in the Forces of Freedom and Change affirm that the duty of the current moment for all the forces of the revolution is to unite ranks, unite visions and positions, sharpen determination, overcome differences and petty matters, rise to the ranks and continue the peaceful civil struggle which fulfills the hopes and aspirations of our people in ending this coup and defeating it completely, restoring the democratic transition and realizing the dreams of the martyrs, wounded, missing and detainees of this revolution in the civil and democratic state.

Forces of Freedom and Change – Media Committee

August 2, 2022

Sudan: Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination – Our People’s Steadfastness on July 31 March (31.07.2022)

Our Heroic People:

Salutations to the sons and daughters of our defiant people, as well as to all the defiant resistance fighters in all regions of Sudan who are steadily advancing toward realizing their objectives. And we pray for God’smercy and forgiveness for the martyrs of our glorious revolution as they await justice for their pure souls and for the safe return of the missing, and for the full freedom of the detainees.

Today, the processions of honorable revolutionaries have been subjected to grave violations, documented crimes, and extreme repression in the capital, Khartoum, in front of the People’s Palace and the city of Bahri and Omdurman. The brutal coup authority used tear gas, stun grenades, sticks and batons, resulting in dozens of injured and many arrests. Which clearly confirms that the dictatorial coup authority is repeating the same scenario of crimes and oppression that the defunct salvation regime pursued, and that it is a direct extension of it, and it will inevitably meet the same miserable fate — complete overthrow.

Despite the arsenal of tyranny, the truth’s will prevailed against the machine of oppression. It was a clear representation of the standpoint of our people in rejecting the authority of the coup, and the brave, honorable act of the free revolutionaries.

We also urge on all the forces of revolution and change to quickly organize in a broad front to overthrow the coup and to emphasize the continuity of resistance and the diversity of its tools and forms until the demands of the mass movement are achieved, and the will of the people is not overpowered.

Long live our people free and victorious

Media Office

July 31, 2022

Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – Statement (31.07.2022)

A statement of solidarity with the Organization of the Families of the Martyrs of the Glorious December Revolution and a condemnation of the coup authority’s decision to evacuate the organization’s headquarters

The Council of Ministers of the coup d’état, through the General Administration of Government Real Estate, issued a letter on July 12, 2022 AD Instructed the Organization of the Families of the Martyrs of the Glorious December Revolution to evacuate the organization’s headquarters within 72 hours from the date of the letter, and the organization refused to implement the decision and announced through its Secretary-General not to comply with the decision of the coup authority.

We in the Sudanese Congress Party condemn and reject this decision altogether and in detail, and we declare our full solidarity with the Organization of the Families of the Martyrs of the Glorious December Revolution. Cutting the path of completing the process of civil democratic transformation, as well as being an extension of the cycles of regression from the goals of the revolution that this brute authority has been implementing, foremost of which are the files of justice, this necessitates the continuation of the peaceful mass struggle that seeks to end this coup through all tried and creative means, leading to a general strike and comprehensive civil disobedience.

Long live our people free and victorious

Information Secretariat

July 31, 2022 AD

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Strong freedom and change (30.07.2022)

To our comrades in the resistance committees: You will not walk alone

The Forces of Freedom and Change have reviewed the invitation issued by the Khartoum Negotiation Committees’ coordination to organize parades tomorrow, Sunday, July 31, 2022 AD.

Every day, the real motives of the coup plotters against the civil democratic transition are revealed in various forms and methods since the October 25 coup, which disrupted the civil transition and the slogans adopted by the glorious December revolution that united the sons of this generous country.

We are in the forces of freedom and change and out of our commitment to support any act of resistance and against this coup, we announce our support and participation in these processions and harness all our platforms and available capabilities to support and make it successful.

We also call on all members of the Forces for Freedom and Change in Khartoum and the states to actively participate in the processions tomorrow, Sunday, July 31, 2022.

Our message to the putschists who are in their palaces and trembling every day more than the previous day, warn the inevitable future to bring them down and defeat them and their defeat has dawned and that this inevitable fate is coming to you, and what you fear from the unity of the forces of the revolution to end this coup will come, and the popular flood will drown you on the way to you.

Together, we will appreciate and we will defeat them

Forces of Freedom and Change – Media Committee

Saturday 30 July 2022 AD

Sudan: Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination – July 31 March (29.07.2022)

To begin, we pray for God’s mercy for the honorable martyrs of the homeland in all parts of Sudan, and mercy and forgiveness for the martyrs of the Sudanese revolution, who dreamed of a homeland in which the values of freedom, justice, peace and the right to a decent life are exalted, a homeland that does not take away their lives from its sons & daughters, a speedy recovery for the wounded and injured, and freedom for detainees of the forces of peaceful movement, shame and disgrace to the putschists.

The torrential torrent of mass movement on the July 31 march in the capital is determined to teach the putschists and opportunists a new eloquent lesson in the meanings of the popular will that stripped the coup authority of their legitimacy, on a day documented with valor in the history of Sudan and the pages of the glorious December revolution, so that in the present of the peaceful resistance, it becomes a significant event on the road to overthrowing the coup and establishing a pure civil authority

Let us make July 31 March an earthquake that shakes the rusty coffin of the coup authority, and exposes its contradiction to the will of our proud people who are determined to sweep it to the dustbin of history, and to establish a pure civil authority, leading to a full civil democratic transformation.

We affirm that we are on our path towards overthrowing the coup authority and building our civil state and the revolutionary tide and the mass escalation of resistance by all tried and innovative methods will continue until their complete overthrow. Our people are stronger and retreat is impossible, and the violence of the putschists will not defeat the will and valor of our people.

Media Office

July 29, 2022

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