Nigeria: Legal Defence and Assistance Project (LEDAP) – LEDAP Condemns the Twitter Suspension by the Federal Government and Calls for its Immediate Reversal (10.06.2021)

Opinion: Buhari acts more swift on Twitter than he does on internal matters ….

The Nigerian General and President Muhammadu Buhari have swiftly reacted after Twitter deleted one of his posts on its pages. As it was in breach with it’s Terms of Service (ToS). This has clearly hit a nerve and the Nigerian government have in response suspended Twitter and also it’s official accounts.

The state have gone rouge on this. The President took it personal that his account was touched and his reasoning for posting on Twitter got under question. However, this only shows his inept and lack of good governance. It is only showing his disregard for free speech and liberty for all. Just because, he couldn’t follow the standards of the social media company and their policies. As a President he should be the example of good conduct and not the other way around.

President Buhari is only looking like a sour loser. Retaliating at Twitter and banning it in the Republic. Making it a criminal act to publish or write there. That just show how easy it is to make a small case into a societal problem. The President could have taken it on the chin, but instead gone to battle. A battle he will loose and only losing support elsewhere. His looking crazy and Twitter has lost nothing. That’s the tragic thing here.

If President Buhari had worked this to reform SARS and the Police itself. The Nigerian public would maybe been giddy. If the President had worked as hard to stop insurgency and violence. Instead his thriving in it and using it for political capital. The President should have acted on this in that manner and not on a social media site. It just show his mixed priorities.

The General should have shown the will and power towards Boko Haram. When civilians are abducted and kidnapped. When massacres have happened and when police brutality have happened. He should have cried havoc and showed character then too. However, then his talking about procedures, policies and all other excuses to do something. At that point, the President is a slow-train coming.

However, when Twitter triggered him. He could just touch the button and silence it. That’s why this is a bitch move. It is not a proof of power or force. No, it is an act of an coward. Who cannot stand up to his words or his acts on social media. It is easier to suspend or block a page, than actually ask why the post was deleted in the first place.

That just shows what sort of man Buhari is. If Buhari thinks this is wise or great. It is his greatest illusion. A man with such an office can achieve so much and create a lot of things for the future. However, this is only belittling his citizens and their voices online. Instead of showing greatness and humility. The President retaliated… and acted in fury.

President Buhari haven’t proved that he has achieved anything this term. Only been an android, Jubril from Sudan and blocked twitter. He got little to nothing to show from it and his record is abysmal. This is not making things better. Peace.

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Opinion: Def Noodles, the wasted YouTube Commentary Channel…

Def Noodles, if you don’t know about his videos or his content. I hate to break it too you, but your not missing out on anything. The guy behind it all is a man named Dennis Feitosa. A man who is supposed to give you Satirical News on his YouTube Channel. However, that falls flat and isn’t what it seems.

This man is supposed to be a comedian. Nevertheless, it is hard to believe this man ever met a true heckler. Since, everyone who comments or says anything negative on social media gets blocked. Even just association with critical voices is a reason for the comedian to block. If there was a dictatorial comedian. Def Noodles is the character to fit this definition.

Def Noodles could easily need the sort of praise and hand-rubs that dictators gets from their yes-men. He needs the playful interactions like them. Have a 100 people for his every joke and his every move. Surely those cat-ears needs to be appreciated. News read from a Minecraft-house is such a good platform to begin with. It is pure genius. Just like his “irrelevant news”.

He is so slanderous and doesn’t care about research. I think he doesn’t care, as long as he throws a few creators, influencers and tik-toker’s under the bus. Heck, he will drive over them with pallet-cleansers and use the pickle-ice-cream joke to the death of them. That is the sort of man he is. Yes, he is repetitive and we are not even talking about the inflamed-thumbnail on nearly every video has.

Def Noodles could need a team behind him. Since, he clearly cannot even read hashtags and study the things he retweets. As long as they are targeting popular online creators. It is fine and dandy. Especially, if those people have other scandals and he monetize this as well. That is what he does and he pushes it every single day.

It is like he wants to go after all the commentaries on YouTube. He just wants to cancel them, because one fella started to brutally destroy his “show” a few years back. Kavos who had a review-show on his YouTube channel and speaking his peace. That hurt his pride and he could never let it go. That is why everytime someone else has done the same. He has either tried to find something on them or blocked them. Now, his the biggest blocker on Twitter and the blocking tab he has must be longer than voter rolls in China.

Let’s just be clear. For a commentator himself and comedian. He got no spine. Dennis needs to grow some balls. As long as he attacks other online and uses his platform without verified information. Sooner or later he will get into trouble. Hell, someone might find some dirt him themselves. Not only the ill-advised representation of fellow creators or influencers. He might make a wedge and suddenly stumble upon someone with a huge platform and money to bury him.

It is just a matter of time before a case of slander and defamation hits the fan. He cannot continue to say and publish narratives, which isn’t true. No matter if his wearing cat-ears or not. Def Noodles cannot get away with slander, which is destroying people careers and especially asking sponsors to stop associating with other YouTuber’s without any serious proof to the alleged allegations. That is why at some point. Some of the stuff he does will haunt him and someone can point a finger at him.

A man like that should be careful. However, click-bait and the platform of a half-million subscribers make it seem like a good investment of your time. Having over 83 million views since 13th October 2018 is a good achievement. Nevertheless, if that is built on a lie and of slander. It is really a sad way to go out. Building up your own platform and then destroy it. Just because you couldn’t keep your head cool and try to verify the stories your telling. That is really a tragic way of living not only life, but your “reporting”.

Def Noodles could use his platform for good. Instead his so into his own games. That his soon outplaying himself. It is just a matter of time. At some point someone will say: “how dare you speak of me and my family in this way” and they will find some remedies to settle it. Sooner or later, he might get strikes and get demonetized.

What I can say… I used to watch his videos until a few months ago. When my wife spotted the obvious of how repetitive and non-funny he was. Because, during quarantine and such. Videos like him started to pop-up on my YouTube feed. Therefore, I started to watch. Now, I have quit and I don’t regret it.

So my last remark is… that I wish him all the best as a content creator. However, he should be careful. It is always nice to check and research sources. Especially, when you have so many eyes watching and you have questionable actions done in the past. I have deleted and begged forgiveness when I have posted fake things and been in the wrong. That is what a person does and take responsibility for the mistake and the lack of research. As you get caught up in the hype and publish without thinking. I have done that during elections and campaigns, when they have manufactured letters and statements. Therefore, I know the issues and is cautious of doing it now.

That is something Def Noodles should do as well. However, I don’t think he has the heart or the will power to do that. He just want the click-bait and the internet outrage to drive his stats. So, that he get more ad-revenue on his channel. Peace.