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Reports of excessive force against Sudan protests deeply worrying – Bachelet (17.01.2019)

Bachelet called on the Government to protect the exercise by all of their rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, regardless of their political affiliations.

GENEVA, Switzerland, January 17, 2019 – Credible reports of the use of excessive force, including live ammunition, by State security forces against protestors across Sudan over the past month are deeply worrying, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said Thursday. Bachelet called on the Government to protect the exercise by all of their rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, regardless of their political affiliations.

The demonstrations since 19 December 2018 have taken place in a number of cities across Sudan, including Wad Madani, Port Sudan, Al-Qadarif, Atbara, Berber, Dongla, Karima, Al-Damazin, Al Obeid, Khartoum, Sinar, Bara, Nyala and Omdurman. The Government has confirmed that 24 people have died in the course of the protests, but other credible reports suggest the death toll may be nearly twice as high. Many others have been injured. According to information received, security forces have also followed some protestors into the Omdurman Hospital and fired tear gas and live ammunition inside the premises of the hospital. Reports also suggest that police fired tear gas inside Bahri Teaching Hospital and Haj Al-Safi Hospital. These two hospitals are in Khartoum North, where a large protest was organized by opposition groups.

Authorities have also confirmed that up to 6 January, at least 816 people were arrested in connection with the demonstrations. Reports indicate that these include journalists, opposition leaders, protestors and representatives of civil society.

“A repressive response can only worsen grievances,” High Commissioner Bachelet said.

“I am very concerned about reports of excessive use of force, including live ammunition, by Sudanese State Security Forces during large-scale demonstrations in various parts of the country since 19 December. The Government needs to ensure that security forces handle protests in line with the country’s international human rights obligations by facilitating and protecting the right to peaceful assembly.” *

As a State party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights since 1986, Sudan is obliged to take all necessary measures intended to prevent arbitrary deprivations of life by their law enforcement officials. In particular, all operations of law enforcement officials should comply with relevant international standards, including the Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officials (General Assembly resolution 34/169)(1979) and the Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials (1990).

The High Commissioner noted that fact-finding committees had been established by the Government and the National Commission of Human Rights. She urged that any investigations be conducted in a prompt, thorough and transparent manner, with a view to accountability.

“I also call on the authorities to ensure that all those arbitrarily detained for the exercise of their rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and expression are promptly released, and that these rights are fully protected,” Bachelet added.

“I urge the authorities to work to resolve this tense situation through dialogue, and call on all sides to refrain from the use of violence.”

Bachelet stressed the readiness of the UN Human Rights Office to deploy a team to Sudan, to advice the authorities and help ensure they act in accordance with the country’s international human rights obligations.


Sudan: UN Group of Experts – “Darfur is a source of weapons for foreign belligerents in neighbouring countries”

There has been a new United Nations Report on Sudan and the situation in Darfur. What is striking to me, is the weapons trade and the transfer of it within Darfur. This here is showing the reality on how these areas are moving both old weapons and new. Where the government of Sudan is supplying weapons, but the different militias are doing to.

The Group of Experts found out that the Darfurian Militias was even selling to Chadian Ones and to Central African Republic. These reports shows that there is so much trading of arms, which are done by violating the arms embargo, not only in Darfur, but also in the Central African Republic, Chad and Libya itself. That is why it is done by smugglers based in Darfur. This must surely be a way for the militias and state to get funding for their operations.

The Group of Experts explain it the best:

The Libya-based Darfurian rebels source most of their weapons in Darfur, in particular 12.7mm, 14.5mm and Goronov machine guns, which they frequently use but which are rarely available in Libya. They purchase some of these weapons from Darfurian smugglers, often ex-members of Arab militias, who deliver the weapons to Chad or Libya, where the transaction takes place. For instance, in November 2018, according to a rebel source, some GSLF elements were arrested by the Chadian authorities on their way back to Libya after buying weapons (12.7mm machine guns) brought from Darfur to a refugee camp in eastern Chad. Some other rebels use their personal connections with the SLA/AW group led by Soliman Marajan in the Malha area (North Darfur) to come and purchase weapons in the Malha and Mellit areas” (P: 27, 2019).

Security Council resolution 1591 (2005) requires that the Committee established pursuant to the resolution approve any movement of military equipment by the Government of the Sudan into Darfur. During the reporting period, the Government of the Sudan continued to transfer military equipment without seeking the Committee’s approval. In its travel to Darfur, the Panel on several occasions saw the offloading of military equipment from aircraft” (…) “As a further reason for the transfers of military equipment into Darfur, it cited Article 2 of the Charter of the United Nations and the need to protect its international borders with Libya, Chad and the Central African Republic” (P: 36-27, 2019).

Darfur continues to be a source of weapons for foreign belligerents in neighbouring countries. Some armed groups participating in the Libyan conflict purchase some of their weapons and ammunition (such as 12.7mm machine guns) in Darfur, in particular from Arab militia members in the Kutum/Kabkabiya area of North Darfur. For example, the Chadian authorities said to the Panel that in the second half of 2018, they had discovered an important arms cache in the Kariari refugee camp in eastern Chad (inhabited mostly by Darfurian Zaghawa refugees). These weapons originated from Darfur and were to be sent to Chadian rebels in Libya” (…) “Some ex-Séléka factions based in the north-eastern Central African Republic also sourced some weapons from militias of Darfur in 2018. Weapons smuggling from Darfur to neighbouring countries seems to have been accentuated by the weapons collection campaign in Darfur, as the campaign pushed some armed Darfurian elements to sell off their weapons surpluses rapidly” (P: 39, 2019).

So, unless Government of Sudan, their security forces want to handle this, unless the militias who fights for their rights and funding doesn’t get incentive to stop it. The volatile business going to continue. The militias of Darfur are getting their funding by trading weapons to the rest of the region, exporting it for cash. The state continues to drop weapons in violations to. Ensuring more are circulated there. Even as the state in the report has stated they are feeling they contain the militias in Darfur now and have made the Janjaweed aka RSF more professional. Still, there are questionable behaviour and that has to be addressed.

Even as there is riots, demonstrations and questioning the central leadership/dictatorship in Khartoum. Peace.


United States Security Council – ‘Letter dated 10 January 2019 from the Panel of Experts on the Sudan established pursuant to resolution 1591 (2005) addressed to the President of the Security Council’ 10.01.2019

Sudan Doctors’ Syndicate: Open letter Regarding the Continuation of the Sudanese Attack against Hospitals and Medical Cadre (13.01.2019)

Sudan Doctors’ Syndicate – An Open Call for Ugent Action: Save Sudanese Doctors and detainees (12.01.2019)

Sudan: Let us remember the brave people who protest against their dictator!

These protests are continuing to ravish against the dictatorship of President Omar Al-Bashir. Yesterday, was yet another day of massive protests against him. Where he there are reports of shots at an Educational Hospital in Omdurman. That is what this regime does to its own.

That is why its brave to go on the streets, to scream and chant against the President. To show the National Congress Party (NCP) and President, that its enough. They are brave as the people are shot and dying. As people are arrested, taken away and family members has gone missing. That is why they are brave, they are standing up and being resilient against a man, who has no trouble finishing them off. Using militias, using Janjaweed (Rapid Security Force) or National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS). All in the game of silencing and intimidating the public. Which it has done, again and again over the last few weeks. Since the start of the protest mid-December 2018.

The President should be afraid, should start to get anxious, as the public dismay isn’t stopping and their ability to gather isn’t dwindling, but instead growing. They don’t respect him or his orders. The public are not content with his management and his actions as their representative, as their leader. They are tired and ready for someone representing them. That is why they continue to settle the score in the streets.

That is the continued bravery, the ability to counter and stand up for their rights. The Sudanese people should be proud, what they are mustering and showing the whole world. That they are not picking arms, but using civic force to show the President who has the real power. The men with arms, with the guns has the ability to make people hurt and stop. But they have not the power to settle an idea, that is already established within the people. If they could, then this would have been settled. However, its not, because of the idea and the bravery of the public. Who in the midst of the worst intimidation, the worst harassment, the bickering sinister acts of the authorities. Are still in the streets chanting against them.

The Schools and Universities are now closed. The Internet is either blocked or slow, the Social Media sites is blocked. The amount of dead has rise already to over 40 and who knows what is the real number of detained people, but that is rising to. That is the answer from the government after weeks of protest. Still, people are gathering, not giving way or in to the regime. They are not accepting the mere fact of continuing, where it left off.

There also being put in place emergency laws and curfews around the Republic. Surely as an effort to contain the protests. But the mere size of the protests yesterday. Shows that these measures doesn’t mean to much. Even as he unverified results of it, was another 3 dead. Which is three to many. None should die over a power-struggle, but then again Al-Bashir has been collecting skulls since taking power.

Its been since 1989, the man has ruled for 30 year non-stop. The public is enough of the bloodshed and misuse of power, enough of the corruption and the rot within the state. It is time for change and proper representation in the chambers of power.

But, for now, before that happens. Salute to the brave men and woman, who are on the front-line and fighting the blood-thirsty President. The man that has embodied the vision of single ruler without any question. The man who has used militias and used the state as private enterprise. Is now under fire, by ordinary men and woman, by people who has everything to loose by challenging him. Still, they continue. That is bravery without no questions.

When they are chanting in the streets, as the tear-gas, the live-bullets and the armed guards or soldiers popping up. They are still there, standing or walking towards the destination, towards the hopeful future where this ends. Where the Presidency and Reign ends. That is where they are walking towards. In the midst of the all the tragedies, they are continuing and pushing with hope for change. That is what is brave.

All of the people, who has stood there and done this over the three last weeks are brave, the courage and the strength to continue. Is admirable and shows commitment to the cause. I salute you. You deserve it. Your bravery should not be forgotten, neither should we forget the ones who lost their lives for the cause. The ones that is healing and the ones in prison. You all are heroes fighting the oppression and the dictatorship. You deserve credit and words cannot express properly, as the praise will be insignificant to the cost you already carry for standing their and being their in midst of the fight against the dictator. Peace.

Sudan: Troika Statement – Statement by Troika on the response to containing protests in Sudan (08.01.2019)

Sudan: Urgent Appeal – Save Yasir Elsir Ali’s life (07.01.2019)

Sudan: Massive protests in several cities today!

Since 1989, one man have ruled the Sudanese republic, this being President Omar Al-Bashir. Now since Mid-December 2018, the public have demonstrated since then and continues. Even as the masses are targeted and the security forces are both killing, tear-gassing and detaining. The numbers of this is uncertain, but all of them is growing. Therefore, the Republic and the President is attacking their own citizens, as they wish to see their president resign and change the regime.

Here is hasty, today’s updates. It is really a lot, but also not so structured. Because all of this should be mentioned.

There was massive arrests all over the Republic of Sudan. In Khartoum, Waad Madani, Atbra and Port Sudan.

In Khartoum, there was mass arrests at the University of Khartoum, as the Professors was taken from there. It was the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) who arrested the activists and professors as they were planning to attend the protests today.

In Khartoum today, the NISS and other security agents in plain clothes going after people and arresting them on the streets. There are also thrown tear-gas and usage of live-bullets against the demonstrations.

Notable Arrests:

Journalist Mohamed Amin (Bloomberg), Abdulrahaman Gaber (Alkhabar) and Ahmed Younes (Sharq Al-Owsad) arrested covering today’s protests. Also, Doctor Anwar Dafa-Alla, a Sudanese activist who brought the first TEDx talks to Sudan, has been arrested in today. They have arrested Khadiga El-Dewehi, prominent feminist organizer.

SCFA established:

Today, the Sudanese Civic Forces Assembly supports the declaration of freedom and change. They put out a public declaration in support of it. Today, was also the day, when it was established.

We can hope the President and his regime falls, as the protests continues, even as the Gulf-States are offering donations to give a life-line to it. Therefore, who knows what the authorities will do, as they cannot arrest all people, but they can take out the leaders and the main-activists. Just like they have taken out some parts of Sudanese Professional Association, who has called for many of the protests and the ones going to the Presidential Palace in Khartoum.

Let see how this goes, but day, by day. There are more pressure on the President. Peace.

Sudan: Today was “Freedom Friday”!

Today, there was more demonstrations and protests around the Republic. This is continuation of the protests against the regime of National Congress Party (NCP) and President Omar Al-Bashir. The are clear messages, that the public would prefer that Al-Bashir wants him to step-down and resign. It was the Sudanese Professional Association who called the demonstrations today, surely they will be remembered as the Freedom Friday rallies, as the momentum is there. As the state is doing vicious attacks and the chants are stronger. The barricades are broken and the state cannot uphold this pressure. We have to hope these demonstrations amounts to changes, that the NCP and President see their ill-gotten gains.

Look at the recent reports:

National Intelligence and Security Service officers reportedly arrest journalist Faisal Muhammad Salih from his office and confiscate cell phone” (Isma’il Kushkush, 03.01.2019).

Earlier today, Sudanese security apparatus arrested Dr. Mohamed Nagi Alasm, the member of the secretariat of Sudanseen Professionals Association who publicly announced the Change and Freedom declaration on the 1st of January” (Sudan Change Now, 04.01.2019).

It is reported that: “NISS arrested the father of SCP party’s Deputy Secretary-General Noureldin Salah and are holding him hostage to force him to turn himself in”.

Reported that snipers disguised as firemen open fire at protesters in Elobied City.

In Omdurman, after the Friday Prayer as they went to the streets, the Security Forces used vast amounts of tear-gas to disperse the demonstrators.

There are various reports of arrests in Khartoum, Omdurman and other cities, as the protests are spreading. Even in some states there are letters from the state, saying if the civil servants are protesting or demonstrating in the uprising. They will be terminated. Those sort of letters has leaked and shows to what extent the state goes against the ones questioning their power.

We already knows what sort of activity this government does, as the rising levels of direct killings as the protests goes by, as the amounts of arrests. There are various numbers out, the official death toll after 3 weeks are about 40 deaths and about 300 arrested. However, the unofficial numbers of arrests are closer to 500, but no certainty about the amounts of death. Also, there are no official number in the ones wounded, which would be sky-rocketed by all the usage of live-bullets against the crowds in the Republic.

That is what is remembered, what the government does to its own citizens. The Republic are going against their citizens. That is what is happening, while they are fighting through peaceful means for their freedom.

Al-Bashir, your time is up. You just doesn’t seem to get it yet. Peace.

Sudan: The uprising continues and systematic arrests happens now!

As the reports of Gulf States fuelling money to the National Congress Party and President Omar Al-Bashir. The Opposition Parties has signed the Declaration of Freedom and Change. This is the 22 parties who went together and suspended their activity in the National Assembly. However, that have not stopped the resilient actions of the President.

The President have ordered the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) to arrest, detained and take away, all activists and leaders who wants more protests. That is why they are arresting more and more people every day. They are also focused on arresting all journalists who covers the demonstrations too. While the Authorities are trying to disrupt the Social Media, blocking WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Internet Traffic in general. Therefore, the authorities in general are trying to black-out the public.

While the Opposition have called out, even for a military coup d’etat against the government. We don’t know if that is a good move, but that is how the President came to power and doesn’t seem that he will resign. As the demonstrations are now on the 3rd Week.

There are reports of plenty arrested today from professors, journalists and fear of activists, who has voiced discontent with the authorities. That they will be picked up, as the families of the arrested have no idea of where they are or when they will return. That is the acts of the state at this point, as they tear-gas, kills and silence demonstrations. They are using live-bullets and even use Anti-Aircraft Guns against the citizens too.

We are seeing the evil directly in the eye. We knew what sort of man, Omar Al-Bashir was, as Darfur, South Kordofan and South Sudan, has all seen his vicious attacks on humanity, his violations of international law and genocide. The crimes done against people, the oppressive acts, shall never be forgotten. Not the killings of the last two weeks, but for the career of killings done under the orders of this President.

Al-Bashir have done this, he continues to do it. Order the Security Organization to kill his own citizens. Just to stay in power. That is the man he is and shall be remembered for that. That is his legacy. Peace.

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