Sudan: The Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) – Statement (29.05.2023)

The April 15 war enters its seventh week and puts the country day after day on the brink of a pit of total collapse. During this period, Sudan lost the lives of thousands of civilians and military personnel, destroyed the country’s civilian and military infrastructure and capabilities, looted homes and shops, and spread hate speech and sharp polarization. All of this is still happening. The war is expanding and its intensity is increasing, which makes us stick more to our declared position from day one of the necessity of stopping this war immediately, and favoring peaceful political solutions to address the root causes of the issues that led to its outbreak, as we affirm the following:

First: We call on the leadership of the Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces to renew and abide by the short-term ceasefire, which will end this evening, in order to give an opportunity to address the severely deteriorating humanitarian situation. Today’s truce has witnessed a slight improvement, represented by a decrease in the intensity of the confrontations, but it has witnessed abuses such as the use of aircraft, the continued armed presence in homes and service facilities, assaults on civilians, the occurrence of armed clashes, and the delay in the arrival of humanitarian aid. perpetrators and the return of looted property, with the commitment of the two parties to cooperate in order to restore the necessary services.

Second: We strongly reject the calls for civil armament and the plunge of civilians into the furnace of armed conflict, which is dragging the country into an all-out civil war. We call for abandoning these calls for sedition, besieging the discourse that calls for it and confronting it, and activating social peace initiatives that confront hate speech and prevent the expansion of the scope of war.

Third: We affirm in the Forces for Freedom and Change our continued efforts to contribute positively to stopping the war, through joint work with all national forces to strengthen and expand the anti-war front, and regional and international communication to coordinate efforts to stop the fighting and ensure the arrival of humanitarian aid, and we also continue to urge the leadership of the forces Armed forces and rapid support for delinquency to peaceful solutions, the arbitration of the voice of wisdom, and sparing our country the scourge of slipping into total collapse.

Fourth: We commend the statement of the African Peace and Security Council No. 1156 of May 27, 2023 on the situation in Sudan, and we encourage what was stated in it about the African Union coordinating and unifying international efforts, and we renew our thanks and support for the Saudi-American efforts to extend the short-term ceasefire and address the humanitarian situation, and we hope In integrating international and regional efforts and initiatives to accelerate the pace of reaching a sustainable solution to the Sudanese crisis.

Fifth: We thank all friendly countries and peoples for their speed in providing urgent aid to the Sudanese people, and we call for the formation of a transparent, impartial and impartial mechanism with the participation of aid providers, civil society and popular parties to work on distributing humanitarian and medical aid and ensuring that it reaches those who deserve it in the capital and the states.

In conclusion, we affirm that we will continue to confront the plans of the remnants that work to perpetuate the war and increase its area. We will not be intimidated by their paid campaigns, nor their lies that they actively promote.. This accursed war will inevitably end and peace and security will return to our country, and our people will continue their relentless pursuit to build a state of peace, justice, freedom and prosperity. .

Freedom and Change Forces – Executive Office

Khartoum – May 29, 2023 AD

Sudan: Sudanese Professionals Association – Arresting the spokesman of the Association of Professionals, Dr. Aladdin Naqad (27.05.2023)

A tracking force of the armed forces arrested Dr. Aladdin Critic, a member of the Central Council for Freedom and Change, the spokesman of the gathering of professionals from his home in Omdurman city.

This arrest is a regrettable development in the context of the current war in the country, and a change in dealing with the political and civil forces that have shown a decisive stance against the war and are working to stop it immediately by various peaceful means. Dr. Aladdin is one of the prominent leaders of the Committee of Specialists and Consultants, and one of its representatives in the Gathering of Professionals and the Forces of Freedom and Change, and he is one of the official speakers of the Association of Sudanese Professionals, and the national arena attests to his strict commitment to serving our people from his professional position as a surgeon specialized in organ transplantation and transplantation Through his various political and union positions, we condemn his arrest and call for his immediate release.

The Gathering of Sudanese Professionals renews its call to stop the war immediately, and affirms its commitment to work towards achieving this goal, and the parties that arrest the member of the Assembly Aladdin criticize full responsibility for his safety and security.

Media Team of the Sudanese Professionals

May 27, 2023

Sudan: Coordinators of the Resistance Committees of the state of Khartoum – Press Statement – Have a religion.. (24.05.2023)

I don’t build a high palace above the starvation of the poor

have a religion..

In my name, those who said the bitter truth are traitors and deviants

We tell you, slanderers.. we swear an oath

our great people,

The events currently taking place need the word of our people, who are scorched by its fire. The duration of this war, which we cannot bear, has prolonged, and destruction, destruction, death, and intimidation have exceeded our ability to bear it. Despite that, we are still steadfast, drawing our strength from the greatness and steadfastness of our people despite the troubles, and we all hope that all this devastation will end. Soon, we will go back to start again our quest to build this country in a way that befits it and us. In this context, we welcome the armistice agreement that was signed in the city of Jeddah, and we push the two parties to adhere strictly to it.

Our steadfast and overpowering people.. members of the resistance committees:

The day before yesterday we all read a statement issued in the name of the official spokesman of the armed forces addressing the resistance committees, and as we read it with the general public through various media, we would like to clarify our vision regarding the situation we have reached and the country has reached as a result of the ongoing conflict now, and the consequences of that for the homeland between to be or not to be.

Therefore, we would like to emphasize the following:

  1. Our complete rejection of war and the use of weapons as a means to solve problems between any two different parties, in any part of this country, and December would not have succeeded without its peacefulness, which is an approach we chose and a slogan we raised to be our way to solve all our crises and achieve our demands, so our call is always (Yes to peace .. no to war).
  2. Our non-alignment with one of the parties to this absurd war, and our total rejection of the rhetoric of mobilization that leads to further igniting the current conflict. Rather, we declare our complete siding with our people, and our keenness to provide them with whatever support and assistance we can provide, and our constant attempt to lift the burden from their shoulders through our volunteers in all areas, and make every effort to get out of this ordeal together.
  3. Our condemnation of war as a principle, as we mentioned above, and our categorical rejection of the occupation of hospitals, health and service facilities, and homes of citizens, and their conversion into human shields, and the arrest of volunteers and youth of resistance committees without any significant guilt or offense to be held accountable for it, except for their desire to provide services to citizens and help them as much as possible.
  4. We demand the immediate release of the youth of the resistance committees and all civilians detained by the army or the Rapid Support Forces.
  5. Rejecting calls to arm civilians, and attempting to transfer the authoritarian struggle to a civil war that may not leave or leave, and with it the conflict turns into a war of all against all.
  6. Welcoming the declared truce and cease-fire, and appealing to the two parties to the conflict to arbitrate the voice of conscience towards the homeland and the people, by strictly adhering to it, and working to transform this agreement into a final cessation of this war, and to address all the causes and problems of this war without a gun.
  7. Work to eliminate the causes of wars and armed conflicts in the future, the most important of which is the establishment of a single national army, with a national belief that monopolizes the defense of the state, adheres to its constitutional role, and moves away from what the former regime and its predecessors planned for it by engaging it in political action, and interfering in the affairs of government or Economic work.

In conclusion..

We affirm that we will continue to work through emergency rooms and all forms of volunteering to serve and alleviate our people, and that our position will not change and we will not give up our demands, until the slogans of glorious December come down on the ground, and the dreams of the revolutionaries who are still clutching at the embers and the martyrs who sacrificed their lives turn into a reality that we all enjoy. In Sudan, freedom, peace, and justice.

Glory and eternity to our honorable martyrs.. No to war and yes to peace.

Coordinators of the resistance committees of the city of Khartoum

May 24, 2023 AD

Sudan: A rebel turned to VP…

The steadfast, patient, heroic Sudanese people

Today I have accepted the assignment to assume the position of Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council, not as a substitute for anyone and not as a siding with any party other than Sudan and the interests of its citizens first and foremost” – Malik Agar (20.05.2023).

The former rebel leader of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) and the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF). A man who only came into the Sovereign Council in November 2021 after the second coup d’etat of the military leaders on the 25th October 2021. Therefore, this man did legitimize and accept his role to play.

The new VP who takes over from Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo “Hemeti” of the Rapid Support Force (RSF) ended yesterday statement with this, which is so telling in many ways.

I send a message to the leadership of the People’s Armed Forces, the ancient Sudanese institution, that there is no alternative to peace but peace, and there is no entry to peace except through dialogue. I also address my message to the leadership of the Rapid Support Forces: There is no alternative to the stability of Sudan except through a single and unified professional army, taking into account Sudanese pluralism. Our experience has proven that there is no victor in war and the loser is the homeland and that there is no alternative but to listen to the voice of reason and prudence and sit with an open heart and a more open mind. For a negotiation in which we hope for nothing but the interest of the country and the safety and security of the citizens” (Agar, 20.05.2023).

It is just unique in a way and a fashion. His an insider, a man who has sit on the table of power for over a year. The rebel has seen and could easily have read the room. There was friction and the other party thought it could topple the other. That’s why it’s very compelling that he wrote this as he enters a more vital role.

Yes, Al-Burhan does this to not only undermine the RSF and Hemeti. Hemeti must surely not care or consider this move at all. This was bound to happen. The freezing of bank-accounts and sanctioning RSF leaders are more hurting than losing a seat at the table. Because, the table right now isn’t that vital or important. It will only be important when the war between the parties are over.

The rebel from the Blue Nile State knows this. He has played this game before and now he got recognition. Agar was already recognized and gotten token respect by becoming a member of the Sovereign Council. Now Al-Burhan has promoted him and making him by default his deputy. That is to galvanize troops and support for the SAF.

Gen. Malik Agar has now rose through the ranks and getting political capital. That will also have a price, the fighters and the ones behind the man will now be part of the struggle. The militia or rebel outfit will now counter-act to the RSF. That must be in the calculation of Al-Burhan. Because, he see the need of more soldiers and guns on the streets. The ones who fought to overthrow Al-Bashir must be perfect. The friend of Joseph Garang can finally become extra useful and do the bidding of the SAF. That’s the gist of things.

Yes, Agar can speak of peace, but that will only happen when everyone silences their guns. That will only happen if one of the parties are cornered and have nowhere to hide.

We have to wait and see how this one plays out. A rebel are now in power and has a say. We can wonder how this will affect the day-to-day life. Nevertheless, Khartoum is changing… in the midst of war and a struggle to survive. Society is crumbling and the men of power is trying to forge their future in the midst of gun-smoke. Peace.

Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – Statement on the signing of the short-term ceasefire agreement and humanitarian arrangements sharply (21.05.2023)

Yesterday evening, Saturday, May 20, 2023, an agreement was signed for a short-term ceasefire and humanitarian arrangements between the Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces, which provides for a seven-day renewable cessation of hostilities with oversight mechanisms and specific commitments that guarantee addressing the catastrophic humanitarian conditions resulting from the war.

We in the Sudanese Congress Party welcome this important step in the way of reducing the suffering of our people as a result of the accursed war of April 15, 2023, and we call on the leaders of the armed forces and the Rapid Support Forces to fully adhere to it, and to move forward in peaceful, negotiated solutions, in order to reach a permanent ceasefire and a political process. Resumes the path of civil democratic transformation, and we commend the efforts of the Saudi-American initiative, and we appeal to the international community and humanitarian organizations to coordinate efforts in order to provide and deliver food, medicine and logistical aid, as Sudan is on the brink of a real humanitarian catastrophe.

Our people lived safe, free and victorious

Information secretariat

May 21, 2023 AD

Sudan emergency: One million now displaced in ongoing conflict (19.05.2023)

Over one million people have now been recorded as displaced, within Sudan or to neighboring countries.

NEW YORK, United States of America, May 19, 2023 – As heavy fighting continues in Sudan, UN humanitarians warned on Friday that more than one million people have now been forced to flee for their lives.

A wave of deadly attacks reportedly targeted West Darfur’s capital, El-Geneina, in recent days, while the UN World Health Organization (WHO) said that more than 700 people had been killed and nearly 5,300 injured nationwide, after five weeks of intense clashes and bombardment.

Over one million people have now been recorded as displaced, within Sudan or to neighboring countries,” said UNHCR Spokesperson Matthew Saltmarsh, as he issued an urgent appeal to respect the safety of civilians and to allow humanitarian aid to move freely, in line with an agreement reached by the warring parties in Jeddah, on 11 May.

Flagrant violations’ of agreement

Under that accord between the national army and rival RSF militia, both sides agreed to allow trapped civilians to leave combat zones and allow humanitarian aid to enter.

Civilians will continue to suffer unless this deal is implemented, the UNHCR spokesperson insisted, echoing UN humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths’s condemnation of “flagrant violations” of the humanitarian agreement:

Unfortunately, what we’ve seen in the last couple of days is continued horrendous fighting on the ground, shelling, bombing and it’s extremely important that what was committed to in Jeddah is enacted on the ground so that much needed aid can come in”.

Attacks on healthcare continue

Confirming that health facilities and health professionals have continued to be targeted since fighting broke out on 15 April, WHO spokesperson Carla Drysdale told journalists in Geneva that there have been 34 verified attacks, eight deaths and 18 injuries.

Sudan’s neighboring countries continue to be affected by the conflict, especially South Sudan, Chad, and particularly Egypt, which currently hosts the largest number of Sudanese, with 5,000 arriving every day. “That makes a total of almost 110,000 Sudanese who have entered the country, according to the Government,” said Mr. Saltmarsh.

Crowding at the borders

In South Sudan, the numbers of refugees remains high, with around 1,500 arriving per day. Those fleeing the violence use via the Renk crossing in Upper Nile State, although “the transit facility near the border is becoming perilously crowded and resources are extremely stretched”, the UNHCR official noted.

In Chad, essential relief items such as safe drinking water and blankets have been delivered to almost 10,000 families, but UN humanitarians have warned that new arrivals are stuck in remote transit sites near the border, with very limited supplies.

Sudan: Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Press Statement (13.05.2023)

Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party -A statement about the attack by armed militias on the city of El Geneina, West Darfur state (13.05.2023)

Yesterday morning, Friday, May 12, 2023, armed militias launched an attack on the city of El Geneina in the state of West Darfur, which included many neighborhoods, in which various types of weapons were used, which led to many civilian casualties, whose numbers could not be counted due to the complex security conditions, as the conflicts continued. Recently, at an accelerating pace in the state, in light of the complete absence of all state agencies, the armed forces, the Rapid Support Forces, and the police, which made citizens have the option of arming themselves to defend themselves, and all basic services, including health and services, such as water sources, were absent.

We in the Sudanese Congress Party have mercy on the souls of the victims and send prayers for recovery to the wounded, and we see that what is happening in the city of El Geneina and other cities and villages of Sudan in terms of a wide spread of various crimes, looting and terrorizing defenseless civilians, we see that it is a direct outcome of the April 15, 2023 war, taking into account the privacy of the history Armed conflicts of a tribal nature in the states of Darfur and the proliferation of weapons outside legal frameworks, however, the state of security liquidity and the fragility of the situation in most parts of the country is a real threat to its unity, with the emergence of clear signs of slipping into a comprehensive civil war, which requires activating the provisions of the agreement of principles signed yesterday. In the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, between the armed forces and the Rapid Support Forces immediately to protect civilians, monitor the implementation of its provisions, and continue local, regional and international efforts to push the negotiation process forward to reach a permanent ceasefire, and to address the causes of war through peaceful solutions according to a political process, through which the path of transformation is restored. Democratic civil.

Our people lived safe, free and victorious

Information secretariat

May 13, 2023 AD

Sudan: Civilian Front to stop the War and Restore Democracy – Press Release (12.05.2023)

The Civilian Front to stop the War and Restore The Democracy welcomes the Jeddah Declaration, which was issued in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on May 12, 2023, regarding the commitment of the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces to protect civilians in Sudan.

The Civilian Front considers this declaration an important step towards achieving peace and stability in Sudan, and emphasizes the importance of protecting civilians and preserving their rights at a time when the country is witnessing internal conflict and a deterioration of humanitarian conditions.

The Civilian Front encourages the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces to commit to and implement this agreement on the ground, and calls on all parties concerned to work seriously to end the war and restore democracy in Sudan. We also emphasize the need to expedite the completion of discussions to approve a complete cessation of fighting that allows for the achievement of what is stated in the declaration and the approval of effective mechanisms for monitoring and delivering humanitarian aid. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of involving civilians in negotiations to reach a comprehensive political solution to the crisis.

Finally, the Civilian Front confirms its full support for all efforts aimed at achieving peace and stability in Sudan and restoring the democratic civilian transition, and calls on all citizens to work together to build a better future for Sudan and all its people.

Civilian Front for Ending the War and Restoring Democracy

May 12, 2023

Sudan: The Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) – Statement (11.05.2023)

The Forces for Freedom and Change welcome the signing of the Declaration of Commitment to Protect Civilians in Sudan between the delegations of the Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, this evening.

The Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change consider the signing of this declaration, which took place today, as an important first step towards ending the war that has been going on in the country since April 15, and urges the two parties to strictly and seriously adhere to what was agreed upon, and to move forward to reach a permanent and final ceasefire and to end the differences through dialogue away from Use of violence and armed force.

We extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the friends of the Sudanese people from the regional and international community and to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States of America in particular for their role and efforts in sponsoring the negotiations between the two parties and reaching the Declaration of Principles signed by the two parties. Democratic civil, security and military reform that leads to a single professional and national army that is committed to its constitutional duties and is subordinate to the civilian governing bodies and has nothing to do with politics.

In conclusion, we extend our full gratitude to the Sudanese people in all parts of the country and abroad for their steadfastness in the face of this ordeal, and we assure them that their strong stand in order to end this war and restore peace to our country will inevitably bear fruit soon, and we will save our beloved Sudan from this tragedy, and restore the path of its construction and prosperity shoulder to shoulder shoulder sooner rather than later.

In the end, victory will be our people’s ally

Executive Office

May 11, 2023 AD

Khartoum, Sudan.

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