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Opinion: Ramaphosa has lost the plot…

The use of security forces to quell political dissent and the failure to address legitimate civilian concerns complicates the conflict and adds fuel to the fire. Economic and political stability is further compromised” (African National Congress – ‘ANC Statement on the instability in eSWATINI’ 30.06.2021).

The ballad of Cyril Ramaphosa isn’t going according to plan. The man who took over from Jacob Zuma haven’t delivered. Neither does it look like he was ever interested in doing so. The African National Congress (ANC) is more busy being in power, than actually serving the communities or actually try to represent the needs of citizens. It has become an elite and a bourgeois who skims of the top of society. That’s who the ANC has become and they forgotten the pledges to the average citizens.

Tomorrow the long awaited National Shutdown is going down in the Republic. The ANC who could easily lecture eSwatini is now doing the same. The SANDF is already stationed on the streets and it has been done without the prior knowledge of the Parliament or due process. Meaning the President ordered them out there all on his own. That is showing the ANC and the ways of the President.

President Ramaphosa are inciting fear, desperation and possible violence. Even government spokespersons are speaking of keeping the “brutality” on the low. Like you can be brutal on a scale of softness, as if it was cheese. Let’s just be clear, the soldiers aren’t on the streets to be cute to the citizens. No, they are there to quell or silence the dissidents.

We can anticipate this tomorrow. The Economic Freedom Fighters and their allies are prepared. What this planned marches and demos has shown is the weakness of the centre. Instead of meeting the opposition half-way or understand their concerns. The ANC and the state is answering with soldiers, the authorities and possible threats.

With this in mind. We should be worried about tomorrow. The ANC and the President is apparently relentless. The ANC haven’t fixed their bad governance, their state capture or the grand corruption cases. They are instead thriving in the load-shedding, the lack of due diligence and the open misuse of government funds. That’s how they have operated for years and the President think they can skate away from it.

Ramphosa thought he could stop the Phala Phala investigation, as long as the Zondo Commission is busy investigating his predecessor Zuma. That’s how things are looking and the winds of change is glacier slow.

Alas, tomorrow might spark something Ramaphosa and ANC cannot control. Tomorrow might be the start of a new era. If not… it is unearthing the trust between the executive and the people. That is shattered by ordering soldiers and the army on the streets. They are there to defend the borders and the integrity of the sovereign republic. These are not there to shield the elite and the ANC from it’s critics. Therefore, we know the drill of SANDF is out of order.

Ramaphosa is a fool for this one. Peace.

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