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Opinion: Ramaphosa is so bad that you dream about Zuma

The ballad of Cyril Ramaphosa is certainly not a love song or a song of a favourable moment. No, the Presidency of Ramaphosa won’t be mirrored or written kindly about. That’s all the fault of Ramaphosa himself. He made this bed and he got to sleep in it.

The State Capture case and the connections to the business-family Gupta’s was the end of Jacob Zuma. The way he traded and used office to profit of shady business-deals with Gupta operated businesses. The case is still ongoing and not finalized in the courts. It has been a slow train and the former President still have unresolved allegations against him. Just as bad as that was…

Ramaphosa was supposed to be different. He was to make a difference and a change. However, his just another cog in the machine and a slow burner. His the operator and the benefactor, but not a man of governance or governing abilities. The African National Congress (ANC) is now living on past glories and stories of oppression. Their years in power is wasted and they haven’t succeeded in changing the nation.

Yes, the ANC changed and stopped the Apartheid government. The ANC fought for the rights of all people and released a Freedom Charter, which should be reflected upon the reign of the party. The ANC under Ramaphosa have forgotten the old ideals and is enjoying all the perks of power.

The ANC is corrupted, sullied and compromised. This didn’t start under Ramaphosa. No, this has been going on and has been on going since the procurement scandal of the arms deal in 1999. This is why we can say the party culture and the cultivation of eating of the state plate has been a staple during the ANC era.

Zuma just took it up a notch and Ramaphosa have never cared about it. Ramaphosa maybe haven’t cared because he thought it was his turn to eat. Everything and every scandal surrounding him just shows that. This being questionable campaign funds or now the robbery and kidnapping at his Phala Phala farm.

We know things are bad under Ramaphosa when he dodges questions and suspends the Public Protector. Something is up and it’s grim. Just like the realization that this man isn’t fixing the public debt, the added distress on government owned companies or anywhere else. Heck, Ramaphosa isn’t even delivering any substantial government programs to the ones in need. His just the operator and the head of state by choice.

When you are seeing all of this. The load-shedding, the lack of concern or how to move forward. You just know things has been better under Mbeki and parts of the Zuma years. That why you know that these two actually tried. However, Ramaphosa isn’t even doing that. No, his just clinging on and living lavish. The last Prince of the Republic.

Ramaphosa isn’t showing any signs of improvement. With every month and every year… the ANC and his Presidency things are only getting more grim. There aren’t hope on the table, but a dark realization that these guys only work for themselves. While they are supposed to represent the people and their needs. Which has become a back-burner and a lost cause. Peace.

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Opinion: Ramaphosa cannot dodge the Namibian investigation…

The Ministry of Justice says it is in possession of a receipt from the courier company, DHL, which confirms that a request for assistance in the investigation of the Phala Phala robbery was sent to their counterparts in South Africa. This was said by the ministry’s spokesperson, Simon Idipo, on Wednesday” (The Namibian, 24.06.2022).

The President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa is under public scrutiny over the alleged criminal conspiracy at this Phala Phala Farm, which is implicating huge sums of money and fraud. That is coming home to roost. Yes, in South Africa Ramaphosa can sway the authorities or block any sort of investigation.

The Namibian authorities is looking into it. As the leaks and the possible breaches of law there is putting things into question. We know that the evidence and stories of Arthur Fraser will put gasoline on the fire. That in combination of the stories from Namibia.

What is striking is that the drips of knowledge from Namibia is destroying any sort of silencing the critics or the investigation in South Africa. Where the President has suspended the Public Protector over it and where the Parliament is pending a start of inquiry into it. Therefore, things are moving along. Slowly, but the President isn’t looking in any sort of bright light.

The President can hope that the limelight comes on his predecessor Zuma and his business-dealings with the Gupta’s. However, the current and day-to-day operations cannot go as normal. When the Hawks and others should look into Ramaphosa. He shouldn’t get away with this… just because his the President and in the manner of which he stopped the CR17 Report.

That’s why you know this man wants to stop the investigation in Namibia. It is hurting him and proving more of the credible criminal conspiracy and a way of laundering money from South Africa. You don’t move money like this and make it seems like a criminal conspiracy, but there is nothing happening in South Africa. Until, a former intelligence officer drops knowledge and tells what went down.

This dance Ramaphosa cannot get away from. Sooner or later the “head-shot” or the “final-straw” is published. The scandal of kidnapping, money laundering and such will not be left behind that easily. No, this will be challenged like the days the opposition went after the Gupta’s scandals of Eskom and everywhere else they were eating of the government plate. Therefore, the same can easily happen here.

This time around the people should seek answers and not let it go. They let bygones be bygones over the secret campaign funds. Now they need to know why everything happened and how it went down. As we know the President is involved in the trading and operations of the Phala Phala farm. That is well-known now as he was part of the sale of Ankole Cattle. Therefore, we know his earning and following it up.

That’s why we know he knew what went down and the reasons for the transfer of money. Which is now investigated on both sides of the border. Namibian authorities will not be taken hostage or blocked directly by Ramaphosa. That will only happen if they relent or the neighbours are able to silence it there. Because, this is becoming ugly and who knows.

We just have to wait for more intelligence and certainly it is much harder to hide. When you have played outside your own dominion. Now, he has to answer for the acts, which is involving the Namibian authorities. That cannot be easy… as well… as the open questions unanswered to the Public Protector. Peace.

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