United Kingdom: Home Secretary Suella Braverman letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (24.05.2023)

United Kingdom: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak letter to Home Secretary Suella Braverman (24.05.2023)

Opinion: Raab was destined to fall

The likes of Dominic Raab were bound to fail and be a utter tragicomedy of sorts. It couldn’t go any other way. That Prime Minister Rishi Sunak let him back into the fold and appointed him to his Deputy says a lot.

Especially knowing how he acted in the past. It wasn’t like Raab MP was a choirboy or a perfect example of how a Minister should behave. No, the guy who had a mistress, used leverage of questionable government tenders during COVID and broke the social distancing rules. Therefore, before even appointing him was an epic blunder.

A man with such a record and with such history. Not ancient history either. It is just mere months in between. The PM still had the guts to put faith in him and give him new privileges. That is saying something about the Tories and their inside “trading” favours.

The Tolley Report published yesterday states this about him: “In reaching and implementing this management choice he acted in a way which was intimidating, in the sense of unreasonably and persistently aggressive conduct in the context of a work meeting. It also involved an abuse or misuse of power in a way that undermines or humiliates. He introduced an unwarranted punitive element. His conduct was experienced as undermining or humiliating by the affected individual, which was inevitable. It is to be inferred that the DPM was aware that this would be the effect of his conduct; at the very least, he should have been aware” (…) “On a separate occasion, the DPM referred to the Civil Service Code in a way which could reasonably have been understood as suggesting that those involved had acted in breach. This had a significant adverse effect on a particular individual who took it seriously. The DPM’s conduct was a form of intimidating behaviour, in the sense of conveying a threat of unspecified disciplinary action, and was experienced as such. He did not target any individual, nor intend to threaten anyone with disciplinary action. However, he ought to have realised that his reference to the Civil Service Code could well have been understood as a threat” (Tolley, P: 45, 20.04.2023).

Raab can act all out and try to downplay his actions. Nevertheless, this will stain his CV. Though he has already other aforementioned misgivings before appointed by Sunak. It is like the PM looked the other way and just had to pick the pick of the litter. Since it’s not like Raab oozes credibility or any credible achievements in the past.

No, it was just a job for one of the boys. That Raab himself wants to save face is all natural at this point. He just want to look good for himself and his future. That’s why his writing a long piece to the Tory friendly newspaper The Telegraph and acted righteous in his resignation letter. His on a PR tour to look grand again.

However, that ship has failed. It was already downhill after the scandal of the mistress in the middle of the pandemic. That he couldn’t hold his pecker for himself is the biggest one. Now he just has adjusted to another questionable field. As he has acted with a superiority complex and thought he was the next Julius Caesar. Nevertheless, he will never be crowned emperor, but just another court jester.

I’m not surprised he had to fall. Raab isn’t the likeable uncle or the friendly MP. No, his the self-righteous and braggadocious man wo thinks his supreme. He is the sound of the elites and the ones born with a silver spoon. That’s where Raab belongs and it shows.

He has no integrity or respect for others. Only looks out for himself and it shows. Peace.

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Opinion: Mahmood MP speaking the truth about Braverman MP…

“The words of the hon. Member for Boston and Skegness (Matt Warman) must have some meaning for him. They do not for anybody else in this debate, because they do not make any sense or bring any delivery for the people we represent. This country is based on the rule of law. We are in the UN Security Council. We wrote the European convention on human rights. We were the main principals behind the Geneva convention. We penned the war crimes legislation that is now in existence. People here are being accused of being lefty lawyers for doing the right thing and standing up for people and for our rights which are enshrined in law. We have always worked to the letter of the law, and so we should. The Home Secretary takes no advice from the Bar Council and no advice from the Law Society, which both say that the Bill will create contradictions and will have problems in the courts, just like those the Government have already had. The Government do not want to do anything about that, and that is a problem. There are no safe routes for anybody to come through. Afghanistan has been closed. Hong Kong has been closed” – Khalid Mahmood, Labour MP for Birmingham (Perry Barr) – (13.03.2023).

In our times, there is a need for truth tellers and one of them yesterday was the MP for Birmingham (Perry Barr), Mr. Khalid Mahmood who spoke the brutal truth. He didn’t lie and came with no falsehoods. This man could have spared his words, minced them and been more diplomatic. No, he chose the honest path, and it shows. It is just so direct and sincere, that’s why Home Secretary Suella Braverman MP should be concerned about her lasting legacy. Because, when men like Mahmood can torn your flesh. You just know those wounds will never heal. It is a stain that will linger and never be repaired.

The Home Secretary should be concerned about herself and who she is. She will be remembered for this time. The choices of words and the bill itself. The actions against the weakest, the poor and the misfortunate who is taking the dangerous journey to the United Kingdom. She should be worried about them, but instead vilify them and makes their trip illegal.

His words are so powerful.

Just read them further:

“The Minister shakes his head. If he tried getting out of Afghanistan, he would see what the issues are. Women who have been trafficked will have no support under the Bill. Young children in jeopardy will have no support under the Bill. The Bill is against the people, and against the human rights and civil liberties of people. The Labour party does not say there is an open and a free door. That is what the Tories say about the Labour party. The Labour party is here to look at open and positive immigration. That is what we want to do. The Home Secretary said that she cannot be xenophobic or racist just because of her colour and origins. I say to her, being of the same colour and origin, that that is exactly what her politics are about—dividing our society and our community based on that. That is what she continues to do. The best thing that she can do is to look at what is right for the people, rather than making political decisions that she thinks will win her the next election. That is not the case. The people of the United Kingdom are not so naive as to allow this huge nonsense of xenophobia and racism from her party. She needs the knock of humanity to move forward with these issues. We are all here representing all of our constituents—the Home Secretary does not understand that. For her sake and for the sake of all the people who come here, I hope that we are responsible for human beings and show humanity moving forward” (Mahmood, 13.03.2023).

It is not just about rule of law and about international law. No, it is about principals and morals. This law is about our basic understanding and about humanity as a whole. Mahmood MP just shows the draconian path and the sinister way the Tories are handling it. The Home Secretary and the Tories are willing to address it this way. They are willing to risk the lives and endanger them even further. That’s what they are doing, while vilifying and criminalizing them. It is real dark and grim, but the reality of it all.

Mahmood MP is speaking the truth. His voice needs to be heard. It is a voice of reason and it’s sad that it isn’t amplified more. Peace.

Opinion: Sunak will rock the boat…

People must know that if they come here illegally it will result in their detention and swift removal. Once this happens – and they know it will happen – they will not come, and the boats will stop. That is why today we are introducing legislation to make clear that if you come here illegally you can’t claim asylum…

you can’t benefit from our modern slavery protections…

.you can’t make spurious human rights claims

and you can’t stay.

We will detain those who come here illegally and then remove them in weeks, either to their own country if it is safe to do so, or to a safe third country like Rwanda” – Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (07.03.2023).

That Prime Minister Rishi Sunak needs a case and a policy to pin his name on is clear. The “Stop the Boat” and be hard on immigration is an easy way to gain popularity or show force in the Downing Street No. 10. So, behind the black-door and on a podium he could look supreme.

Though the whole publicity and action will possibly backfire. Not only because the United Kingdom has a “Modern Slavery System” but also because it isn’t honouring it’s pledges to international law. This is an extension of the Brexit and the “self-control” of the United Kingdom. That’s the gist here, but he will possibly regret it all.

As a son of an immigrant, he should know better and the same should Suella Braverman. Nevertheless, these two rather disown their own and gain political capital by despicable means. The PM knows this, but he has to play along to these hard right policies, which would have blocked his own kin from entering the Kingdom. That’s the striking here… his parents and others in the that generation would have been sent to Rwanda… if the laws was like that.

Sunak is catering to the worst side of aisle here. Just so he get the ERG and anti-immigration sentiments of society. While the Tories are also showing the sinister side of the British Government. A side that the Tories and others has tried to hide away, but is now coming up in the open. The plans of arresting, making seeking asylum illegal and trying to migrate to the United Kingdom.

The PM even said this:

If we can’t stop the boats, our ability to help genuine refugees in future will be constrained. Full control of our borders will allow us to decide who to help, and to provide safe and legal routes for those most in need. I understand there will be debate about the toughness of these measures… all I can say is that we have tried it every other way… and it has not worked” (Sunak, 07.03.2023).

We are seeing a harshness and a law enforcement, which will be not only questioned, but most likely challenged by international law. The United Kingdom is a bunch of islands, but not living in a vacuum. It is part of the world and has to act accordingly to the United Nations Conventions and bodies it has signed itself up too. The international laws the UK government has ratified and made as part of its own legislation. So, the possibility to seek refuge and shelter shouldn’t be gone over night. It is tough talk and spreading fear, like a fascist government does.

Sunak is just showing the evil side of the British government. Using the ones who is fighting and who has to go the worst hurdles known to mankind to get to safety. His is using them as pawns to gain political capital and sloganeer. Making asylum seekers into criminals or felons. Just so he can win favours among the hard right in the United Kingdom. Peace.

Opinion: Will Sunak tear the GFA apart?

“Article 1: (vi) recognise the birthright of all the people of Northern Ireland to identify themselves and be accepted as Irish or British, or both, as they may so choose, and accordingly confirm that their right to hold both British and Irish citizenship is accepted by both Governments and would not be affected by any future change in the status of Northern Ireland” (The Belfast Agreement, 10.04.1998).

Today, we should be worried, the North Ireland Protocol, which is a part of the European Union Withdrawal Agreement is up for grabs. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is playing high and mighty. He also must play this game for his own gains and office. It is not like he has a massive mandate or power on his own. The PM needs to play the support of DUP and ERG within his own ranks. That’s why he got a buck-load of trouble and little strength in the days ahead.

Why am I worried, well he answered this in the PMQ today:

“As the right hon. and learned Gentleman knows, we are still in active discussions with the European Union, but he should know that I am a Conservative, a Brexiter and a Unionist, and any agreement that we reach needs to tick all three boxes. It needs to ensure sovereignty for Northern Ireland, it needs to safeguard Northern Ireland’s place in our Union, and it needs to find practical solutions to the problems faced by people and businesses. I will be resolute in fighting for what is best for Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom” (Sunak, 22.02.2023).

I find it troubling with the quote of the PM. His disregarding the Irish and the GFA by doing so. His only on the side of the Unionists and the ones who wants the Northern Irish to be British. That is indirectly disregarding a lot of people in NI. The PM might not consider this, but by what he said and how he stated it… he has violated and intends to not honour Article 1(vi) of the Belfast Agreement of 1998.

If he does what he might want to do… to appease DUP and ERG within his party. He is maybe without intention or purposes changing the status of Northern Ireland. In such a manner, that endangers the whole Good Friday Agreement.

It seems like the PM should consult with the North South Ministerial Council on the matter of NI Protocol as well. Even the GFA agreement states one vital part under the second stand, which says this: “(iii) in an appropriate format to consider institutional or cross-sectoral matters (including in relation to the EU) and to resolve disagreement” (The Belfast Agreement, 10.04.1998).

This here stipulates the acts of the Council and how it works in relations to the EU. That is vital in consideration the NI Protocol and the plans of the PM. If he wants to honour the GFA and such. He should consult himself with Council and be cautious, as he is trading waters and possibly eaten by sharks. They a sensing blood and coming for him. That’s why he should read the agreements and stipulations to ensure the right actions ahead.

Now his just spewing Tory rhetoric and it’s doing no good. There are no favours earned or statements which are making things better. The way he speaks at the PMQ make it seems like a way of only safeguarding the Union and the interests of allies of Great Britain. While his disregarding and dismissing the ones wanting a united Ireland. Which is also something the British Government promised to commit too in the GFA. That’s what is striking here, and we should be worried about. It shows a sentiment and attitude from London, which is forgetting old promises. That is clear… and Sunak isn’t a man who honour this agreement apparently. He got enough to hold his head above water and steer away from the sharks. Peace.

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