United Kingdom: Home Secretary Suella Braverman letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (24.05.2023)

United Kingdom: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak letter to Home Secretary Suella Braverman (24.05.2023)

Russia: The “Special Military Operation” came home to Belgorod oblast…

We are now completing a house-to-house inspection of the border villages and Hraivoron itself. Most of the population has left the area. We are helping those who are unable to do so with our vehicles, and those who are able to do so are leaving by personal vehicles” – Governor of Belgorod Vyacheslav Gladkov (22.05.2023)

The situation in Russia’s Belgorod region intensifies. Governor Gladkov confirms a sabotage group has crossed from Ukraine into Russian territory, with most residents now evacuated. He claims that the current casualties stand at eight. In response, Belgorod has launched a “counter-terrorist operation.” Strict security measures are in place, including enhanced document verification and control of telecommunications. Amid tensions in Belgorod, Russia acts swiftly evacuating a strategic nuclear munitions depot, Belgorod-22. This pivotal move underscores the gravity of the situation on the ground” (Artur Rehi, 22.05.2023)

The Free Russia Legion, made up of Russians fighting on the side of the Ukrainian Army, has crossed into Russia in the Belgorod region and has taken control of three settlements Kozinka, Glotove, Gora-Podil Heavy fighting is taking place for control of Greyvoron” (Visegrad 24, 22.05.2023).

The art of war isn’t an easy one and when you have started it… you never know how it will finish. Especially long after the moment of surprise and sudden attacks are over. The strategic enterprise of war becomes more important. The war in Ukraine that was supposed to last for three days are now over a year and few more months. The Russian Army was supposed to conquer Kyiv in three days and it never happened.

Now, after all this time… the Russians are getting a taste of their own medicine. It isn’t happening within Ukraine or that the defensive war is taking it’s toll. No, the war is now inside of Belgorod Oblast. Russian insurgency and militia are now targeting areas there.

The Free Russia Legion and Russian Volunteer Corps are the ones behind it. They are certainly seen as not only rebels, but terrorist. The Russians are calling them “Ukrainian” but these are Russians themselves. Meaning this is a new issue for Kremlin to solve. As they already stretched military in Ukraine. While they also have to fight and attack on its own soil now against their own.

We are now seeing two different militias fighting together for the same cause. A cause that is against the warfare of the Russian Federation. It is causing internal issues and the Kremlin must be shocked by this. However, when you start a war and the ramifications of that comes home. There are possibilities of rebellion and mutiny. That’s what is possibly happening here, but this could also be used to intensify and give more excuses for more harsh laws or forced subscriptions to the Russian Army.

This is how a war comes home. We have no idea how this will be played out, but it is striking. The strategic placement of the rebels and their plans are said out loud and clear. The Kremlin wasn’t prepared for this, because they counted on endless Z Patriots to stand guard. However, there are changes and the winds are turning in every direction.

Belgorod oblast will be in the spotlight for a long time. The rebel, militia or as the Russians say the “terrorist” will cause a stir and controversy in the hinterlands of the Federation. Nevertheless, it begs to question if others will follow their acts or if this will be a lonely crusade. Because if they are alone and not vastly supported. The fight will die down quickly. However, if more takes to arms and prolongs the agony. Then you have a new stalemate that will weaken the Russian army substantial and doing so from within. That will be very beneficial for Kyiv and the Defensive warfare of Ukraine.

When the smoke clears and the verdict is out. We will know more. The coin is yet to be tossed. What is certain is that the Russian leaders and Belgorod oblast wasn’t prepared for this. It is already talk of panic, fleeing and leaving the areas too. That shows what sort of ammo the rebels has and what they are capable of. It must hurt the pride of the mighty nation to see that…

Well, Putin didn’t see this one coming and his strategies in Ukraine haven’t worked. Now it is coming home. I wonder if he will use the same annihilation tactics at home, as he has done on every other battlefield under his reign. Peace.

Opinion: Medvedev is explaining Russian imperialism…

“A geopolitical loss?

It was back in 2022 that NATO was lazily shooing us away when the matter concerned the security guarantees. Like, leave us alone, no time for you. And now, all of the NATO member states go to bed at night, and wake up in the morning thinking of Russia. Moreover, some of the especially cowardly and suffering from phantom pains, like temporarily occupied Poland and our Baltic provinces, have well soiled themselves.

So, if there has indeed been a loss, it is that of the primitive NATO politics, with its underlying ambition to play the exceptional role in the 21st century” (Dmitry Medvedev, 16.05.2023).

If you thought Kremlin had forgotten about their former territories and stopped considering invading or annex former Soviet Republics. Certainly, there is high ranking officials like Dmitry Medvedev spelling it out.

We know he has already said Russians could access Berlin or even capture Poland. That has been said during the “Special Military Operation” in Ukraine. The prolonged “three days” enterprise that is lasting over 400 days now. The Russian war-machine isn’t as cracking as the rulers of Russia wants it too to be.

It is really striking how Medvedev speaks of both Poland and the Baltic Nations. That just shows the arrogance and the imperial thinking, which is lingering in the chambers of power in Kremlin.

They are really dreaming of a new USSR and saying that it’s only “temporary”. If you thought Ukraine was a “one-off”. It is apparently very wrong as certain ones are aiming for unification with all former USSR republics and even saying “NATO” and “EU” only occupied it for the time being. This means some has the ambition and wants to takeover them again.

It is a reason why Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia has been such allies of Ukraine in this war. They know what is coming and they have been worried for years. They are smaller and easier nation to attack. Only the strength of NATO can worry Russia. If they were alone without an alliance. They might as well be under the same fate as Kyiv today. Where the Russian forces are sending missiles and trying to annex their regions. That’s what Kremlin is busy doing and it shows.

If Medvedev thought this sentiment was wise to release… he must be stupid. Because his only showing what we all feared, but his verifying for the world to see. The Russians are dreaming of a new Soviet and wants to take back what is lost. They don’t value the independence of the former USSR republics. No, they want them under their spell again and be the overlords, yet again. Peace.

Russia: The Kremlin Drone Attack smells like a false-flag operation…

“Russian state-controlled media claims Kremlin attacked by Ukrainian drones. Russian state-controlled media RIA Novosti claimed on May 3 that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin residence was targeted by Ukrainian drones. RIA Novosti alleged that the drones were disabled “as a result of timely actions taken by the (Russian) military and special services with the use of radar control systems.”” (Kyiv Independent, 03.05.2023).

“As for the drones over the Kremlin. It’s all predictable… Russia is clearly preparing a large-scale terrorist attack. That’s why it first detains a large allegedly subversive group in Crimea. And then it demonstrates “drones over the Kremlin”. First of all, Ukraine wages an exclusively defensive war and does not attack targets on the territory of the Russian Federation” (Adviser to the Head of the Office of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Podolyak, 03.05.2023).

On the 18th February 2022 there was a car-bomb in Donbass. That was mere days ahead of the invasion of Ukraine. When I saw the video and the released information about yesterday’s drone attack on Kremlin. It reminded me of the car that was split in pieces and done so to strike fear.

The sudden drone attack in the heart of Moscow only seems like a false-flag and an operation to galvanize troops. This is done to spike up the nationalism and the eager to continue the war in Ukraine. There is nothing else to benefit from it.

The defence and the armies of Ukraine wouldn’t earn a coin on this attack. Neither would this do Kyiv any favours. They would only weaken their own defence strategies. That’s why an attack on Kremlin seems far fetched and out of reach.

The drone attack seems not only like a false flag, but an Mission Impossible. It is a clandestine operation, which needs to travers Russian hinterland with drones. There need to be able to use spies and connections to bring the equipment into the capital. Secondly, the need to penetrate the air-defence and jam the defence systems in the heart of Moscow. That seems like a Hollywood movie and not real life.

I have a hard time believing a spy and a operational team of drone experts would be able to get in to Russia. Secondly, be able to travel the long road from the border of Russia to the capital with the equipment without being intercepted. Especially, when the Russian Army is attacking and operating in several oblasts of Ukraine. Therefore, it seems like a pipe-dream.

It is the perfect nightmare. Then after being able to reach to the Capital. The drones are able to skirt the jammers and the other military equipment to target the Kremlin. That just luck and lucky charms that gave them way.

This is why I don’t believe it and cannot understand the abilities of the Ukrainian supermen who brought the drones to Moscow. Because, if they were they had some supreme abilities and wisdom to bring it that far. Not only operate it and target such a guarded place. But they could transport, set-up shop and do it. If the Ukrainian Defence, did it now… why now? And not earlier in the war? Just to prove a point… alas, that is not case, and this is done to get more support and get sympathy for the cause.

That how I see this, and I feel about the same as when I saw the perfectly bombed vehicle in February last year. It is just too perfect and doesn’t seem legit. Because, of that I question it and think it serves another purpose. If they wanted to assassinate Putin. I doubt that they would do it this way but be more devious than this. Peace.

Opinion: Raab was destined to fall

The likes of Dominic Raab were bound to fail and be a utter tragicomedy of sorts. It couldn’t go any other way. That Prime Minister Rishi Sunak let him back into the fold and appointed him to his Deputy says a lot.

Especially knowing how he acted in the past. It wasn’t like Raab MP was a choirboy or a perfect example of how a Minister should behave. No, the guy who had a mistress, used leverage of questionable government tenders during COVID and broke the social distancing rules. Therefore, before even appointing him was an epic blunder.

A man with such a record and with such history. Not ancient history either. It is just mere months in between. The PM still had the guts to put faith in him and give him new privileges. That is saying something about the Tories and their inside “trading” favours.

The Tolley Report published yesterday states this about him: “In reaching and implementing this management choice he acted in a way which was intimidating, in the sense of unreasonably and persistently aggressive conduct in the context of a work meeting. It also involved an abuse or misuse of power in a way that undermines or humiliates. He introduced an unwarranted punitive element. His conduct was experienced as undermining or humiliating by the affected individual, which was inevitable. It is to be inferred that the DPM was aware that this would be the effect of his conduct; at the very least, he should have been aware” (…) “On a separate occasion, the DPM referred to the Civil Service Code in a way which could reasonably have been understood as suggesting that those involved had acted in breach. This had a significant adverse effect on a particular individual who took it seriously. The DPM’s conduct was a form of intimidating behaviour, in the sense of conveying a threat of unspecified disciplinary action, and was experienced as such. He did not target any individual, nor intend to threaten anyone with disciplinary action. However, he ought to have realised that his reference to the Civil Service Code could well have been understood as a threat” (Tolley, P: 45, 20.04.2023).

Raab can act all out and try to downplay his actions. Nevertheless, this will stain his CV. Though he has already other aforementioned misgivings before appointed by Sunak. It is like the PM looked the other way and just had to pick the pick of the litter. Since it’s not like Raab oozes credibility or any credible achievements in the past.

No, it was just a job for one of the boys. That Raab himself wants to save face is all natural at this point. He just want to look good for himself and his future. That’s why his writing a long piece to the Tory friendly newspaper The Telegraph and acted righteous in his resignation letter. His on a PR tour to look grand again.

However, that ship has failed. It was already downhill after the scandal of the mistress in the middle of the pandemic. That he couldn’t hold his pecker for himself is the biggest one. Now he just has adjusted to another questionable field. As he has acted with a superiority complex and thought he was the next Julius Caesar. Nevertheless, he will never be crowned emperor, but just another court jester.

I’m not surprised he had to fall. Raab isn’t the likeable uncle or the friendly MP. No, his the self-righteous and braggadocious man wo thinks his supreme. He is the sound of the elites and the ones born with a silver spoon. That’s where Raab belongs and it shows.

He has no integrity or respect for others. Only looks out for himself and it shows. Peace.

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Opinion: Boris takes no accountability for the parte-after-parte…

“So I accept that the House of Commons was misled by my statements that the Rules and Guidance had been followed completely at No. 10. But when the statements were made, they were made in good faith and on the basis of what I honestly knew and believed at the time. I did not intentionally or recklessly mislead the House on 1 December 2021, 8 December 2021, or on any other date. I would never have dreamed of doing so” (Boris Johnson, 20.03.2023).

I liar saying he would never lie. Would you believe the man? I don’t and with obvious reasons. Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson isn’t a man who has the credibility or the ability to whine back time. No, the water is under bridge and there is no return of happier times.

As the Prime Minister, he was the prime example and the one who told others how to act. The PM should be on the forefront and be the one to follow. Alas, Johnson thought he could get away with his behaviour and parties in the middle of the pandemic. When others couldn’t visit their loved ones or send them off at their funerals. Heck, people could have birthdays or parties in general. There was nearly allowed to go outside or spend time with friends in the neighbourhoods. People was fined and was sanctioned for breaching the guidelines. Students was suspended and others was sacked. Therefore, the PM is acting aloof, when others has paid a price. It is infuriating to read the report and see how he doesn’t care and doesn’t take any sort of responsibility. What a spineless and reckless character he is… when he thinks this will settle the score and vindicate himself. When others has lost their future and livelihoods for far less than all the parties he did…

Just read it here:

“Various references in the Fourth Report give the impression that any lack of social distancing in No. 10 was in breach of the Guidance. If that is genuinely the Committee’s view, it is obviously wrong. Everyone at No. 10 was working together around the clock to fight Covid-19. No. 10 is an old, cramped London town house, with many bottlenecks, and many small rooms. It is not a modern working environment. In accordance with the Guidance, a balance had to be struck between the essential work we were doing and minimising the risk of transmission. Although we did our best to give each other as wide a berth as possible, there were times when people inevitably came close r to each other. We tried to keep our distance, but we knew that proximity was sometimes unavoidable, and we knew that this was acceptable under the Guidance” (Boris Johnson, 20.03.2023).

“For the 18 December 2020 event, I relied on assurances I had received from my advisers and, it is clear now, those assurances were wrong. As Prime Minister, I am reliant on advice from officials. There is nothing reckless or unreasonable about that. I was focused on difficult decisions concerning the pandemic (as well as other business that the Prime Minister needs to address), my diary is packed, No. 10 is a complex environment, and I was constantly in and out of the building. My knowledge of what was going on at any given time was imperfect and mostly second-hand. A Prime Minister cannot be expected personally to investigate matters such as these. I had to rely on, and was fully entitled to rely on, what I was told by my senior, trusted advisers” (Boris Johnson, 20.03.2023).

First off, he wouldn’t dream of misleading Parliament. The man who said he had an oven-ready Brexit. This man is willing to lie about everything and whatever he does. The former PM have even lied about affairs and other misconduct in his time as a high ranking official. So, it’s really endearing that he speaks of it this way in 2023.

Also, he is blaming the building and Downing Street No. 10 for breaching the rules. He says it’s the atmosphere and the building that was sort of a reason to breach the rules. While that is not the case. He shouldn’t have thrown the parties and been a socialite in the middle of the pandemic. When everything was illegal and was proper guidelines to social distance. It wasn’t just the two-meter rules, but several others, which had implications on ordinary life. So, the former PM should know better and cannot blame his former house or workplace.

Third, the former PM cannot blame his misgivings on advice from his advisors. He is acting like a man with no agency. Like the former PM couldn’t think or act without having a prior thumbs up from an adviser. That just sounds foolish and stupid. A man of age and has been an adult for a while.  The Former PM has a working mind and spirit, so he should be able to have agency. Unless his wife has to get control of the daily life and he needs a guardian. If so, maybe he shouldn’t vie to become MP again or stand for office. If he cannot take responsibility for his own actions like a man… seriously. This is just insulting everyone’s intelligence…

Enough nonsense and rubbish in one day. Peace.

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