Opinion: Mzee says “colonial mentality” is one of the reasons for corruption…

This is not a failing system, but a growing system that could be faster if it was not for the corruption and the colonial mentality of some of the civil servants and some members of the political class. In otherwords, the progress could have been much faster and will be faster once we deal with the obstacles. Who has been responsible for the growth? Three players: the UPDF; the wealth creators (the farmers, the manufacturers, the service providers); and the infrastructure builders” (…) “That is why the whole issue goes back to the question of evidence and the need for the Public (the citizens, the farmers, the manufacturers, the artisans, the service providers), who, most of the time, are the victims of these corrupt officials and politicians, to be involved” (…) “The President is the head of the Executive and all Executive Authority is given to him or her by Article 99 (1) of the 1995 Constitution. However, he/she must exercise that power according to the Constitution and the laws of Uganda. Otherwise, that wonderful President, will become a problem himself or herself” – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (11.04.2023).

The President of the Republic is a mastermind in pinning blame on others. His using all the tricks of the book. Just piling down the blame on others. It is like his Jedi Mind Trick. The force is strong with this one. He has had the years and experience in doing so. Ever since the beginning of time. Museveni has blamed others and that’s what he does now too.

His further explaining his role as the Executive and Head of State, while pointing at all other parts of government, which is ironically appointed by him and following his direct orders. The letters of the President is often mingled in and is changing the narrative. Just like the President Ordered the IGG not to look into Military Commanders and slow down the “lifestyle audit”. That just show the true power of the President and what his capable of doing.

President Museveni acts like we don’t know… we know he micro-manages and does it to his bidding. His acting like his just a “token” figurehead and not the Commander-in-Chief. We know perfectly well how he runs the Nation from the State House. It is his “enterprise” and his will is done.

The High Above” is directing and deciding matters. He can just send a “word” or a letter and things are moving. The President decides contractors and companies involved in development projects. The President orders the Office of the Prime Minister and everyone else to do his bidding. So, he can act like it is others who are too blame. However, we know the drill… and seen the actions over the years.

He can act like he cares or are concerned about “corruption”. We know he couldn’t care less and only does so to look pristine. The President knows what sorts of fruits, vegetables and other plants that grows in his garden. The President knows what sort of animals his breeding and taking care of on his farms. This man knows what is going on and cannot fool us now.

We know his pinning blame on others… when he in 2023 uses “colonial mentality” as an excuse for corruption. That is blaming the “British” and going back to the “enclave”. It just shows that his finding every way possible to pin someone else for his misgivings. This shows what his willing to do and say.

Only a fool would believe this fiction in 2023. Especially, when President Museveni is richer than God and has vast wealth. While the Republic is poor and debt-ridden. You just know the game is rigged and Museveni always comes on top. Peace.

Uganda: President Yoweri K. Museveni letter to Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja – Brief on the Procurement and Distrubution of Iron Sheets by the Office of the Prime Minister (03.04.2023)

Opinion: 30 billion shillings went to ghosts…

“Officials in the Ministry of Finance and 49 districts in the implementation of the Parish Development Model (PDM) face accountability queries after it emerged that they dished out about Shs30 billion to a total of 3,214 unregistered or ghost saccos” (Elizabeth Kamurungi – ‘How 3,200 ghost Saccos shared Shs30b PDM funds’ 05.04.2023, Daily Monitor).

The Parish Development Model (PDM) was bound to fail and there been so much issues already. This government scheme hasn’t lasted for long either, but still filled with questionable behaviour and misuse of funds. That’s why the latest revelation isn’t shocking either. Just another round and another time with mismanagement of public funds.

The PDM is just a new Emyooga, Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) and a micro-finance scheme to intervene to create development. Nevertheless, the same sort of tale has already been done and for years without much to show for it. Still, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) pursuit the same of drill and expect another result. Well, that isn’t how things goes… and it shows.

The PDM wasn’t launched with full potential or within reasonable doubt, because it was done in a hay-day before electioneering and empty pledges ahead of a general election. Just like other monetary schemes that has been used to propel and “buy” goodwill. These small tokens and little coins have given the NRM rural support. Even if it doesn’t amount to much, because at least they get a little incentive to the rulers in Kampala.

Alas, the PDM is just being exposed and showing the fragile nature of the institutions. When they are paying ghosts and misusing billions of shillings. None should be amazed by this in 2023. This is the game that NRM has set, and they done so for years. It is just their newest trick, and we can just see it all happening.

The reports on the PDM have been staggering already and nothing useful seem to be happening. Except for the visitation of high-ranking officials and they get to bash in glory. However, you don’t need a micro-finance scheme to get people to dance. That’s just a cheap trick and it does no good. This is a waste of state coffers.

The PDM servers no one. That is clear from the on-set and they are only prolonging the agony until they have come up with a micro-finance scheme. Because they change ahead of every election and with little to no results. That’s why the OWC and Emyooga hasn’t been studied or evaluated properly before the launch of the PDM. This is when you know the gig is up and bound to fail. Not even trying to learn from past failures before launching a new one. That’s detrimental and shows the lack of concern.

Since, the NRM can just waste funds, pay the ghosts and call it a night. Peace.

Opinion: The PM spent 39 million shillings to rent a vehicle [and that only covered the overtime!]

As the Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja was a part of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) earlier in the year. There is now a leaked letter from Ambassador Adonia Ayebare, the Permanent Representative to the United Nations for Uganda. He has written a letter dated the 30th September 2022 where he requested for payment of the hiring of the rental vehicle, the driver and toll-fees.

The Prime Minister needed an SUV between the 17th September 2022 to the 21st September 2022. That cost in total $10,313.75, which is around Ush. 39,206,790 shillings or 39 million shillings. The PM cost the taxpayer around 9,75 million shillings. The SUV was only used for 14 hours and not more. If you do a small calculation, it cost the PM to rent the vehicle per hour around 2,8 million shillings.

This shows how the PM is willing to spend monies from the public coffers. It was just a rental SUV in the United States. This vehicle was rented from the NY Executive Services. What is striking is the costs of this bill and it’s only the additional expenses.

So most likely the vehicle rental was costing much more, but just in addition to original billing. The PM could afford to spend 39 million shillings on 14 hours in New York. Nabbanja should wonder how she could use funds like this. It is a wastage of funds and we don’t even know how much the Permanent Mission of Uganda to the United Nations, New York had agreed on spending on this. Because, this is just the overtime of 14 hours during these four days. This bill isn’t the whole cost of the rental vehicle and what was spent on the ordinary time. The 39 million shillings is only covering the overtime.

I would wonder how steep and how many millions it cost on the original billing. Since this is an additional invoice. The original invoice have to be big when the add-ons are 39 millions of shillings. As it said in the letter: “additional charge”.

We don’t know how much it was to begin with. The PM has a lavish spending habit and used to finer things. When she costs that much for overtime in New York. We can just peculate what else she spent money on and how costly that was. This is just overtime on a rental SUV. Not the first and original invoice.

Sigh. The PM has money to burn. That is for sure. Peace.

Opinion: The PDM seems like a failure from the on-set

Only 3,200 out of the targeted 10,594 Saccos have been cleared to receive Parish Development Model (PDM) cash after meeting requirements as outlined under the implementation guidelines, the government has said” (…) “Ms Nabbanja said all the ready Saccos are to receive the funds directly to their bank accounts. The government has so far released Shs80.92b to cater for the first quarter, while Shs1.05 trillion was earmarked as revolving funds to the PDM Saccos in this Financial Year 2022/2023. During yesterday’s meeting, the premier approved disbursement of funds to three Saccos from Otuke, Butaleja and Lira districts as model Saccos” (Peter Sserugo – ‘Over 7,000 Saccos miss PDM money’ 12.10.2022, Daily Monitor).

The latest news that only one third of the SACCO’s are able to receive partly the Parish Development Model (PDM). The Government of Uganda has made the PDM the biggest development investment and is the biggest programme after the 2021 General Elections. This follows several of other micro-financing schemes, which haven’t delivered.

Now, after Parliamentary Reports and investigations into the PDM. There has been revelations already that the SACCOs, the local governments and everyone who was about to be involved in the PDM wasn’t prepared. So, it’s not shocking that only a third of the SACCOs are able to reach on time.

This is a rushed enterprise, where the state and the high ranking officials has pushed it through without having it all coordinated from the top to the ones down in the hierarchy. That’s why when Prime Minister Nabbanja is today disbursing funds. There is a lack of totality. This because of the warnings, which previously mentioned hasn’t been regarded.

The government haven’t prepared or didn’t consider the implications of it. That’s why later the Ministries and the high ranking officials had to make procedures for due diligence and for some sort of oversight. Though with this sort of disbursement, there will most likely be mischief and be misgivings. It is bound to happen. The mere scale of it and the possibilities are endless.

While the PDM is promised to be a game-changer, it will only end up in the dust-bin of time. The writing has already been on the wall and this sort of operation isn’t making it better. Today just shows again how it’s failing. I cannot wait to read new Parliamentary Reports about these disbursed funds and how it didn’t go where it was anticipated. This is bound to end in tears and tragedy. Not because I want to see it, but for one simple reason.

The PDM wasn’t prepared or regulated properly before the government launched. When you do that and with such vast funds. It is bound to be painful. The proverb of “missing funds” is an upcoming theme. The funds will not cause a massive change or be significant to be substantial in any manner either. It might change some lives and ensure their livelihoods. However, in the grand scheme of things… it will not revolutionize the economy or the financial markets. That needs another breed and more robust financial mechanism, which does various of things and not move money from one account to another.

There will be more about the PDM in the future. Just like there been revealed the fallouts and the failures of Emyooga, Operation Wealth Creation and all the similar micro-financing schemes from the government. It is just a creature that is bound to die. We just don’t know when to have the funeral or when the sing the psalms of David. Peace.

Bukimbiri County By-Election: Return Form for Transmission of Results (11.08.2022)

Updates from Gogonyo County and Bukimbiri County By-Elections

Today is the day of the polls in the by-elections that is running simultaneously. Gogonyo County in Pallisa district is sort of over before the polls. As there are no real opposition or candidates against the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Flag-Bearer. This is why the real score is on the Bukimbiri County By-Elections in Kisoro district.

The Gogonyo County has had low voter turnout and it’s really an uninteresting affair. The only bothersome thing is that the Electoral Commission didn’t change the ballots after the withdrawal of candidates. So, the Polling agents has to enlighten the voters about if they vote for any of the candidates who pulled out. Their ballots becomes invalided one and will be counted as a spoilt one. Instead of casting a vote that really matters…

In Bukimbiri County is a whole other ball-game. There is already reports of abductions and arrests of the polling agents of the independent candidate, Asigaro Turyagendya. They are now detained at various of police stations. In addition to that… A team led by the Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, Minister Sarah Mateke and Moses Kamuntu is traversing the county arresting the polling agents and supporters of Asigaro Turyagendya. So, the acts of Soroti East has come to Kisoro for sure.

It is also reported: “Voters in Bukimbiri County By-election are being given between 2000 and 5000 Ugandan shillings to vote either Asigario Turyagenda (independent) or Eddie Kwizera (NRM). This has led to physical fights” (Voice of Muhabura FM, 11.08.2022).

The amount of voters in Bukimbiri is said to be moderate. While drones and heavy security detail in the district. As reported earlier there are alleged voting bribery in the district. However, it is also stated that there have been ballot stuffing going on in Nyanamo Town Council. The source for this was Julius Nkunda from the Voice of Muhabura FM.

We can assess the circumstances here and the outcome is most likely a resounding victory for the NRM. Not because they have the best candidates or the flag-bearers. No, because they have rigged the elections and ensured safe-landing for their anointed ones. They have invested, intimidated and bribed to make it happen. It is just formalities and awaiting the Return Form for Transmission of Results.

Derrick Orone (Gogonyo County) and Eddie Kwizera (Bukimbiri County) is scheduled to be sworn-in and be the next MPs of the 11th Parliament. To think otherwise and naive. This is why the population isn’t eager to show up or participate. Because, everyone knows the drill and it’s close to pointless or derivative at this point. When everyone knows what will go down and who will be announced.

The rest is just publicity, smack-daddy posturing and open blindfolding of the population. Hoping they don’t understand the gimmicks and the games. These weren’t elected MPs, but selected ones. The NRM didn’t need to do much, but they did enough to secure the poll position. That’s very obvious. Yet, another few hallow “victories” for the Movement.

It can celebrate, but everyone knows what’s up and the reality will sooner or later hit them. They cannot do this forever and the public will not accept either. They are made fools off and everyone knows. Peace.

Opinion: Mutabazi only thinks about his own needs…

Joshua Mutabazi whose candidature for Bukimbiri County (Kisoro) seat was withdrawn by his party, NUP in favor of FDC candidate James Owebeyi has crossed to NRM” (NTV Uganda, 10.08.2022).

It wasn’t long ago that the National Unity Platform (NUP) withdrew their candidate in the up-coming by-election in Bukimbiri county in Kisoro district. It is just mere days since the effects of the Unity Statement came into affect and made the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) the “sole” candidate of the opposition in the by-election. However, as things are turning, the words of the 19 year old student surely turned bitter.

The not so seasoned politician who showed finesse character. Has had a change of heart. We don’t know what swayed him or what the National Resistance Movement (NRM) offered the young man. Whatever it was… it wasn’t serving the nation or the struggle for liberation. No it was most likely for his own needs and not what the country needed.

Just read his statement as he withdrew his candidacy just the other day…

Joshua Mutabazi statement:

But if, its for the people, but if it was for liberation, but had it been for us then why wait long. We cant keep claiming condemning and consoling. I choose to bridge the struggle but most importantly draw lines between what one needs and what the country needs. What the country needed a decade back was our leaders to be one, we are late. Its my turn, I wont delay therefore announce my withdrawal from the parliamentary seat by-election of the latter mentioned jurisdiction in favor and full support for united struggle. As the country’s need to have united forces of Change ages daily, I and my party decided to take it upon ourselves. If you have ever experienced injustice and by the ungodliness, then you are a candidate to stand against the same. “Do you want to stand out? Then step down. Be a servant. If you puff yourself up, you’ll get the wind knocked out of you. But if you’re content to simply be yourself, your life will count for plenty. Matthew 23:11-12-11-12 MSG If you are unwilling to make an early sacrifice in life, you’ll be beggars and slaves to the men who did” (Joshua Mutabazi – STATEMENT ON MY WITHDRAWAL FROM THE BUKIMBIRI COUNTY PARLIAMENT SEAT BY-ELECTION, 06.08.2022).

The young man knew perfectly well the deal and what sort of struggle it is out there. The path that his chosen is a road for himself. That is with whatever cherries or dealings the NRM has offered. This is short-term benefits, but in the long-run… his not useful or anything of value for the NRM. No, his just another bought cadre who they were able to corrupt ahead of a by-election. He will be useful as Ashburg Katto or anyone else taken from the NUP. The associates of Bobi Wine who turned the other way.

Mutabazi haven’t even carried himself in a whole campaign. He did the right thing and said the words that was wisely written in the statement. As the party in their efforts of solidarity and planned joint-ventures had to drop-out of certain races to show unified front against the NRM. That’s just a mere fact and Mutabazi isn’t the only one who had to withdraw and won’t be the last either. Especially, if the parties continues with this practice and belief of joint-campaigning to show a vast difference from the NRM.

Mutabazi is unwillingly to sacrifice and will become a beggar or a slave to the system. That’s the choice he made… when he decided not to follow the struggle, but took a choice for his own ends. The young man is in his rights to do so, but he abandoned the struggle and the life of sacrifices. He has chosen the life of cronyism and becoming corrupted by the regime itself. That’s why he gave up on trying to be part of change, but instead joining with the status quo. It is tragic, but that’s the path he has chosen.

When you have opened this door, there is no turning back. People know what you do and who you are. You weren’t the man you made to believe. Instead you sold out and that will forever be a stain on your name. That’s the choice he made and now he has to deal with it. Peace.

Bukimbiri County By-Election: The NRM is ready to repeat what they did in Soroti East…

We’re very ready to gain that victory in all the remaining by-elections in Gogonyo, and Bukimbiri. Our teams are already on the ground and we hope to repeat what we did in Soroti,” NRM party EC boss, Dr. Tanga Odoi said” (The New Vision, 05.08.2022).

The ones that believes the two by-elections scheduled for 11th August 2022 will be free and fair. Well, I hate to say it in advance: “It will not be”. Because, the National Resistance Movement are already prepared and Dr. Tanga Odoi know what went down in the Soroti East By-Election. So, the truth is in those words and the public shouldn’t be hoodwinked.

The Prime Minister Nabbanja flew in with a helicopter to campaign together with other high ranking officials who is in the area. They are clearly ensuring the path of victory and having the manpower to “ensure victory”. If that being Dombo or NRM operatives on the ground. These will do whatever it takes and that shows with how the NRM has invested in the PM to be there.

Here are some more important statements into the race, which we will be run like Soroti East…

The PM:

PM Robinah Nabbanja, pitches camp in Kisoro to campaign for NRM flag bearer, Eddie Kwizera Wa-gahungu ahead of this week’s Bukimbiri by-election. Nabbanja rallied the locals to support Kwizera, if promises and pledges of gov’t are to be fulfilled” (91.2 Crooze FM, 08.08.2022).

Joint Candidacy of the Opposition:

Kampala, Uganda: The National Unity Platform (NUP) party has withdrawn its candidate in the Bukimbiri county by-election, in order to jointly support James Owebeyi, a candidate for the Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party. Voting in Bukimbiri is scheduled to take place on August 11, 2022. The by-election stems from the court of Appeal’s decision to nullify the victory of Kwizera citing irregularities following a successful application by Owebeyi” (Flash TV Uganda, 07.08.2022).

Joshua Mutabazi statement:

But if, its for the people, but if it was for liberation, but had it been for us then why wait long. We cant keep claiming condemning and consoling. I choose to bridge the struggle but most importantly draw lines between what one needs and what the country needs. What the country needed a decade back was our leaders to be one, we are late. Its my turn, I wont delay therefore announce my withdrawal from the parliamentary seat by-election of the latter mentioned jurisdiction in favor and full support for united struggle. As the country’s need to have united forces of Change ages daily, I and my party decided to take it upon ourselves. If you have ever experienced injustice and by the ungodliness, then you are a candidate to stand against the same. “Do you want to stand out? Then step down. Be a servant. If you puff yourself up, you’ll get the wind knocked out of you. But if you’re content to simply be yourself, your life will count for plenty. Matthew 23:11-12-11-12 MSG If you are unwilling to make an early sacrifice in life, you’ll be beggars and slaves to the men who did” (Joshua Mutabazi – STATEMENT ON MY WITHDRAWAL FROM THE BUKIMBIRI COUNTY PARLIAMENT SEAT BY-ELECTION, 06.08.2022).

That Mutabazi (NUP) is withdrawing his candidature is in line with the united forces in the by-elections. This means the NUP and FDC will combine their efforts and be behind one candidate in the race. It shows that the statement released after the Soroti East By-Election is in effect. The parties are coordinating and ensuring the possible best outcome.

The FDC Owebeyi was able to pull off the petition in the courts after the General Elections of 2021. However, now in the By-Election it is a whole other breed. The state will use all means and tactics. The NRM EC Chairman is even saying it out loud. Expect it to become a military exercise. We should expect mass-arrests, pre-ticked ballots and other malpractices to ensure “victory” of the NRM flag-bearer. That’s how they are doing it and it’s so obvious.

That’s why I have little to no faith in the opposition in these races. Not because I want the NRM to win. I do want anyone else than the NRM to win. However, the way they operate and continues to take the elections. The will of the people isn’t the vital one. It is the total annihilation of the opposition. That’s the goal and the objective…

I don’t see a positive outcome. The FDC flag-bearer James Owebeyi could be a genuine man and an honest actor, the best sort of candidate, but that doesn’t matter. Because, the state is preparing their machine and rigging. The FDC polling agents and activists will soon feel the agony of facing the state. They are getting into the firing line and they tend to answer with brutality. To think otherwise is to be naive in 2022… Peace.

Opinion: The Apex Platform is the epitome of what is wrong with the NRM

NOTE: The Apex Platform is an Executive Decision-Making body whose decision shall be communicated accordingly by the Secretariat as directed by H.E. the President. The Apex Platform shall address the issues referred to it by Cabinet and report back by way of a Cabinet Information Paper” (APEX Manual).

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhurwa Museveni has been in-charge and in-power since 1986. The Cabinet is huge, the Presidential Advisors are countless and Parliament is to big for its chambers. Therefore, the President has many hands, ministries, parastatals or state owned enterprises (SOEs). Heck he has created so many government bodies, oversight commissions and whatnot. However, with every withering year they are not creating anything.

Now, the officiating the APEX Platform, which he is set to be at the inaugural meeting, which will be convened soon, I suppose. As all the stakeholders and participants will ensure they are part of the new body.

That shall be chaired by the President, the Vice President, Office of the President, Office of Prime Minister, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and National Planning Authority.

In addition other permanent members of APEX is:

– Ministry of Public Service (MoPS)

– Ministry of Local Government (MoLG)

– Office of Auditor General (OAG)

– The Attorney Generals Office (AG)

– Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS)

– A Representative of the Private Sector and Think Tank Organization coordinated by the OWC (Operation Wealth Creation)

When you a see a list like this… and all the government entities in it and the OP & OPM. The clear indication is that the APEX will be a decree or a presidential directive organization. As the chair and head is him. This isn’t governing better, but making the government more hectic. As the President isn’t trusting the entities and needs another oversight body to look into the government entities.

This is made to ensure the implementation of Vision 2040, but we know the APEX Platform won’t make much different. It is just a fancy meeting place, which sounds good, but isn’t it. Apex will not make a difference in the long run. Since it is the same government bodies and following the direction of the President. This is just using the Ministries and Government Bodies to have a semi-annual gathering and meetings. It is just a glorified caucus and a new Executive Body.

What is striking is that it’s created because of the struggle of lack of implementation of goals, visions and planned programs of the state. However, this is only creating more hurdles and mechanisms, which is adding bureaucracy that will not add any value. Except for having another secretariat and possible busy-bodies working for Apex. Even if the already mandated government bodies has follow up, which is mentioned in the manual. It is still proving … that the lack of good structure or personalized issues of the state is going all back to the President.

This is following up the Presidential Decrees and Orders. They are following the Executive and his will. This is just making it a magnificent body to do it. Peace.

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