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Opinion: Boris will never take any responsibility for his own actions

Today is a day of reckoning, but don’t expect anything to come out of it. No, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government will never be hold accountable. They haven’t answered for the dead or unnecessary pains and suffering during the lockdowns. The PM haven’t answered for Partygate and haven’t paid his dues for that even. While students, citizens and others has lost their careers over the same plights.

That the industries are hurt by the “Third country” regulations isn’t the fault of the government. No, the people are just producing wrong products and not working hard enough. The ones producing whiskey and struggling to sell it through the new protocols to the European Common Market. Tough love and live with it. The same with the seafood and shell-fish industry, which has been severely hurt by Brexit. There been so many people who has lost their livelihoods or made it harder to trade.

Alas, it isn’t only the Northern Ireland Protocol that is the issue. It is just red-herrings upon red-herrings. The Bank of England dropping a report of a weekly loss of £440m, which only shows the costs of the Brexit. This is all across and the unemployment is growing, a strong stagnation and the years of austerity isn’t achieving anything. The poor is getting less and the rich has shell-companies with headquarters in Dublin. Therefore, they are not feeling the pinch, but the citizens are feeling it.

I don’t know how many times I have seen pictures of Tesco’s and Asda’s where there is lack of fruits and vegetables. Because, the lorries and the companies are not able to get enough produce through the protocols post-Brexit. The PM and his party promised less red-tape and throw forms in the bin. However, the industries, shipping-companies and everyone has been hit with more. There isn’t a soft movement and people are getting charged with the additional costs. If they can even afford or have the time to import it.

The citizens are even shocked of the prices of roaming data on their cellphones in Europe. The United Kingdom is a real third country and can banish asylum-seekers to Rwanda. However, the costs of trading and the financial implications are hitting home. Londongrad is hit and the financial institutions are damaged too. The businesses of UK aren’t the same as before and the downgrade is bound to happen.

The Tories has damaged the economy and internally it’s a reason why Labour is in control of Wales. Why the Scottish National Party (SNP) is the majority in Scotland and now the Sinn Fein has a majority in Northern Ireland. That’s because everyone else has reacted to the means and the ways the Tories have been governing of late. It is a reaction to the current affairs and belief that someone else actually knows what they are doing.

Boris Johnson promised a microwave ready deal and easier life. The only thing his delivering is higher costs, stagnation and worse financial forecasts. The state is losing and things are not looking better. The Tories has depleted and ensured measures that is hurting the economy. It is just like they got the freedom outside of the EU, but didn’t consider the implications of it and thought it would be without a price. Now the costs and the bills are coming to the public and the exporting industries.

While Boris doesn’t care… his just happy the pints and the wine-and-dine during the lockdown didn’t cost him anything. He only paid minor fines and didn’t have any real consequences to him. That’s why his not concerned that people having plights, that the working-class is struggling and the poor is left behind. They just have to pick up his slack and hope for magic to cover expenses. However, his party and associates don’t care. They just wants your votes and abandon you afterwards.

The proof of the remainers and the messages of possible damage of a Brexit has all come true. The results are now here and the people are feeling the pinch. The Tories doesn’t care and their arrogance is without no end. It is really unique… and they are proud of it too. The entitlement and they are not fearing the possible outrage of the people either. They just know and think they can dupe the public in the next snap-elections or whatnot. Since, the Labour, Liberal-Democrats or Greens aren’t that strong alone, but if they forge an alliance. They can become a threat to the Tories. As long as that doesn’t happen. These folks will believe they will have the majority again and think they can trick the public to vote for them again.

That the public votes for these sleazes are amazing. It is like they want the suffering and the plights. They want people who looks down upon them and demean them. That take away their benefits and gives tax-cuts to the rich. This is what the Tories does and people should be aware of this.

Boris Johnson isn’t just a liar, but he doesn’t want to be held accountable. If he is… he skips it and jump over the hurdles. Hoping that an international crisis can get people to forget about the current issues at home. He has created a lot of this. The Brexit problems and costs are self-inflicted by him and him only. Boris said everything was fine-and-dandy, but that wasn’t the truth.

Now, he got to take credit and be responsible. However, don’t expect it. It isn’t his kind. His not the sort of man that wants to be held to account. He rather be held in contempt and move-on to the next. Peace.

Opinion: Patel would have blocked her own parents from entering the United Kingdom

Home Secretary Priti Patel and her Home Office would with today’s rules and laws blocked her own parents from entering the United Kingdom. This means, if the rules that she has set fourth and made into law would make it impossible for her to become a Member of Parliament and Minister. That says something about how draconian the laws has become.

The newest Immigration Bill will make it impossible and illegal for refugees and asylum-seekers, which doesn’t come through resettlement schemes. That means the ones who flee war, famine and political prosecution faces not only lack of protection and neither able to re-unit with their families. The ones helping the refugees and asylum-seekers are also facing the law.

We also know that the United Kingdom, the Tories and Patel has in addition signed an agreement for “offshore” operation in Rwanda. This is all in combination and shows the viciousness towards immigrants in the United Kingdom. The UK who has at one point colonized nations, islands and whatnot across the world. Is now blocking the world from coming home.

Patel and the Conservative Party of the UK is showing it’s lack of tolerance, respect and value of life. As they are so openly cruel, inhumane and so deeply flawed. This is really an attack on immigration, the rights of asylum-seekers and refugees.

That is the plan and aims of this, as they are wanting to have laws to ensure the asylum-seekers and the ones coming can be detained, returned or sent to a Third-Country instead of getting visa or become naturalised into the United Kingdom. Because, with this sort of laws, the UK is legitimately only allow the ones with paper or ability to file it really. Unless, they are allowed through the processing of the United Nations. While the rest can be sent away or be destined to uncertainty in Rwanda. This is how it seems and what they are willing to do.

The United Kingdom is clearly becoming unfriendly and an island fortress. Because, it is really rich to know that the parents of Patel wouldn’t have gotten through this system. She is basically targeting her own and the kind who came before. This would have blocked the Windrush Generation and others who has come to the UK.

That is just showing how the UK has become. This a result of the independence after Brexit, as the European Union (EU) wouldn’t have accepted these rules and neither would the EU organizations. It is just bound to happen and would have become hostile between Brussels and London. Now, it is just London against the world. While the UK has to adhere to the Withdrawal Agreement with the EU. Nevertheless, the UK and the Tories shows how heartless they are.

People thought the UK-Rwanda deal was a just a one-time thing. No, it is a part of system and legality of which the Tories are changing things. Patel and her Home Office just shows what they are willing to do. This is people in need, fleeing and trying to get away to a safe place. The UK isn’t that place, but a new hostile environment.

The Tories, Patel and everyone who aides the London Government right now. Just shows their insincerity and how they are not concerned about the plights of the asylum-seekers or refugees. The UK is showing the world what sort of state it is, as they want to ensure only the allocated or the ones they are abided to keep after international law is getting there. The rest is after own needs and not if people need protection. Because, they can be easily banished or blocked from entry, possibly even arrested or arrest the one giving them shelter. Also, ensuring the asylum-seeker doesn’t try to or is able to bring his-or-her family to re-unite in the UK.

If that isn’t telling and showing what sort of government there is in London right now. Nothing is and its vicious, brutal and inhumane. That’s who is ruling and running the Home Office right now. A sort of person that is making laws, which her own family and parents would have become qualified to enter. If that isn’t saying something. Nothing is… remember that. Patel’s own family wouldn’t get entry or get visa to the UK in 2022. Yes, they came before these laws and such, but it sets a precedence. Peace.

United Kingdom: Reverend Dr. Guli Francis-Dehqani, Bishop of Cheimsford letter to Home Secretary Priti Patel MP (18.04.2022)

United Kingdom – Rwanda MoU: Proves that the banishing of the asylum-seeker was the order of the day!

h. “Relocate” means the removal of an asylum seeker from the United Kingdom to Rwanda under this Arrangement” (Memorandum of Understanding between the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the government of the Republic of Rwanda for the provision of an asylum partnership arrangement, 14.04.2022).

If you ever thought the arrangement between the United Kingdom and Rwanda was for the betterment of humanity or for the justice to asylum-seekers. I hate to tell it to you… but this deal or Memorandum of Understanding only shows what sort of plan is at play. The Tories and the HM Government have ensured the asylum-seekers are sent and “relocated” to Rwanda. So, that they are banished from their territory and only the ones who they request for will be available to return to United Kingdom. However, that doesn’t seem to be a real possibility in this.

I have just taken a few paragraphs and sentences from the MoU between the nations and it states very clear what the objective and the ideals of it is. We can wonder, if anyone will be lucky to return to the United Kingdom or even be considered for a request. That sounds like a stipulation only made to ensure some legal grounds and possibility, which will not be enforced. Since, the agreement is about directly “relocating” people from the UK to Rwanda. Not the other way around…

The objective of this Arrangement is to create a mechanism for the relocation of asylum seekers whose claims are not being considered by the United Kingdom, to Rwanda, which will process their claims and settle or remove (as appropriate) individuals after their claim is decided, in accordance with Rwanda domestic law, the Refugee Convention, current international standards, including in accordance with international human rights law and including the assurances given under this Arrangement” (Memorandum of Understanding between the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the government of the Republic of Rwanda for the provision of an asylum partnership arrangement, 14.04.2022).

In order to expedite the process of relocation to Rwanda in a timely manner, the United Kingdom will be responsible for the initial screening of asylum seekers, before relocation to Rwanda occurs in accordance with this Arrangement. This process will start without delay after the prospective relocated person arrives in the United Kingdom and has come to the attention of the United Kingdom” (…) “The United Kingdom will arrange the Relocated Individual’s transport to Rwanda and will ensure that all the necessary authorisations have been obtained from the relevant authorities of the United Kingdom, any countries of transit and Rwanda in relation to the traffic of commercial or chartered flights or other means of transport” (…) “Following a request made by the United Kingdom, Rwanda will take all reasonable steps in accordance with international human rights standards to make a Relocated Individual available for return to the United Kingdom should the United Kingdom be legally obliged to facilitate that person’s return” Memorandum of Understanding between the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the government of the Republic of Rwanda for the provision of an asylum partnership arrangement, 14.04.2022).

This here agreement is made to ensure asylum-seekers and people seeking refugee in the United Kingdom can be sent to Rwanda. The agreement specifies that and it’s obvious about that too. There is no denying in that.

We know that the Tories don’t mind the regime and their lack of concerns of their human rights abuses. The Tories don’t mind how the opposition, dissidents or even government critics gets handled in Rwanda. Because, the Tories with this here deal gets to send their unwanted people packing and with a destination in mind. Where they have to take care and find homes for. That is what is in the deal and this here MoU.

They don’t care if the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) is known for silencing, murdering or assassinating the ones who strays from their path. No, that they pay no mind or isn’t concerned about. We know the Tories just want people gone from their borders and sent packing.

This is why the UK is screening them before sending them away. That means the processing will not be happening after that and most likely not return to the UK. This was the plan all along… Rwanda to takeover the burden of the people or asylum-seekers that the UK doesn’t want. Peace.

Opinion: Boris is clueless about Rwanda…

And let’s be clear, Rwanda is one of the safest countries in the world, globally recognised for its record on welcoming and integrating migrants” – Prime Minister Boris Johnson (14.04.2022).

It is really weird and out of this world that the British Prime Minister in 2022 says Rwanda is one of the safest countries in the world. What is even more striking is that the Travel Advice from the UK government mentions street crimes does occur and asks tourists to be vigilant (Updated on the 12 April 2022). While you should be worried and concerned about the security situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi, as violent armed attacks can happen. Especially, in Nyungwe Forrest and Volcanoes National Park or travel near DRC/Burundi border regions. So, just by reading the own travel advice on “Rwanda” it cannot be seen as safe as he states.

We know that President Paul Kagame rules with an iron fist. He has no mercy and can easily silence anyone. It doesn’t even matter if the individual who has offended him or challenged him is living in the diaspora. The Rwandan government will come after you and take you down. That’s why it’s like the Tories have closed their eyes for this and just praises Kigali.

It is like Johnson doesn’t know how the elections are or how the voices of dissent is silenced. I don’t think he cares and only wants an easy way out. The migrants and asylum seekers can be shipped to Kigali and then left to fight for their own. Since, they we’re dumb enough to go and try to find shelter in London.

Like when he said this: “This is particularly perverse as those attempting crossings, are not directly fleeing imminent peril as is the intended purpose of our asylum system. They have passed through manifestly safe countries, including many in Europe, where they could – and should – have claimed asylum” (Johnson, 14.04.2022).

So, when someone has achieved that and struggled to get to Dover or whatever. What is meeting them is a ticket straight to Kigali and Rwanda. A country of human rights violations and a bloody dictatorship under President Kagame.

For the ones fleeing to safety and to a possible safe-haven, from conflict, famine and destruction in their homes. They are sent to a place of no free press, no free speech and no liberty. In a place of one-man rules all and his words are law. A place where Kagame is the demi-God and you are not even allowed to make political cartoons of the man. Heck, if you compose critical songs or whatnot. You can expect a terrible demise or a sudden death. If you try to compete in an election against him. Expect to lose your businesses, livelihood and become a “criminal”. Because, the state will target you and you will lose everything. That is the price of challenging Kagame.

It’s really weird that Boris Johnson says this about Rwanda. As he continues to praise them even further: “And that is what I think is most exciting about the partnership we have agreed with Rwanda today because we believe it will become a new international standard in addressing the challenges of global migration and people smuggling. So I am grateful for Rwanda’s leadership and partnership and we stand ready to work with other nations on similar agreements, as well as wider reforms to the international asylum framework” (Johnson, 14.04.2022).

He is speaking of this like it is a brilliant idea. It is a reckless and disgusting policy. As he blames other nations for not taking them in. As the asylum-seekers should have applied in other nations of Europe before going to the United Kingdom. While his praising the greatness of Rwanda, which isn’t true. The dying dissidents, the modus operandi of arbitrary arrests, torture and extra judicial killings. Should be a slight concern for anyone transferring migrants and asylum-seekers in dire need.

However, for Boris and his government… this sort of deal and agreement is groundbreaking. Because, he is able to stick this problem on Rwanda and they have to shelter these people. Who comes unannounced and who has dared to flee their respective countries to get into safety on the British islands. No, they are not worthy, only the ones who goes through UN Organizations or the ones who are able to meet the stipulations of the Home Office can get shelter in the UK. That’s how it sounds and the ones coming by boats will be sent on a “one-way-ticket” to Kigali.

You can really wonder what is going on in London. As they are willing to break with humanity and become this cruel. Where they are not understanding the plights and the reasons for why people flee. Take the dangerous trips and try to enter the UK.

No, there is no concern over that and sending the ones fleeing dictatorship, war and famine. Those are the ones your sending to another dictatorship. Such a Noble enterprise of the United Kingdom. That’s how callus and heartless the Tories are these days. Peace.

Opinion: Patel’s bargain to banish migrants to Rwanda

The UK’s upfront investment of £120 million will fund opportunities for Rwandans and migrants including secondary qualifications, vocational and skills training, language lessons, and higher education” (The New Times (Rwanda), 14.04.2022).

The Tories and the United Kingdom government has made arrangements that is beneficial for the UK. The UK is paying the Government of Rwanda to relocate migrants, which would have asylum seekers on a one-way ticket to Kigali. The UK government is paying Rwanda to take care of and be responsible for the ones seeking refuge in the United Kingdom.

This is for London to avoid and be able to re-locate asylum-seekers. They are outsourcing the asylum-seekers and Rwanda is sent their for processing. This means that they will not be on UK territory while waiting their cases. They will be sent and banished from the place they are seeking refuge. That is really a despicable move and the Rwandan government is getting financial benefits of doing this. They are doing UK a service to be more hostile against refugees, asylum-seekers and put up a fortress around the British Islands.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has deliberately signed an agreement, which is according to the sentiments of her government and the “independence” of the United Kingdom. A sort of arrangement that would be harder to justify as a member of the European Union. As they are not only sending people to the first “Third Country” of entry in the EU. However, they are sending them far away to a location, which the asylum seeker didn’t try to get to or wanted to reach.

UNHCR defines asylum-seekers: “An asylum-seeker is someone whose request for sanctuary has yet to be processed. Every year, around one million people seek asylum. National asylum systems are in place to determine who qualifies for international protection. However, during mass movements of refugees, usually as a result of conflict or violence, it is not always possible or necessary to conduct individual interviews with every asylum seeker who crosses a border. These groups are often called ‘prima facie’ refugees” (UNHCR – Asylum-seekers).

This is to send the channel-boat crossing migrants on planes and flights from the United Kingdom. So, that they cannot stay on-site or in the nation until their cases are processed.

Patel says this herself about this effort: This government is delivering the first comprehensive overhaul of the asylum system in decades. At the heart of this approach is fairness. Access to the UK’s asylum system must be based on need, not on the ability to pay people smugglers. The demands on the current system, the cost to the taxpayer, and the flagrant abuses are increasing. The British public have rightly had enough” (Patel, 14.04.2022).

They are not making the system fair, but transferring the asylum-seekers and migrants to another destination. This is a deterrent and a measure of which to scare people from coming. Because, if they come… they will not get into a safe-haven in the United Kingdom, but will instead be at whatever sites and housing, which the Rwandan government is accommodating them with. The UK government knows this and makes the UK less accessible.

The Rwandan government is by doing is a favour and becoming a “modern” Australia. Where the people who is outcast from the UK will come to Rwanda. The asylum-seekers was seeking shelter and a home in the UK. They did not go all the way and try to cross the British Channel to live in the refugee camps of Rwanda or whatnot. Therefore, this is a despicable move and a deliberate act to scare off people. This is showing what sort of solidarity and lack of understanding of the plights of the people fleeing conflict-zones, famine and destruction. Which don’t have the ability or resources to seek visa and stay outside their native countries by regular means. Therefore, the UK is doing this to ensure the asylum-seekers picks other destinations and not travels to the UK. As if they do…

They will take a flight to Kigali and be stuck in East Africa. Which isn’t what they sought after, but what the UK government will do to you. If you dare cross without the right paperwork into the UK. Peace.

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