A brief look into the Sue Gray Report

The final release of the Sue Gray Report was today on the 25th May 2022. This is the finalization of the Parte-after-Parte gatherings at the Downing Street 10 & 11 during the lockdowns in the United Kingdom. It is detrimental to break it down. Since this is showing how reckless and ruthless the Prime Minister and his associates was in this time. This report just shows how far and what the people in and around the Prime Minister was doing. The Prime Minister is responsible for this and as a Head of State should set an example, instead he has showed what not to do.

Everyone who followed the strict regulations and stories of saving your neighbour. Should be shocked, furious and be inflamed about this report. You don’t even need the details of every event. Just the insights of the context and the actions made. This was done under the roof of the Prime Minister, the man who enforced and was the face of the government, which was setting the rules on the population. He should be first one to follow the rules and lead from the front. Instead, his office and his home became partly party-station in the middle of the strict lockdown rules.

Just read these quotes here…

126 FPNs:

As I said in my 31 January update it was not for me to make a judgment on whether the criminal law had been broken: that is properly a matter for law enforcement bodies. Further to that on 19 May 2022 the Metropolitan Police announced that they had concluded their investigation. They confirmed that they had made 126 referrals for Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) to the ACRO Criminal Records Office for breaches of Covid-19 regulations in relation to events on the following eight dates:

  • 20 May 2020
  • 18 June 2020
  • 19 June 2020
  • 13 November 2020
  • 17 December 2020
  • 18 December 2020
  • 14 January 2021
  • 16 April 2021” (Sue Gray report, May 2022).

The COVID-19 Lockdown legislation:

From 26 March 2020 the law in England required everyone to remain in their homes unless certain, very limited, exemptions applied. Restrictions were temporarily eased over the summer period in 2020 until most remaining national restrictions were removed on 4 July 2020. Restrictions were then reintroduced in gradations in the autumn culminating in the UK Government announcing from 5 November 2020 restrictions on movements and gatherings in England, essentially requiring people to stay at home. Restrictions on gatherings of two or more people applied in London through December 2020 and the first months of 2021. Indoor mixing of two or more households was not permitted again until 17 May 2021” (Sue Gray Report, May 2022).

Harsh words for the gatherings:

At times it seems there was too little thought given to what was happening across the country in considering the appropriateness of some of these gatherings, the risks they presented to public health and how they might appear to the public. There were failures of leadership and judgment by different parts of No 10 and the Cabinet Office at different times. Some of the events should not have been allowed to take place. Other events should not have been allowed to develop as they did” (Sue Gray Report, May 2022).

The usage of Downing Street 10 and 11:

The use of the garden at No 10 Downing Street should be primarily for the Prime Minister and the private residents of No 10 and No 11 Downing Street. During the pandemic it was often used as an extension of the workplace as a more covid secure means of holding group meetings in a ventilated space. This was a sensible measure that staff appreciated, but the garden was also used for gatherings without clear authorisation or oversight. This was not appropriate. Any official access to the space, including for meetings, should be by invitation only and in a controlled environment” (Sue Gray Report, May 2022).

This should be the finished of any man who is supposed to be noble. Prime Minister Johnson should answer for this properly. Not just try to deflect and pin it on civil servants within the Office the Prime Minister or Downing Street Number 10.

Sue Gray Report is a damning report and the PM cannot hide now. It is just showing how insincere and how willing the PM is to lie. As he has stated that the didn’t break rules or laws during the lockdowns. However, the report shows that he did.

PM cannot lean on the payment of some fines and go to sleep. This should be the scandal that ends his reign. As he disrespected his office, codes of conduct and also lost his credibility (if he had any in the first place). Boris Johnson should consider his role and position. I know he never will, because he takes no accountability for his actions. This is no different and he doesn’t carry the weight of his actions here either.

The Sue Gray should be his end, but don’t expect it. The Tories will excuse the Ukraine war to cover for him. Because, the PM has to handle that crisis and serve for that now. Since no one else could do that or be in dialogue with Kyiv. A liar, drunkard and inept PM shouldn’t be kept just because there is war in Europe. No, he should answer and fall for his actions. There is to many people who was touched and lost their loved ones during this global pandemic. The Tories blocked people from going to funerals, weddings and visit their elderly in the nursing homes. While the PM and his associates was parting like no tomorrow.

The Prime Minister should do the right thing, but that’s not something he knows about. He rather lie and cheat… instead of doing the what is proper. Peace.

Opinion: Boris will never take any responsibility for his own actions

Today is a day of reckoning, but don’t expect anything to come out of it. No, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government will never be hold accountable. They haven’t answered for the dead or unnecessary pains and suffering during the lockdowns. The PM haven’t answered for Partygate and haven’t paid his dues for that even. While students, citizens and others has lost their careers over the same plights.

That the industries are hurt by the “Third country” regulations isn’t the fault of the government. No, the people are just producing wrong products and not working hard enough. The ones producing whiskey and struggling to sell it through the new protocols to the European Common Market. Tough love and live with it. The same with the seafood and shell-fish industry, which has been severely hurt by Brexit. There been so many people who has lost their livelihoods or made it harder to trade.

Alas, it isn’t only the Northern Ireland Protocol that is the issue. It is just red-herrings upon red-herrings. The Bank of England dropping a report of a weekly loss of £440m, which only shows the costs of the Brexit. This is all across and the unemployment is growing, a strong stagnation and the years of austerity isn’t achieving anything. The poor is getting less and the rich has shell-companies with headquarters in Dublin. Therefore, they are not feeling the pinch, but the citizens are feeling it.

I don’t know how many times I have seen pictures of Tesco’s and Asda’s where there is lack of fruits and vegetables. Because, the lorries and the companies are not able to get enough produce through the protocols post-Brexit. The PM and his party promised less red-tape and throw forms in the bin. However, the industries, shipping-companies and everyone has been hit with more. There isn’t a soft movement and people are getting charged with the additional costs. If they can even afford or have the time to import it.

The citizens are even shocked of the prices of roaming data on their cellphones in Europe. The United Kingdom is a real third country and can banish asylum-seekers to Rwanda. However, the costs of trading and the financial implications are hitting home. Londongrad is hit and the financial institutions are damaged too. The businesses of UK aren’t the same as before and the downgrade is bound to happen.

The Tories has damaged the economy and internally it’s a reason why Labour is in control of Wales. Why the Scottish National Party (SNP) is the majority in Scotland and now the Sinn Fein has a majority in Northern Ireland. That’s because everyone else has reacted to the means and the ways the Tories have been governing of late. It is a reaction to the current affairs and belief that someone else actually knows what they are doing.

Boris Johnson promised a microwave ready deal and easier life. The only thing his delivering is higher costs, stagnation and worse financial forecasts. The state is losing and things are not looking better. The Tories has depleted and ensured measures that is hurting the economy. It is just like they got the freedom outside of the EU, but didn’t consider the implications of it and thought it would be without a price. Now the costs and the bills are coming to the public and the exporting industries.

While Boris doesn’t care… his just happy the pints and the wine-and-dine during the lockdown didn’t cost him anything. He only paid minor fines and didn’t have any real consequences to him. That’s why his not concerned that people having plights, that the working-class is struggling and the poor is left behind. They just have to pick up his slack and hope for magic to cover expenses. However, his party and associates don’t care. They just wants your votes and abandon you afterwards.

The proof of the remainers and the messages of possible damage of a Brexit has all come true. The results are now here and the people are feeling the pinch. The Tories doesn’t care and their arrogance is without no end. It is really unique… and they are proud of it too. The entitlement and they are not fearing the possible outrage of the people either. They just know and think they can dupe the public in the next snap-elections or whatnot. Since, the Labour, Liberal-Democrats or Greens aren’t that strong alone, but if they forge an alliance. They can become a threat to the Tories. As long as that doesn’t happen. These folks will believe they will have the majority again and think they can trick the public to vote for them again.

That the public votes for these sleazes are amazing. It is like they want the suffering and the plights. They want people who looks down upon them and demean them. That take away their benefits and gives tax-cuts to the rich. This is what the Tories does and people should be aware of this.

Boris Johnson isn’t just a liar, but he doesn’t want to be held accountable. If he is… he skips it and jump over the hurdles. Hoping that an international crisis can get people to forget about the current issues at home. He has created a lot of this. The Brexit problems and costs are self-inflicted by him and him only. Boris said everything was fine-and-dandy, but that wasn’t the truth.

Now, he got to take credit and be responsible. However, don’t expect it. It isn’t his kind. His not the sort of man that wants to be held to account. He rather be held in contempt and move-on to the next. Peace.

Opinion: Boris wants to continue to be the life of the party

“People were saying this looks like we’re trying to stop stuff coming out… I don’t want this endlessly to go on but I have absolutely nothing frankly to hide” – Prime Minister Boris Johnson (24.04.2022).

It is very obvious and interesting when Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson says the investigation and the political ramifications of Party-Gate has been going on to long. He also claims there should be a “limit to the amount of focus politics should have on this”. That is very strategic of him to downplay it.

As civilians, the citizens and the general public couldn’t run away from the lockdown rules or regulations. The United Kingdom was in a lockdown during COVID-19 outbreaks, which limited their ability to travel, visit or even be outside. They we’re told not to do so to save lives.

That’s why the ordinary person couldn’t visit their loved ones in the hospitals, participate in baptisms, birthdays or at funerals. There was so limited and people wasn’t able to congregate. The ones that did got severely fined and got a criminal record. Heck, one student who had a party was kicked out of the University and was detained as well.

Therefore, the Prime Minister only getting small to nothing ramifications for participating in several of parties in that time-span. While telling the Parliament that he didn’t know or such. He held parties in the garden, the Downing Street No. 10 and elsewhere too. There been revealed so many parties and over 12 of them. All of them occurred during the lockdowns and there was plenty of people at these events.

They were drinking wine, eating pizza’s and sending someone to buy more booze as well. That was all happening while people was mourning and closed off from the real world. One party even happen on the night of the Royal Funeral of the husband of the Queen. Where Downing Street No. 10 held a gathering and party. While the Queen couldn’t hold functions or even have ordinary royal funeral for her husband. Which just shows what sort of man Boris Johnson is and thinks nothing has consequences.

Just like he did of late. He asked for forgiveness and said sorry for that. The same way he said sorry when the first fines for the breaches of law was done. However, there is code of ethics for a minister and for an MP. As a lawmaker, the first thing they should do is to adhere to the laws they are creating and issuing for the Kingdom to follow. When the man at the top cannot follow laws and codes, why should the general public?

If the citizens are fined, getting a criminal record and possible have their future lost over parties and whatnot in the period of the lockdowns. Than the PM should have proper ramifications for his actions. His lies and deceptions… is catching up to him.

The authorities are not publishing the “Sue Gray Report” and we can now await a possible probe by the Parliament itself. It just shows what length Johnson is willing to go to. Even if he knows perfectly well that everyone else wasn’t allow to do what he did. The parties after parties, the drinking and booze-hounds of Downing Street is haunting him now.

The Metropolitan Police should release whatever they know, but they rather act sensitive and shield the Conservative Party ahead of the polls in May. That is the sort of act, which reflects how Boris himself resolves things.

We know he had to prorogue Parliament to get his way in concern to Brexit and the deadlines of votes there. He could have easily have done here too, which would be a tool to prolong his reign. Nevertheless… there is no trust now. Both in Parliament and in the Public. His lies are now all exposed and in the open. The sentiments of distrust and it’s a delusion of the Prime Minister is beyond reach now. He thinks he can weather the storm and can get scot-free from all of this. Anyone else has fallen for less than this…

Prime Minister Johnson should man up and take real responsibility. Not act like a Tik-Toker and a Youtuber come with a fake apologizes and hopes the controversy boils over. So, he can continue his career and hopes everyone forgets about it.

However, people lost funerals, weddings and birthdays. The public couldn’t go to the office or even be outside. They were told barely to run and jog alone in the worst period. So, the Prime Minister should take accountability for “wine-time Fridays” and all the other parties. There been so many of them… and he have downplayed them all.

He just want to be the life of the party. The PM didn’t mind to do that and release the stress in the middle of the lockdown. It was a man does and what isn’t illegal in his mind. While others who did the same was caught and paid a price for doing so. Now, the Head of State, the MP and Party leader should be held properly accountable. Not only getting measly fines and run away from any investigation into it. That’s how things are looking… and it’s no good.

This is unfair to everyone else and he acts like his above the laws, which he created and enacted. He should lead from the front and not with wine-and-dine while others are in sorrow. It is a reason why they haven’t been a purge and that’s because the majority has hope in him. However, now … people are not believing in him and his days in-charge should be numbered.

The Party Gate just proves that Johnson is a lawbreaker. He should answer for the breaching of code of ethics as a MP and being dishonest in Parliament. The PM shouldn’t be above it. That’s makes people angry and feels it’s unfair that he walks away from it all. This is why the PM and the Tories have to figure out who they are. Because, Party Gate only proves that they are acting above the law and not taking proper accountability to shield their leader and PM. That isn’t a good look and neither is the outcome either.

No one trusts or believes the PM. He cannot be truthful or be a man of integrity. His the most inept and dishonest leader the United Kingdom has had in a long time. This one he cannot blame on Brussels or the European Union. Unless, he blames the European vineyards for creating the splendid wine he was drinking while other people was shredding tears alone across the Kingdom. Peace.

United Kingdom: National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) General Secretary Paul Whiteman Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi regarding Michael Fabricant MP’s comments (13.04.2022)

United Kingdom: Lord David Wolfson resignation letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson (13.04.2022)

United Kingdom: Royal College of Nursing letter to Michael Fabricant MP (12.04.2022)

United Kingdom: Parte after Parte PM only gets a fine…

I understand the anger many will feel that I myself fell short when it came to observing the very rules which the government I lead had introduced to protect the public” – Prime Minister Boris Johnson (12.04.2022).

In London and in the United Kingdom as the people where blocked and under lockdown. Downing Street Number 10 or the house of the PM held several of parties when people couldn’t meet, greet or be allowed to gather. If it was pizza’s, beer or wine-and-dining in the garden. Doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, but it is despicable and disgraceful.

During the lockdowns and with the rigid rules on the movement, the ability to meet people and even gather was blocked from the citizens. The citizens was arrested and detained if they couldn’t pay huge fines. That happened across the Kingdom, as some people resisted and acted in defiance in regard to the COVID-19 rules.

It is really magical the amount of parties he held while others was not allowed to gather in funerals, weddings or even meet over a pint at a local watering-hole. No, that was only happening in the near proximity of the PM.

The PM has in total been challenged about 12 parties, which was on the May 15th, May 20th, November 13th, November 25th, November 27th, December 10th, Mid-December “waiting room drinks”, December 14th, December 15th, December 16th, December 17th and December 18th. These are the ones that is known off and it shows that he lives with parte after parte, as a lifestyle.

So, if the PM is only paying fines for this. It is really showing a difference for the common man. Because, this was the lawmakers, the ones in near association and the whole Downing Street No. 10 participating in it. While the public couldn’t do the same or even take part in similar activities. These parties was in stark contrast to the strict and rigid lockdown rules that his government enforced. This is why the fine and the apology is meaningless.

That the PM has breached the public trust is clear. That he has violated own rules and regulations. As there been plenty of instances and not just one party. The Metropolitan Police continue their investigations and the PM was a serial offender. He didn’t only skip a Mickey once and ran-off. No, he ran the shop and opened the flood-gates for this behaviour.

That’s why the PM was going from one party to another. So, paying a fine for the June 19th 2021 is really just not paying dues. Neither is there any value in the apology. It is just empty pleas and words of recognizing what he did, but he intended to do more. It is not like that was the only one and knows that perfectly well.

That’s why the fine and the breach as one incident is really foolish. He was a serial breaker of the lockdown rules and he was the one asking for people to adhere to it together with his ministers. Ironically, one of his ministers was busy breaching the rules to visit his mistress. While his closest advisor travelled across the Kingdom to see some castles. Therefore, he wasn’t alone in it and not acting concerned about the breaches of lockdown rules.

It didn’t occur to me that I was in breach of the rules. I now humbly accept that I was” (Johnson, 12.04.2022).

He most likely knew that he was breaching them. His own government was enforcing it, but he didn’t think that it would have any consequences or repercussions. Because, he was the PM and the Head of State. Boris thought he would get away it and not have any scrutiny. Since it was just silly parties and drinking going on. You know water-under-the-bridge and let’s get wasted like there is no tomorrow. That sort of deal, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, sort of vibe. That is the sort of gist, I get from Boris. Not the “oops, I got caught and now I have to act sincere about this mess”. No, his not that guy. Lying is easy for Boris and this is no different.

He prefers to party over governing. Just look at his December schedule. Hard to believe that he ever did any sort of professional duty or had capacity to take wise decisions. Unless, he just signed off whatever the secretaries was giving him. That he was doing during lockdown period. It just shows how reckless he is and how he prefers the bottle-service over serving the Kingdom. Peace.

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