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Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa has a reputation and the ZPR cannot absolve that…

A strange statement from Zimbabwean police has sparked debate. The police are claiming there are unnamed criminals who are riding on President Mnangagwa’s name to commit fraud and theft. But the time has come for Mnangagwa to explain why he is surrounded by dubious characters. The President’s association with questionable elements must be interrogated in the national interest. It has become not only a risk to national security but tarnishes the country’s image. It also sends a message that crime pays and that proximity to power brings instant riches. From alleged gold smugglers to suspects accused of looting Cottco, there is a common thread: proximity to Zim 1. Not to mention Draxgate and Command Agriculture. It is scandalous that Mnangagwa is seen gladly receiving “donations” at State House from these shady characters” (The News Hawks, 05.09.2022).

It is really unique that the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) came out with the Statement on the 3rd September titled: “Criminal Acts by Suspects Abusing the Name of His Excellency, President E.D. Mnangagwa and the First Family”. That is what is discussed and rightfully so…

The Second Republic and the New Dispensation have most certainly never been delivered. The whole term of Mnangagwa hasn’t produced anything substantial or worthwhile. The ZANU-PF government has continued their inner-circle corruption, mismanagement and in the open cronyism. The President is in the centre of it and his regime is involved in questionable schemes. That is well known and no one should be shocked by it.

It is a reason why there is no trust from the government to the people. Everyone knows the regime does this and it’s been done for years. Mnangagwa hasn’t started anything new, but just making new ways of the inner-circle to eat. If it is arranging deals which serves his cronies and not the people. Like the collecting trash deal in Harare recently. That is a heist… but that’s how the ZANU-PF operates and it’s well established.

The ZRP can act like we are fools and we are oblivious to the facts. Mnangagwa and his inner-circle is filled with dubious cronies, which are entitled to their money-making-schemes. It isn’t like their wealth comes out of nowhere. That is financed and fixed by the state and they are all accepting it. A smooth operation and kickbacks, which are a crippling effect on the economy. That’s just happens to be one of the reasons why there is a lack of trust and having rising inflations as well.

That’s why the statement from the law enforcement is futile. They think it’s wise and sounds smart. There might be people tricking and scheming without the knowledge of the Office of the President. However, who would spot a difference? It isn’t like the President or his men is pure or have a clean slate. They already have a bad rep and people are playing along with it.

The ZRP cannot absolve him or make Mnangagwa look innocent. Yes, this is a way of publicity and possibly look into people who has fallen out of favours. However, the President and the ZANU-PF can act like it’s all nonsense… but we know what is going on. It is a reason why the ZANU-PF elite is enriching themselves in office and they are living larger than business-men. Therefore, the President knows this too and the ZRP is just being playful here really.

It is really hard to believe and as I earlier said… it is hard to see a difference between possible scammers or the insider-trading/grand corruption scandals involving the President and his men. Peace.

Opinion: The Speaker investigates the MP and not the corrupt practice itself…

We know that the Speaker of the August House is partisan and works directly for the interests of the state. This is why the actions of National Unity Platform (NUP) MP for Bukoto South, Twaha Kagabo sparks this reaction. Not because Speaker Anita Annet Among cares about these things, because she clearly don’t, but instead see it as a means to an end. She can use the allegations and the retraction of the payout to start an investigation.

That Kagabo MP used his platform and his titles to unleash these funds. Just shows how the state operating and how easy access to bribes there are for the MPs. The state can so easily payout and give them kickbacks for their services. However, the speaker isn’t interested in that and neither is the National Resistance Movement (NRM). They don’t want to exposed or shown how they “eat”. No, they want the man who told and spelled it out punished. He dared to speak out and unleash the truth to the public. That’s why Speaker Among reacts now.

In this manner she has shown her conduct and her will:

Honourable Members, yesterday the media was awash with news of a Member of this House allegedly seeking to return some money whose sources and intentions are unknown. The member in question is Hon. Twaha Kagabo, MP Bukoto South. He was reportedly carrying money in cash seeking to deliver it to some offices within the precincts of Parliament. Hon. Members, the code of conduct for Members of Parliament is well enumerated in appendix F of the Rules of Procedures which amongst others deals with personal conduct, corruption, public trust and improper use of payment. The actions of the member threatens the integrity of this House. I accordingly invoke Rule 175 (1) (b) of the Rules of Procedure and refer the Member to the Committee on Rules, Privileges and Discipline. The Committee should investigate the Member’s conduct and report back within one (1) month. Hon. Members, in a bid strengthen evidence-based legislation, the Parliamentary Commission has established three (3) resource centres fully equipped with computers and printing services; in the Library, development House and Kingdom Kampala. The Clerk has shared the details of their locations on your e-mails. Please make the best use of those resource centres to boost your input in the legislative process” (Anita Annet Among, 09.08.2022).

What is striking from the Speaker is that “sources” of the cash is supposed to be unknown. While the traces of that could be found on accounts and the meeting-point of wherever the MPs could get it. They tend to have a “rendezvous” point and get the monies from a courier. That’s how the stories usually goes, especially the payments that isn’t coming as salaries or added perks in their office. Therefore, the Speaker is acting ignorant, when she knows the practice herself and has “pocketed” funds this way too.

What is even more striking is that she issues an investigation into the manner of which he showed up with the cash. That this was an act of weakening the integrity of the Parliament. However, the Deputy Speaker by being the man who so easily voted to salvage ROKO during last month is more substantial in damage of the reputation and how the procedural works of the National Assembly is. Nevertheless, his part of the tribe and one-of-them so he can walk-it-off. That’s why the investigation will certainly make him a victim and punish the MP. Because, he dared to question a “suit” or “brown envelope”. He was just suppose to eat it and be silent. It was “free” money and it was given to serve a purpose.

The Speaker isn’t defending the integrity, instead she is showing that corrupt practices doesn’t matter, but the publicity of it is another case. If the MP hadn’t said a word or tried to expose the rot in the Parliament. Well… he would have eaten and had a peaceful day. However, he chose to enlighten and show up to reimburse the funds. That’s why his said to be corrupt and like his the only one, which is silly. The “rendezvous” point and the courier most likely had “envelopes” for a majority and they took it. Nevertheless, the Speaker and the like wants us to be believe his the only one. That cannot be true and it wouldn’t serve a purpose to only pay him. That’s just the nature of the game and how you get things moved.

Speaker Among proves yet again to be partisan and work in favour of the NRM. She isn’t a person who works for the state, but works for interests of one party. That is evident. This is why the NUP MPs get into trouble and her own don’t have to worry about a fly. Peace.

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Opinion: 4 MPs issues a Motion to praise the SONA 2022 to get some recognition…

When it comes to the recent high commodity prices, caused, initially, by the re-launch of the world economy after the two years of lockdown and, additionally, by the war in Ukraine, our decision, after careful analysis, is to avoid the traps of tax cuts and subsidies” – President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni (07.06.2022).

It is really a spectacle when 4 Members of Parliament uses time and energy to make a motion to praise the President for a speech he held on the 7th June 2022. The 4 MPs saw it fit and usage of their valuable time to speak of the glory of His Excellency. They are having a ceremonial act and showering the old man with the hat with positive vibes.

These MPs are:

Mover: Hon. Emely Kugonza, MP Buyanja East County


Hon. Michael Bukenya Iga, MP Bukuya County

Hon. Sarah Kayaga Netalisire, Namisindwa DWR

Hon. Okot Boniface Henry, MP Youth Representative Northern

It is really amazing that Kugonza MP, Bukenya Iga MP, Kayaga Netalisire MP and Okot MP who are all in on it. These 4 MPs have used their time in office to file a motion of praise and appreciation of the State of the Nation Address of 2022. That’s what they are using their time on.

This is clearly done so the President and the State House notice their existence. They wants to score-some brownie-points and get goodwill from the old man. The MPs wants to shed a positive light and show loyalty. They are using their time to give credit to inaction and lack of concern to the rising prices, the inflation and the lack of government help in the middle of crisis. That’s what the MPs are doing and it should be called out.

Going solar:

Once the solar powered irrigation pumps are on the market, the Government will buy them for some of the co-operatives or farming villages, where one pump can be shared by a number of small farmers” (Museveni, 07.06.2022).

The MPs wants to envision the empty pledges which is so common placed in any speech from the President. The MPs must look forward to get “solar powered irrigation pumps” because I think that’s a mirage. The President promise a huge leap when he in the last period or last term was proud of bottle-Irrigation as a way of solving irrigation cheaply. This is just following the pledges of the President during the lockdowns, which was Village-TVs and Village Radios… that no one ever saw. Therefore, people should expect the same of the “solar powered irrigation pumps” as with other pledges, which shows this will never happen under his reign. It is to costly, a big burden and it will not be sustainable…

They are directly acknowledging a speech with this sentiment:

Another danger to our rapid social-economic transformation is the corruption of political actors and Public servants who do not only steal government money, thereby denying the population the services that money would have provided, but they also parasite on our business people. Business people and investors, do not feel beholden to these parasites. Expose both their requests for bribes and their schemes for frustrating those that do not pay bribes. Action will be taken for the benefit of the business atmosphere in the country” (Museveni, 07.06.2022).

It is really vivid when someone calls people insects and parasites. This is a posture and tough talk, as his government is known for being corrupt and accepting graft. The same government that promoted and was proud of the “Presidential Handshake”. That way civil servants got kickbacks for photo-copying papers in a court trial winning the state money. The same President and Government calls the corrupt parasites. This doesn’t add up and still the MPs wants to sing psalms in the Plenary Sessions for greatness of the State of Nation Address of 2022. That sounds stupid, right?

So, I don’t get what the MPs are seeing in this speech. Unless, they are only doing this to give empty sloganeering and show their loyalty to him. That’s the true legacy of doing this sort of motion. Just to signal the State House and the Office of the Presidency. We can just expect a small acknowledgment from His Excellency.

The 4 MPs really wasting their time doing this. Instead of looking into the fallacy of the speech. They uses it to be in the good graces. The MPs are not using their time or their wisdom to actually make a difference. They are just there to bow down to the master and hopefully get a moment to kiss the ring. Peace.

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