Malawi: The Episcopal Conference of Malawi – Statement of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) – A Call for Relentless Fight Against Corruption (19.01.2022)

Malawi: Zuneth Sattar, the man, the myth and the legend!

The Sattar Papers leaks are revealing, not only is ministers possibly implicated and also other big-men, appointees and ministry busy trying to hide the dirty laundry from plain-sight. However, what is striking is the deafening lack of noise. It is like it doesn’t matter from the Tonse Alliance and neither is the opposition DPP active. Everyone is silent and letting procedure follow through.

The President and Vice-President isn’t saying much, if anything. Neither is anyone for that matter in the cabinet. The former President and party affiliates isn’t coming out with statements either. It is like Sattar has imposed himself and captured the political elite, in such a manner. That the Malawian politicians and ruling elite cannot talk.

The most ironic thing here is that these men and fellow representatives is usually the most talkative of them all. They can talk for hours and hold long speeches. Nevertheless, on the Sattar Papers leaks… they are silent as a grave and even a falling coffin makes more noise.

Zuneth Sattar’s businesses must really be thriving and running smoothly. In Malawi he must be the king-pen and the man to be. He can afford to pay of the political elite and know they are loyal to him. No matter what promises or scandals, his businesses will have an advantage. If it is getting land, tenders or whatnot. He got a connect and a plug on speed-dial. They will hook him up and he will give them a kickback.

That’s why they are silent now. Not saying a word. They are just hoping people are forgetting and can soon look at the next scandal. So, that Sattar and all his businesses is forgotten all about.

The President and his cabinet feels the same. This is an added stress and not a relief. The man and the legend is bankrolling them and it’s a free dinner. They are getting food and perks while only giving the businessman favourable advantages in the Republic. This is a beneficial arrangement and just like the predecessors. It is their time to eat and Sattar has the plate prepared and ready for them. They just have to sit down and eat.

Sattar should be proud of himself. His able to create a State Capture. Where the people his compromising isn’t making a fuzz. Neither is the opposition or the crowds asking for resignations. There is no Commission or government agency properly investigating things. Because, if you follow the money and the transfers of funds. It will become bloody and the ones implicated will be above people’s pay-grade and possibly confidential. Therefore, Sattar is getting of the hook and be the crook.

Malawians should be shattered by this silence, the politicians are telling who is boss and it’s not them. It is Sattar and his clientele are them. They are serving each other and paying each other off. In secret arrangements, which ensure profits for both parties. The only ones losing out is the taxpayers and the competition of Sattar. They cannot compete, as his the plug for the government. Peace.

Opinion: The Sattar Leaks are damning for Chakwera’s reign

“Senior Resident Magistrate Wanangwa Nyirenda has given bail to social media activist Joshua Chisa Mbele. He was arrested for publishing defamatory words towards Malawi Defence Force Commander Vincent Nundwe. According to the charges, Chisa Mbele alleged that Nundwe benefitted K4 billion from various dealings with Zuneith Sattar. His lawyer, Gilbert Khonyongwa, says they are applying for a constitutional review of the charges” (Reported by Audrey Kapalamula – Time 360 Malawi, 14.01.2022).

That the wheeler-dealer and businessman Zuneith Sattar is entangling ministers and associates of the President in Malawi is very concerning, as it seems like he has made a possible State Capture case. In a similar fashion of the Gupta’s in South Africa during the reign of Zuma. Now, the Tonse Alliance and its ministers are under hard scrutiny, because of the alleged association and deals done with Sattar.

Sattar have clearly done his work and cut deals with various of ministers, as his money and influence has ensured him a gateway to profits in Malawi. There are promises of leaks and documents concerning corruption tomorrow. That will clearly implicate more people and it is possible all the way to the top.

The Attorney General and the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) will have the work cut for them, as the state and its high-ranking official will be implicated in shady backroom deals. Which are done by using their authority and influence as ministers etc. That shows that the Sattar can compromise and get his way by doling a few coins the representative’s way. He can cover some debts and some bills, while he gets supreme possibilities as a merchant and a businessman in the Republic.

We know already that Kezzie Msukwa is implicated and with the arrest of Mbele, something is up with Nundwe and we can wonder who else have been paid-in-full and paid-to-play by Sattar in the Tonse Alliance. Since these sorts of things doesn’t happen out of nowhere, but for a reason.

Either to get land, tenders or favourable agreements, which benefits the companies of Sattar, and the state officials get some kickbacks in return. Therefore, the whole deal become beneficial, and everyone involved earns a small fortune on it. That’s how these enterprises are moving and it’s evident by now.

The AG and ACB will not be to involve, as if it moves to further investigate and follow the money. They might go even further and possibly implicate the head of state, as he could also get some free-money and serve as a client for Sattar. Since everyone else and ministers has been implicated already. He had to know about it and the President would benefit financially, by participating. That’s why there been a document saying the President got millions of dollars for his services. We must see, if that is true or not.

However, the Sattar cases is not over, and the truth will leak out. The corruption scandal will only become worse. As the greed and the easy money can always implicate the ones who is hungry. Peace.

Malawi: Anti-Corruption Bureau – ACB Position on the Attorney General’s Press Release regarding termination of Contracts involving Zuneth Sattar’s Business Entities and Debarment from Public Procurement (10.01.2022)

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Opinion: So Hon. Msukwa was willing to destroy his whole career over a vehicle?

The Malawian Minister for Lands Kezzie Msukwa is charged with receiving bribes by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), which entails the Minister got Kwacha 4 million to help businessman Zuneth Sattar acquire some land in Salima District.

We are now seeing the Sattar Papers are leaking how the businessman and his associates have used their businesses and companies in Malawi. As they have used this to influence and get direct deals with the government. This here case is that Sattar got land easily and the Minister to vouch for him.

Msukwa was willing to risk his career and livelihood over a 4 million kwacha bribe, which was covering his duty on his service vehicle. That is tragic… and foolish that a vehicle or a car, which is given by the state to the minister is the reason for his downfall.

The Minister and MP is so greedy that he hoped someone could cover his expenses on the service vehicle. This case alone isn’t only implicating Satter, but there is warrants out for his associate Ashok Nair, formally known as Ashok Kumar Sreedharan. Ashok Nair participated in corrupt practices in some land matters in Salima and Lilongwe Districts, as his also been involved in giving bribes to various Malawi Government Departments on behalf of Sattar. Therefore, this implies that Nair could be the one who paid the Minister off and covered his duties on his vehicle.

That is really rich and shows that with influence doesn’t always comes street-smartness, as the MP and Minister could have secured the funds and easily paid-off this duty. However, in a flash and quick fix, he would get the payment and the kickback from Nair on behalf of Satter. Just so the businessman could acquire some land.

Just imagine that paying duty or VAT on a car is the possible ending of your career. You have finally reached the goal of becoming a minister after being MP. You have gotten an honourable position and seen viable by the President. Chakwera has vouched for you and thought you could run a ministry. However, that wasn’t enough for you… so some business had to cover your taxes as well. That says it all. It is not funny that four wheel-drive and a paid car by the state is bringing someone down, but this a car-crash and misuse of power.

Msukwa has clearly fallen and the ACB will go after him. Just like they are encircling Satter and associates. He is the “Political Exposed Person” who is connected with the corrupt behaviour of Nair and Satter. That is sad ending, but a choice the Minister deemed fit. He saw easy money and a gravy train. However, that vehicle is the reason why he won’t go far. Peace

RDC: Observatoire de la Depense Publique (ODEP) – Communique No. 001 – Stop a la Lecture Selective et Politisee du Rapport de la Cour des Comptes (29.12.2021)

Opinion: Baba’s fantasy on corruption…

I was a governance expert to the late President John Pombe Magufuli. He often called me seeking expert opinion on how he could seal corruption loopholes in his country and he managed it. We will employ the same strategy to tame corruption and ensure more funds are allocated for our people, do not be deceived that there’s no money in the government. I was the Prime Minister for six years and I know where there are loopholes of corruption. When we form the next government, we will seal all those loopholes and use the money to fund projects” – Raila Odinga (Ian Byron – ‘Raila Odinga: I will seal all corruption loopholes’ 27.12.2021, Daily Nation).

The Orange Democratic Movement leader and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is coming with more empty promises ahead the elections in 2022. In the elections where it seems like his the successor or heir of President Uhuru Kenyatta, which his been allied with through this term, as they both have benefited from the handshake in 2018.

I have a hard time believing the man that helped the Jubilee and Kenyatta, who has resided over a government running grand corruption scandals and misusing public funds. Suddenly will make swift changes and revolutionize government procedures, protocols and block loopholes, which the corrupt elites uses to benefit from the state coffers. Therefore, this is selling another Canaan and another dream…. which will never appear. It is a mirage in the desert as a person hope’s to find greener pastures and possibly water….

Nevertheless, the stooges and the ones associated with Odinga will believe this. The ones who follows Baba is aligned with his campaign. They will sell this every other promise he comes forward with. These people will say it’s possible and is legit. However, do they think people are stupid?

That an second generation, wealthy politician and very connected elite person will fight against the others in his tax-bracket? Really? If it would have happened, it would have been sincere when Odinga was less fortunate and didn’t have all of the estates he does have. His part of the political elite and been eating too. He wants his cuts and his pieces of the pie. Not just the office and the prestige. That’s why he has risked everything on the BBI process, which was a failure from the get-go.

Baba can promise the heavens and salvation. He can promise that he will make water into wine. The naive will buy these pledges… because it sounds legit and Odinga knows how to wording himself. His a smart politician that way and he thinks the ducks are in the row for him now. As the dynasties and the ones in power are backing him. That’s why he has faith of him setting up a government and an administration after the next polls.

Odinga can promise the world and we know he won’t have the ability to deliver that. That isn’t new in the political sphere and he would be far from revolutionary by doing so. Baba is just another career politician who knows what to say and do. His ODM and allies will brand him in positivity and achievements in his career. That’s what they are doing and is supposed to do. However, don’t expect him to do magic.

As an ally of Kenyatta during this term. He didn’t challenge or use his “office” to make the government transparent. Neither has he questioned the assaults on the judiciary or other offices in favour of the Presidency. So, when the Presidential Candidate didn’t stop the corruption now or use his influence for betterment as an close ally of the President. Why would he do that as the President?

I cannot believe he will be a man of action. The handshake should have given him more leverage than making elitist amendment changes to the Constitution through the BBI. So, when Odinga promises to end corruption. I believe that is “hot air” and wasted space. However, even if it is so. He needs to be called out on the bullshit and not just praised for his great ideals, which we know he will not achieve or care about delivering. Peace.

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