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Somalia: A U.S. Foreign Agent [Adidi] hired to run as a Presidential Candidate

In Mogadishu and in general the whole Somalia, this should shake the room. It is now news about the Presidential Candidate Hussen Mohammed Farah Adidi who is running a campaign on the party platform of Somalia National Alliance Party (SNAP).

While Mr. Adidi is registered as a Foreign Agent in FARA in the United States of America. An agent working for Situational Analysis Assessment Consulting Services (SAACS). Where he worked with them and they directed who was his close advisor and campaign manager. Which is R. Santana, who is a contractor with SAACS and will fulfil campaign obligations and work on behalf of Adidi.

Who is SAACS:

SAACS, is a d/b/a of Independent Intelligence Agency, LLC (IIA) a registered entity with the United States Federal Government as a private contracting entity, with The United States Department of Justice and its division the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) as Foreign Agents, and the United Nations as NGO’s (UN)” (…) “SAACS and IIA’s knowledge and work history involves the gathering of sensitive information, intelligence, news, and logistics within all of Central and the Horn of Africa including several countries throughout the Middle East. They were instrumental in providing sensitive information and intelligence to national and international government agencies and its officials from mid – 2009 through late – 2013. Our reputation and work is well known and respected and has proven to be very valuable and reliable to those we have served. Buy providing this type of sensitive information and intelligence it has aided countries within these regions to better serve it government and the people. SAACS and IIA has served in the past in several assignments with national and international government agencies/entities which has proven to be successful. Our level of work has brought relieve to those who we have served in the past. Those that have contracted with us SAACS and IIA have benefited from our expertise and services” (SAACS, a d/b/a of Independent Intelligence Agency, LLC – Home).

It is also in the foreign lobby registry of SAACS that they have been contracted to lobby in Washington D.C. for Ahmed Duale Gelle “Haal”, the President of Galmudug State. That contract was signed in 2017, which was between SAACS and Intelligence Agency LLC. To help with foreign and domestically. Create opportunities with Somalia, Uganda and Rwanda. For the betterment of the people and development of infrastructure. So, the corporation and firm has other connections to Somalia as well.

What is even more striking is how SAACS has been connected and writing to U.S. Ambassador Larry Andre and also to the United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the United States Yousef Al Otaibia. Both spreading the word and asking for them to be involved in supporting this particular candidate.

This has all been recognized by letters sent by Adidi and SAACS Representatives, which has leaked online. If this isn’t interfering in an election elsewhere than nothing is.

These sort of stories is just showing how a foreign agent is made ready to campaign and have a direct advisor. The person who is the Presidential Candidate has been registered since 2018 and stood as a candidate in 2020. Therefore, this was well planned… just like the idea of the other foreign agent as advisor and campaign manager. The whole project was controlled and had deliberate connection to the U.S. government.

In a letter to James Swan dated 6th April 2020 SAACs representative Santana wrote:

The people working alongside with the rest of the nation are instrumental in moving forward Mr. Aidid’s campaign once he is in country; however, the most important element is to acquire the proper aid and assistance required to achieve these goals and new political system within all of Somalia. The Somali people understand, as we do, that the current system has a huge financial backing which is due to the current influx of radical large sums of funding being used for the wrong reasons. This is an issue that the people of Somalia continue to address. These goals can be realized if all the people of Somalia can sustain themselves throughout the process of the elections and have the same financial force and advantage needed for Mr. Aidid’s campaign in the coming election. This can only be achieved if this is made possible. Reaching these goals of putting him in place can only be possible if aid is provided which in turn will facilitate a new leader and righteous administration for the people. They know that the fight is going to be tough; however, with the proper financial assistance and funding, they will prevail and have in place in 2021 a new political system and leader that will work for all Somalis” (SAACS, 06.04.2022).

While the SNAP party sounds like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or the Food Stamps programme, which is administered by the United States Department of Agriculture under the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS). We don’t know if that was done with purpose either. However, it is unique that you can take it and find it that easily.

Somalia and Mogadishu needs to wake up. There is so much interference from various of parties. Not only the ones who is supporting Farmaajo with guns and military trained battalions. There is more than that… and this proves that. Clearly, there is more happening behind closed doors and hidden agreements.

Adidi is just one of them. God knows what the other candidates or high ranking officials are hiding. When a candidate does this and can get exposed. It also show the U.S. willingly to deceive and anoint puppets. Peace.


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