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Tchad: Samuel Eto’o appointed as “Goodwill Ambassador”

The Transitional Military Council and interim President General Mahamat Kaka Déby Itno have yesterday decreed several of appointments of ambassadors and other high ranking officials. One of the ones who has been hand-picked by the General was Cameroonian Football Samuel Eto’o. Who was appointed to a “Goodwill Ambassador” or ambassadeur itinérants.

The footballer have supported dictator and President for Life Paul Biya in the recent election. Said people should support a “champion” and a “unifier” like him. That was said as the bloodshed was happening in the anglophone region ahead of the election in 2018. An conflict that is persisting to this day.

Eto’o has also been able to get an journalist arrested for spreading rumours about his love-life. Which was easily accessible information from a Calgari Court, which stated what was said by the journalist. Therefore, Eto’o could use his influence and support of the authorities in November 2018 to get another citizen behind bars for spreading information, which was accessible online. That says something about his ego and mentality.

Now he has gotten more political capital, as N’Djamena and the TMC there is validating him. They are giving him an honorary role. So he can continue boost his ego. This is also using his name, which known across the continent and well-known in Europe as well.

Eto’o have had a career all over Europe in big teams. He has played in the big tournaments representing winners, winning titles and creating history on the pitch. Played in England, Spain, Italy, Russia and Turkey. He has retired for a few years now, but still been in the headlines.

Now he will represent the leadership of the Son-of-the-former-President. He will be serving a General and a junta. An unelected government and their decrees. We already knows that he supports one dictator and bashes in the influence he has there. Clearly he wants the same elsewhere. A role like this will be favourable for him.

General Kaka will be able to hold gatherings with Eto’o and use his popularity. That’s why his appointed in the first place. To use his stature and get clout currency. Get the popular footballer to give him credibility and support from outsiders. This is to legitimize the military takeover and coup d’etat. Just like when he appointed the runner-up to become the Prime Minister.

Gen. Kaka does this deliberately and with plan. This is to make strides and gain civilian support. So, that he can show these people in his circle and re-gain some sort standing outside the military that got him there.

Eto’o will be used by another leader who uses armies to stay in power. Instead of in Cameroon, this time its in Tchad. That’s the reality of this and his willing to serve men who takes power by guns. He will be token soldier with a fancy title serving Gen. Kaka. Peace.

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