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Somalia: NGO Consortium – NGOs call upon the government to take stern measures to protect woman and girls in Somalia (02.03.2019)


IGAD Chief Welcomes Call by AU for Cancellation of Somalia Debt (15.02.2019)

Somalia: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – Press Statement (12.02.2019)

Somalia: African Union – Draft – Decision on the Debt Cancellation as a Means towards Enhancing Peace, Security, Development and Durable Solutions for Displaced Somalis (10-11 February 2019)

Somalia: The Upper House – Press Release (05.02.2019)

Somalia: $1.08 billion required to support 3.4 million Somalis with life-saving and livelihood assistance (21.01.2019)

Somalia: Justice for South West Protest Victims letter to the UN & Envoys (09.01.2019)

Somalia: Union for Peace and Development – Press Release – Condemnation of the Blockade and Disruption of Political Events (08.01.2019)

IGAD Special Envoy for Somalia Congratulates H.E. Said Abdullahi Deni upon his Election as President of Puntland (08.01.2019)

Somali Special Forces Strike Destroys Alshabab Training Base in Middle Juba (12.06.2017)

MOGADISHU, Somalia, June 12, 2017 -President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s statement on the dawn strike on Alshabab training base near Sakow.

“Earlier today, I authorized our special forces with the support of our international partners to conduct a strike against an al-Shabaab training camp near Sakow, Middle Juba region. This was a successful strike which destroyed a key al-Shabaab command and supply hub. This will ultimately disrupt the enemy’s ability to conduct new attacks within Somalia.”

“I said when I took office that security will be top priority for my administration. This strike will enhance security and reduce the threats of Alshabab.”

“We have long suffered at the hands of Alshabab which is supported by global terror networks. We and our international partners will take every possible precaution to protect our civilian population from harm during these operations while targeting terrorists.”

“All of us know somebody from our youth, our village, our families, who has been killed or injured by the senseless violence of al-Shabaab. I have personally met the families and the victims of several Alshabab attacks. For those who have suffered under al-Shabaab, and for the rest of Somalia, I want you to know that we are committed to defeating al-Shabaab and uniting our people.”

“To the members of al-Shabaab, I tell you that we are bringing the fight to you. If you, however take advantage of my amnesty offer and denounce violence, we will integrate you into our reform program. You have no future with the terrorists, but you can still be a part of Somalia’s future; a peaceful and prosperous future.”

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