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Somalia: Ambassador Francisco Madeira Statement in the UN security Council Briefing on 21st May 2020 (25.05.2020)

Somaliland: Counting Misinformation about COVID-19 in Somaliland (17.05.2020)

Somaliland: Ministry of Health – Daily Situational Report on COVID-19 for the Republic of Somaliland – COVID-19 National Daily Briefing (03.05.2020)

Somalia: Jubland Council for Change (JCC) letter to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) – Re: UN SRSG James Swan unfit for service in Somalia (29.04.2020)

Somalia: Forum for National Parties – Press Release (26.04.2020)

Jubaland Council for Change: Press Briefing on the August 2019 elections and the purported political deal in Nairobi, Kenya on 23rd April 2020 (25.04.2020)

Communique of the 71st Session of the Extraordinary Meeting of IGAD Council of Ministers on the Situation in South Sudan (23.04.2020)


Somalia: Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism – Press Release (17.04.2020)

A statement from the Regional Desert Locust Alliance: Addressing the Double-Crisis of Locusts and COVID-19 in the greater Horn of Africa (17.04.2020)

IGAD Finance Ministers Commit to Contribute to Emergency Fund against COVID-19 (10.04.2020)

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