Somalia: Lasanod Declaration (05.02.2023)

Somaliland: Somali Northern Unionist Council (SNUC) – Oppression, Killing and arrests continue in Somaliland (12.01.2023)

Somaliland: House of Representatives – Office of the Speaker – Somaliland is a sovereign country with a Parliament elected in free and fair elections (07.01.2023)

Somaliland: Las’Anod Youth Emergency Task Force – Las’Anod Situational Report and Humanitarian Appeal (01.01.2023)

Somaliland: Ministry of Energy & Minerals – Press Release (29.12.2022)

Somaliland: Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation – Press Release (15.11.2022)

Somaliland: Waddani Party & UCID Party – Joint Press Statement – Political Parties’ Position on Somaliland Post-13th November 2022 Situation (13.11.2022)

Somaliland: Garhajis Dal-Wanaaje Grand Conference – Communique (27.10.2022)

Somaliland: Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation – Statement on Somaliland’s Presidential Election (06.10.2022)

Somaliland: Center for Policy Analysis (CPA) & Community Development and Human Rights Organization (CDHRO) – Press Statement (22.09.2022)

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