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Somalia: Ambassador Francisco Madeira Statement in the UN security Council Briefing on 21st May 2020 (25.05.2020)

Somaliland: Counting Misinformation about COVID-19 in Somaliland (17.05.2020)

Somaliland: Ministry of Health – Daily Situational Report on COVID-19 for the Republic of Somaliland – COVID-19 National Daily Briefing (03.05.2020)

Somalia: Jubland Council for Change (JCC) letter to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) – Re: UN SRSG James Swan unfit for service in Somalia (29.04.2020)

Somalia: Forum for National Parties – Press Release (26.04.2020)

Jubaland Council for Change: Press Briefing on the August 2019 elections and the purported political deal in Nairobi, Kenya on 23rd April 2020 (25.04.2020)

Somalia: Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism – Press Release (17.04.2020)

A statement from the Regional Desert Locust Alliance: Addressing the Double-Crisis of Locusts and COVID-19 in the greater Horn of Africa (17.04.2020)

Somalia: Statement attributable to UNFPA Representative for Somalia, Mr. Anders Thomsen, on the rape of two very young girls in Somalia (05.04.2020)

Somalia: Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism – Press Release (01.04.2020)

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