Zimbabwe: Mthwakazi Democratic Alliance (MDA) – Mthwakazi Democratic Alliance (MDA) Press Statement on Gold smuggling by Al Jazeera media outlet (23.03.2023)

Zimbabwe: Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) – Scurrilous and Malicious Allegations carried in Snippets from Unscreened Al Jazeera Documentary (06.03.2023)

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) – ZHRC Statement on the Promotion and Protection of Political Rights in face of Upcoming 2023 Harmonized Elections (20.02.2023)

Zimbabwe: Team Pachedu – Delimitation Festival of Illegalities (18.02.2023)

Zimbabwe: Team Pachedu – Delimitation Constitutional Crisis (06.02.2023)

Zimbabwe: POLAD – POLAD’s Position on Preliminary Delimitation Report (26.01.2023)

The Law Society of Zimbabwe: Law Society of Zimbabwe statement on reports of police assault on Harare lawyer Mr Kudzai Kadzere (14.01.2023)

Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC): Respect Human Dignity and Sancity of Life- A call for Peace and Tolerance as we jouney the New Year (10.01.2023)

Zimbabwe: Adventist Lawyers Association – Press Release (08.01.2023)

Zimbabwe: Job Wiwa Sikhala MP letter from Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison (31.12.2022)

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