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Opinion: Khupe wants to be Chamisa so bad!

We know now why Thokozani Khupe wants to be Nelson Chamisa so badly. After she renamed Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangirai (MDC-T) to Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC-Alliance). The same party where she has revoked and besieged through court orders and with all legal means. While she hasn’t held a conference or really controlled.

This is why Khupe. Not only heists the opposition titles, their headquarters and their name. She also went after their elected officials and recalled them. Like she was the barren Queen to control it. Khupe might been able to do so. Because, this benefits the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF).

She has been really useful, but we know why she does this. Khupe wishes she was Chamisa. Just like she wished back in the day, that she was Tsvangirai. You cannot steal their legacy or their titles. You cannot take their fights, their burdens and their struggle with a flick of the pen.

Khupe might been able because the Courts and ZANU-PF let her. Still, she will not be respected wit the moves she makes. She is just the pretender. The ones that wishes she was Chamisa. The one that wants the role of main opposition leader. The one that wants to be crowned. While she is not worthy nor has the credentials to do so.

Khupe looks like she is winning now, but its only fools gold. Even, if she gets the Headquarters, the bank accounts, the seats and the titles. Khupe will still never inherit the throne. She might have it for a minute, but that doesn’t make it real.

If she does accept this and takes it. The forged placement, the role she is playing is a all mirage. It is a facade and not the real deal. Khupe can feel the entitlement and rightfully hers. However, everyone knows she isn’t the one.

It is all fake, forged and a make belief. This will not last. If the MDC-T becomes the MDC-Alliance. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission deregisters the original MDC-Alliance under Chamisa. Still, it will not make the actions more true. It is just a game, a game that is rigged.

The ballots are pre-ticked and the ballot-boxes are stuffed. The victory is sealed, but only because she got help from ZANU-PF. Khupe isn’t the victor, but the jester on the throne. She isn’t worthy, but acts like a royal, which she isn’t.

Khupe thinks she has outsmarted everyone, but she has fooled herself. When your crowning yourself queen without a kingdom. There is little to inherit. There is nothing to reign and rule over. Except for empty briefcases and a lost hope. This journey will end in tears. It is just a matter of time and perspective. The tears will come … it is just a matter of time. Peace.

MDC-Alliance: Communique following the National Executive Committee Meeting of the MDC-Alliance held on the 19 September 2020 (19.09.2020)

Zimbabwe: Khupe’s heist continues

If you want to know about pawn, a powerful pawn, remember then the names of Thokozani Khupe and Douglas Mwonozora. They are both using their ties to the regime to pull a wall over the eyes of the public and to dismantle the Movement for Democratic Change -Alliance (MDC-A) representatives both in the national assembly and in local councils.

The newest orders are recalling councillors from Bulawayo, Marondera, Beitbridge and Harare. All strongholds of the MDC. This is all deliberate. Just like she has done before with recalling MPs from the MDC-A after the “court victory”. Still, she has prolonged her “leadership” and haven’t convened a congress herself to install herself either. Therefore, the reasons to be eligible and have these powers is void.

She is pushing to void the vote of Nelson Chamisa and the makings of the MDC-A, by using the MDC-T, which haven’t held the meetings or the needed function to elect herself either. That is why, sooner or later there will be a battle between Khupe and Mwonozora of who is leading the pack of loyal ZANU-PF within the opposition. Because, they are just by the powers vested on them. Able to dismantle and destroy the representation of the MDC-A in the Republic.

They started with a few MPs, but now are emptying out Mayors and Local Councillors. That is how far she is taking it. There is no bounds or measures she cannot take apparently… Khupe is so high on power, that she is willing to be this person. A person with no morals, but only greed.

Create by-elections and ensure a weaken opposition. An opposition she is supposed to fight for, but only is a viable and useful pawn. I don’t know if she gets that, but I doubt it. The ZANU-PF will force upon their leadership in these roles, enforce strict by-elections, block the MDC-A from fielding candidates and ensure their candidates get a spot. This is all a manoeuvre to get the ZANU-PF candidates into position.

President Mnangagwa must be giddy. He has weaponized the courts. Ensuring the MDC destroys itself and has a loyal ally doing so. Whatever Khupe and Mwonozora is getting. The pockets they are filling got to outlive the rest of their lives. Because, they have traded their souls and characters for a short term gain.

Yes, they are able to weaken and destroy the MDC-A by these measures. They are able to takeover, cause enough chaos to give ZANU-PF reasons to appoint Commissions and temporary bodies to facilitate order in local councils. However, the fact remains that this stalemate and this activity cannot last forever. Even if the Court allows Khupe to do this.

Everyone know its a game from the governing party to use her and her allies as a tool to silence Chamisa and company. To give them no time or space to act. They are preoccupied with scraps and miniscule titles, than being an able opposition party to defeat and undermine the current regime. A regime who has hired these ninja’s to do their job and make the world a lot easier. While having Court obeying their orders and delivering their needed verdicts to amplify their standing. So in this regard it amounts to a victory for the ZANU PF.

Mnangagwa don’t even have to put the work in. He has some loyal minions doing his bidding. One revoked representative at the time, awaiting the tide and letting the next ushered leader in its stead. That is what is up and that’s the gig of the state. Because, they want to silence and stop their arch enemy. This being MDC-A and the MDC-T is a very useful tool, especially when they want to be bought and compromised. A very cheap trick, but a working trick. As the state sanctions it, its institutions praises it and the verdict is set in motion. It is only for the opposition leadership to fall into a million pieces. Peace.

African National Congress: ANC Welcomes the Constructive Approach by ZANU PF with Regards to Engaging with Opposition Parties and Other Stakeholders (15.09.2020)

Opinion: The ANC didn’t know who they held a meeting with [ZANU-PF]

The African National Congress (ANC) sent a mediation team to the Republic of Zimbabwe and met with the governing party Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) on the 9th September 2020. The day after they delivered a Joint Communique on the 10th September 2020, which haven’t gotten the best press either.

In this game, the ANC couldn’t win. They didn’t raise the stakes and neither did they address the needs of Zimbabwe. The ANC or the South African delegation to Zimbabwe only met with on party and didn’t even try to seek grievances elsewhere. Because, ZANU-PF the ruling regime will not tell the truth, neither will they address the issues at hand. That will make their ills and violence naked to the world to see. Something that would be stupid for them and they don’t want the neighbour to that for them.

Therefore, the ANC and the South African playing this soft has backfired. They didn’t do anything and also gotten nothing to bring home. They are going to a barbecue, but they don’t have meat or a salad. They are coming empty handed and hoping to eat a feast.

The ANC should have known and been prepared, alas it seems like a fishing expedition. ZANU-PF are now disowning and discrediting ANC. They are playing out all their cards and mocking the ANC. There is nothing they are not saying or touching on, which cannot be thrown back at them. Still, they are doing it for one reason. To make an insult of self-defence.

They are claiming Mbeki was invited, while this time they came on their own. Not like the ANC wasn’t coming there as a representation of the African Union, which Ramaphosa is the leader of right now. Mnangagwa knows that and the ZANU-PF knows that too. SADC have been silent on Zimbabwe too… so they have gotten off easy considering the issues that is living out in the Republic.

ZANU-PF knows about this and their methods to silence critics and dissidents. The state of affairs is this way and instead of addressing that. Take accountability and being transparent about that. The ZANU-PF throws shade ANC. Saying all kind of ridicule and being ridiculous… like the younger sibling teasing the older sibling. We have seen it all before and ZANU-PF plays it to a T.

If the ones in-charge in Harare things this is a smooth move and brilliant PR. They are clearly misguided. Yes, it helps their backers and the ones in power. However, they are not getting more friends or even getting positive feedback from the international community.

ANC should have played this differently and not rushed this out so quick. Yes, there was an outcry and legitimately so… there are plenty of violations and issues, which the ZANU-PF doesn’t want to change. Because, that means they have to answer for their actions, which they are not interested in doing.

With all of this in mind, the ANC couldn’t have made a difference. There is no will from the authorities in Harare anyway. That is why they are deflecting and showing no remorse in the media in the days after. They are even vilifying the ANC. That is to the extent the ZANU-PF goes too further their own interests. ZANU-PF only did this, because they felt they had too. Not because they wanted too.

So, Ramaphosa, AU and SADC have to see what has happen after the meeting and ask for an invitation with a mandate. Because, what they did now was a lot of nothing with no results and getting a lot unnecessary scrutiny, which they could have prepared before leaving South Africa. Alas, they didn’t and with the haste to intervene. They have only lost on both fronts and ZANU-PF is only showing their true face… Peace.

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