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Opinion: Mwonzora should just join ZANU-PF [and the game is over]

The supposed “opposition” leader Douglas Mwonzora of the Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangrai (MDC-T). Have now told his Members of Parliament to not challenge the President or ZANU-PF. Mwonzora is loyal to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Parliament itself. As the MDC-T is wing-clipping the MDC-Alliance as a token friend of the government.

Mwonzora is the perfect ally of Mnangagwa. A man that can be compromised and used. Douglas only usage is to weaken the MDC-Alliance. That is clearly working, as they are losing seats in the Parliament and going after the other perks of the MDC-Alliance. Therefore, Mwonzora is getting all the blessings of being allied with ZANU-PF.

Douglas is a supposed “opposition” leader, as he now says there should be no chants or dissent towards the President. Mwonzora is clearly aiming to please the President and his Court. The MDC-T leader is really showing his hand. He could just be another comrade of the ZANU-PF.

Mwonzora could just be another brother joining the ZANU-PF like Obert Gutu and James Makore. It would make sense and it would be fair. We know that Mwonzora and Khupe would enjoy to get more perks and allowances. They would surely accept new titles and wealth. It wouldn’t be shocking, if Mwonzora and Khupe suddenly became part of “new” Government of National Unity (GNU). Though, they wouldn’t challenge the government, but work loyally for it.

Thokozani Khupe will not challenge Mwonzora on these statements. Both of them would work directly for the President and be at his becking-call. Nobody should be shocked by this. They have both been serving allies and that is why they are used to dismantle the MDC-Alliance. Everything that is going to MDC-Alliance is given to the MDC-T.

What is the most tragic is that Mwonzora is flying under the banner of Morgan Tsvangirai. He is really selling out his legacy and misusing his name. The MDC-T could just be a named as a proxy party for the ZANU-PF. Especially, the way Douglas is acting this day.

It wouldn’t be a contrast with Khupe as the leader. She wouldn’t change a thing. These two would sing a long with Mnangagwa no matter what. The ruling regime must be giddy. They are getting so much for spending so little.

Mwonzora is now proving that his a loyal token friend. He should do us all a favour and become a comrade. Instead of acting as an “opposition”. Douglas is trying to fool the public, but in the end… his only fooling himself. We know what his up to and what his doing.

Douglas Mwonzora should just kiss the ring and stop playing. This act is over and the play is at your wits’ end. Peace.

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