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Ethiopia: The TDF have now entered both Amhara and Afar regions

The conflict is really spiralling out of control for the Federal Government and their allies. As the Federal Government have deployed Regional Special Forces from all across the Republic in the recent days. The Tigray Defence Forces (TDF) is still able to gain further gains and continue to deliver winning battles.

The latest revelation says the TDF have already entered the Afar region, as they went after the ENDF and allies there. Now, they are going to Amhara, who has annexed and gone rouge in the Tigray region since November 2020. Therefore, this can be seen as self-defence. Since the Amhara Regional State isn’t not only involved in the warfare, but their militias and armies are directly implicated from day-one. The Amhara Regional State President have been openly campaigned for monetary support for the war. So, I understand why the TDF enters Amhara.

The TDF reveals today:

Strict warning from the Tigray Defense Forces TDF:

Tigray Defense Forces are currently operating in the Amhara region; That is, with the full cooperation of the residents of Sekota, Kobo and Weldiya (Woldia) areas. He intensified his military campaign. In addition, the Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) is also active in the Afar region. The same support is being given to the brotherly people of Afar; He continued his military campaign. In this case, the people of the Amhara and Afar regions where the TDF operates:

Weapons that you have previously acquired or given to you by the government; They are yours.

We want to let you know that no one can touch you. in order to do so;

1st. Keep the weapons in your hands in your home;

2nd. You must never shoot at members of the Tigray Defense Forces

And if you do these two things, Tigray Defense Forces will not disarm you.

We would like to inform you.” (TDF, 20.07.2021).

So, this is a further escalation of the TDF, but that happens as the Federal Government has been redeploying troops as well. Instead of waiting inside Tigray for the attacks. The TDF have gone to the frontline of the enemies who are coming for them. That is the reason for this. We are seeing the war becoming different and the TDF is able to go after RSF and ENDF outside of the Tigray region.

This is just days after the TDF entered Afar and now they have done so in Amhara as well. Peace.

Ethiopia: Abiy deploys everyone so he can annihilate the TDF

It is clear that the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) is hurting and lack soldiers for the war-effort. That must be the initial take after 8 months of conflict in the Tigray Region. The Tigray Defence Force (TDF) must have hurt the Tripartite Alliance of ENDF, Eritrea Defence Force (EDF) and Amhara armies (Special Forces and “Fano”). Since after the ceasefire, the state needed to redeploy other forces to fight their battles. That says a lot at this point.

The list of new deployed troops comes from all the different regions and states of the Republic. It really says a lot of what Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali and the Prosperity Party. We know the Regional Special Forces have been out in the Regional States meeting quotas for deployment. Thta means many of the ones coming to the battlefield is new blood and not trained soldiers.

That should worry the ones deployed. These are facing the TDF who has now fought bravely for months against several of armies and been able to overcome it. Not that it has liberated the whole of Tigray, but still a huge part of it. Which has humiliated the Prime Minister and his allies. That’s the reason for the ceasefire in the end June 2021. So, that he could redeploy new forces.

Now the amount of “armies” and “militias” is official. This war will be a continued bloodshed and unknown amount of casualties. The Federal Government haven’t given any numbers or said anything about the destruction of previous participating brigades and ENDF troops in Tigray. Clearly, it has been bad.

When the ENDF is calling up these to fight its battle:

Amhara Regional Special Forces – (This one who have participated since November 2020)

Benishangul-Gumuz Regional Special Forces

Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” (This one have participated since November 2020)

Dire Dawa Police,

Gambela Regional Special Forces

Sidama Regional Special Force,

Oromia Regional Special Forces,

Somali (Ogaden) Regional Special Forces,

Harari Regional Special Forces

Afar Regional Special Forces

It is ten units who has been called up and deployed soldiers to the battlefield. The Federal Government is now trusting the Special Forces, which has been used to secure peace in the respective regional states and regions to combat the TDF. That says a lot about the drain of soldiers in the ENDF. They cannot sustain or have the ability to redeploy without using the regional state own forces. This is tragic and shows how the PM underestimated the Tigray region and his own armies might.

The Prosperity Party and the Prime Minister who is willing to wage genocidal tactics, starve the region to death and create a man made famine. That man is willing to wage war with the forces, which is creating stability and peace in the other regions. His risking to lose the strength of several of other regional states. As they are now sending these Special Forces.

That is clearly a risk the PM is willing to take… as his continuing to wage war and continuing his wish to annihilate the Tigray region. Peace.

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