Opinion: Manchin is the King without a Throne

It is evident the longer this lasts and this tenure of President Joe Biden. That the Democratic Party doesn’t have all the ducks in the row. Neither does the party have good enough whips to get legislation through Congress. If they did, the majority House would have easily passed a bill and the Senate would have passed it too. Just so it could be finished and in the end signed by the President.

Alas, Biden is stuck with renegade and moderate corporate Democratic Senators who isn’t willing to budge. Joe Manchin of West Virginia is one of them. A man who is willing to block and not sign a Infrastructure bill and add additional spending. While the same man has most likely accepted tax-cuts for corporations and huge spending on the military. Therefore, his reasoning is most likely flawed.

Manchin is a mediocre man. A man who could easily pose as a Republic. At least when he accepts “small” government taxes for the rich and corporation. However, will not spend additional tax-payers funding on roads, rails and infrastructure. Neither, support other government services, which is in dire need. As the aftermath and current time the public is suffering from the global pandemic. It is not like the spending bill on the infrastructure bill going to solve all of this, but it will most likely patch some of the hurt.

However, Manchin rather speak softly from a million-dollar yacht or his mansion. This man who earns fortunes on the coal-industry. He will not support the green industry, because that hurts his own businesses. That is the sort of conflict of interests a politician shouldn’t have. His involved in one trade and rather save that one. Than actually prepare the Republic of the future. That is selfishness and not care for the voters in his constituency. They are just pawns in this game of fortune for his own benefits.

If Manchin alone gets to fiddle with the bill for own self interests and lobbying concerns. Than you know that he does for the gains of his own bank-accounts. This man doesn’t care about the jobs or the climate change. No, he just wants to pocket fat-checks and ensure that his industry is alive at any costs.

Manchin can soon go out and sell “clean coal” like Trump did back-in-the-day. Because, there is no difference between these too. They are both sell-outs for the industries and the corporate agenda. He don’t care about the environment or the future.

In a sense, this man is a self-proclaimed king without a throne. His a king with a domain and title. A senator who believes he has the supreme power and rights to get the final in everything. It would be refreshing if the Majority Leader of the Senate Chuck Schumer had addressed this man and gotten him in line. However, they don’t have the character or the heart to do so. They rather bow their knees to their king and pleas for mercy…

This diet-Republican isn’t what the people are seeking for. Neither is following the will of his own state. His just listening to his own pocket and not dwelling on the concerns of West Virginia even. They are just pawns for him and his recklessness might cost the Democrats in the Mid-Terms. Since, they are not showing progress or positive changes since Trump left office. This bill might have changed the narrative a little bit. However, with the likes of Manchin.

Don’t expect much. Peace.

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Sudan: A foiled coup attempt in Khartoum

“There was a coup attempt to take over power and it has been contained.” (Sudan Armed Forces).

The Sovereign Council’s biggest test to date have been this morning. As several of army commanders had a mutiny and went into coup d’état mode. There been reports of 40 generals or high-ranking commanders arrested because of their activity this morning.

As the soldiers and tanks are now on the streets. It has already been questions and doubt about the current rulers. As the bread prices are running high and the lack of civilian transition. The Sovereign Council has sort of betrayed the revolution and they did so through military protocol.

The ringleader of the coup is said to be General Abdel-Baqi Bakrawi. He and his associates will face investigation and punishment now. The foiled coup will be a stain on his legacy. However, people say these men, the former allies of former President Omar Al-Bashir is behind it. Therefore, they grow tired of the Al-Burhan and Hamdok transitional government.

We know there was pressure and that this transitional government was fragile. Even with all the military might and capacities within the ranks of the Sovereign Council. As the generals and leaders of old was there. It was not like it was most civilians there or appointed. Neither, was there many from the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC). That’s why the public support for the Sovereign Council might not be as strong as it is perceived either.

We also know that Ethiopia have had a violent approach to the border conflict closely tied to the Tigray region. Therefore, some is even speculating that the Addis Ababa rulers have supported and tied into the foiled coup. However, that is mere speculation at this point. However, there have been seen and taken arms going to rebels from Ethiopia crossing into Sudan. This has been happening in recent months and therefore the word of mouth spreads fast.

Time will tell what is happening and what will go down. Some is afraid and thinks this is the first of many. As there is a will and someone might even succeed. We cannot know that today, but this is what happens when you let the military in control of a government. Instead of elections, you get coups and new commanders who wants to rise to power.

The Sovereign Council needs to prove its worth and value. They cannot skate away on old promises and lack of results. Peace.

Opinion: The FDC is right on the money

“Last week, Mr. Museveni met with NRM MPs at Kololo and asked them to support distribution of one trillion shillings to the population. Cash distribution centres are going to be set up at parish levels. This is what Museveni has termed as Parish Model” (Forum for Democratic Change, 23.08.2021).

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) in their weekly media brief on this very day the 23rd August 2021. The FDC has stated a mere fact, which should be resound wide and clear. The party have understood and is speaking facts, which deserves to be credited. Since, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and all their benefactors will only praise this commitment to the Parish Model of Micro-Finance Programme.

The FDC states this: “Each parish regardless of the population and economic activity will receive equal amount when the promised trillion is provided. For example Kireka in Kira Municipality with 200,000 people will be given Shs 100 million each financial year. According to National Bureau of Statistics, a parish in Uganda is 800 people. The FDC would like to warn NRM MPs and Parliament in general against risking taxpayers’ money again in unplanned ventures. The country has not recovered from Emyoga fraud which Museveni entrusted with his RDCs.  Parliament budgeted for Shs 250 billion for Emyoga and this money cannot be accounted for. Its effect on the population is not there” (Forum for Democratic Change, 23.08.2021).

This here is a very vital information and says it all about the scheme itself. As there is already a lack of accountability for the former or latter, which was the Emyoga. There been plenty of scandals and lack of transparency in the efforts of the state. This is not new or significant in this matter but says a lot about the will to start new projects. Before you have ended or shown any proof of where the other funds went. That just shows how these sorts of enterprises are schemes and not real legit programmes for the people to get help or be entertained at all. Just a matter of fancy accounting and finding measures to get rich behind the scenes.

About Salim they say:

“At Kololo the same Museveni who has been praising Operation Wealth Creation led by his brother Gen. Caleb Akandwanaho, said it has not benefited the population. In fact, if you read Minister Matia Kasaija statement to Parliament delivered in April this year, government wants Operation Wealth Creation phased out.  Kasaija proposed that Shs 200 billion meant for OWC be diverted to finance Emyoga” (Forum for Democratic Change, 23.08.2021).

We know that is something is up here… when the Parliament Report on OWC says the program haven’t delivered or not even up to standard even. The OWC is a sham and a front, making Gen. Salim Selah, the brother of the President wealthy and have his own “detail” within the government and under the office of the Prime Minister (OPM). That is just a mere fact and the FDC doesn’t shun away from that.

It is just striking that more people haven’t questioned this and the use of public funds this way. When there is no proof of the other schemes are working. Just like all these years with all the seemingly similar schemes but it never amounts to anything. Only benefiting a few chosen few and nobody else. That is how it looks like and with the Parish Model the same results will appear with time. This is something I can reassure you and only a little elite will eat of this plate.

That’s why the President promotes it and he know the game. Because, this is a game he has played since the beginning of his reign. Plotting and scheming to get ahead, while hoping that other people are coving the bills. Peace.

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Ethiopia: The TDF have now entered both Amhara and Afar regions

The conflict is really spiralling out of control for the Federal Government and their allies. As the Federal Government have deployed Regional Special Forces from all across the Republic in the recent days. The Tigray Defence Forces (TDF) is still able to gain further gains and continue to deliver winning battles.

The latest revelation says the TDF have already entered the Afar region, as they went after the ENDF and allies there. Now, they are going to Amhara, who has annexed and gone rouge in the Tigray region since November 2020. Therefore, this can be seen as self-defence. Since the Amhara Regional State isn’t not only involved in the warfare, but their militias and armies are directly implicated from day-one. The Amhara Regional State President have been openly campaigned for monetary support for the war. So, I understand why the TDF enters Amhara.

The TDF reveals today:

Strict warning from the Tigray Defense Forces TDF:

Tigray Defense Forces are currently operating in the Amhara region; That is, with the full cooperation of the residents of Sekota, Kobo and Weldiya (Woldia) areas. He intensified his military campaign. In addition, the Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) is also active in the Afar region. The same support is being given to the brotherly people of Afar; He continued his military campaign. In this case, the people of the Amhara and Afar regions where the TDF operates:

Weapons that you have previously acquired or given to you by the government; They are yours.

We want to let you know that no one can touch you. in order to do so;

1st. Keep the weapons in your hands in your home;

2nd. You must never shoot at members of the Tigray Defense Forces

And if you do these two things, Tigray Defense Forces will not disarm you.

We would like to inform you.” (TDF, 20.07.2021).

So, this is a further escalation of the TDF, but that happens as the Federal Government has been redeploying troops as well. Instead of waiting inside Tigray for the attacks. The TDF have gone to the frontline of the enemies who are coming for them. That is the reason for this. We are seeing the war becoming different and the TDF is able to go after RSF and ENDF outside of the Tigray region.

This is just days after the TDF entered Afar and now they have done so in Amhara as well. Peace.

Ethiopia: Abiy deploys everyone so he can annihilate the TDF

It is clear that the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) is hurting and lack soldiers for the war-effort. That must be the initial take after 8 months of conflict in the Tigray Region. The Tigray Defence Force (TDF) must have hurt the Tripartite Alliance of ENDF, Eritrea Defence Force (EDF) and Amhara armies (Special Forces and “Fano”). Since after the ceasefire, the state needed to redeploy other forces to fight their battles. That says a lot at this point.

The list of new deployed troops comes from all the different regions and states of the Republic. It really says a lot of what Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali and the Prosperity Party. We know the Regional Special Forces have been out in the Regional States meeting quotas for deployment. Thta means many of the ones coming to the battlefield is new blood and not trained soldiers.

That should worry the ones deployed. These are facing the TDF who has now fought bravely for months against several of armies and been able to overcome it. Not that it has liberated the whole of Tigray, but still a huge part of it. Which has humiliated the Prime Minister and his allies. That’s the reason for the ceasefire in the end June 2021. So, that he could redeploy new forces.

Now the amount of “armies” and “militias” is official. This war will be a continued bloodshed and unknown amount of casualties. The Federal Government haven’t given any numbers or said anything about the destruction of previous participating brigades and ENDF troops in Tigray. Clearly, it has been bad.

When the ENDF is calling up these to fight its battle:

Amhara Regional Special Forces – (This one who have participated since November 2020)

Benishangul-Gumuz Regional Special Forces

Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” (This one have participated since November 2020)

Dire Dawa Police,

Gambela Regional Special Forces

Sidama Regional Special Force,

Oromia Regional Special Forces,

Somali (Ogaden) Regional Special Forces,

Harari Regional Special Forces

Afar Regional Special Forces

It is ten units who has been called up and deployed soldiers to the battlefield. The Federal Government is now trusting the Special Forces, which has been used to secure peace in the respective regional states and regions to combat the TDF. That says a lot about the drain of soldiers in the ENDF. They cannot sustain or have the ability to redeploy without using the regional state own forces. This is tragic and shows how the PM underestimated the Tigray region and his own armies might.

The Prosperity Party and the Prime Minister who is willing to wage genocidal tactics, starve the region to death and create a man made famine. That man is willing to wage war with the forces, which is creating stability and peace in the other regions. His risking to lose the strength of several of other regional states. As they are now sending these Special Forces.

That is clearly a risk the PM is willing to take… as his continuing to wage war and continuing his wish to annihilate the Tigray region. Peace.

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