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MPS: Red Notice

(MPS = Motion Picture Sh**)

The Netflix action-comedy ‘Red Notice’ which came out on the 12th November in the Theatres and on Netflix. I have finally watched the movie with Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds.

For me this was sort of a mix of the ‘National Treasure’ and ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguards ‘ because it had a blend of both movies or franchises. Yes, Nicholas Cage isn’t playing in this one, but the main story of ‘Red Notice’ is similar and even Reynolds was toying around with ‘Indiana Jones’ for a smug joke in the middle of movie.

This movie isn’t Oscar worthy entertainment. Neither is it high-art. No, this is the easy enjoyable movie for a Saturday evening and for the whole family. Even with the usage of guns and everything. This is PG13 and it shows.

The issue is that the tricks and swagger dies down. They are all well playing. Reynolds as ‘Nolan Booth’ is like all of his roles of late. The sarcastic and forever talking fella who is smarter than everyone else in the room. While ‘The Rock’ is the same fellow we have seen in most movies. He just changed his name to ‘John Hartley’. While Gadot played ‘The Bishop’. All of these was conning each other and it was fun to watch.

All of the actors made it believable. The sort of back-and-fourth is fun for a minute. Nevertheless, this will not age well. It is a short sting and we will move on to the next. This isn’t a classic or a sort of adventure movie like the mentioned ‘Indiana Jones’. Neither does it have a unique back-story to sell it to us.

The cliff-hanger ending is a move that’s made to ensure the possibility for a second one. That is very clear, as they are planning another mission together. This is so obvious… there wasn’t a need for additional scenes or more after the credits. No, this is well-made and planned effort by Netflix.

They are making movies that other studios would have done. This isn’t the small-screen or the specialized market. The way they did it and made this one. Everything is up in the open and ‘Red Notice’ is just like that.

I don’t know if I will see this movie again. It isn’t a blockbuster or a Oscar flick. It just another movie. Who has it’s moments and laughs, but I will not remember much of this tomorrow. That’s because there are so many of these sorts of movies out there. It will be hard to distinguish it from the others to be honest.

Netflix at least made something original, even if it wasn’t very unique. It was very PG13 and soft. They could have used more finesse and more story-telling in it. However, with the fast moving storyline and little breaks. There isn’t time to dig deep into the character or their mannerisms. It becomes very shallow and your looking more at the suits/dresses than you care about the action itself. Which isn’t a good vibe in the end. It has some awesome scenes, but that cannot save it.

I know this is an action-comedy, but to build good characters is hard. Sell their story and make it believable is even harder. This is an very formula movie for our time. In my opinion, this might be ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ of 2021. It was fine and dandy in 2011, but who cares about it in 2021?

I would guess… very few or too none. The same will happen to ‘Red Notice’. Peace.

Tchad: Gen. Kaka decreed himself to be the ‘général d’armée’ [like father like son…]

The current President of Tchad has started to copy his deceased father, who also gave himself a long list of titles and roles. Mahamat ibn Idriss Déby Itno aka General Kaka who took over the Republic after his father died on the battlefield against rebels who wanted to overthrow him. He has only been a few months in power and since 20th April 2021. So, it’s not like he has had a long time office.

However, like his father who gave himself big fancy titles and decreed himself as a “big-man”. The son will not be any different. That’s why on the 2nd December 2021. He declared in a decree and that’s his the “general d’armee”, there is only the “marechal” who is higher in the order within the army, which is the title his father gave himself. As the Field Marshal of Tchad.

Military History explains “général d’armée” title:

A général d’armée (army general) is the highest active military rank of the French Army. Officially, général d’armée is not a rank (grade in French), but a position and style (rang et appellation) bestowed on some généraux de division (divisional general, which is the highest substantive rank) in charge of important commands, such as chief of staff of the army (chef d’état-major de l’armée de terre) or chiefs of general staff (chef d’état-major des armées). A général d’armée displays five stars on a shoulder board.[1] The mention of the current usage of “a sixth star authorized for the army general in command of the Paris sector” is a legend, this sixth star never existed.[2] The Air Force equivalent is général d’armée aérienne and the Navy equivalent is amiral” (source: https://military-history.fandom.com/wiki/Army_general_(France).

So, we can see that Gen. Kaka wants to be the highest regarded army commander and as well being the President of the Conseil Militaire de Transition (CMT) or Transitional Military Council, which is the ruling regime of Tchad right now. It isn’t a civilian government, but another junta government in control of the state.

Gen. Kaka is now not only the President of CMT, the Army General and the Head of State (Chef d’etat). Therefore, he has all the roles and titles. Everything is within reach of him and gives him more power. That is how to take total control and consolidate power. This isn’t the action of a man who wants to give civilians rule or allow anyone outside the family to be in office. No, this is the move of a man, who wants to rule supreme. Just like his father did until he went to the battlefield himself.

The ones who believes Gen. Kaka is there out of charity or concern of the state. No, his there out of will to take power and be the “big-man”. We know the French support him, just like they did to his father. They are continuing supporting family dynasties in the former colonies. This is what they do and this isn’t the only country they are doing this.

Tchad deserves better… Gen. Kaka is now showing his means and he has only been there for a short time. It is not like he was over a decade in power before giving himself a fancy title. No, this is just mere months in and a baby take longer time develop inside the mother’s womb. Than the time it took Gen. Kaka to give himself the role of général d’armée.

So, expect more of this sort of behaviour in the future. This is the sort of man he is apparently. Peace.

Mali: Ministere de la Securite et de la Protection Civile – Communique de Presse No. 23105 (30.11.2021)

Arbitrary arrest of 5 NUP Leaders in Kasese yesterday

Police in Kasese yesterday arrested 5 leaders of the National Unity Platform in Western Uganda and accused them of plotting to overthrow a legitimate government. The arrested leaders have been identified as Bryan Basisa the NUP Chairperson of Kasese, Geoffrey Bwambale from Bundibugyo, Atanazia Isanat from Ntoroko, Isaac Mumbere and Oniz from Hima” (SEE TV, 04.11.2021).

Again and again, the authorities and the Police Force is targeting the opposition. This is a continuation and there is nothing stopping them. If you believe the words of the President and the National Resistance Movement (NRM). You are a fool… as the National Unity Platform (NUP) is targeted and punished without any proof. This is yet another step from the authorities.

That it happens in Kasese and Rwenzori isn’t shocking either. As the opposition have had a stronghold over the region for over a decade now. The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) have reigned supreme and the NUP could become more popular here too.

The NRM shows their “multi-party” democracy in action here. As the NUP was doing internal party works. The NUP was just doing their duty as a political party. They where just gathering as a active leaders and members. This is being politically prosecuted for their association. That is the indirect act of the state. This would never happen to the NRM party affiliate or anyone in association with them. They would greet the mayor and meet the residential district commander. That’s what they do and this is what they do to the opponent.

The NUP is a target and it’s very evident. That the authorities are doing this just shows the total misuse of power and the arrogance of the state. As this isn’t terrorism or a threat to the nation. No, this is political activism. Just like the President used to do in the University in Dar Es Salaam. Surely, the old man and all of his cronies have clearly not gotten the memo about that. This is how stupid and shows their ignorance.

These sort of cases shouldn’t exist, but it shows the brutality with the state and what sort of political prosecution, which the state is doing here. This is the definition of injustice and impunity. Peace.

Ethiopia: Tigray External Affairs Office – Response to the press Statement by US State Department on Combat Operations in Northern Ethiopia (03.11.2021)

Opinion: Manchin is the King without a Throne

It is evident the longer this lasts and this tenure of President Joe Biden. That the Democratic Party doesn’t have all the ducks in the row. Neither does the party have good enough whips to get legislation through Congress. If they did, the majority House would have easily passed a bill and the Senate would have passed it too. Just so it could be finished and in the end signed by the President.

Alas, Biden is stuck with renegade and moderate corporate Democratic Senators who isn’t willing to budge. Joe Manchin of West Virginia is one of them. A man who is willing to block and not sign a Infrastructure bill and add additional spending. While the same man has most likely accepted tax-cuts for corporations and huge spending on the military. Therefore, his reasoning is most likely flawed.

Manchin is a mediocre man. A man who could easily pose as a Republic. At least when he accepts “small” government taxes for the rich and corporation. However, will not spend additional tax-payers funding on roads, rails and infrastructure. Neither, support other government services, which is in dire need. As the aftermath and current time the public is suffering from the global pandemic. It is not like the spending bill on the infrastructure bill going to solve all of this, but it will most likely patch some of the hurt.

However, Manchin rather speak softly from a million-dollar yacht or his mansion. This man who earns fortunes on the coal-industry. He will not support the green industry, because that hurts his own businesses. That is the sort of conflict of interests a politician shouldn’t have. His involved in one trade and rather save that one. Than actually prepare the Republic of the future. That is selfishness and not care for the voters in his constituency. They are just pawns in this game of fortune for his own benefits.

If Manchin alone gets to fiddle with the bill for own self interests and lobbying concerns. Than you know that he does for the gains of his own bank-accounts. This man doesn’t care about the jobs or the climate change. No, he just wants to pocket fat-checks and ensure that his industry is alive at any costs.

Manchin can soon go out and sell “clean coal” like Trump did back-in-the-day. Because, there is no difference between these too. They are both sell-outs for the industries and the corporate agenda. He don’t care about the environment or the future.

In a sense, this man is a self-proclaimed king without a throne. His a king with a domain and title. A senator who believes he has the supreme power and rights to get the final in everything. It would be refreshing if the Majority Leader of the Senate Chuck Schumer had addressed this man and gotten him in line. However, they don’t have the character or the heart to do so. They rather bow their knees to their king and pleas for mercy…

This diet-Republican isn’t what the people are seeking for. Neither is following the will of his own state. His just listening to his own pocket and not dwelling on the concerns of West Virginia even. They are just pawns for him and his recklessness might cost the Democrats in the Mid-Terms. Since, they are not showing progress or positive changes since Trump left office. This bill might have changed the narrative a little bit. However, with the likes of Manchin.

Don’t expect much. Peace.

Kenya Police Service: Press Statement on Laikipia County (14.10.2021)

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