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Ethiopia: Oromo Political Prisoners Defence Team – Kaliti Prison Administration Prohibited Mr. Bekele Gerba’s Eye Treatment For The Second Time (24.02.2021)

Mr. Bekele Gerba has been prevented from receiving his scheduled eye treatment again today. It’s well known that he has been treated by an eye specialist for the last several months on regular bases. He used to be treated at WAGGA private eye clinic since his arrest.
Accordingly, he was scheduled to receive laser treatment last Wednesday. However, the prison administration refused to take him, as a result it was rescheduled for today.
After the prison administration told him they will take him to his appointment this morning, it was later learned that they could not take him due to a superior order from above. Doctors have warned him missing his regular treatment will result in permanent loss of his left eyesight.
The prison admnistration is well aware of this, but continues to prevent Mr. Bekele from getting his eye treatment. Refusing medical treatment has become common after Oromo political prisoners started the hunger strike.

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Opinion: Bobi Wine shouldn’t go too Yellow

NUP Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Bobi Wine has asked the people of Koboko to vote for NRM’s Dr. Charles Ayume as Koboko Municipality MP, saying that he has been following him for some long time and he is a good person” (91.8. Boona FM, 08.12.2020).

Just mere days after he anointed Rebecca Kadaga, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) loyalist and two term Speaker of the Parliament in Kamuli district. He has now in Koboko vouched for Dr. Charles Ayume.

Yes, he does this deliberately and yes it’s sending the wrong message. Yes, his peers and allies say he vouches for independents and FDC candidates too. Because, the National Unity Platform (NUP) isn’t able to field candidates for MP everywhere.

However, this political gambit is only limiting the space between him and the President. The change his supposed to happen. Yes, some can say this is a sign of unity and working together. Nevertheless, has the NRM worked that together? They have only worked to weaken the opposition and their parties!

That’s why the Democratic Party (DP) and Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) have made arrangements and had their MPs taken by the NRM. These have been in cabinet positions as members of the other parties. Still, after a term they have gone yellow. So, it is all beneficial for the NRM.

Now that Bobi Wine is speaking well of NRM. He is initially vouching for the incumbent by doing this. He can speak well and endorse whoever he pleases. The message he sends by doing it isn’t all about unity, but more a mixed message.

As he speak of delivering the removal of the dictator, but accepting his comrades and vouching for them. The ones who are abiding the dictator and being vocal supporters. These folks are working for the party and for the President. Therefore, cheering them on isn’t a good look.

Even if the NUP or the allies aren’t able to field candidates in the districts his holding rallies and campaigning in. Since, the opposition and NUP has a disadvantage from the get-go. They have less time, less resources and structures to compete. They cannot canvass or organize without meeting the Police or the army. Therefore, the opposition are bound to fail and lose by mere participating.

Now, we know this and the NRM has rigged the game this way. That still doesn’t justify and gives reasons for him to support NRM candidates. Because, if his removing the bead. He should also seek to remove the system that keeps it alive. The MPs and the candidates beneath the President is enablers and the ones keeping it at bay. They are interested in seeing NRM succeed and not seeing Bobi Wine winning. Feel me?

The ideals of Dr. Ayume might be fine. We all enjoyed to see Hon. Anite loose in the primaries. However, that isn’t enough to give him credit. His still apart of the unholy alliance of people sucking up and abiding the principals of the dictatorship. Have a hard time seeing this making a difference.

The only thing this does is to spark confusion and also wondering how deep his will of change is. Which it shouldn’t be… it is unnecessary and only causes “propaganda” victories for the NRM. As they are seeing the rising star is endorsing their candidates. That is not the look he intends or are interested in.

Mr. Bobi Wine aka Robert Kyagulanyi … please for the love of God not support men like these. Then your tricked by the hustle of Tinkasmire and others who only uses the NUP and People Power as meal-tickets. These folks are only getting the bashing glory, but singing songs with Jajja/Bosco/Mzee at the first given moment. They are even awaiting their next envelope and suit. That is what they does…

Be smart and think ahead. These cheap stunts will not cover in the long run. Its a Segway, but not a solution. It is giving gifts to the dictator and he doesn’t deserve a damn thing. Peace.

Opinion: Took 34 years to ensure food security

The time is right for Uganda’s leadership and technocrats to take heed and ensure a transformed food system which responds to all the four dimensions of food security and nutrition”Justine Kasule Lumumba on the 16th October 2020 (Farooq Kasule – ‘NRM secretariat champions food security’’, New Vision, 17.10.2020).

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) is proving why there are on a due date. Their deadline of being in power should be passed the expiration date. Since, they are still in power over all this years. You would think they had fixed the basics. Alas, that is not the case.

The NRM who are always praising their track-record and achievements since 1986. It is really brilliant, that a government of this calibre is still not succeeding in the basics. To ensure the citizens and the grand public having food. That is an issue for all governments since the early beginnings of man kind. This why even in Roman time, the tyrants ran the regime with bread and circus. Giving the public food and entertainment. So, they the elite could enjoy the spoils of the empire.

The NRM is surely lacking, when its time to fix this issue now. Food security should have been ensured long time ago. The party has had decades to fix this, have safety nets and ensured the public had food during crisis. However, the multi-nationals and UN Organizations are feeding the system. So, that the NRM can be lazy for years, because they are covering for their misgivings. They are coming with funds and logistics to pick up the slack of the state. This shouldn’t be shocking, because that is the sad reality.

If it wasn’t for donors and others, the pressure would have much stronger to fix this. The NRM can lean on them and anticipate them to cover it. That is why it has taken this long. Still, it is shows their lack of care and concern. Since, this has been an issue since 1986 and not fixed by the year of 2020.

The President, the whole regime should be horrified of themselves. That they haven’t been able to secure all citizens. This is sort of the backbone, the thing that keeps people alive. The same with lack of shelter and water. All of these basics are the sort of thing this state haven’t properly prioritized. Since, there is always a war to cover, an election and new police units to use funds upon. If not another prestige project of the regime, which will not cover the needs of society in general.

That is why yesterday’s statement from the Secretary General of the NRM is insulting, infuriating, but also showing lack of care of the citizens. This isn’t just a regime who started to rule last year. No, they started mid-80s and still haven’t fixed this. That is how little concerned they are about this. Why?

Because, someone else is always footing the bill and taking over for the slack of state. There is always some happy go-lucky CSO/NGO/UN Organization who can patch the hurt. They will come anyway and will have budgets, logistics and the needed expertise to run the operation. Not only in the middle of a crisis, but in ordinary life too.

The NRM should know better, they have had all the tools, the time and the capital, if they cared about this. However, there has always been some other priority, which isn’t about the basics to spend the fortunes on. Peace.

Philippines: Kagawaran ng Katungan – Anti-Terrorism Council – Press Statement (14.10.2020)

Mawogola North: A family affair [where Kaguta settled old scores over Kuteesa]

The National Resistance Movement Primary Elections in Sembabule district and in Mawogola North County especially. Where there was a need to postpone the election twice and having the polls finally on the 30th September 2020. The first primaries was slated for 4th September and was moved to 28th September, but happened on the 30th September 2020. The first polls was stopped because of election violence between the two main parties in the polls. These are people related to high ranking officials and therefore, the results are even more important.

This is all because of the ones involved. On the days of the polls on the 30th September, there was 2,000 soldiers in the district to ensure peaceful elections. That says a lot and what is at stake. This was one seat in question and the army had to go in like they we’re defeating a militia.

The Primaries here was the highest stakes. This is why it was so extra contested. The battle of Museveni versus Kuteesa. A race that was reminding people of when Yoweri lost to Sam to in 1980 and took him to court, where he lost the petition as well.

Times has changed since then. Sam Kuteesa is still a Minister and a powerful individual. Who are connected deeply in the State House. However, he is still not the President.

While the President had his brother going to the polls here. That being Godfrey Aine Kaguta aka Sodo. Sam had his daughter Shartsi Kuteesa Musherure.

Just to put the family structure into a grander scale. The other son of Museveni, Muhoozi Kainerugaba have married the twin of Shartsi Kuteesa Musherure, that being Charlotte Kuteesa. While Sodo is a half-brother of Museveni and is therefore a Uncle to Muhoozi. That was all done to put things into perspective. Also, Sam Kuteesa himself is a “father-in-law” as his late wife Jennifer Kuteesa was a cousin to Janet Museveni, the wife of the President Yoweri. Therefore, the whole clan was internally battling out in this Primary.

Which meant that the big-men, the ones at the highest table was sending their closest family members to challenge each other. That would be a battle of pride and honour. Especially for Kaguta who has already lost once to Kuteesa. He didn’t want that to be repeated.

So, yesterday, Sodo fixed the bill and won the race. Even as Shartsi and her team won’t concede the loss. They are taking the polls to the courts and having the election contested there. That is repeating history, but the other way around. Now, Sodo has the one in office on his side, just like Sam had in the 1980s. Therefore, I doubt that this petition will bare any grounds or change the Primaries.

Sodo has this, but whoever he challenges in the General Election that matters. There might even be an independent he has challenged before. Which will try their luck again. Sodo is lucky to be a half-brother of the President. If he wasn’t there would be very much in the hands of Shartsi, as she has not only the support of her father, but would have Muhoozi as well.

This is the sort of family affairs turned politics. As they all wants part of the stakes. Secure the next generation and ensure their legacy. That is what this was all about. Kuteesa wanted his own to excel too. The Son of Kaguta wanted that for his own well. We saw how that went.

We can always question if these numbers are accurate and the results are a honest representation. As there well known rigging and that wouldn’t shock anyone here. Tanga Odoi wouldn’t offend the Don and mock the half-brother of the President. That he cannot afford.

These elections was bound to be this way. Neither way, they would be contested and would be messy. As there is not only the next generation ambition, but old scores to fought. Secondly, the one in power wants his folk first. At this junction that happened to be Sodo, even as Shartsi could easily been one too. As the extended family is all in the near proximity of the First Family. It isn’t far from Janet, neither far from Muhoozi, which means Yoweri know them all. Peace.

Uganda Law Society Statement on the Arrest and Detention of Advocate Ambrose Tebyasa (27.09.2020)