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RDC: CODECO behind a massacre this Sunday in the Ituri province

At least 107 bodies were found following the attack, yesterday and today, of the villages of Drodro, Largu and surroundings, in the province of Ituri, by militiamen of CODECO. The vast majority of the dead are civilians” (Ekipe, 22.11.2021).

Drodro (Ituri): the FARDC who had fled when the CODECO militiamen attacked yesterday Sunday finally returned to the locality on Monday, after the militiamen withdrew. The toll of this attack remains to be confirmed, but could be high” (LUCHA, 22.11.2021).

The CODECO isn’t the most known militia or guerrilla operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Kivu Security Blog has written this about CODECO for everyone who doesn’t know their history:

CODECO is essentially active in Djugu, a territory of Ituri province long-scarred by community-based violence and tensions, effectively between the Hema and Lendu ethnic groups. This can be traced back to colonial times: steeped in racialist theories, the Belgian authorities supported the Hema community, whom they considered to be superior at the time, and who were mostly comprised of farmers (see the report “Violence and Instability in Ituri” by the GIC network), often to the detriment of the Lendu community, which is one of the largest of the province (just over 25% according to some estimates)” (…) “According to Floribert Njabu, the moral authority of the FNI, who was able to enter into dialogue with the CODECO militia in 2020, members of CODECO present their movement as “an army, a church, and a company” all at the same time” (…) “CODECO militia members do not clearly articulate their political demands, apart from their right to fight against the “harassment” by the FARDC who they accuse of having been “infiltrated” by foreigners, according to Floribert Njabu. Incidents caused by CODECO are not limited, however, to attacks against the FARDC: they have also committed many killings, particularly of Hema civilians” (Kivu Security Tracker – ‘In Ituri Province, the FARDC are Unable to Distinguish CODECO Militias from Civilians’ 15.11.2021).

So, now the CODECO have killed even more people in the Ituri region. This is clear now that they are continuing their rampage in the region. As the CODECO is settling the scores of old in the territory. This might be another one where the CODECO is targeting the Hema population in the Djugu territory of the Ituri region.

This is very tragic and the KST have registered 133 violent incidents between 1st April 2021 to the October 13th 2021. That is this year alone, but not since their inception and that should be worrying. The FARDC cannot run away from the region and return when the massacre is over. That is what happened this weekend.

Ituri region is one of the regions under State of Emergency and still the FARDC isn’t safeguarding the general public. That is a tragic result and so many innocent civilians lost their lives this weekend.

After this massacre, the CODECO should be known like M23 or any other guerrilla being active in the DRC. Peace.

RDC: Le Congo N’Est Pas a Vendre (CNPAV) – CONGO HOLD-UP ou des dizaines d’annees de pillage, de corruption et de detournement des biens publics par l’elite politico-economique (22.11.2021)

RDC: LUCHA – “Congo Hold Up: Les Autorites Congolaise Doivent Agir” (22.11.2021)

Opinion: Kabila have been siphoning funds for years – #CongoHoldUp

Former Congolese President Joseph Kabila who served as President from 2001 to January 2019. Kabila made agreements with the current President Felix Tshisekedi, which let him into the offices in 2019 after prolonged agony and a presidency on overtime. We know the CACH-FCC agreement secured Tshisekedi and Kamerhe secured they could govern. This blocking the opposition Lamuka from entering the offices. Therefore, we shouldn’t be shocked if Kabila is eating of the state still.

Yes, Tshisekedi have done someone mediocre plans and tried to show accountability. As President and with “Union sacrée”. The current President haven’t changed things and the problems of the state haven’t gotten smaller either. There is state of emergency in Ituri, North Kivu and South Kivu, which haven’t stopped insurgency or the militias there.

Even if Tshisekedi thinks he rules supreme. He lives in office on the mercy of the agreement he made with Kabila. He has tried to block and make his party less viable. This being the FCC and everyone associated with Kabila. However, CACH-FCC agreement is what breathed life into his presidency and he couldn’t have secured this without Kabila himself.

That’s why when I read about a banking scandal, huge payouts from the state and whole corruption scandal involved Kabila in 2021. I am not shocked nor surprised… It seemed inevitable and made to be. Kabila had already had total control for about 2 decades in office. The former President had still after the election massive power in the provinces and in the chambers of power. Even with another party coalition in government. They still needed his blessings for their causes and not to get issues in Parliament. Therefore, Tshisekedi was the figure-head, but not the kingpin.

Kabila didn’t pay any price for his schemes of the past and neither any inquires into his vast family wealth. Kabila could just walk out of office and chill. He was earning money like no tomorrow and the state was still on his payroll. That was the deal and Tshisekedi accepted that to finally become President.

Tshisekedi cannot sanction him or target him like Vital. Because, if he does that… he risks not only the agreement, but also his future. For Tshisekedi and UDPS rather wants him re-elected. Than go after Kabila and his influence of the state. They are already indebted to him and cannot bring any sort of pain his way. Since if he does… Tshisekedi will regret and the FCC will punish him. This is something Tshisekedi knows and he cannot play with fire.

Tshisekedi cannot fix any of the grand issues in the Republic. He cannot fix the lack of schools, hospitals, national roads or the lack of electricity and water. Heck, the President cannot even stop insurgency and insecurity with huge mandates of martial law. That is how weak he is and this is why he cannot challenge Kabila either. If he does… he will be torched and possibly impeached. The CACH already did this allies of Kabila last year, but he wouldn’t dare to touch his wealth. That is a place nobody would go.

We know that the millions of dollars which is revealed is a small price the Tshisekedi presidency has paid for the silence of the predecessor. Kabila is already revealed to have 15 billion US dollars in tax-haven of the Cayman Islands. Therefore, the millions of dollars in question now. Is small funds and just the top of the ice-berg. Kabila have been eaten like a mad-man for years and he could, because there was no stoppage to his power. The vast wealth and resources of the Republic could easily enrich him and he could siphon funds like no tomorrow.

So, the #CongoHoldUp case is just showing the sinister side, which was already known about. The Kabila family and fortune is massive. The DRC have been robbed by their own and the current President made a deal with him. That’s why they wouldn’t dare to really challenge him. Since, then he would loose the agreement and ability to rule. Tshisekedi wouldn’t dare to do that. He could loose everything and they could find things to pin him with as well. He could end up like Kamerhe and be behind bars too. It is not far from power to the jail-cell.

Kabila stealing and siphoning funds isn’t shocking. What is shocking how people are reacting and thinking this is outrageous. This is what the man did as a career and misused his office. Kabila wasn’t a saint or a hero. He was a thief with vast power and nobody keeping him accountable. Therefore, the Sentry Report is positive, but Kabila has done this for years and it’s not breaking news.

A man doesn’t steal 15 billion US Dollars overnight. No that is steady operation over years. The conning man of Kabila will not be gone either. Some of his straw-men might fall and loose grace because of this. However, he himself will see another day and that’s because of the agreement he has with Tshisekedi. The President cannot risk his legitimacy and his office now. He cannot dare to question or be vocal now. If he does… he risks the next election and that is the most important thing for the President. At least that is how things looks from a far. Peace.

RDC: Du Senateur a Vie Joseph Kabila (SCSV) – Reaction de la Conseillere en Communication du President de la Republique Honoraire Concernant CONGO HOLD-UP (19.11.2021)

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