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A look into how Col. Mamady Doumbouya blasts Museveni

Col. Mamady Doumbouya the current day rule of Guinea. Who took power on the 5th September 2021 after overthrowing third term President Alpha Conde .A man who rewrote the Constitution and held a referendum so he could overstay in power. This is one of the reasons for his downfall and gave legitimacy to the Special Forces Group (GPS). Therefore, yesterdays Facebook post addressing Museveni’s condemnation of the coup is very entertaining.

What Col. Doumbouya is saying is striking, as retort to the statement Museveni made recently. Just take a look:

Please stop dictating don’t lecture us on democracy. ECOWAS and AU are a batch of dictators with mentality of occupying and colonizing Africans. Dictators think they will rule African countries as if they are running their families. We are closely following the events and we have learnt that Museveni hasn’t slept ever since we took over power. He has been calling fellow dictators to undermine our leadership” (Doumbouya, 24.09.2021).

His words are poignant and direct. What is striking to call the coup democratic. Yes, Conde was misusing power and overstaying in office. The act of Col. Doumbouya was stopping a man who never wanted step down. Still, his act wasn’t democratic as Doumbouya isn’t elected either. Yes, the people supported his cause and the coup. However, that is because of Conde and not personally towards the new ruler. Therefore, the condemnation of the coup is natural, but Museveni shouldn’t lecture on democracy and neither the organizations in question either. These organizations are shielding the likes of Conde and Museveni.

It is true that Museveni runs his republic like his family and directs it all as a family business. So, it is cool that Col. Doumbouya says that. This is not sort of thing a head of state usually would say. Doumbouya is actually speaking of others like Museveni did in the beginning of his reign. When he was seen as the new-breed, which is a striking turn of events.

He continues:

Museveni should instead focus on his country and rebuild it since he destroyed it long ago to the extent that there is no constitutional order in Uganda. Museveni is the constitution in Uganda and he is still protected by AU a batch of tyrants on our Continent. Museveni family rule in Uganda, he dominates everything and Ugandans have suffered under his hands” (Doumbouya, 24.09.2021).

Here is speaking facts. His not the first to say this and the African Union (AU) has been by many called the “Dictators Club”. The AU is quick to condemn and go after the public, but they are shielding and saving the dictators of the continent. Therefore, Col. Doumbouya is right on the money here. The words on Museveni is just a fitting example and what he says it true. Museveni will dismiss this, but the usage of force and authorities against the citizens is a proof in this regard.

The last cool point from Doumbouya:

Dictator Museveni who is writing missives against us accusing us of being backed by western powers, but he himself is the real agent of the western powers…He was used to gather Intelligence on Omar Al Bashir, he was used by the west to spy on Gadaffi..and he is still doing more for the west.. If he Museveni is working for the west, he is the kind of puppet leaders who don’t know his place in history, and is responsible for the death of Thomas Sankara and Patrice Lumumba, Museveni is a traitor to the new African order…If he continue his outbursts against us, we have more capabilities to undermine him on the African continent and beyond including ending his tyrannical missile in Uganda” (Doumbouya, 24.09.2021).

We know that Museveni have been favoured and worked for causes that has fitted the West. That’s why Museveni have been shielded and not targeted by the West. Even when he has violated their trust and misused power. So, Museveni himself should always be careful to call other puppets and being pawns. As he himself has been and is capable of trading his services for coins. Therefore, Col. Doumbouya is brave saying all this. While saying that Museveni isn’t Pan-African, which is something he always boosting to be. As we all know most of the causes and conflicts has been for personal gain or for the hopes of having a pay-off later down the line.

Therefore, the brutal words of Col. Doumbouya says it all. He states what others wouldn’t dare to say. Neither has Doumboya anything to loose. His a new generation of leader, unless he shows finesse and clarity. Have the ability like Rawlings and will usher in democratic institutions. He will turn into Museveni in matter or time. If not copying Conde himself. As Col. Doumbouya have the flex and flair right now.

Col. Doumbouya is where Museveni was in 1986, which is a long time ago. When he was the hopeful and the future of the Republic. We just have to see what power and the office does to him. If he will do something useful or become a dictator himself. It is easy to throw shade, but harder to step down and give way to the will of the people. That is proven, especially be the gentlemen who uses weapons to take power. Peace.

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Guinea: Condé is “retiring” in disgrace

Alpha Condé is falling to his own game-plan, as he revised the Constitution in late 2019 and held a referendum early in 2020 and stood for his third term in 2020. By December 2020 he was sworn-in and started this third term in Guinea.

So now 9 months after being sworn-in for the third time. The President is under house arrest and the Colonel of the Special Forces Group is behind it. The Presidency has fallen to his own theatrics and use of force. Condé have used violence and open oppression against the opposition. In such a manner, that the opposition have boycotted election and not even participated. As the results was written in the stars and was made for him.

Condé could have retired ahead of the 2020 elections after two terms. In November 2010 he won the first democratic election. Where he promised a “new era” which was clearly a lie. In October 2015 he was re-elected. In his first term there was violent means to stop demonstrations and protests, which has followed his whole reign.

It is a reason why the Front National pour la Defense de la Constitution (FNDC) and other opposition have been on the rise. They have used resistance and defiance. It is has been costly and the Guinean state have been unforgiving. Still, the public has stood up to the regime of the President.

Instead of being known for being the first elected democratically. He ends his Presidency just like so many before him. Condé could have left a valuable legacy … and a promise for the future. However, he rather revise an constitution for himself and values his own greed over the Republic. That’s why today is tragic, but that’s how men falls when their reign isn’t welcome anymore.

It is tragic that guns and soldiers have to be on the streets. That the army and specially trained units have to takeover. This isn’t how you wants things to end, but there is no other way Condé would have retired. It was either this way or death.

Condé has “yes” been a dictator and misused power. Still, he could have left-off with a good ending. The old man could have had some sense and given way. That wasn’t in him and he clearly needs to self reflect on what he did. It is a reason for his house-arrest and fall from grace. He thought he was above the Republic and the people.

Yes, there will be a transitional “junta” military government in-charge after him. Instead of a civilian government. That happens because one man wanted to rule for life. The army intervened and he will not be remembered fondly.

What is striking that he didn’t have to revise the constitution and stand for a third term. He could have chilled after 10 years in power and work on his own foundation. Sooner or later the African Union (AU) would have appointed him to a meaningless Special Representative role or as a part of Elections Monitoring Mission. However, now he will instead be either in jail or later exiled for the rest of his life.

Condé wasted his potential and the possibilities he had. The greed and power corrupted him. He thought he could get away with everything and never have any consequences for him. Alpha Condé is now a fallen big-man and will be ranked with dictators. His name is tarnished and his legacy is stained.

The army is retiring him in disgrace, because he didn’t have the manners to step-down in time. Peace.

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