Opinion: Endorsing Mzee for 2026 [the ones who does it is either hungry or foolish]

As the struggle for win the hearts of the youths by Uganda’s presidential hopefuls continues, NRM youth leaders from Buganda have endorsed President Museveni as the sole presidential candidate for the 2026 elections. Museveni, who has been in power for 26 years, has not yet indicated that he will run for 2026” (Farish Magembe – ‘NRM Buganda youth endorse Museveni, not Muhoozi, for 2026’ 18.10.2022, Nile Post).

In Masaka there was a group of youth leaders from the National Resistance Movement (NRM) has already endorsed President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni. A man who has ruled the nation since 26th January 1986. A President that has already reigned supreme for 36 years is still viable some youths.

You can wonder what is their incentives and reasons to do it. Certainly, they must be hungry and wants to show loyalty. If they show loyalty and proves their services to his government. That’s what the youth leaders of Buganda did or Central Region. If it is the opposition it’s the Central Region, but when it’s NRM – it is back to the Kingdom and calling it Buganda. Ironically, right?

Well, NRM Youth Leaders of Buganda signing off an endorsement in 2022 is a sign of poverty, lack of vision and also utterly ill-advised. This isn’t done in the run-up to an election. Neither is there any signs of Yoweri standing as a candidate in the next election. Though, we shouldn’t kid ourselves. Museveni is doing this every-time and claiming the “people will decide” and “so will his party”. Though we know the drill and his most like the flag-bearer for NRM in the next term.

They haven’t even published a road-map or the committee to write the manifesto. Therefore, settling now only shows your motivation and that you are hoping for incentives to do so. The NRM Youth here is only showing their soul is sold and they have traded all integrity. That’s what legit has gone down…

Because, we know what is happening ahead of the election new NRM umbrella groups are popping up to fit whatever narrative and stories the NRM needs. We know also that these groups will praise the President and supposed achievements. That’s why there is plenty of youthful groups, which is sort of a part of the NRM. These are now mentioned without any particular order, NRM Poor Youth, NRM Youth League, NRM Isolated Youth, NRM Yellow Power and NRM Generation Seven.

All of these ha been made to ensure elections and continuation of the NRM regime. The NRMYL is the most significant ones, but the others has been made to cater the needs of NRM ahead of the polls. That really their mission and this is why you haven’t heard from them in forever. They only comes in a hot-minute before the polls and to be there for a campaign pledge.

You are seeing so many youth groups… and this week a group of youths from Buganda… suddenly endorsed the President for Life out of nowhere. They are certainly hoping for a pay-off, either a plate or a brew. These youths hopes for opportunities and recognition. The clearly made some headlines and got some people talking. However, they are too early.

These youth should have waited for the RDCs and the NRM Vice-Chairperson for each regions are out hunting for positive groups or stories. At that point ahead of the election wants as much credibility and youthfulness as possible. They want to look more popular than pop-stars or the Lord Saviour. However, now… this is futile, except, if these people are hungry and hoping for a plate.

They could get that and a free t-shirt. Nevertheless, these folks won’t be Kings, because they are already peasants. They might become glorified peasants, but they will not reach the throne. That place is sealed and they are already proving it with their action alone. Peace.

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