Opinion: Tshisekedi’s paranoia knows no bounds…

The current Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi is acting like his predecessors. There is little to nothing separating him from the others. Even if his father and himself was on the barricades for a more just rulers and democratically values. However, once resuming office, it becomes apparently all about staying in power.

Tshisekedi is no different than the ones before him. We should have seen it coming with the “100 Hours” scandal and legal jeopardy that was. Also, with the usage of “Sacred Union” to justify the ending of FCC-CACH marriage and detaining his ally Vital Kamerhe. Therefore, it was already put into play, but now before a new election. The President is speeding it up…

He has already targeted the Ensemble and the Opposition leader Moise Katumbi. His home has been raided by the authorities, his car been shot at and felt the pressure of the authorities because his vocally demonstrating against the regime.

Now today there are reports that the FCC and PPRD head, the former President Joseph Kabila’s house will be raided too. That is happening and shows what the current head of state is willing to do.

His not only targeting one of the Lamuka coalition heads in Katumbi. No, he also goes for the man he negotiated with and ensured his office with Mr. Kabila.  That’s telling, but I’m not surprised knowing what he did and ensured the demise of Kamerhe.

We know Kabila and Tshisekedi schemed after the previous elections. That’s why it was shockingly him becoming President and not the anointed on in the PPRD. It was a way to manoeuvre and ensure continuation of the predecessors’ base as well. Therefore, Tshisekedi was already in the mercy of others and since then tried to disassemble the arranged marriage he was captured in.

So, we are now seeing before the next election that Tshisekedi is trying do get a full divorce. His settling the old grudges and finding ways to ensure the down-fall of the ones around him. He is not risking having to deal with Kabila or any of his political allies. Neither does he want to see the opposition or the Lamuka rise to power either. That’s why his trying to weaken the FCC, PPRD and Lamuka.

It is the initial reason for this all going down. The allegations and the reasons for the raids are manufactured. That is make belief and easy stories to sell to the UPDS base. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make it truer.

Kabila, Katumbi and others are victims of one man’s will to rule supreme. Tshisekedi is hungry for more and the only way he knows to succeed is by blocking others. He doesn’t know how to win a popularity contest or campaign with full force. It is easier to detain, silence and intimidate the opponents. That’s what his doing and the ones who are in his way will feel his wrath.

Tshisekedi is just showing the electorate, the citizens and world at large who he really is. That his no different than the ones before him. Even if he is from a family of renegade opposition who fought for a noble cause. He instead turned on these ideals and prefers eating in office. That’s why the ones in his way got to be removed. He needs to find reasons and then challenge them with the power vested in the authorities. That’s what he does and it’s so tragic.

Tshisekedi won’t be known reformer or an idealist in office. The UPDS won’t make things better, but only continue where others left off. That’s why Katumbi and Kabila get’s targeted now. Peace.

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