Opinion: Three Generals dies mysteriously in one month [Tumusiime, Kuteesa and Lokech]

In general you must either pamper people or destroy them; harm them just a little and they’ll hit back; harm them seriously and they won’t be able to. So if you’re going to do people harm, make sure you needn’t worry about their reaction.”Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

In death there is always speculation. Especially, when you are speaking of high ranking officials and the ones that in beyond us ordinary realm of people. That is why the demise of Generals and Army Commanders is unique. They have a aura and a way of living, which we common folk could dream of. They are warriors, loyal soldiers and men who has fought for a higher cause than themselves.

That’s why there been mysterious deaths before and certainly in the manner, which they have happened. In the Republic of Uganda and under President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, high ranking generals have died of unnatural causes before. They have just suddenly died and nobody has ever recovered or reported properly on their death. Therefore, it is unique and special when three generals just happens to die in the same month.

The list itself is brutal and just shows the mere days between them:

1st: Maj. Gen. Stephen Tumusiime Rwabantu died on the 8th August 2021

2nd: Lt Gen Pecos Kuteesa died on the 17th August 2021

3rd: Maj Gen Paul Lokech died on the 21st August 2021

When such fall of men happens, it is natural that speculations appear. Especially, when they happen so short time apart. Maj. Gen. Stephen T. Rwabantu is said to have died of throat cancer. While Lt. Gen. Kuteesa illness was liver damage after excessive drinking over the years. The most recent Maj. Gen. Lokech is reported to have died of blood-clot.

What is striking here… is how the reported illnesses has been kept away from the public and it’s been mysterious. The generals has just fallen and died, one by one. Like in Lt. Gen. Kuteesa’s case, there was even talks of operations in India and the UPDF stated that itself. However, all news of his final days was in Nairobi. That’s how you ensure questions and doesn’t make it better. In combination, that one report is liver damage over drinking and others that the COVID-19 vaccine was the nail in the coffin. When such statements comes out. You beg to wonder, how come now?

All these men have been loyal to the cause and served for years. That is why their demise, so suddenly makes you wonder. Just like other has fallen on trips abroad for the state. They just fell and for various of reasons. While the general public never got to know the real reason for their demise. Meanwhile, their stories and their internal knowledge was kept to the grave. Only a little heroics and tales of grandeur was spoiled to public.

Just like these three gentlemen, the generals who are suddenly gone. They have all participated and been part of the inner-circle. One by one, they have fallen and died. Within three weeks and the reports are scattering. That’s why some even claim all three was poisoned. Many of men and high ranking officials in the Republic has fallen for the same before. That wouldn’t be revolutionary or the first time. With that in mind and without proper evidence, the speculations will just run rampant as well. It doesn’t help that token “misleader’s” and “spin-doctors” comes out quickly with some reports and later that is changed. This is just telling that the authorities and the regime don’t want the truth out. Certainly, the authorities and government don’t want the public to know about poisoning attempts or murder of own high level cadres. They are heroes and not villains.

What is striking, as we were not there and that’s why speculations run rampant. What we do know is what the government and the inner-circle has done before. That’s why we easily question it. Just like there been attempts of murder and assassinations, which shows the means to an end. Where even the anointed can be silenced and never heard from again.

So, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) have had this issue since it’s inception and this is why people wonders why this happens. It is really striking when it’s three generals in the same month. People will start to speculate and wonder. Like there is even rumours of the connection to the “Project Muhoozi” and that these gentlemen wouldn’t entertain the “monarchy” ticket of Lt. Gen. Kainerubaga Muhoozi. That’s not what they fought for or was loyal too. This is why the regime had to silence them and make them dead “heroes” instead of defiant old men.

At this point we cannot know and we don’t have the verified information. Neither will the ones in the inner-circle tell the truth or have the heart to do so. They want the word to believe their stories and continue like nothing happened. Just like they have done in the past await the next scandal or crisis to get people to forget about these deaths. Because, that what has happened to others and we are just supposed to “move-on”. Peace.

Opinion: The choice between Odrek or Muhoozi [is a monarchy ticket either way]

This week Odrek Rwabwogo have been appointed by the President to a Senior Presidential Advisor of Special Duties. Odrek is the son-in-law, as he married President’s daughter, Patience Museveni. So, he is as connected as can be by marriage.

While the first son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga, the Commander of Land Forces, the third rank in command of the Uganda Peoples Defence Force (UPDF). While his also a Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations.

I have now seen online that for some strange reasons… there is discussion who of these is taking over after the Self-Styled President for Life. They are discussing if one of the family members are taking over after the ruler for life and his tyranny. That people are willing to be controlled and only have one family to rule the nation.

However, to public knowledge… the Republic of Uganda isn’t a kingdom or a monarchy. Even if Museveni wants to be the King of Kings. He wants to be the absolute ruler by definition of law and constitution that’s not happening. Part of his rule is by decree or directives. Still, his not a King and a Monarch.

For all sense and purposes, until this is legally changed or by a referendum. Museveni is still a Head of State and a Commander-in-Chief. He is His Excellency (H.E) and the Fountain of Honour. He is the President and been so since January 26th 1986. Doesn’t give him the rights or ability to decide who is his successor.

Yes, a President can point at somebody and say: “I want him or her to be my successor”. However, that is not legal binding argument and it is not statute that make the a legit transfer of power. So, the ones who is preparing for Muhoozi or Odrek. Isn’t doing that on their merits or their capacity to be Presidents. Since, it is not a family affair. They have ot be standing for respective parties and be challenged at elections. That’s how these sort of things goes.

The general public who is tired of the old man. Why do they want to have his son-in-law or his first son? Who thinks that is a viable option? Unless, your paid promoter and part of the “Project Muhoozi”. It is not his a articulate or a genuine leader. Neither is proven… he has been promoted and gotten a bigger role because of who he happens to be. Not because merit or what he has achieved in the field.

This is a family matter or a dynasty ticket. There should be nothing automatic about either of these gentlemen. They are not even part of the central leadership of the National Resistance Movement (NRM). Neither have they a history or been leaders in the political sphere even. These haven’t been tested in elections for other roles either. So, it is not like they have a huge following or a rising to power this way.

Unless, they want to rise to power like the old man and use arms to get there. That would follow family history and use private armies in combination of a popular uprising to a coup d’etat. Nevertheless, I don’t think they will do that to topple their head of the family. Who just happens to be the President at this current time.

This is the choice for the ones who still wants one family to rule the Republic. It is for the ones that is accepting the personification of the state and only his family can govern. That isn’t written anywhere or have become law. Even if it is in the mind of the President or his close associates. Who will do what they can to salvage the loot, the companies and all other projects it has entangled with the state. They are afraid of losing this in combination of answering to the sins of their father and his years in power. That’s why they need a second generation President to ensure nobody gets to account for it and also shield the father as well. It is that simple…

They want to secure the tyrant legacy and his spoils. To ensure that he be remembered better than he should. So, that the family can keep it all and not have to pay a price for how it got it all. That’s the worry and that’s why there is people even fielding these gentlemen.

Why would the people be duped for a second generation Museveni? Why do you want more of the same and have a crippling state, which haven’t gotten better. Museveni have had 35 years and still has plenty of the same issues as when he entered into office. He could have changed things, but he hasn’t because that haven’t been the priority.

So, the dynasty ticket will only deliver more of this and undoubtedly not make things better. Unless, your naive or believe that a fellow family member will suddenly radically change things. That person will most likely prolong the agony and secure the fortunes of the same elites as before. Don’t shocked if that would happen.

The ones that support either of these two. Doesn’t value a democratic choice or a proper succession even. They just want one junta to control and not lose the grip. Peace.

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Opinion: Some folks won’t cry at your funeral

Many men, many, many, many, many men

Wish death ‘pon me

Lord I don’t cry no more

Don’t look to the sky no more

Have mercy on me” – 50 Cent – ‘Many Men’ (2003)

This weekend have shown a sentiment and a wish that plenty of people has. Not that any of it was true. Still, people played along and saw it. I am sure people have seen the rumours of death and hospitalization of high ranking officials.

There was speculations of the death of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and a hospitalization of his son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga at the Nairobi Hospital. Both are apparently false and was fake news. Though it was spread through the web and even hit the headlines.

There was even those defiant ones where they triumphantly said the President was alive, because he addressed a online summit. Also, journalist had to make a call to his son to verify that he was well and preparing to be the third in command of the army.

So, things have not really changed, but this is showing what many people wishes. There will be plenty of people out there. That will not cry or be sad when their demise is happening. It will be vast amount of people who looks forward to the final fall and the last “goodbye”.

These rumours wouldn’t be spread and shared, if there wasn’t a sentiment behind it. This is wishful thinking. People are wishing death on these ones. There are people who wish for their demise and the last breath.

It is not strange… considering all the ones who has been touched, who has lost their loved ones and all the ones who has struggled because of the Self-Styled President for Life. They want to see his end and cannot wait for it to happen.

What is also striking is the ill-will towards the son. The anointed one and the one who has been allowed to run wild with Special Forces Command and now will have a huger influence of the army. They also hoping for his demise too. There many who want to stop the idea of a dynasty as well.

Clearly, the state should be aware. There are plenty who is not there to give him the roses, but is ready for the casket drop. They are ready to see him and they will not shed a tear. That says it all… and should be a reminder about how your legacy will be as well.

When many men wish death on you… then you know your a hate dude. Your not a beloved person of the family or the greater society. When people wish upon final destination and the entry of the afterlife. They are also ready for the demise of his son as well.

That says a lot and rumours like this only shows how people behave and how they want this to stop. They are tired of his reign and his prolonged time in office. This Presidency have been going for over 35 years and still counting.

So it is not strange… but just shows what is simmering under the surface. The NRM needs to be reminded of this. They are feeding a dying horse and at one point this sentiment might boil over. Peace.

Opinion: The Special Forces Command got an upgrade

President Museveni today elevated the Commando Battalion of Special Forces Command into a Brigade after passing out over 1,000 commandos who have been undergoing specialised training. The Brigade is in charge of special operations. Let nobody think of messing up with Uganda” (Duncan Abigaba, 08.05.2021)

Yesterday the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni upgraded the Special Forces Command (SFC). It has gone from being a Command Battalion to a Brigade. The SFC passing out 1256 commando soldiers too. This meaning the SFC will be more important for the President.

The SFC is already commanded by the Presidential Advisor for Special Operations and Commander of the SFC being Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga. Who happens to be the son of the President. This is why it’s suspicious, but giving him more power.

The Son of the President is getting more people to command and order around. This is upgrading his role and also stature in the army. Muhoozi has already gotten titles and roles because of the lineage. Not because his so special or have other abilities.

The SFC have already had more power and participated in the inner-works of the current regime. The SFC was part of the massacre in Kasese. The SFC was the armed forces who invaded the chambers of Parliament. The same forces who has also abducted, kidnapped and even extra judicial killed civilian dissidents in the recent elections.

Therefore, the upgrade and the boosting of SFC is to give Muhoozi more power. A man who already been able to serve injustice and have no accountability for it.

The SFC have violated people, killed civilians and still there been not aftermath. Now the Special Operations under the UPDF is bigger. Giving the son more armed men to follow his lead. They have the ability to do more damage and cause more harm. This isn’t a positive. The pain and suffering served in the recent term. Could turn even worse.

As Muhoozi have now a brigade behind him. These will follow his orders and his words. If he see it fit or righteous. These soldiers can now not only knock-on doors, but brutally attack opposition. These soldiers are trained killers and could easily be used to thwart anyone opposing or trying to demonstrate.

Muhoozi has now been given a huger portfolio. This is a blessing for him and a validation of what he has done to serve his father. The General is giving his Lt. Gen. more men. A clear proposition to continue what he does and approach people the way he does.

This isn’t good news, but worrying news. As the rise of power and usage of military power shows the true vicious signs of this regime. There isn’t anything positive here. The public will suffer and the dissidents especially.

If there will be another Kasese or something similar wouldn’t shock me. When they have promoted and given the Lt. Gen such a role after all of this. This is happening because his the son and the heir. He is rising and getting stronger. Though that is all through the military and not true the support of the people. Peace.

Lt. Gen. Muhoozi commands the SFC again [and expect a vicious operation by the SFC during the polls]

JUST IN: First son Muhoozi Kainerugaba has been re-appointed as SFC commander while Gen Sabiti Muzeyi has been sacked as Deputy IGP and sent back for redeployment. The army is set to release a statement explaining the changes shortly” (NTV Uganda, 16.12.2020).

President son and Presidential Advisor for Special Operations have been redeployed to Special Force Command (SFC). The literal Presidential Guards to operate and be their commander ahead of the polls in 2021. Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba wouldn’t be there and at this position if he wasn’t part of the first family.

This isn’t the first time his the commander of SFC… this is something that he has had control over since 2008 or so. Only a short stint with someone else, until his now reassigned. This a family affair and only giving him back the command and control of these soldiers.

As the commander of this outfit he has ordered them to the Kasase massacre and ambush on the Parliament ahead of the Age Limit. Therefore, this man has no issues to answer with violence and do it without any consequences.

So, this man gets that ability in the end of the year and in the up-coming election. Expect him to answer the pleas of his father and do his bidding. Be brutal and violent ahead of the polls in January 2021. This here will not make things better, but expect it to be worse.

To give way and make it possible for a man like this and with his huge ego. We can just wonder what he will do. If the Special Force Command suddenly intervened in rallies of Bobi Wine and POA. That would make sense. If the SFC blocks roads and ambush hotels. That would be natural at this point and then shift the blame on the victims. Who the SFC attacked and did unwarranted operations too.

Therefore, this redeployment is an direct move to intimidate and show fierce force ahead of the polls. Because, the Lt. Gen have no quarrels to send troops and attack civilians. Instead of securing the territory from outside alien forces. This man goes after self-created enemies and create havoc. The SFC will continue to be known for things like this.

A man that would operate the SFC soldiers in plain clothes within the chambers of Parliament in favour of his father. That’s why this move is a dangerous one. He wants to incite fear and uses a known man and loyal to son to serve that. The President does this to prove a point and the timing is perfect for this.

In this regard, expect the SFC to wreck havoc and intimidate as well. The SFC will be operational and used in favour of the President. They will not act for peace, but to brutalize anyone standing in the way of the President and his party. That is why they are prepared and has Muhoozi at the helm just a month ahead of the polls.

If the Special Force Command suddenly does a brutal and gets violent on the opposition or the citizens who gathers around them. If not they are abducting and arresting someone associated without any warrant or charge. That could easily happen too. Especially, when someone like Lt. Gen. Muhoozi is in control.

This does not deem well. The SFC have already been used viciously and with him commanding it. I can only expect more of it. Peace.

Bobi Wine Nomination Day: Muhoozi oozes entitlement from far away

“I told you my young brother, that you can NEVER intimidate us. We are much stronger than you can ever imagine to be. If you want to fight we will simply defeat you. We want peace! But if you attempt to fight us then Bring it on!” – Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga on 3rd November 2020

This is a clear sign of what’s to come. The same sounding like his father, the President. Muhoozi wouldn’t even have a voice or be taken serious. If it wasn’t for being in the family. That his one part of the First Family. If he wasn’t? He would be the drunk uncle or nephew that no one would take serious at any time of day.

Muhoozi is just entitled. Instead of seeing an election and the struggle of Bobi Wine. He instead goes all gun blazing. That he cannot reckon the moment of Bobi Wine and the opposition. Says it all. That he cannot be silent for a minute and let the things sink in.

The brat and braggadocios man. A man who thinks his so darn important. That he should be the next in line. He has flaunted the “Project Muhoozi” and been vocal about too. Now, he addresses Bobi Wine like he has the authority. This man is only something because of his kin. Not because his smart, brilliant or have any sort skills.

Muhoozi wouldn’t be anyone if it wasn’t for his ties to the First Family. If he was a random citizen. Nobody would have bothered to care. However, his the son of the President. Therefore, his words matters..

He got to incite fear and intimate. Just like his father does. It runs in the family. Because, he cannot run on morals, ethics or even policies. The man got non worth mentioning at this point. Only glossy propaganda and fanfare of his father. That is what he does.

Muhoozi doesn’t bring anything to the table. Only hot air and that is it. Peace.

Opinion: Bebe Cool’s bottleneck

We make example out of you haters runnin’ your mouth

You the reason why your peoples is pourin’ they 40s out“ – Kunniva on ‘40oz’ from D12, 2004

Bebe Cool aka Moses Ssali came into issues this weekend as he participated in a concert in Kampala. Not that this is shocking, as the National Resistance Movement (NRM) friendly artist and mobilizer. We are talking about rowdy youths and civilians throwing bottle at someone who defends a tyrant and supports the tyranny he runs. Therefore, my sympathy for the man is very low.

However, this is the recent report on the matter:

The police have arrested 11 suspects for attempting to disrupt a music concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval over the weekend. Police says the suspects are accused of booing and pelting Bebe Cool with bottles while performing at the Boom Party Music concert” (09.03.2020).

We also know that Senior Presidential Advisor on Special Operations Muhoozi Kainerubaga came out in defence of the musician and wondered why the Police Force hadn’t arrested anyone in association with this. Clearly, they got the memo and captured 11 people from the event.

What is special about this, is that it is a non-issue. It is side-show. This is not important. Not at all. There are people who are arbitrary arrested, tortured and killed by the authorities. While, Bebe Cool asks for sympathy and good vibes.

Like we should feel sorry for this man? Really?

Yes it is bad throw bottles at someone. First, at least he gets to performed, get to spread his message and show his loyalty to the President. If your a critic and wants to grab the mike, you get singing into the pen. That is just the way it is, if not you get taken away without any warrants, moved between prisons and suddenly dropped off with bruises and needle holes. That is just what the state does to you.

It is not like Bebe Cool doesn’t deserve free speech, nevertheless, so does everyone else. The same day he cries foul over the weekends actions. There is reports that a opposition sporting event was cancelled, because VP Ssekandi was holding rallies or whatnot in the same area and the old man couldn’t have competition. The NRM is allowed to do everything, while the others are blocked. This is why there is little care for the likes Bebe Cool.

Bebe Cool can do everything. He can knock-up the daughters of the President even. He can do whatever without any consequence. His one of them. His the loyal water-boy. They threw a few bottle on him, but not like he needs treatment in India for the torture. Neither is he mentally fatigued by it. No one has blocked him to pass through Kololo or pass through any neighbourhood in Kampala. Not been arrested or even had people associated with him detained.

No, everything is just COOL with Bebe Cool. The man of the hour, the man of the 86ers and the whole brigade of Yellow. The Silent Majority, which isn’t that silent. They cry like babies over banana flies, but wouldn’t save a famine, except if it hit Mbarara. That is just the way it is.

Call your master up Bebe Cool, You can be like your name sake: “Let My People Go”. Maybe even cross the river and see the promised land. Because, your enemies never seem to get there. You should ask your man to stop these bottle and maybe block them from being at the venues. No more bottles at concerts or rallies. They are banned from entering. Just like People Power and FDC is not allowed to operate. That seems like fitting the bill. Peace.