Opinion: Chakwera said all the right things at UNGA…

That President Lazarus Chakwera, the Malawian President and Tonse Alliance leader spoke with tenacity and well bound reasoning at the United Nations General Assembly on the 22nd September 2022. The former Reverend and Christian Preacher knows how to use words. That’s why he went from being an opposition leader to the Head of State. Therefore, no one should be in awe that he spoke like he did.

We must choose for our children a future of solidarity, hospitality, and generosity that transcend borders and national identities in times of global crisis; or a future of greed that hoards life-saving technologies, medicines, and vaccines in one hemisphere while the other hemisphere is robbed of its raw materials and left perishing. We must choose for our children a future of peace fostered by equitable sustainable development between north and south and between east and west; or a future of conflicts triggered by the widening economic inequality between rich and poor, men and women, young and old” (Chakwera, 22.09.2022).

The Malawian President spoke the truth here, universal truths and what everyone should stand for. This is the right values, but does his government live up these words? Does the government of Blantyre and Lilongwe really stand by this rhetoric?

We know the current regime is in the middle of a state capture. There is knowledge of grand scandals, lack of forex, inflation and trouble of imports. The current government isn’t handling crisis well and isn’t living for choices of the children, but living by the motto: “Our turn to eat”.

In the same regard: “But in a world where the virus keeps mutating and spreading, the measures we have employed to achieve all this are not sustainable. The most effective weapon we need is the vaccine. As such, you can imagine our disappointment to be at an assembly like this, rubbing shoulders with nations that are now administering booster shots while most of our people have yet to get their first one. This form of vaccine nationalism is wrong. It is insensitive. And it must end. Release the Vaccines” (Chakwera, 22.09.2022).

The President is speaking the truth here. The West and the rich nations hoarded the vaccines. They paid a huge price for it and blocked the options for others to get vaccines. Many countries only got surplus or the types that the nations didn’t even want to use. That’s why the vaccine nationalism is dangerous and COVID-19 world-governance proves that.

What is striking however in this regard, that the nations themselves should try to have stocks and ability to have vaccines as well. They shouldn’t have the need for goodwill or charity from others, which is what Chakwera in the end is asking. A sovereign and a nation should be able to get into the race of buying and the capacity needed too. Not only hope that WHO operated services will cover the needs of the nation. No, that’s where Chakwera and other leaders are at fault. They didn’t fulfil their own responsibilities.

He also said: “The need to work together on SDGs is why I am looking forward to meeting other LDCs for the fifth Summit of our grouping in Doha this coming January. Let’s work together, because even though my country has a ten-year implementation plan for achieving Agenda 2030 on SDGs, much of that plan cannot be done in isolation. The bottom line is, if one nation among us fails or succeeds to achieve sustainable development, so do the rest” (Chakwera, 22.09.2022).

The ideals here are positive and righteous. If the SDGs matters, than everyone have to try to fulfil them. That is pledges to make a difference and make the world sustainable. However, there will be nations failing and nations not willing to do so. They will do some, but not do the things that challenges their industries or financial markets. That’s why the ideals are there, but we know they wouldn’t achieve what is needed. This would burden to much of the big economies and the leaders couldn’t ensure damage or insecurity in this fashion.

That’s why Chakwera is speaking well and eloquent here on the subject. His saying the right things, as a skilled politician. The whole speech to UNGA was filled with it. While not reflecting on the troubles at home. Neither accepting the issues or the realities on the ground. The President didn’t reflect or mirror the challenges, which he has at home. Instead, pinning the others and asking for more help. That someone else has to come in and be the saviour. While not being held to account for the failures and lack of preparations. The COVID-19 didn’t only show Vaccine-Nationalism, but it also showed who was prepared and who wasn’t. The pandemic showed the true character of the governments and what they are willing to do.

President Chakwera proves he can speak and make a wholesome speech. He can have a coherent vision and be intelligent about it. Still, it doesn’t show what is needed to be said and be direct about the true state of affairs. Yes, if he had done that… it would have been brave and been sincere. Instead, his trying to look good and asking for so much. Yes, there is a need for global solidarity and work together. We all need that, but as a Head of State and a President. You yourself and your government have to work and show progress on your own too. Not only expect others to support or give funding for you to do something. Than your not a custodian, but instead a tenant with a fancy title. I hope Chakwera is more than that and not only beholden to the donors or the International Community.

So, please, Chakwera… you said all the right things, but you didn’t show the truth. Unless, you wanted to conceal the truth, which is shady. But… that’s just what I am seeing and another brother might see something else. Peace.

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Today in the address of the Vice President Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima proves why he has lingered long in politics and why his been such a significant person in Malawi. He proves how savvy and smart he is with his dealing and agreements. Because, if you step wrong on him. He can use that leverage against you.

Well, he can be connected and be part in the Sattar – State Capture, but the agreement with the Tonse Alliance is binding for the President and his party. That’s why Chakwera and his other allies cannot just throw the VP under the bus. Therefore, the VP haven’t taken into consideration the speech of the President and his suspension. That is obvious now and the VP address just exposes the wheeler-dealing methods of the President.

One key early quote from the address was this:

“One of the concrete goals of the Tonse Alliance, which has yet to be attended to, was to remove presidential immunity from criminal prosecution. This promise was pronounced under the campaign agenda of the Alliance. This is the time to amend the Constitution of Malawi in order to remove the immunity which Presidents of this country enjoy under section 91(2) of the Constitution so that everyone in Malawi can be prosecuted for criminal wrongdoing” (Chilima, 01.07.2022).

We have to see, if Chakwera wants to take away his own Presidential Immunity and follow up on the campaign pledges. Because his always committed to fight corruption and his office should be the first in the line. As the example and the head of state. That’s why this statement just show how the Tonse Alliance, and the President haven’t worked or tried to fulfil this simple campaign pledge.

In an interesting twist, he says this:

“No one should interfere with the work of the Bureau regardless of which side of the political divide you belong to. Corruption is evil. It is also legitimately expected that the Bureau should not entertain any efforts to be abused or misused by any quarters for whatever reason. The Bureau must not put its investigative or prosecutorial methods in question. For my part, as communicated through my Press Secretary last week, I will welcome the opportunity to respond to allegations of my alleged corrupt dealings, for which decisions have been taken without sight of the evidence, but I will do so strictly within due legal processes. To be clear, I will not fuel medial trials, let alone even appear to impair the work of the Anti-Corruption Bureau” (Chilima, 01.07.2022).

This is denying the facts and the evidence which is brought upon the courts in United Kingdom. The ones that is directly going after Zuenth Sattar, because he haven’t been or the authorities haven’t had the proof of anything in Malawi. The corruption case and state capture will tangle a web of not only the VP, but other ministers or high-ranking officials. That’s why we should expect more to come from the ACB, but also the court case in the UK.

Some parts of the Tonse Alliance agreement that back-fires today:

“(g) Mutual trust whereby “UTM and MCP shall ensure constant engagement with each other to build trust and confidence” :clause2.1.7;

(h) Mutual respect whereby “UTM and MCP undertake to respect each other in all undertakings, shall not undermine each other in any other form or way both in public and in private and shall treat each other including their respective members as equals” :clause 2.1.8;

(i) Integrity whereby “UTM and MCP shall execute [the] Agreement with utmost integrity, especially when faced with the choice between what is convenient and what is right;” :clause 2.1.9

(j) Consultation whereby “UTM and MCP shall consult each other thoroughly before any decision that may be deemed crucial by any of the Parties is made” :clause 2.1.10; and

(k) Consensus whereby “UTM and MCP undertake to make decisions [under the] Agreement by consensus in order to formulate a nationally owned, and broadly supported, policy position” :clause 2.1.11.” (Chilima, 01.07.2022).

These provisions are damning today. Just for the simple fact that it seems like the President and the MCP breached the agreed stipulations in their alliance agreement. Yes, Chilima is alleged a part of the Sattar case and the State Capture. However, the President cannot stand above the ideals or the articles in the agreement. That’s just proves that there was no consensus or consultation before the President suspended the VP. Which is in direct conflict with the signed agreement. Therefore, in some aspects, the suspension can be seen as null-or-void in that matter.

One final quote which is fierce:

“If, for whatever reason, our mission is challenged, we should own up and re-engage the people of Malawi and explain why the course must change. Another campaign, 3 years away from an election, is most unfortunate, regrettable, abuse of the political process, and completely unnecessary. It is what this Administration will deliver that will endear Malawians to this Alliance and give them a vote when that election day of reckoning comes. As the late President Bingu wa Mutharika said, let the works of our hands speak for us, instead of artificial narratives aimed at misrepresenting matters to the people” (Chilima, 01.07.2022).

We can see that the VP knows how to address things and shows why he is where is. Since he proves his tactical mind and strategize ahead. That’s why his tarnishing the President too and his ways. Since, the agreement is violated by the President and not following up it accordingly. That’s striking here.

Yes, the VP has to answer for the cases and the alleged crimes. However, that has to anyone involved in the State Capture. Not only him. Nevertheless, this is sowing distrust and lack of confidence between the President and the VP. Which should be solid and ready for the storms ahead.

We couldn’t see this coming, but this shows why the VP is where he is and how he got there. Peace.

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