Opinion: There is always a Kawempe North…

In every election and poll… there is one office or one place… where there are two many running who is eligible. Before the 2021 elections in Kawempe North in Kampala. For some reasons there are many bickering not only about being the National Unity Platform (NUP) Member of Parliament (MP) Flag-Bearer. If they don’t they are running as Independents.

This is happening after the NUP has made Muhammad Ssegirinya their flag-bearer. The man will contest against two other candidates who fell out. Also, the former NUP Lord Mayoral Aspirant and incumbent Latif Ssebagala.

Therefore, the Councillor turned aspirant for MP will meet a very contested field of candidates. Plenty who was already in the race inside the NUP. However, the ones losing there is going in as independents.

There will be other aspiring MPs as well, as Prof Robinah K. Nanyunja of the Ecological Party of Uganda for instance too. Who even been endorsed by the Indian Green Pary in early September 2020.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) aspirant is John Fischer Kasenge. Who has worked as a Commissioner in the Uganda Land Commission (ULC) and also the former Residential District Commander (RDC) in Mukono. So, he will run against a team of former NUP candidates. As they are running as Independents.

This is the sort of race. Where sort of disgruntled aspirants destroys the chances for the one the party wants to win. The incumbent could have run against Lukwago, but instead ditches his loyalty to the NUP as well. EPU and NRM will meet all of these. The NRM usually doesn’t have a chance in KaLawempe North. However, with the bickering and the nail-biting between them. This will only destroy the race within the opposition.

Ssegirinya have a battle ahead. It would have been less if Ssebagala hadn’t gone in. As he is the incumbent. Nevertheless, there is other disgruntled NUP aspirants who is also running against him too.

This is why there is always a Kawempe North. A place where the same party has several of viable candidates, but there can only be one winner. As long as there is competitive politics. There will be races like these. Where some has to fall out and others has to cry foul.

In the end… there will only be one winner.

Kawempe North is an opposition stronghold … that is why Ssebagala have had several terms as an MP. Somewhere is a place where the NRM has a dozens of candidates for MP and they will run as Independents. The same can be with the other parties too.

That is why there will always be a Kawempe North. Peace.

The Start of the Oppressive behavior from the Police after a Journalist Muhinda get detained for taking a photo in Kasangati; A Pastor Ngabo and a Sheik Katende was detained on the way to the FDC Prayers that was scheduled this morning and more!

Kasangati 03.05.2016
Is this photo so dangerous for the NRM Regime?

“What is the mental state of someone who is called to acquire capacity to defend his or her job and they don’t show up? Those who did not attend must answer,” IGP Kale Kayihura.

IGP Kale 03.05.2016

On this World Press Freedom Day the Uganda Police Force have reminded the Journalist that it is illegal to cover or covering the Opposition. IT IS A CRIME to write about the Opposition and their demonstrations in Uganda. That is what the Uganda Police Force have told the journalists.

Just as expected the Ugandan Police Force would act out the Interim Order with Impunity and no honour. Today a man named Journalist Ronald Muhinda (Radio One FM 90) took this photo(the first photo); this photo in Kasangati on the first day the Interim Order of last Friday comes into effect as the FDC usually have prayers at their headquarters as a peaceful step to #FreeMyVote. Something the Deputy Justice Stephen Kavuma has seen as a malice attempt to undermine the rule of law, so apparently taking photos in Kasangati is illegal and is now the state of affairs.

“By press time, unspecified number of people including Daily Monitor reporter Stephen Kafeero had been arrested by police at FDC head offices in Najjanankumbi and Kasangati. However, Mr Kafeero was later released” (Daily Monitor, 03.05.2016).

FDC Najjankumbi 03.05.2016 P1

This happens as early this morning as the news of Police Force have in deployed heavy guarded police at the FDC Headquarter of Najjankumbi in Kampala. So they wasted no time to use their force. The operation is under the command of the deputy RPC Kampala South Kaheebwa Geoffrey.

Even Pastor David Ngabo has been detained on the road towards the Najjankumbi to attend prayers. He has honoured his words last week where he said he would have no trouble being detained as a result of fighting the oppression. Also the other parts of Pastor Ngabo pastoral team have been detained.  Another man on the road who is detained is also Sheik Katende.

FDC Najjankumbi 03.05.2016 P2

As we see with the journalist photo of Kasangati and with the state of Najjankumbi. There will be more arrests as I expected as the FDC leadership and FDC Youth Members will be picked up the Police Force. Early this morning Councillor Elect of Kawempe, Kampala Muhammad Ssegirinya got the call from DPC Kawempe and was told not to attend the prayers at the FDC Headquarters! Dr. Stella Nyanzi have also been detained on the road towards Najjankumbi to attend the prayers.

Gulu 03.05.2016
In Gulu

Good news from Gulu:

“Gulu municipality citizens are holding prayers at Gulu Woman MP Betty Awol’s office in Tegwana”. 

UPF Najjankumbi 03.05.2016

More Pictures from the FDC Headquarters where the Police Force is busy detaining FDC Members today. 

UPF Najjankumbi 03.05.2016 P2

There will be to come as the events unfold and as the information on how the Uganda Police Force detain the oppostion who just trying to assemble for prayers as a civil disobidience towards the Government who has stolen their votes in the General Election 2016 and their Presidential election 2016.

Muntu 03.05.2016

Party president General Muntu arrives followed by Pastor Ngabo amidst the police and military siege around the offices.

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago have been detained and taken away at FDC Headquarters in Najjankumbi and taken into the Black Van that have followed the Ugandan General Election and been the famous car driving Besigye to Naggalama thorugh whole of February 2016.

 This here violates all democratic values and proves to what extent President Museveni and IGP Kale Kayihura works to keep themselves in power. Peace. 

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