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Malawi: The State Capture case of Sattar wrecks the Tonse Alliance…

In Lilongwe and Blantyre the exposure of the Zuenth Sattar case is evolving out of the hands of the President. President Lazarus Chakwera has been forced to do something. Especially, since he spoke so vividly in opposition and during campaigns. However, this is just temporary measures for now. Nevertheless, if the Vice-President and his party wasn’t informed or knew about the measure. Surely things will get hostile in the coalition between the major parties of this alliance.

The President is speaking big words and going after some big-men. That is needed, the same with the investigation into the report. Because, the court case in the United Kingdom exposed it all. That showed that it was more to it. There was a need to look into Sattar and his connections in Malawi. The man who able to wheeler-deal in any administration and get ahead of the competition. He was getting favourable deals and agreements, which is spoken about today.

This is the State Capture case of Malawi. This is the Gupta(s) of Lilongwe. That is the gist of things and Chakwera is only trying to forge the narrative now and buy time. No one should be shocked by that. Nobody expected that he would target the VP and others like this. It is practically destroying the trust and the alliance of which he reigns the republic. That’s taking a stand, but will it bear fruits?

Just read here!

President Lazarus Chakwera says the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has forbidden the publication of the list of of those who allegedly received bribes from businessperson Zuneth Sattar. He says apart from the Vice-President whose name was already mentioned before, no member of his Cabinet is mentioned in list. According to the President, there are 84 people named in the report. In relation to the corruption report by the Anti-Corruption Bureau involving businessperson Zuneth Sattar, President Lazarus Chakwera has suspended the chief of staff at State residences Prince Kapondamgaga. Chakwera has also fired the Inspector General of Police George Kainja. On the Vice-President Saulos Chilima, the President says he will withhold any delegatory duties to his office until he is cleared on the allegations” (The Nation Malawi, 21.06.2022).

President Lazarus Chakwera says the report has exposed inflating of prices of goods sold to government. Chakwera has instructed the Office of the Ombudsman to investigate the report submitted by ACB. President Lazarus Chakwera says the ACB has submitted an investigation report on Zuneth Sattar. He says over the past five years Malawi has paid about $150 million to companies belonging to Sattar” (Times 360 Malawi, 21.06.2022).

When reading these small fragments from the news cycle. You know that the gig is up. However, nothing has been done in the courts and no pending cases of yet. The suspensions and such isn’t directly reforming in the system. Neither is anyone implicated or indicted, neither is there charges brought into play. So, for now… this is big-talk and big risks of the President. As he risks his whole alliance and partner in the VP. This could be the nail in the coffin for the Tonse Alliance.

Well, the state capture has put the VP into the storm. Nevertheless, the rest of the state and government has also gotten into that. That’s why ministers risked their titles over perks and “free” kickbacks at one point. Now, these things are up in the open and the ACB report proves that. The further investigations will prove how deep and who else was a part of this. That is only for the time being.

What we do know… is that the invisible hand of Sattar had the hand in the cookie jar. He was eating good and high ranking officials was getting greased. That is obvious. Now we just have to wonder, if this will be a play of publicity stunts or legit changes. Because, the preacher knows how to talk the talk, but to walk the walk is a whole other beast. Peace.

Malawi: Statement on the Leadership Crisis and Corruption in Malawi (07.06.2022)

Malawi: Chakwera avoided mentioning Sattar’s name by default…

Secondly, while I was away, I was informed that both social media and main stream media houses in the country were reporting that at a court proceeding in the United Kingdom, some senior officials in my Administration were named as accomplices in acts of corruption allegedly committed by a British citizen under investigation there. Tonight, I come to address you on these two developments” – President Lazarus Chakwera (31.05.2022).

It is truly a State Capture case by now. The connections and the allegations of Zuenth Sattar’s business practices within the Republic of Malawi. The businessman has connections and direct influence of the current government and the previous one too. Since, he can get away with it and not even being addressed. When everyone who has been following for a minute knows that his connected to it all.

President Chakwera by this National Address only furthers the proof of what Sattar has accomplished. Since, he has been able to directly partake and pay-off high-ranking officials. To such an extent. That they are afraid of naming him. They are all on his “pay-roll” and are “indebted” to him. That’s why the President cannot even say it, but only mention the ongoing corruption in the United Kingdom. Like it is a mysterious and unknown hoodlum who has tricked the republic. Because, the reverend is a man of words, been so for years and therefore, it is telling when he avoids a name. It’s like the preacher-man don’t want to speak of the devil. When the devil is in the details…

He continues:

Admittedly, these are serious allegations, and I know you are anxious and filled with suspicion, and I understand the anguish and anger you all feel from hearing these allegations. I feel the same distress you do from hearing allegations of corruption in the highest offices in the land, and I am just as frustrated as you are to hear that the British suspect recently visited Malawi and none of the agencies actively investigating him here noticed, thus missing a golden opportunity to make progress on the matter” (Chakwera, 31.05.2022).

Chakwera implies that he was just a vagabond and a random person travelling to Malawi. Like he didn’t know or just implicated for some reason. That the public will take it for granted and not understand what has been going on. Sattar has been known and he has been able to have leverage over the state. In such a manner, that only the British or the UK Courts will take a hold of him. Because, Sattar knows that the scandal and the grand scale of this corruption is only showing what is happening behind closed doors. Something that the President doesn’t want exposed, as he was getting easy money and so was his associates in government.

Near the end:

More broadly, today I am also announcing a new nationwide campaign for driving corruption out of Government agencies, which will be launched this July at a National Anti-Corruption Conference that I will host. A nationwide campaign against corruption is necessary because going by the recent findings that many of you feel that corruption is getting worse, our campaign to fight it also needs to be intensified” (Chakwera, 31.05.2022).

This here is a lot of hot-air. Empty promises and new campaign to end corruption. Instead of fighting it directly and target the ones within the administration who is implicated or participated in the bad behaviour. His instead making a conference and a campaign out of it. Just like it is easier to look at crops and visit district of the Republic, than to actually govern. Therefore, this is an escape route and a way of shielding it. Since it looks like he intends to do something, but most likely he hopes the scandal and the case dies out by that time.

He ends with:

Going forward, my pledge to all of you is simple: no matter what challenges we face or what changes they demand, I will always act in your best interest as your servant and act in accordance with the law to the best of my ability, so help me God” (Chakwera, 31.05.2022).

The great pastor returns with his promise to the congregation. That he will not sin, disobey or be disobedient. However, no one in their right mind believes that now. He couldn’t even name the guy, the man, the myth and the legend. The man who has created the state capture and was able to run away with it. That’s why the case is overseas and not in Lilongwe or Blantyre. This is why the evidence and the courts of UK is dealing with it. Because, Malawian government and high-ranking officials would safeguard and shield the man that is feeding them. They are eating additional feasts because of his “generosity” which is on the back-end was giving him favourable terms to trade and operate in the Republic.

The scandal of Sattar only shows how deep this went. It is only showing what sort of leverage and at such a alarming rate he could get into the web of the state. That’s why the President fears his name and won’t even mention it. However, mentions the case in question, but not the man behind it all. Like it is a swear-word or a crime to even say it out loud. That is saying something.

Chakwera is afraid of mentioning Sattar. A Head of State is worried about speaking of and entertain the idea of the practices committed by one businessman. That says a lot about this case and how the preacher has failed to live up to his promises. Peace.

Opinion: Does Chakwera even govern at this point?

In Lilongwe and Blantyre the civil service and the government institutions should wonder. As the Tonse Alliance continues to reign with Reverend President Lazarus Chakwera as the Head of State. Nevertheless, he is very little or not noteworthy time in office. As the President and Executive his either on “Crop Tour” looking at the fields and farms of the Republic. If not his busy holding speeches and rallies in the towns or municipalities after this. The last thing he does is travelling abroad and being a representative for the nation at International Conferences.

Chakwera is so busy and looks like he avoids the State House. It looks like he avoids looking at the documents and actually running the nation. Maybe he has given the reigns to Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima. The VP has been Minister in the previous government from 2014 to May 2019. Where he was first the Minister Responsible for Public Events and Disaster Management and later the Minister for Civil Service. That’s why he has experience while Chakwera was a loud-mouth opposition figure and a voice of reason in the previous term.

It really is weird seeing how the President travels in the huge convoy from one part of the Republic to another. As he looks and gazes out on the fields. Ensuring the maize and other cash crops are growing as it should. The Minister of Agriculture Lobin Lowe MP should feel humiliated and betrayed by this. The President is on a daily inspecting the work done in his portfolio and checking if the state is sufficiently supporting the farmers. That got to sting. It is not like the President is going and inspecting road-works, construction sites or even popping by government offices. No, the photo-ops are by a field or in a field. As he gets the right angle and looks smooth as ever.

Chakwera is seemingly happy being a vagabond and a fellow traveller. His not concerned with the day-to-day operation. Seemingly the VP and the ones left behind the capital has to deal with that. While he continues touring with his entourage and gets to see the whole nation.

We know that Joyce Banda and Kamuzu Banda did this too, but still we are in 2022. Couldn’t the man give incentive and directives, which the Minister could follow-up upon or have revisions of budgets or allocations to the Ministry of Agriculture to make a difference. Because, at this point… it seems like campaigning in the middle of the term and not governing.

There is even talks that these trips or tours are draining or paralysing government. Meaning it is costly and burdening the state. Instead of actually achieve anything. His overburdening it and stopping progress. The state is at a standstill and it doesn’t help that so many government officials has to attend at any given time.

Which means the President isn’t only holding up his office and lack of duty. No, his taking other Ministries, other Permanent Secretaries and Government Officials on these field trips or crop tours. In such a manner that they have to cease work and speak of what they see. Point at maze, gaze at the fields and wonder “what the hell are we doing?”. Because, that should be on all their minds.

Because, the state is covering the travel expenses, food-costs and lodging. The state is paying for the security details and other expenses on these here crop inspections. While the offices of the government officials are laying idle. Work are left behind and things are not being done. Since you cannot study the growth of maize and fix whatever protocol you left behind. Neither can reports, statements or any official memorandum being written. When they are looking at the crop and thinking to themselves: “Is this edible or is it not?” or “Is this fully grown or this to green?”. That’s maybe fun for a minute, but it’s not ensuring the government is running smoothly.

No, this is expensive and lack of concern for the day-to-day operation of the government. The President should be worried. As his wasting valuable time for not only himself, but anyone else who has to attend. This not making things better, but only an escapism, because the President is maybe clueless about his job. That’s why his leaving his office and prefers being sociable across the nation.

Since it seems that his to restless and isn’t worried about how the government is run. To the contrary he trusts the VP to fill in his boots and do his bidding in his stead. Since his to busy looking at produce and speaking at functions across the Republic. Peace.

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