Opinion: Wadri’s gamble

Kassiano Wadri won the polls on the 15th August 2018 in by-election in Arua district, which by now has been a unique one, because of the aftermath for the opposition. Wadri has gone from the Forum for Democratic Change, which he represented between 2001 to 2016 in Terengo County, while he now represents Arua Muncipality as Independent with the help People Power Movement in the By-Election.

That is why his dismissal and arrogance of the organization of People Power and National Unity Platform (NUP). Can prove to be a lot eat for the ones who elected him in and especially depending on who the NUP and People Power field in his stead.

He has now revealed his next step is go to Alliance for National Transformation (ANT). Mugisha Muntu also campaigned for Wadri in Arua in 2018. Therefore, he had help from both Muntu and Bobi Wine. While the popularity of Bobi Wine is of another league in comparison to Muntu. To think otherwise is very foolish.

Wadri was the joint candidate in the area and in the by-election. He has now picked his man and his team. Even downplaying the People Power, which is interesting as his a coordinator. He acts like Tinkasmiire. Just think about that for minute, there is similarities in the statements of Wadri, as it was of Tinkasmiire. Both mocking and joking about the work and organization of People Power. That signals the arrogance of some leaders.

Yes, Wadri has won with the FDC the Terengo County seat since 2001 and is well-known. He has been a major player in Arua district and therefore, re-elected. However, this is really shady of him to act like this. We don’t know if Bobi Wine was a factor in the Arua By-Election.

Nevertheless, we know it amplified the elections and gave more firepower to the campaigning. In a manner, which Muntu never would have been able too. We can act like there wasn’t help that all parties stepped aside for Wadri. This time around the FDC, NRM and everyone else will field their flag-bearer. The challenge is bigger than Wadri versus Tiperu. Someone who has never won, but tried again and again.

Wadri can act like a big-man, as his used to get his way and also get elected. However, will he be able to stand People Power flag-bearer in a race with more candidates. It will not be a race with two candidates contesting. There will be from FDC, DP, PPM/NUP and so fourth.

Kassiano might think this power-play is wise. That he goes ring-side and such. Again, it shows that Bobi Wine loyalty is fickle and easily traded away. We know like Mwiru, Wadri have been a supporter of Muntu. Therefore, the move isn’t surprising, but its behaviour towards Bobi Wine and PPM, which is disrespectful.

He be ahead, as his the incumbent and have represented two counties in Arua district. Wadri might feel he has teflon and doesn’t need anyone. Still, its bad politicking doing this. I understand that he feels loyalty to Muntu. That is fine and dandy, but the way he undermines People Power is not what you should see from a seasoned politician like him. Especially, when they came for you aid and support in the recent Arua By-Election.

Wadri might think his the joker, the man of the hour and important where-ever he is. As his been part of FDC and had vital roles in the party. Even tried to swipe the role of Mafabi without luck. So, now his like Muntu in new fields, but we can wonder how this journey ends in 2021. Peace.

Opinion: Mao is loosing to Bobi Wine [and needs his umbrella]

Right now Party Chairman and Presidential Candidate Norbert Mao needs Bobi Wine’s umbrella. Mathias Mpuuga, the Masaka MP are an ally of People Power. Betty Nambooze, the Mukono MP who has been elected in the last election on a DP ticket is going over National Unity Platform. While Medard Lubega Sseggona, MP Busiro East are today stating the DP block is endorsing Bobi Wine as their Presidential Candidate. While the leaders of the Masaka Chapter has also gone over the NUP.

Mao is clearly loosing. Not only has he lost other high ranking officials to National Resistance Movement. Now, the DP is missing others to People Power and the NUP. The leadership is failing and doing it horrifically.

If this was the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) the NRM would swerve all around the carcass and dance. There would psalms played in the New Vision, tales of mischief all over the Daily Monitor and questionable tea in the Observer. However, this will play out more next week if this continues.

Mao is clearly missing Nambooze, Mpuuga and Ssegona. Who are all showing loyalty elsewhere. Just like the State Minister Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi crossed over to National Resistance Movement (NRM). While Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago made his party too.

Norbert is clearly not running the show. He can only keeps Fred Mukasa Mbidde circulated around him. The rest are fleeing apparently. Mbidde who even went to NRM to get the approval and positive vibes to become EALA MP. So, Mao clearly doesn’t control his troops.

It is really clear that umbrella is eating the party from within. He is not only loosing the ones who has been shifting away from some time. However, the stronghold of DP in Baganda, Masaka is all turning to Bobi Wine. This being Sseggona and Mpuuga. Mbidde must be wondering what is going on, as the team is turning on him and Mao.

DP Bloc is not behind Mao, but behind Bobi Wine. That must hurt the pride of Norbert. Seeing his own visions turning against him. Also, the MPs under him undermines his drive to relevance. Not like he can act educated on NBS Frontline and hours later being humiliated by his own elsewhere.

Soon, there will be a battle cry. However for someone calling other serial looser. This here is a sign, that use of DP is falling. DP isn’t a flagship of importance. When Mpuuga needs to associate with other entities to be relevant, like has always done with A4C, TDA and now PPM.

Mao should know this, when his losing DP Bloc too. It is really time for Mao to take up the umbrella too. His friends is abandoning him. Maybe Abed Bwanika will show him some love to become an MP candidate in Masaka too.

This is not easy for Mao, but then, its raining and he needs to shield himself with an umbrella. The rain doesn’t seem to stop and he needs it. That’s if he wants to be relevant himself. Unless, if his happy with being a staple on NBS Television and doesn’t care about his party deteriorating in-front of his eyes. Peace.

Opinion: Bobi Wine better prepare that umbrella [its going to rain]

It is soon campaign season, flag-bearers are being picked and the final pledges are being minted. The manifestos being prepared, the delegation conferences and primary elections are happening. Every little move to prepare the General Elections in 2021.

As fun as yesterday was with the launch of National Unity Platform (N.U.P) as the political party of the People Power Alliance and with the People Power Movement as the Pressure Group. Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine still have a long walk ahead.

It will not be easy. There is a storm brewing and it will rain. When it rains, it pours. It’s not going to be peaceful. However, I think the man knows this. His carrying a umbrella to whether the storm. Nevertheless, the man needs more than that. It will help, but not help when the wind gets strong and the rain-drops still hits his face.

There will be humiliation. He will suffer again. To go into an election like he does. Where all the odds are stacked against him. Will cost, just like it has done to other opposition candidates who has challenged the crown. Now, the biggest challenger is Bobi Wine. Therefore, the brute force will be turned against him.

That is why radio hosts who has him will meet the makers of this world. They will have trouble with Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) and possibly detained by the Police Force. Even in a “scientific” election, the same old issues will be used and methods are the same. Just another name and another reason. Still, the high above wants to contain the man.

The President will make rain, will create a storm and will cause damage to Bobi Wine. Expect ISO and SFC to follow him. CMI being after him and the LDUs too. RDCs blocking him entering a district and all possible charges between here and hell. That is what is ahead. Even months of house-arrest, if the Police Force gets their Besigye groove on. Playing “another rap” and singing tunes of other elections.

The rain will not stop now. The challenger will meet the brute force. It doesn’t matter what he does. At one point or another, he will be captured, charged and detained. It doesn’t matter if his innocent or haven’t a single crime. They got the state power and put some phony charges will buy the regime time. Just like it has always done. Not like riots, demonstrations or anything will go into anarchy or a total revolt. It will be a hot minute and die down.

That’s why the umbrella will shield Bobi Wine, but that is only for the soft rain. When the tropical storm hits or anything similar. He will be wet and drained. The state will secure that he freezes and doesn’t have ability to cover himself. He will suffer and will be in danger.

It is a dangerous mission. There is no soft ways for him. The associates and team around him can help, but they all are in the firing line. They all needs their umbrellas, as it will rain on them too. The rain doesn’t discriminate, it rains on everyone. They will meet the rain-drops and got to cover themselves.

Bobi Wine … good you have a tool now and not just an idea. However, you need a lot more, if you want to succeed. Especially, against as conning people as the ones you conspire to bring down. These people have no scruples and will use any means to stay on top.

They will sing the rain-dance, indefinetly to ensure you always have to use the umbrella, instead of being focused on the cause and mission ahead. Peace.

A look into Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform Launch Statement

Today, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine launched his political party, the National Unity Platform (NUP), which will be an umbrella to the People Power Movement. The Political Party of the Pressure Group. That is why his statement is important for his next move ahead of the General Election in 2021.

Well, just like do others, I will do to Bobi Wine. I will look into what he says and drop my thoughts after it. It will be the most important pieces of the statement. Here will not be the whole statement, but some snippets of it and then discussing it. Because, that is the play of looking into it.

He started with this: “When we started the People Power Movement about three years ago, we had lengthy discussions about whether or not to register a political party. Our analysis led us to the conclusion that it was both untimely and impractical to form a political party. In any case, we were alive to the fact that the regime would foil any attempt to register People Power as a political party” (Bobi Wine, 22.07.2020).

I am sure the team and associates around Bobi Wine has discussed what to do and how to go forward. They had to find a way to be a legal entity and not just an idea. The Pressure Group would work for independents, but could be put into question over time. Also, the idea that the authorities wouldn’t accept People Power as a Party is most likely true. It would be shocking if they would nod to it and give it go. That would have been a healthy, but anticipating something else is naive.

As he continues: “As you all know, our message has been Mission 2021. Right from 2018, we have been telling all of you to ready yourselves for the 2021 election, because we believe that together, we can and must use that election to overwhelm and remove the dictatorship” (Bobi Wine, 22.07.2020).

It’s right for him to have this ideal and hope that he can conquer the NRM and the President with an election. However, that has been impossible since 1996. I have hard time believing anyone would unsettle and send Museveni packing over the polls in 2021. There is a need of a revolution and of defiance/civil disobedience at levels that has been unheard of. If the PPM and NUP uses that, then they can have hope for change in 2021. If they act like all the others before them. Then they will be beaten down and it will amount to nothing.

He continues: “And so, a few months back, when we predicted that we would find ourselves in this situation, we embarked on finding a solution. We set out to silently identify a Platform which we would use to answer this question. Although many political parties and organisations had reached out to us, our first and most important criteria was to look out for a formation which shares our values, aims and objectives. And there are many which do, but there was a political organisation whose message and objectives rhymed well with those very close to us. In order to make the message even stronger, in July 2019, we went ahead and successfully changed the name of this political organisation from National Unity, Reconciliation and Development Party to the National Unity Platform” (Bobi Wine, 22.07.2020).

I have a feeling that since its inception and seeing how hard he had to battle the authorities in his Kyadondo East By-Election. He knew this would be hard. So, I am sure the situation was that from get-go in a way. However, it sounds better just thinking a few months back. Not thinking from the start and knowing what happen early in the journey as a political active person.

I know the whole Republic is grateful that it landed on NUP and not NURDP. The last one sounds like a bad government program with foreign funding. So, they have had this in the making for a while. By this statement they have worked on this since last July and reveals the new party a year later.

He continues: “Therefore, today I stand here to announce to the nation that we are unveiling the National Unity Platform as the political wing of the People Power Movement. The National Unity Platform is a political organisation duly registered with the Electoral Commission and our symbol is an umbrella” (Bobi Wine, 22.07.2020).

I still find it funny that his calling it the political wing. It is the political party and the other is the pressure group. Both have their political agenda and foundation. They are registered different, but has the same goals. Just like other CSOs can campaign for a political party, even Unions can support a party and a candidate, but that is political, but they are not a party. The same is the difference between the PPM and NUP. The umbrella is just a fine feature, as so many other parties have already picked their symbol. The NUP had to pick something. Umbrella is fine, it stops the sunlight, rain and tear-gas. It is a nice thing to have and is a useful thing.

He continues: “Finally, I know there are those who may ask themselves where this leaves comrades and fellow leaders who belong to other registered political organisations. Friends, we are People Power. In the coming days, we shall embark on the process of formalising the People Power Alliance. The People Power Alliance shall be comprised of different political formations which we have been working with and those that will be willing to join us. Formal engagements with many of these brothers and sisters have already been ongoing and they will continue” (Bobi Wine, 22.07.2020).

Here is another swift change of events. Not only launching the NUP, but the People Power Alliance. I don’t know if that is consideration of the United Forces for Change (UFC) with People’s Government (FDC based) or the other party members associated with the People Power Movement. The PPM is already established and has its significant place. As a home from all parties and people who want change. To make it into an alliance. Is just, if I may, making the umbrella bigger with PPM, NUP and PPA. It is consortium of organization under the same banner, but you need soon a own lingo dictionary to be sure how to address it correctly.

The NUP and PPM would have been sufficient, unless he wants some more mechanisms to keep everything in order. However, with the addition, he might scare away some who is not into the cause and only used it for a political bargain along the line to elections.

The final quote: “In our case, we have consistently said that we are a non-violent movement and we have no plans of establishing a military wing. What we are doing today is to launch a political wing of our Movement so as to ensure that our mission to use the election as a strategy within the liberation struggle succeeds” (Bobi Wine, 22.07.2020).

We are seeing that the PPM and NUP are not planning to pick up guns and try a coup d’etat. Which is a healthy stance, not repeating the sins of old and trying it on a new generation of people. Using the same means the dictatorship came in and hoping not end up as the new one.

His hampering on the political wing, which for me seems weird. That is his prerogative. Because, at what point does the PPM loose value, since its only NUP whose political? When all policies, all people attracted to the PPM and not to the NUP. Many might turn into NUP as their haven and destined party. However, the PPM is the shuttle, the place where everything started and the Movement who gave way to NUP.

I still don’t see how the NUP and PPM will use this up-coming election to overcome the junta. The current day regime, by using the same tools its predecessors have done. The only thing different is its Bobi Wine and his cadres. It is fine and dandy, the flex and the ability to gain popularity. However, it is not like Besigye didn’t get popular too and was driving on a coach through Kampala before the last election.

So, I have hope for Bobi Wine, the whole People Power, but through an election. I doubt for change, for positive difference and actual getting rid of the ones besieging the state. No, they will not be beaten over the ballot. It needs something more powerful, something got to give and by playing the same rules as previous opposition. You will just turn into the same ills of the past.

Bobi Wine deserves better, everyone following him, deserves better, alas the state and the NRM is unforgiving. There will be costs, harm and pain. I don’t see anything else ahead. He needs proper tools, support and a machinery that has to blast the NRM to smithereens and I don’t see that yet. Peace.

Opinion: Under Bobi Wine’s umbrella

“Now that it’s raining more than ever

 Know that we’ll still have each other

 You can stand under my umbrella

 You can stand under my umbrella

(Ella ella, eh eh eh)

 Under my umbrella

 (Ella ella, eh eh eh)

 Under my umbrella

 (Ella ella, eh eh eh)

 Under my umbrella

 (Ella ella, eh eh eh, eh eh eh)”Rihanna on ‘Umbrella’ (2007)

Today in a move to outsmart the Electoral Commission and the National Resistance Movement (NRM) he launched the official party – National Unity Platform (NUP). This is clearly in a move, if the regime plans to stifle or stop the People Power Movment (PPM) as a pressure group. There been speculation of this and even TVO has hinted about that lately.

So, this was a move to outsmart that. However, saying the NUP is the political wing of the PPM seems a bit ridiculous. Let me address this briefly, the PPM is a political movement and not just an empty vessel. It is where many has registered and is associated as a vehicle for change. However, the NUP will be a political party that some of the ones associating with PPM will aligned itself with. Just like the DP candidates will be part of that party, but also associated with PPM.

Now, the PPM can have both independent candidates, but also own party candidates that stands for both the pressure group and the party itself. Just like in the previous election in 2016, when some DP stood for the party and was aligned with TDA. It is the same thing.

That is why both things are political, just one registered as a party and the other a pressure group. To entities, which is branching off its other and still aligned. It is very simple. It is under the same umbrella.

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine shows again how savvy he is. Just like he went into dialogue and talks with Besigye. Again, he shows that he can think ahead and plan. To branch out and create his own is just the right move. It is maybe late in the cycle, but the PPM has already more relevance then other parties. More candidates and more nominations than ever. Therefore, some can be fielded by just the party and others can be associated with the pressure group.

This gives Bobi Wine and his associates two swords in one battle. Both the ability to have partners across the political landscape, but also create his unique party. That is really conning and also maybe the tools you need to address the public. Now, they cannot say his just a political club, a not serious politician. His maybe launching this late and just in time for the elections. However, the party is official and his not 100% independent anymore. His under the umbrella of People Power and NUP.

That’s the game of Bobi Wine. The PPM and NUP will challenge for real. The name is generic. National Unity Platform is as standard as can be. Bobi Wine didn’t go all out revolutionary or extra-ordinary on the name sake. However, that is not important. The cause is and the game plan too.

Now, he has to show his flex, even when it rains, when its sunshine and the in-coming tear-gas. It is coming, but he can always bring an “umbrella ella ella eh eh eh”. Peace.

Opinion: Tinkasimire is finessing the game

People Power is a political club, the NRM is a political party. In People Power, we were just driving an agenda of change, In NRM, there are structures and processes.”Barnabas Tinkasimire

The supposed rebel is mocking the pressure group his participating in, because he wants to show loyalty to the President and the Movement. That is not shocking. He has been open about being a NRM MP and continuing to subscribe to the party. Even as he was put in the charge of co-ordinating for Bunyoro.

Tinkasimire might get some brownie points with the President by stating this to the Press. After having the meeting earlier in the week. Where all NRM Rebel MPs paid respects and kneeled to their king. The protocol the MP talks about. The structure of being blindly loyal to the Old Man with the Hat. Follow his NRM CEC and not questioning his decisions. That is the party Barnabas is so proud off.

The man that is calling People Power a political club is demeaning and downplaying its organization. A pressure group run by Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. It is just like his saying its not sincerely working and they are just playing around. When calling it a club his initially saying its fun and games, while the Movement is serious. That shows how insincere Barnabas is at this point.

Barnabas is saying the NRM is the United Nations, but People Power is the Model United Nations. This should infuriate Bobi Wine and his close associates. That someone he trusted to lead the Bunyoro chapter thinks like this. If he says this now, he should distance himself from Barnabas.

Tinkasimire is showing his true colours. It is a facade what his doing in People Power. If he trusts the structure and process of the NRM. If he does that, what the hell does do in People Power?

That doesn’t make sense. When he wants to act like rebel, but trust the President and his ways. If you find that weird. Your part of the clique and we see the same sort of thing.

Why do you join a club and talk it down? When your already a part of party that your believe in and enjoy the comforts from?

It doesn’t make sense. Unless, he now wants to show loyalty after getting the good graces against after the meeting at the State House last week. That would make sense and shows People Power where his heart is. Especially, he speaks of change, but wants to have process of NRM. That is just foolish at best. Then he wants to blindly follow the “high above” and continue a charade as a “rebel”. I am sure President is happy about that. He has someone who can tell and has his ears to everything happening within People Power.

That is why the Bunyoro role of Tinkasimire should be in question. As he says the PPM isn’t that serious. While praising his party. That’s just a pure insult for the causes that PPM is supposed to be about.

Why are you having people within the Pressure Group who confess their admiration to the party, which your trying to overcome?

That’s Math, which doesn’t add up. 1 +1 = 3 or 1,5 and certainly not 2. If you want change and make difference. To be associated with the likes of Tinkasimire … is just vouching to have Movement friendly people and only uses PPM to get more votes. While he will continue to work for the status quo. A status quo the PPM is supposed to meet head-on. Peace.

Opininon: The Ghost of Kantinti should haunt the FDC [and the rise of Bobi Wine]

That the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) nominated the nullified MP Apollo Kantinti to stand as a Flag-Bearer in the Kyadondo East By-Election in 2017 should be a friendly reminder what the FDC leadership did wrong. What has transpired since, has been a growing momentum and popularity politically towards the Independent MP and Opposition Leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. Who won the By-Election in 2017 over Kantinti. The loser has since then needed to go to court over bankruptcy.

We all know what has happen since and the groundwork the MP has done with his People Power Movement. A rising movement that even the People’s Government and Dr. Kizza Besigye have gone in coalition in. Which is just a small time ago that Bobi Wine and Besigye formed the United Forces for Change (UFC).

The FDC is really not pulling their weight, when the Party President Patrick Oboi Amuriat (POA) is saying this in a interview these day:

It is very early to say that. What if Bobi Wine joins FDC tomorrow? For us we maintain an open door policy, he may change his mind and say I think I want a home. He is welcome to join FDC any time he wants and then he will be weighed against the other candidates” (Derrick Wandera – ‘Uganda: Bobi Should Join FDC If He Wants Coalition With Us, Says Amuriat’ 12.07.2020, Daily Monitor).

This is a bit late. The tea is freezing. To open the door for Bobi Wine now that he is in the upper echelon. When Bobi Wine get the same treatment by the authorities like Besigye. Than you want him to become part of the FDC? Also weigh him with others? Seriously?

Why should he step down and await vetting in the FDC? When he can run on own platform and own merit?

Because the same FDC said this before the Kyadondo East By-Election:

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] will not support popular musician Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine in the yet-to-be scheduled Kyadondo East by-election, party officials have said. The party said it will instead support Apollo Kantinti, its flag bearer in 2016, whose election was nullified by the High court and the nullification upheld by the Court of Appeal last week” (Baker Batte Lule – ‘FDC to Bobi Wine: wait for 2021’ 05.05.2017, Observer).

With this in mind, the party followed party protocol and let Kantinti stand again. However, with that they lost Bobi Wine too. As someone who has shown political finesse and ability beyond Wakiso district and Kyadondo East.

Bobi Wine is so big, that the President has tried to sing Elvis “In the Ghetto” to the public at times. That is why the FDC did wrong and should be humble in concern of Bobi Wine. They are the ones that lost out. That they are having talks and a coalition is showing progress in concern of results together as opposition. However, POA is not showing grace and demeanour, which understands what the People Power are brining right now.

The momentum isn’t on Besigye. It is on Bobi Wine. Nothing wrong with Besigye. He has carried the mantle, been the man in the line of fire and deserves credit for his hard labour. However, FDC doesn’t have Bobi Wine, because they played him wrong. That’s why the Party President of FDC acts like this. He wants to be the giant, but forgetting what they did themselves. It is not like he needed a party in the last election and he has only grown stronger since then. That is just common sense by now.

POA could have had the courage to show some humility, but instead he wants to bamboozle others. Hoping nobody see the game his playing. FDC is fighting for the good cause, so is the People Power Movement and they can do it together. However, that should be done by consensus and fair game. Not walking over one party and expecting it to roll over.

The FDC could have done better, hindsight 20/20 is always easier, than actually making good decisions in the moment of time. Still, the FDC is haunted by the ghost of Kantinti. He follows them and that’s why they cannot steer the conversation or get Bobi Wine totally on board. Instead, they have to talk and negotiate with him. This because of a simple mistake in 2017. Peace.

Opinion: Expect the Movement to celebrate mediocrity ahead of 2021

It isn’t enough that socialites like Zari Hassan is steering the conversation. That Bad Black switches camp and Jennifer Full Figure is all in this game. That Jose Chameleone trying to play both defence with the Democratic Party and offence with People Power Ticket. Meanwhile, Muntu and Mao will play second fiddle to Bobi Wine and Besigye. That is just the ways things are in the opposition ahead of 2021.

We all see this coming. But, expect one thing. The mediocre results will be cooked into greatness. The results since 1986 will be served like Michelin Star meal on high street. While the reality its a knock-off steak with very burned fries. Not really the high appeal nor the class its supposed to have.

The National Resistance Movement will use all its channels. Their Social Media Warriors, the media personnel they have hired. The UBC/NBS will be full fledged propaganda channel. Radios owned by sympathizers and own MPs will spread the message. All tarmac, all policies and pledges will be served like hot lava.

The NRM wants to look like the golden goose. They want to look like they did something. That they were meaningful and made a difference. These people will proclaim to be democratic, but the first moment a real opposition put its feet out. He or she will be arrested like a chicken thief.

The NRM will speak of infrastructure and rising development projects. However, they will not speak of foreign loans, grants and donors paying the high price of spiked prices. The most expensive road in the world nor the quality of tarmac or the work done by Chinese contractors. No, they will spread the message of the most tarmacked roads in the Republic. Because, who needs a functioning railway, who needs roads built for the rain or the upgrade of ferries. No, that is just hogwash.

The NRM will speak of its agriculture exports. Which it has amassed. Like it isn’t Nespresso and other foreign companies doing the bidding. Like the coffee exports before its time was good too. Not like the output didn’t matter in the past and the cash-crop idea is an old gift that keeps giving. No, they will profess magic. Even if the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), the NAADs, SACCOs and now Emyooga are all ugly ducklings of spawned projects waiting for a corruption scandal to come. Like there been no ghosts, bad seedlings and public wasted funds to pay the invisible piper.

The NRM will talk big game on their programs, which haven’t been properly implemented. We can go back to the 10 Point Programme. One of the National Development Programmes, the third edition is coming soon. The Uganda Vision 2020, 2030 or 2030. There are so many plans, but so little will to follow it. Seems like a cash-cow awaiting its next prey to get funding from abroad. You needs some visionary skits to get the comedians from afar paying for dreams.

The NRM will never say all of this. They won’t, because they don’t have a heart. They will come with polished pictures, fine and dandy statements. All sort of numbers. Take the most beautiful schools or hospitals. We did this bitches, but they will not look into depleted ones. The schools forgotten in rural district. They will not care that a hospital haven’t paid its nurses or have cash to pay for electricity. No, they will not speak of that. Neither that teachers are boda-boda drivers on the side, because the salary from the state takes months to come.

The NRM will praise its efforts, its greatness. Yes, the State House is a fortress. The President has a few Presidential Jets. Has a giant convoy of SUVs, even a car for luggage. The man owns the state and they are following his every whim. However, they cannot come with as a slogan or a party program. They have to look smooth, collective and grand. Nevertheless, that doesn’t make it true.

That’s why the drama of the opposition. The entertainment factor, the singers singing songs and the entitlement comes to forefront. That’s why Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone is on one side. Why Bad Black and Zari is on another. That is why the NRM is using Bebe and Ragga Dee, also Full Figure just smash it all together. So, that people forget the mediocrity and life moves on.

Since, everything is about nonsense, about characters who doesn’t carry their weight, but expect the leadership to do so. The Red Pepper Politics, the Onion and the mashed potatoes. Not the reality, the deception and the lackluster offerings of the state.

The NRM hopes their mediocre delivery can be turned to gold. They hope the public adores that and praises their game. Even if they are returning with roots and not with lions. Peace.

Opinion: Lord Mayoral canddiate Chameleone [want to act green and red, but smells yellow]

Dr Jose Chameleone aka Joseph Mayanja are officially nominating himself as the candidate for Lord Mayor of Kampala on a People Power ticket. Surely combined with the Democratic Party, where his a member and been a National Mobilizer.

I don’t know if I can trust Chameleone. His been loyal to the President and campaigned for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) for years. Yes, a man can switch and change his allegiance. That is all natural, but don’t expect it to not follow him blindly either.

He wants to act all opposition, even picking the safe bet of being both part of the Democratic Party under the guidance of Mao and ticket on People Power Movement with the boost of Bobi Wine. It seems like a positive political bingo. Getting both the facade of a political party and support of the growing movement around Bobi Wine.

Chameleone might be able to trick a few as an entertainer, but I have hard time seeing him as a trusted candidate. He cannot even pay taxes on his cars. The man has plenty of times forgotten or deliberately not paid taxes on his SUVs. That has been an issue since 2012. If it is a Cadillac or Toyota. The musician have struggled to pay for it.

His possibly a legend in the field of music. A pop star and a man with many top singles. Chameleone have conquered that field, but as a politician his a start-up. With his past love and association with the NRM. I have question his sudden character of the opposition.

That his both with Mao and Bobi Wine shows that he wants to finesse this game. I don’t doubt him. Last campaign and after the General Election in 2016. The man defended the President, the whole “Tubonga Naawe” song and sends his congratulatory message after the rigged enterprise.

It is like the man now wants to forget all this. That the drive for campaign-money and support of the State House.

It is weird how quickly he went from being Yellow to Red or Green for that matter. That it was that simple. Chameleone just switched camps all over night. It is hard to figure out.

Now he wants to become the Lord Mayor of Kampala. Challenge the two term incumbent Erias Lukwago who went from DP to create his own party. Chameleone is overtaking the slot of Lukwago in the DP. Also, making himself more relevant by joining the PP. There is no other way to look at it. If he had done this for 2016, Jose would have used the TDA for his benefit.

I have little faith in Chameleone. Until he proves me otherwise, but I don’t want to be naive. Believe his words and “sudden” change of heart. It just seems like his put there to make the race harder for Lukwago. As the NRM cannot field any sensible candidate in Kampala. Peace.

Opinion: Mao’s candidacy is “hot-air”

People are saying that I won’t even get 1% . They are saying I don’t have supporters but when I say I am going to contest for the president, there is a lot of discussion on the matter. I don’t know why”Norbert Mao (02.07.2020)

It is official, the long awaited, the brutal honesty and the 2nd Time Candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Norbert Mao of the Democratic Party. The steady guest on political talk-shows and often in the media. Trying to reign in rebels in his party and also seeing his high ranking officials cosying up the NRM.

Still, this is his third election. He stood as a candidate in 2011 without succeeding. For some uncertain and weird reasons. Mao wasn’t on the lists and registered in 2016. However, now he has come up and said his the Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party in 2021.

That is not shocking, that is to be expected at this point. He has been here before, but was behind Amama Mbabazi in the last election cycle. So, don’t expect him to back neither Besigye nor Bobi Wine. DP wasn’t part of the IPC, but was a mate in the TDA. Don’t expect him to join forces in the UFC.

Mao is also very cynical about everyone else than himself. He can judge another candidate back to oblivion. Norbert can scrutinize and assess the others. However, not look at his own flaky actions. The DP has been moving in circles. Neither grown stronger or become a powerhouse.

Mao has tried to reign in the smaller DP brotherhood with Bwanika and Mabikke. However, we know these will not bring an electoral victory. Wonder if Abed Bwanika wants a place of honour, if the DP Block is still a thing. You can in the same regard wonder if the DP SPV with Muntu have done wonders too.

He can claim other opposition candidates doesn’t have tactics or strategies. Nevertheless, it is not like he has the magic potion or the successful method to overcome the dictatorship. He is just wandering around remembering old-age wisdom and theories. While not using the same intelligence on his own campaigns. It is easier to bring heat to others, then looking into his own work.

There got to be some real magic to change the end game. It would be enough for this man to stand as an MP in Gulu. He got that in him. Just like James Akena of the UPC to be an MP and not a Presidential Candidate. Be a leader of a party and still be in Parliament. That is cool, but Mao wants to honour of the top slot.

That is why his reluctant to work with other major opposition members. He don’t have the leverage to reign them in. Mao wish he would, but he doesn’t. Neither has his party. That is why the ones who become Cabinet members in the 10th Parliament left the fold. He knows this, he knows Mbidde could easily turn NRM. He would rub his hands and ditch Mao in a heartbeat.

So, Mao wants to be the big-man. He claims others doesn’t have the credentials or the plans, but his nothing coming with that either. It is a solo run, that will end dolo.

He can act like it is different. Come with some flex. Show some attitude and fancy queens English. Non of that will further the cause of the Mao. This is a repetition of 2011 in 2021. Peace.