Malawi: Government demands Police Accountability over Arrest of ACB Director General (06.12.2022)

Malawi: Malawi Police Service – Police Formally Charge, Release Ms. Martha Chizuma on Bail (06.12.2022)

Malawi: Ministry of Health – Update on Cholera Outbreak Situation in Malawi (05.12.2022)

Malawi: Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) – ACB Arrests Vice President of the Republic of Malawi for Corruption (25.11.2022)

Malawi: Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) – Malawians expect more from President Chakwera’s National Addresses (25.10.2022)

Malawi: Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) – Press Statement on the Request for Accessing and Disclosure of Public Information (19.10.2022)

Malawi: Parliament of Malawi – Office of the Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee – Meetings of Public Accounts Commitee (14.10.2022)

Malawi: Forum for National Development (FND) – Request to Investigate Allegations against Pastor Nick Chakwera (14.10.2022)

Malawi: Ministry of Agriculture – Mwk30 Billion Fertilizer Money Missing Allegation (13.10.2022)

Malawi: Episcopal Conference of Malawi – A Call to Hearken to the Cry of Poor Malawians – A Pastoral Statement by the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (10.10.2022)

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