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The sorry state of the nation of WaBenzi!

You are now entering into an alternative universe, where we have a nation called WaBenzi. Where the elites was eating of the state reserves, where the elite was there because of their connections with the political elite. A political elite made by patronage and nepotism. This political elite was made out a liberation battle done decades ago, either from a foreign force or from some dictator, whose legacy was murder of ethnic groups or even expelling others. The leader on top would be seen as a hero back in the day, but with lingering time, the party (the Movement) and the President would tarnish his own reputation for lingering on.

While that is happening, the written word is losing meaning in WaBenzi. Because the political are afraid of challenging the President and his party. They might have some newspapers, but their circulation isn’t on the basis for anyone outside many urban townships of the nation. Neither is the social media sites. The intelligence that has been leaked, has made the elite to shut-down, arrest and revoke the licenses of these media houses. Therefore, the media is careful and awaiting approval from the elite before publishing. They are careful with how they address the President and his movement. Because they don’t want to question his rule. At least not too much, because they don’t want to suffer. They got families to feed. Even if there is an inflation, even if the economy is in shambles. Even if the rising debt and lack of foreign exchange is hurting the economy.

The patronage is destroying the state, the lack of institutions that is meaningful is shown from anything from SIM-CARDs, or even as foolish as monitoring porn. The boards are busy bodies, while the state is eating the funds for the top-class. The state owned enterprises are giving away tenders to developers without any oversight of the contractors or their delivery. If this get public scrutiny, the President will offer them a new chance after a short suspension. Because someone he knows are eating of this plate.

In WaBenzi, the elite can get away with murders, they can get away with thefts and even land grabbing. As long as the State House is informed, it doesn’t matter if the house is a colonial masterpiece or a grand-farm. Everything can be taken, even evict whole villages for foreign investors, for factories which is promised on the land. The state can take away land for roads and for rail projects, even if the building is only on planning stage and not even the tenders of building it is open to the public. Therefore, if a garden estate for one of the elites is built there instead, it doesn’t matter. The elite of the Movement can do whatever they want.

The people of WaBenzi is so used, they are used that the President can what he wants and say whatever he wants. He can contradict himself, he does that weekly and yearly. If you followed the President. You know he talks against corruption, but let his ministers who is caught in international fraud walk around like nothing happen. The WaBenzi is so used to lied to, that their ignorance and lack of care is natural. They are tired and praying for the ending of the President. Because the President doesn’t plan to leave.

The WaBenzi are used to that the government talk about fair share of resources and development projects, even if the elite in West is getting more, than the Central, Eastern or Northern Regions. The Western has the best schools, the most Cabinet Members and the best infrastructure. The networks of hospitals and other needed government structures are there, but not in the others in that extent. The schools are decapitated, the police stations are unworthy shacks and the government offices for higher officers are looking like mansions for high-end business-men. The mayors and councilors are well-fed, the police-officers are beating on the public to get fed, the school-teachers are having side-jobs or even farming on the side. The civil servants are asking for kick-backs and fill their plate to do their civic duty, because the salary hasn’t risen in decades. If paid on time, it still would barely be enough for the rent of their home.

The hospital are lacking basics, politician of opposition parties are trying now and then to help out. They use their salaries to buy sheets, beds and even medicine. As the national medicine importer and delivery system is understaffed, lack preparation and even the tools to have enough medicine for all institutions. The lack of funding and governance is hurting the hospitals. As they cannot afford to pay their bills, as black-outs and lack of oxygen are common place.

The Electric company is run by private contractors and also private investments from abroad. The development of the energy companies and the plants are all based on either multi-national funding or possible foreign investments. These are done in random, while the different part of the sector is underfunded and also because of the issues from within, is overpriced, hard to get good rates on the electricity and also often blackouts. This hurts the industries, the public, who has to have generators and cannot trust the government run company to deliver enough and stable enough electricity.

The WaBenzi is hurt by the Western, little Elite whose eating of everyone’s plate. They are grabbing it all, while all part of society is hurting. They are not even caring about the Parliament, where the laws are rubber-stamped and secured in favor of the will of the President. The legislation is to favor his agenda and not the good-will of the people. The Elite is more busy securing tenders and their own future, than securing the better institution and society for the public.

The WaBenzi has strict laws on political gatherings, the laws are to secure that no-one will ever have the power or possibly can topple the President. No one should be able to create a protest or demonstrations that could take him down. He has the army and the police on his side. They are keeping people at bay, even invade the Parliament to get his will served. The Courts are listening to him and the orders are happening to his service. Opposition leaders can easily find themselves behind bars, the ones who voices against the Movement will easily get into trouble. That is the state of WaBenzi. Where the thieves and murders walk free and the opposition is the real criminals. Therefore, the trust in the Police and Security Organizations are not there. Because they are misusing their powers to arrest innocent people, activists and youths who are standing up against the President. He cannot manage that.

The government is usually fixing issues that doesn’t matter that much and making sure to make a stamp. Has some sort of campaigns, and making taxes on ordinary stuff, but not making sure the taxation is used properly. That is because the existence of the regime is because they feed the elite. The WaBenzi elite needs the President and the President needs the elite. The chronic patronage and nepotism combined with grand corruption is like daily. The Executives, the funds misused and the mismatch behind the use on programs and what is left to the public is staggering. The President claps his hands and gladly take his percentage of it too.

This is just a story about WaBenzi, how a country became a hostage of an elite that lives on the goodwill of the President. They are there and don’t want change, because they eat. Even if the people starve, even if they cheat on levels of poverty, even if the elite cheats on the amount of people living there and how many projects they have for development. The aid is still coming, the United Nations will still show up and pay for the supper of the poorest of the poor.

While this continues, the liberator who promised to never rig elections. The President has appointed and made sure the Commission who controls the elections are in his favor. The Election Laws are always amended and changed just before. So that the so-called opposition has another disadvantage. Not only that the state is busy giving away gifts to the public during rallies, even busing them to the stages if they have too. Paying off the popular musicians to perform and also pay-off journalists to write favorable coverage. The President is also busy paying the clan-leaders, the religious leadership and even some appointed leadership in the districts. They are getting cars and houses, as a token of their good work and making sure the President is elected again.

The President is also busy using the army and police to harass the opposition in the run-up to the election. Even make them illegal to make a point. The ministers and the Security Organization will defend it as constitutional and say the opposition are making war, not only campaigning. The President will use vile language and say people are fools if they trust anyone else. The Police will bar people, will be more into politics during campaigns, than actually doing police work. The Police will defend their monitoring and the micro-managing of the people. This is all to install fear and secure the President, that people will not really challenge the Presidency.

So after months of campaigning, the elections usually ends with days of tensions. While the Commissions are cooking the numbers, the ballots and the paper-trail, the police is busy chasing the opposition and the civil society. Offices are raided, the media are under attack, the internet is blocked and the observers are watching idly by, while silently saying the process has to move-on and electoral laws can be changed later. It is still progress for society. That WaBenzi had an election, even if it was rigged and the President took total control. He left nothing to coincidence. The public of WaBenzi was props to buy legitimacy for the Presidency, the Commission was another tool and the international observers was there. Just to secure the display of elections was shown. That people could que and wait in line before being registered to vote. Even if there was pre-ticked ballots. Even if the police officers was working and making sure the district got the right result. As the Police arrested people entering or even being party officials registered to be looking over the tally and getting copies from the return officers at the Polling Stations. That doesn’t matter. Because the result has to be in favor of the incumbent President in WaBenzi.

That is just WaBenzi, we are all happy that this what WaBenzi has to offer. This is what the WaBenzi gives of governance, of institutions and of lacking taxation without representation. We are all looking idly by, why the WaBenzi is taken for granted. The President knows this and lives on, happy and ready.

If you demonstrate or try to strike, he will catch and make a treacherous human being, because no one has the power to question the power of the army and the liberation. Even if the liberator only liberated himself and his cronies. The rest has to be hostages in the President’s will and President’s vision. That is the decision of the President, who can get away with anything and no-one cares. Therefore, the nation of WaBenzi is misused and the people are too. Every single day. Peace


Russian Probe: Van Der Zwaan gets into deeper trouble!

The ones like Devin Nunes we’re yesterday in fundraising e-mails saying liberal democrats are making the Russian collusion up to his supporters. While Special Counsel Robert Mueller are continuing working on the case, that the kind of so-called patriots are undermining. Nunes are like a weasel, who run around pointing liar, liar, but he should look into himself. That can be said, as a European lawyer, who has already been indicted gotten his sentencing memorandum yesterday. It is viable and shows how many people at play, within the running Russian scandal. Nunes knows this, but he wants to obstruct justice, instead of being a patriot and see where the breadcrumbs are leading him. That is the proof of the recent events.

So, why do I say all that, because in the memorandum from Mueller. It has certain statements, that is not only interesting, but true fire under any investigation. The defendant Alex Van Der Zwaan, lied deliberately to the Special Counsel and also directly destroyed evidence. Even as the investigation knew about it. That shows how much and how good at digging these fellow FBI Agents are and the prosecutors within his team.

You know that you have a pickle, not just in the United States, but also in Ukraine, when these sort of stories get unleashed: “As referenced in the indictment, the law firm had been paid over $5 million for its work, largely through third-party payments by a Ukrainian oligarch, funneled through a Manafort and Gates Cypriot account. The Ukraine potential criminal matter concerned the allegation that in 2012-13 the then-government of Ukraine had disclosed that the firm was being paid only about $12,000 (an amount above which Ukraine law would have required a different procurement process)” (Mueller, 27.03.2018).

So he has lied, destroyed evidence and been paid vastly by Ukrainian oligarch through the known former Trump Campaign Manager Manafort and former Trump Aide Gates. Clearly, the scope is leading in a nice direction and the breadcrumbs are not so small. Soon they are getting into a slice of bread.

Further on, this is really enlightening: “That Gates and Person A were directly communicating in September and October 2016 was pertinent to the investigation. Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agents assisting the Special Counsel’s Office assess that Person A has ties to a Russian intelligence service and had such ties in 2016. During his first interview with the Special Counsel’s Office, van der Zwaan admitted that he knew of that connection, stating that Gates told him Person A was a former Russian Intelligence Officer with the GRU” (Mueller, 27.03.2018).

So because of the unknown Russian mentioned in the memorandum of Mueller, we can clearly state the work of Van Der Zwaan and with the Trump Associates, who also are working directly with Ukrainian oligarchs, but also spies from Kremlin within GRU. If that isn’t a warning sign of your affairs, nothing is. That Gates knew this and was doing that, shows how they we’re working, what happen behind the seen other than money laundering for Ukrainian oligarchs is hard to know.

Still, it shows signs of how Mueller operates, as he has the information and wants to see if you will reveal or if you will lie. It isn’t that the defendant is lying, it is that Mueller is knowledge and can use it against the ones he building a case against. There isn’t any foul play, but good work and collection of evidence. That is why he had it covered. He can also with this implicate and build timeline with Manafort and Gates, which is telling.

This should be warning, a starch warning, that if he can do this with Van Der Zwaan, who lied, tried to deceive and destroy evidence. That Mueller already knew and that there was no escape. There really is. Nothing left. Don’t try to play Mueller, at this point him and his team will outsmart you. Peace.

Opinion: Trump’s White House NDA’s expects to be able to mute all staff: “at all times, thereafter”! [it’s a First Amendment Violation]

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances (First Amendment – Passed by Congress September 25, 1789. Ratified December 15, 1791. The first 10 amendments form the Bill of Rights’).

The Donald J. Trump Presidency is really insane, it is really a horror house of governance, by a former so-called Tycoon who slaps his name on buildings and golf-courses, but haven’t built much himself in the recent years. President Trump who fires, misfires and hires willy-nilly are now leaked about his Non-Disclosure Agreements with White House staff, that is insane, and is blatant in disregard to freedom of speech, liberty and of people’s will to speak out of the madness happening with the term of the President.

You know he really has many crimes, much activity he don’t want disclosed, don’t want public. When all aides, all appointments and all people working for him in the White House. Signing NDA’s that silence them “at all times thereafter”. It isn’t like they are only signing, we will not classified information, we will not leak private conversations while being in the White House. No, it is all time after. So if your in the 20s or 30s hired like Stephen Miller, he cannot leak crap all his life for all the decades he is alive after Trump stopped being President. The same with Hope Hicks, who isn’t that old. She would be silent for 5 decades after what she saw as one of the trusted aides of Trump. Hicks could clearly have written a tell-all book about her time in the Trump Organization and Trump White House. But she wouldn’t be allowed, sure the President made similar agreements in his businesses. Seriously, he must have, since he cannot stomach to release them Tax-Returns. The grand-coward cannot be transparent, but that we know.

Non-Disclosure Agreement from the White House:

As outlined in the document, this restriction would cover Trump aides not only during their White House service but also “at all times thereafter.” The document: “I understand that the United States Government or, upon completion of the term(s) of Mr. Donald J. Trump, an authorized representative of Mr. Trump, may seek any remedy available to enforce this Agreement including, but not limited to, application for a court order prohibiting disclosure of information in breach of this Agreement.” (Marcus, 2018).

That he will take former employees, former aides and appointed into cabinet if they talk is outrages. That he thinks he can control the first amendment and silence the staff for life is insane. It is vindictive and vicious. But nothing new from this man, whose done the same to Stormy Daniels and who else he has had a shady relationship while being married. I am sure he has more NDA’s which is connected to his infidelity, because this man has no self-control. Just look at the man’s tweet and you know!

You can wonder if this is made by the legal team of Michael Cohen and not under government protocol. Like I doubt the Department of Justice had a review, neither the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) or the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) at the White House. Because, they know the laws and standards for government officials and public servants. The appointed people and hired staff in the White House is not personal minions of Trump. Even if he thinks so and thinks he is secretly King Kong who can solve any crises. Even if he creates most of them on his own.

It should be easy to dismiss, any scholar should understand that the NDA cannot violate the First Amendment, than it should be tarnished and rewritten. They cannot mute people from the free speech, they cannot stop people from talking and being in the press after the tenure of Trump. They are not allowed to leak sensitive information, not allowed to disclose confidential information, but that is while being staff. However, when they are clocked-out and contract done. Then, they can disclose matters and also put the stories in print if they want. That is natural. Therefore, these NDA’s are stupid and vindictive, because Trump is afraid of the stories. Even Wolf’s book ‘Fire and Fury’ has stirred the pot, but there will be more in the future. These NDA’s will not last.

The President is not above the law, even if he thinks so inside his own mind. He has to respect the law, just like any citizen has to abide to it. It is time the President understand that, it is a lot to ask of Trump. But someone had to do it, it just happen to be me. Peace.


Marcus, Ruth – ‘Trump had senior staff sign nondisclosure agreements. They’re supposed to last beyond his presidency.’ (18.03.2018) link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/trumps-nondisclosure-agreements-came-with-him-to-the-white-house/2018/03/18/226f4522-29ee-11e8-b79d-f3d931db7f68_story.html?utm_term=.a2d6a1921454

Russian Probe: Recent updates proves how far the Russians went to interfere in the Elections!

If you been blind or cut off your ears in the recent months and since 2016, you haven’t heard or seen anything in connection with how the Russians interfered in the United States Presidential Election of 2016, which was where the Republican Candidate Donald J. Trump won. He and his family, also his business has for years had Russian business interactions. Therefore, the knowledge of Russians would be there, they have even gone to the press for the years praising it. Not after the elections and during the campaigns… However, they have done it until right before the Trump did the final decision to run as Republican. The Republican’s and the President, the White House has done whatever they can to play the Russian Probe down, while firing anyone they can whose investigating it. Therefore the sacking of FBI Director James Comey, Attorney General Sally Yates, Attorney General Preet Bharara and also appointed and fired Michael Flynn as the National Security Advisor.

So since this has happen, there been plea deals from George Papadopolous, Michael Flynn and now this week, which I will quote the partner of Paul Manafort, Richard Gates has made his deal with Special Counsel of Robert Mueller. Mueller has now put up the anti and proves again he has investigated slowly and gathered intelligence and evidence, that he can back-up before the takes it to the Court. He just dripping drops and small edges like in the past, but still proving the vindictive campaign by Russians in this elections. They smeared it and pulled strings through all sorts of operations. Therefore, that Trump is writing himself is stupid or ignorant, if not trying to wash his hands, while Mueller is getting more intelligence from his own camp, who are plea-deals to secure less sentences and not serve to much time in the end.

Like during this week, a Richard Pinedo, who pleaded guilty of identity frauds and using these fake identities. He sold these identities and their accounts to foreign interests. This sort of actions fits very well with another indictments against foreign entities and Russian individuals who we’re indicted this Friday. The 13 individuals and Companies used forged identities to mask their activity on Social Media. The Internet Research Agency LLC, Mediasintez LLC and Azimut LLC. These companies was fueled with funds, which isn’t disclosed, but fitting with other state interference reports out there.

An Estonian Report made earlier this month said this: “Russian cyber groups – examples include APT28 (Sofacy/Fancy Bear) associated with the military intelligence GRU, SNAKE (Turla) tied to the federal security service FSB, and APT29 (Cozy Bear/The Dukes) associated with the FSB and the foreign intelligence service SVR – play the key role in Russia’s influence operations toolbox. These are long-term Russian cyber operations with a clear direction based on Russia’s interests and objectives” (EFIS, P: 53, 2018).

So that the indictment of Mueller, fits the paradigm of the Estonian Intelligence Report. It is similar in efforts and events that transpired. Even the international boundaries, shows that the other foreign investigations into Russian activity proves their types of interference. What is unique in the 13 individuals indicted and the companies also. Is the way they used their funds and methods to push their agenda. That is what is important from this document. They we’re Russians who made up American Web Groups and Message, acted like United States Citizens, but that was pose online. Even in the indictment the individuals were directly in communication with associates connected Trump Campaign.

They were using their methods since 2013 in St. Petersburg, the Internet Research Agency used Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram to spread their messages and get connected with American people. They gathered intelligence and got visas to travel in states, which would be important prior to the elections. Where they found real people inside grass-root operations within the Texas based organization. To swing election in favor of Trump. They did with their digital mass media operation made groups like “Secured Border”, “Blacktivist”, “United Muslims of America”, “Army of Jesus”, “Heart of Texas” and “South United”. All of this was groups who got members on Facebook and played into narratives of religious activity, race issues or even patriotism in areas like Texas. While doing so, the organization bought dozens of ads and commercial content on Social Media, to spread their profound message to swing the elections, as well as make accounts on Twitter to appear as United States citizens and Groups. While doing so they used VPN to mask their IP address and their location of operation, to make sure their digital footprint wasn’t out of whack. So this was a sophisticated operations with many layers to secure the narrative of a better tomorrow with Trump and say that Hillary Clinton was the devil. In directly these fake persons from the organization also paid US residents to participate in Trump rallies and grass-root organizations in Florida, this also happen in New York and Pennsylvania.

So these crimes proving how detailed and how far they went to secure their support of one candidate. They tried to hide it and use forged identities, wire fraud and also fake ID’s. So this wasn’t a light heart that they went into it and they spend fortunes to change the narratives during the elections. It was done covertly and isn’t that unique. As the quote from Estonia proves. Combined with all the non-disclosed meetings and the associates who has met with Russians during and previous before the elections. Proves that Trump Campaign has a hard time to debunk it.

So with the indictments of the 13 individuals and 3 companies. Are proving that the Russian planned carefully and interfered with gathered intelligence. We can wonder if this was part of the “toolbox” as the Estonians are assessing it to be. Because their reports on the Cyber Activity and interference are similar, but the agencies are deliberately expelled to show their connections. Therefore, even if the indictment does explain where the funding of the Internet Research Agency, it still shows their activity and planned attacks on the citizens and electorate during campaigns. This was all made to make sure the public stood behind Trump and not Clinton. That without using WikiLeaks, DC Leaks or any other page that was supported by Russian hackers and fellow straw-men. Peace.


Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service – ‘INTERNATIONAL SECURITY AND ESTONIA – 2018’ (February 2018)

CS Fred Matiangi has unleashed a new Moi era!

Today, Kenyans should feel like their repeating history, as the Jubilee Alliance new cabinet and the crackdown on opposition starts. Yesterday, the newly minted Cabinet Secretary for Interior Fred Matiangi ordered the National Super Alliance (NASA) or the National Resistance Movement (NRM) as a Criminal Gang. That is on the 30th January 2018, the day Raila Amolo Odinga sworn-in himself as President in Uhuru Park.

Now, the CS Matiangi continues where he left off yesterday, with continued media blackout and promises actions. That has already done against critics of him, blogger Cyprian Nyakundi is behind bars awaiting trial, also his kin has been detained. This because the CS cannot keep his little pinky for himself and wants to share it with a church-girl. Instead of the CS paying for the crimes of infidelity, Cyprian and family has lost their constitutional freedoms.

Therefore, we know that Matiangi are up something special and have not learned from history. Because he is without knowing or trying actually repeating history. I will take a few articles from the 1990s, to show how the KANU and Moi era was concerning how the ruling regime was treating their opponents. You will see very similar stories today. That should worry you, since the Jubilee instead of going beyond the measures of the past; they are replicating the worst from the past.

In 1990:

“NAIROBI, Kenya — In what could be a signal of a renewed crackdown on political opposition in this one-party country, the government Saturday announced a permanent ban on the Nairobi Law Monthly, a leading voice of dissent. It was the fourth time in two years that the government had banned a politically outspoken periodical, although Kenya’s constitution guarantees freedom of the press. Under government regulations, it is now illegal for anyone to possess even a past issue of the Law Monthly, which faced numerous incidents of official harassment during its two-year life. The rationale for the banning order was not made public, but in its latest issue, the Law Monthly had called for the dissolution of Parliament and for a constitutional amendment allowing the recall of a president who acts contrary to national law, a clear challenge to President Daniel Arap Moi” (Hiltzik, 1990).

In 1992:

“NAIROBI, Kenya, March 20— President Daniel arap Moi banned all political meetings today, citing weeks of ethnic violence that Government opponents say has been allowed to spread in order to undermine a movement for greater democracy. The ban, viewed by some politicians and diplomats as a possible prelude to declaring a state of emergency, comes only four months after Kenya moved to re-establish multiparty politics, which have been banned since 1969” (Perlez, 1992).

In 1997:

“While Mr. Moi runs the risk of being seen as a tyrant, the opposition is already being blamed by some middle-class Kenyans for looting and mayhem in the streets that have shut down normal business, political analysts said” (…) “Tension has been growing for weeks over calls to reform Kenya’s Constitution and repeal colonial-era security laws, which give the President sweeping powers to disperse protests and detain political opponents” (McKinly Jr, 1997)

While NTV, KTN and Citizen TV Kenya are both, down and blocked from broadcasting, because of the crimes. The purge against NASA has started, as NASA lawyer and Ruaraka MP TJ Kajwang, who was the international barrister at the swearing-in yesterday. Are now detained by the Flying Squad and taken to Nairobi PCIO. Clearly, the Police Service is starting the mission on the newly formed criminal gang and former politicians.

With the knowledge of Cyprian, now MP Kajwang and there are other come. Since the words of CS Matiangi, that its time for actions. Means the crackdown on NASA is really beginning. More faces will be charged and arrested. More of the leadership who was there, expect Hassan Ali Joho and others who was there to be behind bars.

Since now, the Moi era 2.0. is starting. The dictatorship is official, as the Jubilee, President Kenyatta and DP Ruto are sanctioning Matiangi to do as he pleases. Create offenses and make sure political opponents get behind bars. Certainly, also media will be under fire, as they already are.

Therefore, we can await a charge of treason on Raila Odinga, since he did what he did yesterday. Matiangi and the Police will not show mercy. They are not showing it to the rest. Now the Jubilee has started and certainly Kajwang is the beginning. CS Matiangi clearly missed the Moi era and wants it to return, so refreshing of him. Clearly, he has misunderstood. But it seems fair from the seat of power, but when your oppressed and harassed by the illegitimate authority. You know it is about time before the ship starts to crack. Jubilee, has the power for now, but for how long. Because they haven’t the popularity of Odinga. That was proven yesterday. That is why the Police acting with calm, but now they are starting to round up people. Expect them to cease NASA offices and Opposition Party headquarters. That is coming too. Especially if Kenyatta and Ruto let Matiangi do what he do.

We have no gone back in time, we are repeating history and the lesson is happening right in front of our eyes. Matiangi is working his magic like one of the henchmen ruling in the dark days of Moi. He is starting with crackdown on media and now opposition. We can await more swift laws, more black-outs, like social media and the internet. Don’t be surprised if VPN is the way out soon. The government will use all tools to control and oppress the citizens who are not aligned with them.

Let it be known, that the Moi days back, with the people in charge of it is Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto and Fred Matiangi. They are all bringing back the good-old one-party, dictatorship, the Kalenjin and Kikuyu power-house, where all the rest just being silenced. Following orders from the State House, let the President do what he pleases and media swallows the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit is spreading of information. So that the Githeri Media is delivering the right message, massaged by the inner-circle and no dissidents allowed. The Jubilee will now control all and start purge against opposition.

It is starting, one man down, more networks and people to go. Expect more papers, internet pages like the Elephant.Info and others, if they are not connected from a far to put into jeopardy. Since, Matiangi will go against it in loyalty to the cause. The cause of strengthening the Jubilee, instead he might make Odinga even stronger. As his mission to prove the totalitarian state is in motion. Jubilee is losing at their own game and showing their true colors. While the whole world is watching.

Still, it is painful to see history repeats itself. To the Moi era return. That Kenyatta unleashed that on his people. That is what he did and how he used his power. If that isn’t sad, than nothing is. You have the ability to do good, but use it in vain and for the cause of contempt of the people. That is why Kasarani was empty on Jamhuri Day. Jubilee doesn’t have the people’s support and they know it.

Still, that is the time its good to have the police and military to back you up. So you can silence the citizens with bullets and tear-gas, because that is how you build a sustainable society. NOT!

Now, let it be known, Moi era 2.0. is now on. Let the sadness continue..


Hiltzik, Michael A. – ‘Kenya Bans Leading Dissident Periodical : Suppression: President Moi also inveighs against church leaders and political figures urging a change in domination by his party’ (30.09.1990) link: http://articles.latimes.com/1990-09-30/news/mn-2506_1_political-figures

McKinley Jr, James C. – ‘Crackdown Bleeds Kenya’s Democracy Movement, Killing 7’ (08.08.1997) link: http://www.nytimes.com/1997/07/08/world/crackdown-bleeds-kenya-s-democracy-movement-killing-7.html

Perlez, Jane – ‘Kenya Orders Ban on Political Meetings’ (21.03.1992) link: http://www.nytimes.com/1992/03/21/world/kenya-orders-ban-on-political-meetings.html

The New York Gang doesn’t want to sanction Russian’s like the Congress do!

Today, 180 days after the ‘H.R.3364 – Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act’, an act where the United States Government could sanction Russia, Iran and other countries, that the United States have less favorable relationship with. This was a reaction by the Congress, that got unanimously support in both the House of Representatives and in the Senate. On the 25th July 2017, the House of Representatives voted for it 419 for it and 3 against it. Two days later on the 27th July 2017, the Senate voted, 98 for it and 2 against it. Therefore, of the lawmakers in the United States. They was all for it, in the sense of protecting the Republic from foreign powers and sanctioning them for interfering.

Clearly, the White House and the Donald Trump Administration see it otherwise. Since they are using part of the law to their advantage. So they don’t have to enact or add sanctions on Russia. It is weird, but they are writing a waiver by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who wrote to Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Representative Edward R. Royce this on the 29th January 2018:

The guidance established a multi-factor approach to determining what constituted a “significant” transaction that includes, but is not limited to, the significance of the transaction to U.S. national security and foreign policy interests, including its relation to cyber misconduct; the nature and magnitude of the transaction; and the relation and significance of the transaction to Russia’s defence and intelligence sectors more generally” (…) “We engaged in extensive consultations and “deep dives” with the relevant country desks at the Department of State and the Department of Defense to promulgate a comprehensive approach to implementing the legislation, identify opportunities and challenges for implementation in each affected relationship, and develop engagement approaches integrated with the entire range of bilateral priorities at stake. We extensively engaged the private sector, bot via in-person meetings and by responding to the many inquires received through our public web address, to promote compliance and identify private sector challenges” (Rex Tillerson waiver to Edward R. Royce on H.R. 3364).

We can wonder what sort of Bilateral Priorities means, as this is politician lingo, to say things of importance without specifying. If this is ExxonMobile Contracts to extract petroleum together with GazProm, who knows. If there are other initial priorities that we don’t know about. The DoD and DoS are using one by sentence to not add sanctions on Russia, and it can make any thinking man wonder:

This is taken from Sec. 231:

(1) a written determination that the waiver—

(A) is in the vital national security interests of the

United States”

(c) DELAY OF IMPOSITION OF SANCTIONS.—The President may delay the imposition of sanctions under subsection (a) with respect to a person if the President certifies to the appropriate congressional committees, not less frequently than every 180 days while the delay is in effect, that the person is substantially reducing the number of significant transactions described in subsection (a) in which that person engages” (H.R. 3364) .

We can wonder what vital national security interests that the President Trump and Secretary Tillerson are seeing within Russia. Is the Pee-Pee tape with hookers, that the Kremlin might have? Is it possible hacked documents from the Trump Campaign. Is the possible ties to Russian Mobs and Russian Laundromat for fueling black-market monies and white-wash them for Russian Oligarchs through the Trump Organization? Is the help of Russian agents and operatives during the 2015 and 2016 Campaigns before the election victory of President Trump?

That is just simple questions we are awaiting answers on and hoping the Special Counsel Robert Mueller can answer these and find the evidence of the involvement with Russian’s in the Elections in 2016. All of the connections between the Russians and Trump. That has been uncovered with time, and more and more questions have been arisen. They will not become smaller while the investigations linger and the knowledge of the collusion from Russian operatives within the United States Presidential Election, the in-action from the current administration is saying more than words.

That the Trump Administration who has enough problematic sources, enough trying to fire anyone who investigate into the Russian Collusion, fires anyone and questions the intelligence organizations who has warned of the Russian interference. Are still being silenced. Just like former FBI Director James Comey. Also, now FDI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. The firing of Attorney General Sally Yates. And all the former who was Attorney General of Southern New York Phreet Bharara, who was also fired by Trump. Anyone he can get haul of will he fire or make it an easy with. We can just await Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who haven’t been loyal enough to Trump (in his deluded mind) and also Deputy General Rod Rosenstein, who got Special Counsel Mueller to start investigations into his affairs. We just know there will be more men to block and silence, so that people will not know the ugly truth between the Trump Organization, Trump Campaign and Russian interference. Which is evident, as the meetings, documentation and the help that is going-on until this day.

And it is not easy to escape anymore as the net is circling around the White House. With the plea deal made with Michael Flynn. The indictments of former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort and aide Richard Gates. Together with the George Papadopoulos a former campaign aide who has also told his stories to investigation. For whatever bread-crumbs these gentlemen are leaving behind, as well as the interviews and subpoena’s that the Grand Jury is delivered can clearly indict more people inside the White House. This sort of allegations and also counts who has been charged with is damning. It isn’t a civil suit, it is serious tampering of the state as agents of a foreign power. That is not something that should be taken lightly.

Therefore, that the Trump Administration isn’t answering or adding any sanctions to the Russians after 180 days, only delivering a kitty cat report of possible subjects and close aides of Putin. Shows that Trump is afraid of the consequences of adding on the already Russian sanctions made by the Obama Administration. This after all intelligence organizations are saying that the Russian did interfere and no question of a doubt. It’s like the Trump administration thinks people are stupid and ignorant. Many are because they are looking at Fox News, believing what nonsense they are saying as truth.

That is why President Trump and Tillerson is off the chain, showing more loyalty to Kremlin, than to Congress. They are showing more solidarity with Russians, than with Americans. They are actually pushing for less interference from the Americans towards Russians. It is backwards…

I still wonder, what “bilateral priorities” did Tillerson have in mind? Are they what we think they are or is it something else. Since it isn’t like people in Detroit are lining up to Russian motorcars or power-tools! How often has you seen Lada on the streets of New York? That is what you should wonder about. Because this doesn’t make slightest sense, as all of the clues that isn’t connected yet, but hopefully pieced together by Mueller. So he can report with evidence and transactions done between Trump and Russians. Peace.

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