Opinion: The GOP will now be off their rockers

After the FBI has now searched the home of former President Trump. Expect the whole MAGA world and the Grand Ol’ Party (GOP) or the Republican Party to be acting all out. They will go out swinging and maligning anyone in their way. There will be no stop and they even use all hoaxes and scare-tactics to undermine the process.

There is a reason why a judge signed of on the search warrant and allowed the FBI agents to raid Mara-A-Lago. That’s because there was no other way of getting the evidence, missing documents or classified documents he could be keeping there. We know already that 45 kept 15 boxes unsolicited documents, which was based for the National Archives. We don’t know what they are searching for right now, but they have a cause and enough reasons to do so. That’s why the “Law and Order” party should understand that, but they won’t and they never will.

The Republican Party is so far out and so lost on the understanding of criminal prosecution. That they only see things in the eyes of Q and MAGA conspiracies. There is no justification or reasoning. It is only the search for Atlantis or the Great Yeti. That’s how they are sounding like and making up things mask the fascism they spewing on the regular now. Creating culture wars while doing what they can to give tax-relief to the 1%. That’s their hallow mission and they need their guiding star to get there. Donald J. Trump, their saviour and God embodied on planet earth. Which is so ungodly and blasphemy, but do they care?

No, they only care as long as they have power and influence. It don’t matter what ordinary citizens goes through or struggles with. No, they just need to salvage power and their base. Which just happens to be through their messiah, Trump himself. That’s how blatant and disregarding any common sense it has become.

The “Trumpists” and inner-circle Republican’s will now target the Attorney General. They will persist on retaliation and “clearing house”. While the reality is that the DoJ is only following the law and procedure. We all know that Trump doesn’t care about subpoenas or proceedings of the law enforcement. He don’t trust them and won’t trust them, because several of these entities are investigating him. Trump and Trump Organization has lots of flaws and incriminating acts, which is the reason for several investigations in the first place. Heck, even the misuse of office and office of President alone could be enough to go after him. That’s without the coup d’etat or obstruction of justice, which he has also presided over. Therefore, the GOP should know better, but they won’t. It is not in them and they need their master.

It is really tragic that a party has become like this. That their mischief and their moral obligation is now to safeguard a man. There moral rights and concern isn’t with the integrity of the state or rule of law. No, it is save their saviour. It is to avoid his crucifixion and his sentencing. His supposed to avoid everything, because he brings all the power aligned and encircled around him.

That’s how it all sounds like from Republican representatives defending him. The means of how they are supporting him and standing up their hero. They are not considering the implications or the ramifications of it all. They are serving him as their unsound king. His their absolute monarch and superhero. A man who is willing to lie about everything and everyone. His allies can be thrown under the bus and become a felon. As long as Trump himself gets off the hook.

That’s the drill and this is America. The home of free and brave, where one party is a slave to one man and his will. It is tragic and unfortunate, but that’s how the mighty has fallen in the duo-poly of the United States of America. Peace.

Opinion: Papa Don’s home raided by the FBI

In the case of federal offenses that are colloquially known as white-collar crimes (e.g., violations of the federal securities laws), agents often will need to obtain documents from suspects and innocent parties as part of the investigation. To do so, the agents can apply for a search warrant from a magistrate (or judge) to search a particular site for relevant evidence. Alternatively, the agents can request a subpoena from a grand jury” (FBI – ‘A Brief Description of the Federal Criminal Justice Process’).

It is now official that the former President Donald J. “Papa Don” Trump home “Mar-A-Lago” in Florida was raided by the FBI. The FBI cannot just show up and raid someone’s home. They need evidence and get a search warrant accepted by a judge. Therefore, what happened yesterday is unique in the sense the authorities has collected and founds enough reasons to do this.

Time Magazine reports it like this: “The FBI searched former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate as part of an investigation into whether he took classified records from the White House to his Florida residence, people familiar with the matter said Monday” (Time Magazine, 09.08.2022).

We know that the President has withheld documents and taken documents meant for the National Archive, which is stated by law to happen after ending of term. The authorities has already needed to go to Mar-A-Lago and pick-up 15 boxes of documents from his time in office. That’s why Trump has done this before and people shouldn’t be shocked by the extent of it.

The FBI wouldn’t knock or come to a home without a reason. “Papa Don” is finally feeling the “Law and Order” he spoke so loudly about in office. What is striking here is that the FBI director is a Trump appointee and the judge signing of the search warrant is another too. Therefore, the people doing it isn’t “democrats” but people Trump trusted with these offices. So, the “deep state” nonsense of the Republicans or the acts of “weaponized” Department of Justice is out of bound. Because, this just shows that a citizen and a former President isn’t above the law. He just have to answer to it like anyone else.

The Republican’s cannot shield itself and make it look like “Papa Don” is an innocent boy-scout. That’s how they are acting and that they are shocked. The Trump Organization, the Trump Campaign and the Trump Administration has a lot of questionable acts. It is with a reason why his the only former President not allowed to have a foundation, because of how he used a former one for business or private matters and not for charity.

The GOP will be in meltdown mode and that’s for the simple reason: Their dude is in trouble. He has been able to skate away from trouble so far. Which is amazing in itself. He tried to do a coup d’etat. The former President was able to profit on the Presidency and so did his businesses. That has in the past been illegal and the companies owned by Presidents has been sold or put into trusts. However, that wasn’t the case with him and foreign interests could sway the Presidency monetarily. Therefore… there is enough reason to look into the man.

Papa Don” cannot run away from the law. The FBI has some knowledge and possible evidence to further investigate. They feared for the documents and the evidence being destroyed. That’s why they are raiding his home now. We don’t know if he tried to obstruct justice or destroy classified documents. Secondly, we don’t know if he tried to sell that to a “third party” which “Papa Don” did together with Manafort to Russian spies. Therefore, there is possible precedence for doing so.

We can now wonder how this will play out for “Papa Don”. There is enough investigations going on in New York, Washington D.C. and in Georgia itself. We can also wonder where the indictment or the criminal prosecution will happen. A “Papa Don” trial would be an event at this point. Especially, in consideration of his stature and that’s his the former President. We know that former President Richard Nixon accepted from President Ford a “pardon” to get away from being indicted for his crimes. Therefore, the “Papa Don” can only get that from President Biden. It is not in the interest of Biden to give him that. We know that Trump would go after Biden’s family and the Democratic Party. That is something “Papa Don” has said before and would go after his political enemies. This is why it’s unlikely that Biden would give him mercy.

What we are seeing is that “Papa Don” own actions are catching up to him. He has been able to run away from anything. The criminal dealings in the corporate world. He has gotten away from paying taxes and keeping his tax-returns private. The former President has blocked investigations and obstructed justice. Used office for profits and personal interests. That’s why there so much things that could be of interests for the FBI. “Papa Don” should be worried… and that’s why the GOP has a meltdown. Because, they know what has been going on and what their “beloved” leader has done.

Not only trying to openly coordinate a coup d’etat, but also all the questionable actions, which is being investigated. It is a reasons why the Trump Organizations has been caught in scams and in criminal acts over the years. So, anyone shouldn’t be shocked that “Papa Don” is doing illegal things. Therefore, the tides is turning and now the rule of law is coming home. The “Papa Don” above the law is over.

Trump has used “executive privilege” to safeguard himself, but that isn’t valid as a citizen. This is why he cannot run or hide. The law can now catch up on him. We just have to see why they did it and reasons for the raid. The FBI did this for a reason and with a suspect of illegal activity. That’s why it happened and the truth will come out later. Peace.

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The Dead Silence: The two MPs – Sseginya and Ssewanyana still behind bars without any proof of their criminal conspiracy in the Greater Masaka Murders of last year

Fear has increased in Masaka region after the panga-wielding assailants killed another man in Sembabule district. His death brings the number of murder victims to 18 in Greater Masaka Region in one month” (Urban Television, 27.08.2021).

The murders of the Greater Masaka area of last year has gone out of the folklore. The cases and pending evidence is lost. The momentum of the authorities, the DCI, the UPF and everyone is gone. The proof the alleged criminal conspiracy seems to be all made up. As the victims of the murders are not answered, the real culprits are on the move and the injustice served the opposition is getting ever so clear.

Instead of finding, arraigned and detain the ones who was behind the killings. The authorities did chose to use these murders and crimes to pin it on two popular National Unity Platform (NUP) MPs. These being Kawempe North MP Mohammad Ssegirinya and Makindye West MP Allan Ssewanyana. Who was summoned in September 2021 and is still behind bars to this day.

They are lingering in Kigo Prison and charged with murder and terrorism. While there is no proof of this. They have been pinned with these crimes, but the authorities has not provided any evidence or affidavit or anything else of that sort to prove it. What is striking is that one of the members was in the Netherlands when he was supposed to do it. He was ensuring his district to get medical aid and an ambulance as well. This was Ssegirinya MP, that’s how shoddy the case is and shows how political it was.

These has now carried the debt of the murdered people of Masaka, which at one point was estimated to be 30 murders. That is 30 people with families, friends and loved ones who are never seeing them again. Which is used to implicate and charge innocent men who isn’t participating in these crimes. The criminal conspiracy was done by someone else and is shielded since the state has used all resources to go after these two MPs.

This isn’t the first time or the last time the National Resistance Movement (NRM) has done this. No, they have done this before and the MPs are just a proof of how the state oppress its dissidents. The two MPs are treated as outlaws and terrorists, but that’s only happens because of their political affiliation and their popularity. Because, everyone with some sense knows that these two aren’t behind it all.

What is sad is that the Greater Masaka murders are never resolved. The ones who lost their lives was used as pawns in a political game and not for the greater good either. Just to prove a point and show who has the authority. Since the state has not let them off the hook and doesn’t seem intended to do so either.

This is the dead silence. No one is caring for the loss of lives, these people just died and life moved on. People are seeing their leaders taken away and they are forgotten about behind bars. That is the dead silence…

I wrote these final lines about the murders in August 2021 and it seems fitting today: “It is tragic and sinister… but that is how it seems and it’s not looking good. The murders after curfew seems to continue. Lives is at stake and these are untouchable assassins” Peace.

Opinion: Young Thug will linger in jail – These RICO charges aren’t for the faint-hearted…

There been talks of the Hip Hop Police and that the authorities are working directly to look up any minority or any sort of African-American who gains certain popularity and whatnot. That has been the talk of the town. The authorities are now trying to make an example of the gang-affiliated musicians, rappers or MCs, which are there.

One of them is Jeffrey Williams aka Slime aka Young Thug. Has certainly lived the life-style he has written about and the stories he has to into his music. That can be said with certainty now. The DA of Fulton County hopefully has more than Instagram pictures and Song Lyrics. Though these are social media messaging and an artists expression. However, when you see that in consideration to the criminal activity and part of a street gang. There will certainly be more and the DA should be bulletproof in the sense of co-ordination of evidence that collaborate with the charges and the indictment.

I am just dropping a few pieces of the 88 pages indictment of the YSL Street Gang, but just reading these alone. It is compelling to see and say that Young Thug will not record or be free in a very long time.

Here is what it says, which I see as vital for the indictment and charges:

YSL is a criminal street gang that started in late 2012 in the Cleveland Avenue area of

Atlanta, Georgia. YSL claims affiliation with the national Bloods gang. YSL’s founders were Jeffery Williams AKA “Young Thug,” AKA “Slime,” Walter Murphy AKA “DK,” and Trontavious Stephens AKA “Tick,” AKA “Slug.” Jeffery Williams, an Atlanta-based hip-hop artist, made YSL a well-known name by referring to it in his songs and on social media” (Fulton County – ‘Indictment Clerk No. 225C/82273’ 09.05.2022).

As associates of the enterprise Young Slime Life (hereinafter “YSL”), the defendants conspired to associate together and with others for the common purposes of illegally obtaining money and property through a pattern of racketeering activity and conducting and participating in the enterprise through a pattern of racketeering activity. In furtherance of the conspiracy, the defendants engaged in the activities enumerated herein” (Fulton County – ‘Indictment Clerk No. 225C/82273’ 09.05.2022).

Defendant JEFFERY WILLIAMS, an associate of YSL, did appear in an video released on social media 16 days after the murder of Donovan Thomas Jr., stating “so a nigga lie to they momma, lie to they kids, lie to they brothers and sisters then get right into the courtroom and tell the God’s honest truth, don’t get it, y’all niggas need to get fucking killed bro, from me and YSL,” an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy” (Fulton County – ‘Indictment Clerk No. 225C/82273’ 09.05.2022).

This here will be detrimental to the career of Young Thug. However, there are plenty of victims of his gang and their activity. So, there will be people who has lost their family members and been victimized by the street gang. Therefore, Young Thug will most likely be long behind bars. He and the others will face long stints too. Especially, if the DA has the evidence and can connect it all.

That’s why the rapper and musician, Young Thug should be worried and so should anyone who wants to hear new music from him. This case and pending trial can finalize that.

The YSL RICO case could be end of his career, just like YSL has ended other peoples lives and now it comes back to haunt him. That’s what the justice system does to you and this sort of violence, racketeering and murders has to be held to account. Young Thug made it seem like he could get away with it all.

But now… the authorities got him and the Thug Life is costly for everyone. Not only the artist himself, but everyone surrounding him. It is especially tragic that he didn’t just talk about it over instrumentals, but lived it too.

Now that’s what you calling “keeping it real goes wrong”. Peace.

Opinion: Babalanda don’t know her own party…

Many of us who are leaders have failed to read, let alone internalise the four chore principles of NRM and as a consequence, we have become lazy yet we could do things right. These principles and guidelines by President Museveni as the NRM chairperson is the gospel that leads us. These principles are patriotism, Pan Africanism, economic transformation and democracy” (… ) “We are dealing with unpatriotic leaders. It is a betrayal of the great revolution” (…) “However the President’s office has made headways in spreading the message of patriotism. In this period we have had so many trainings conducted in this direction. I urge you the committee members to embrace patriotism and renounce acts of theft, negligence and violence” – The Minister for Presidency Milly Babalanda (Franklin Draku – ‘Corrupt leaders betraying NRM revolution – minister’ 17.03.2022, Daily Monitor).

We know that these sort of words are often said by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. He has spoken of it and lectured about it. This is the sort of typical topics of the President. These sorts of themes are common. So, that the Minister of Presidency is spelling it out isn’t surprising. She said it herself, there been plenty of trainings, conferences and at other venues.

That honourable Babalanda is saying these things aren’t shocking or anything. It is more repeating what Museveni has been saying. While that is fine and dandy, the National Resistance Movement and the regime isn’t directly working for all of these principals. Neither is it working to stop people from thieving, negligence of office or stopping violence. All of these three things are done by the NRM on a regular basis.

The Minister should just look into the cabinet and appointees, which happens to be NRM members. This is all going from the State House to the Local Governments. It is like Bablanda should just look into Muhwezi or anyone else for that matter. There are several of candidates that has been spewing violence and thriving on it. That is going from the top and the fear is what keeping the NRM alive it seems.

This is why Babalanda is saying the right things. However, she is oblivious to this fact. That is very clear or she’s looking sideways. It is funny that she says these things are unpatriotic. While she could deem these things are about her close associates and allies. The ones in her midst who is eating of the plate of the government and who is using their role to enrich themselves. People came into power piss-poor, but leaving this life richer than King Salomon. So, I am just sneezing, as the scandals and the lost funds doesn’t disappear. Neither does the reports of paying ghosts and not following protocol in concern to public tenders. Therefore, the Minister should look into that as well.

We know these sorts of statements are the sort of way of boosting yourself and trying to be vibrant. It is the sort of saying all the rights things, but we know these won’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Not like she will push the President or anyone else with a high ranking position. There are plenty who has committed these sins, but never had to atone for them.

That’s why it’s really spicy to call it unpatriotic to do it. Because, that implies the members and high ranking official who does this isn’t in accordance with their patriotic duties. All of us know that those things are bad, but the NRM thrives on it and get loyal leaders to commit to it. Therefore, we know the words of the Minister isn’t really true.

It is a nice sentiment, but it is like throwing stones in a glass-house. Not a good look, but a look it is. Peace.

Will CJ Owiny Dollo circumvent the Constitutional rights of Bail by using his Constitutional Powers?

Today, there have been leaks of a Court Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo has written a guidance, which will circumvent and guide judges to block “bail” for certain offences in the Republic. This is happening, as President Museveni and his allies have worked overtime trying to find ways of doing this. CJ Owiny Dollo would give way and make things easy by doing this. 

133. Administrative functions of the Chief Justice

  1. The Chief Justice—
  1. shall be the head of the judiciary and shall be responsible for the administration and supervision of all courts in Uganda; and
  2. (b)may issue orders and directions to the courts necessary for the proper and efficient administration of justice

(2) Where the office of the Chief Justice is vacant or where the Chief Justice is for any reason unable to perform the functions of his or her office, then until a person has been appointed to and has assumed the functions of that office or until the Chief Justice has resumed the performance of those functions, those functions shall be performed by the Deputy Chief Justice” (Constitution, 1995). 

We are seeing here that the CJ has the constitutional power to guide and issue orders for proper and efficient administration of justice. Alas, if CJ Owiny Dollo does this he needs the legal arguments and ramifications for his guidance. Since, he needs to prove if it is proper or within the current laws and efficient administration of justice. That is what CJ Owiny Dollo needs to do. As his the man who vouch for and supports this idea by signing his name into the guidance of the courts. 

Yes, this is giving way to the President who wants this change. As he wants the state to be more strict and use the leverage of law to punish his enemies even harder. This isn’t used to fight crime or criminals, no this change of laws will go after the political prisoners and activists who fight for justice and liberty. Which is ironic, as the ones who will be targeted by this change and guidance, are the prisoners of conscience and not career criminals with manslaughter, murder or being a serial killers. No, this will hit opposition MPs and the ones who have offended “the Don”. 

CJ Owiny Dollo will be this term Raphael Magyezi, as he intends to revise the Constitution in favour of the President. Owiny Dollo is willing to risk his name and everything his worked for. Just to serve the President and his whims. This isn’t to better the republic or make things more just. No, this is just the recent revision which fits the current state of affairs for the President. 

It is really foolish to do this, the President and his people are really shortsighted. As this will get applied to the opposition and dissidents right now. However, if the pendulum suddenly changes and the current elite is losing power. They could be the end of this stick and be punished with the same manner. This means the high ranking officials and their associates could be taken in and not be released in a timely fashion. Because, the President and National Resistance Movement (NRM) did this in 2021. So in 2026 or any other year the stakes might be different and the ones in power deserve to feel the pain they put on others. 

CJ Owiny Dollo should fear for the future if he is allowed to use his office to make this happen. It is just like former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi who ensured the Public Order Management Act (POMA) becoming a law, which was used against him when he stood as a Presidential Candidate. The law that he pushed got used against him. If someone finds something serious in the past of the CJ Owiny Dollo he could be detained without question. No only the men or leaders around Bobi Wine, but someone who used to be a token ally of Museveni. 

The end of bail will haunt this government. This tool will not only go against the current enemies of the state. No, this can be used against others too and give credence to keeping people behind bars without proper justice. As the state doesn’t have to produce or ensure proper proceedings, as the state can use without court orders or sentencing making people guilty. That the state does this to its citizens shows how far the dictator and the President are willing to go. As the law isn’t only battered on innocent civilians and dissidents, no the state is rigged against them, in such a manner that the Constitution doesn’t matter. Since, the latest CJ has given guidance, which is countering it. 

The ones sharing this on will possibly be backfired on. CJ Owiny Dollo can carry the water for His Excellency, but this will not clench his thirst. At some point of time, the President wants more than water and more than a cup of tea. He wants the bar and the side-dish. CJ Owiny Dollo is serving a purpose now, but if he doesn’t comply later. He will be stationed elsewhere or be retired… Peace.

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