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Opinion: Does Chakwera even govern at this point?

In Lilongwe and Blantyre the civil service and the government institutions should wonder. As the Tonse Alliance continues to reign with Reverend President Lazarus Chakwera as the Head of State. Nevertheless, he is very little or not noteworthy time in office. As the President and Executive his either on “Crop Tour” looking at the fields and farms of the Republic. If not his busy holding speeches and rallies in the towns or municipalities after this. The last thing he does is travelling abroad and being a representative for the nation at International Conferences.

Chakwera is so busy and looks like he avoids the State House. It looks like he avoids looking at the documents and actually running the nation. Maybe he has given the reigns to Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima. The VP has been Minister in the previous government from 2014 to May 2019. Where he was first the Minister Responsible for Public Events and Disaster Management and later the Minister for Civil Service. That’s why he has experience while Chakwera was a loud-mouth opposition figure and a voice of reason in the previous term.

It really is weird seeing how the President travels in the huge convoy from one part of the Republic to another. As he looks and gazes out on the fields. Ensuring the maize and other cash crops are growing as it should. The Minister of Agriculture Lobin Lowe MP should feel humiliated and betrayed by this. The President is on a daily inspecting the work done in his portfolio and checking if the state is sufficiently supporting the farmers. That got to sting. It is not like the President is going and inspecting road-works, construction sites or even popping by government offices. No, the photo-ops are by a field or in a field. As he gets the right angle and looks smooth as ever.

Chakwera is seemingly happy being a vagabond and a fellow traveller. His not concerned with the day-to-day operation. Seemingly the VP and the ones left behind the capital has to deal with that. While he continues touring with his entourage and gets to see the whole nation.

We know that Joyce Banda and Kamuzu Banda did this too, but still we are in 2022. Couldn’t the man give incentive and directives, which the Minister could follow-up upon or have revisions of budgets or allocations to the Ministry of Agriculture to make a difference. Because, at this point… it seems like campaigning in the middle of the term and not governing.

There is even talks that these trips or tours are draining or paralysing government. Meaning it is costly and burdening the state. Instead of actually achieve anything. His overburdening it and stopping progress. The state is at a standstill and it doesn’t help that so many government officials has to attend at any given time.

Which means the President isn’t only holding up his office and lack of duty. No, his taking other Ministries, other Permanent Secretaries and Government Officials on these field trips or crop tours. In such a manner that they have to cease work and speak of what they see. Point at maze, gaze at the fields and wonder “what the hell are we doing?”. Because, that should be on all their minds.

Because, the state is covering the travel expenses, food-costs and lodging. The state is paying for the security details and other expenses on these here crop inspections. While the offices of the government officials are laying idle. Work are left behind and things are not being done. Since you cannot study the growth of maize and fix whatever protocol you left behind. Neither can reports, statements or any official memorandum being written. When they are looking at the crop and thinking to themselves: “Is this edible or is it not?” or “Is this fully grown or this to green?”. That’s maybe fun for a minute, but it’s not ensuring the government is running smoothly.

No, this is expensive and lack of concern for the day-to-day operation of the government. The President should be worried. As his wasting valuable time for not only himself, but anyone else who has to attend. This not making things better, but only an escapism, because the President is maybe clueless about his job. That’s why his leaving his office and prefers being sociable across the nation.

Since it seems that his to restless and isn’t worried about how the government is run. To the contrary he trusts the VP to fill in his boots and do his bidding in his stead. Since his to busy looking at produce and speaking at functions across the Republic. Peace.

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Malawi: Chakwera’s campaigning while inspecting corn fields…

The Reverend and the Head of State, His Excellency, President Lazarus Chakwera of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP). Who has now ruled since June 2020 and should have been a popular fellow after winning the previous election. His Tonse Alliance should at this point in time go from strength to strength.

However, Chakwera has not only shown that his as scrupulous, as his predecessor, which he was supposed to be different from. Lazarus has appointed family and close associates. He even tried to hire the lawyers, who helped him win the election petition. Which made it possible to have a second round and win over the “Tipp-Ex” President. Therefore, the start of the President was hectic and it was really self-inflicted with the choices of cabinet members and who surrounded the Presidency.

It has not helped that the same ills of the previous administration is haunting him. The same sort of shady insider-trading business-men are infusing doubts about government contracts and tenders. It is just the easy access and non transparent acts of which the state is even making worse by not funding the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB). They are just not caring and reckless about.

That’s why after being a vagabond and travelling across the world to functions, conferences and holding talks with heads of state. The President has been so busy doing this. Even during the world-wide pandemic. He and his entourage travelled to across the continent to participate in digital conferences, instead of staying home.

So, it is really unique that he travels across the Republic to inspect corn-fields and farms. While inviting chiefs, traditional leaders, Members of Parliament, Representatives of Special Interests Groups, Directors, Heads of Sectors and District Executive Committee members to participate in the rallies and inspections. It is not enough that he looks at maize, corn and the fields of the farms of Malawi. No, he needs everyone with a pulse and a title to show up and acknowledge the crops in question.

If Chakwera thinks this is smart or a genius move. It is not… he has a Ministry of Agriculture Lowe and Permanent Secretary Maweru who is designated to work out the issues and help the farmers. This is just showing his indifference to the role as a Head of State and trying to enforce his will on minor details.

Chakwera should be busy in Lilongwe at the Kamuzu Palace. Where he could redefine and find measures with the Ministers and bureaucrats on the matters. The Republic has been hit with Maize-Scandals in the past and other commodities, which has hit the previous administration hard. If it was charcoal or otherwise. That’s why Chakwera should ensure the bodies of trade, of seeds and the Ministry to be up to scratch. Instead of just browsing through fields and having photo-ops with the produce. That is neither smart or brilliant.

The President isn’t a guy for publicity stunts, his not a rapper or someone who has to sell controversy. His a man who is supposed to govern. Holding rallies after looking at produce only make him look more fragile and lost of purpose. That he don’t know how to handle the role of the Presidency and rather go back to the roots of his rise as a politician. Since, his holding rallies in the middle of the term and offering new promises in the districts. It is doing no difference and neither is this fulfilling his actual duty as the Head of State.

His only visiting, looking at the fields and holding rallies. Not doing anything substantial or of importance. The man could have just been in Geneva or Brussels begging for donor money. That would have been more impactful. Than saying “Oh that maize field looks healthy” and “Oh gee, the water sources needs to fixed and get a better solution to the possible climate change”. You go figure, right?

He is not just some Joe Blow, but actual leader of men now. Chakwera should act accordingly, but don’t expect it. He rather do this and waste his time in office. Because, he don’t know better and it shows. Peace.

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Opinion: Chakwera outplayed his whole potential

But we might just get away with it

Religion’s in your lips

Even if it’s a false god

We’d still worship

We might just get away with it

The altar is my hips

Even if it’s a false god” Taylor Swift – ‘False God’ (2019).

Who knew this could go so badly so fast? We knew things could become worse when we saw the first cabinet and the direct nepotism in the Tonse Alliance. President Lazarus Chakwera has only been the President since June 2020, but it feels like ages. A year in politics can feel like a decade and for Chakwera that is all but true.

The Tonse Alliance and Chakwera don’t have the public behind it. Neither is it showing any signs of keeping up with pledges and promises. It was easily for Chakwera to be blazing and blatant disregarding bad practices of the previous government in opposition. However, now as the Head of State and governing party life has turned out sour quickly.

Chakwera isn’t living up to his own hype. Neither is allies. They are all disappointing. That’s why the citizens and activists are on the streets. Petition the government and seeing the failure. The discontent is growing and brewing inequalities isn’t making things better. The only change was the governing party, but the acts are the same. The same corruption, inept governing and nepotism.

Chakwera isn’t practising what he preaches. He has spoken so clearly and evidently against these practices, but in office his letting all of it go. There only some posturing and some publicity stunts. However, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) isn’t financially supported and neither the pending cases of probes into grand corruption. It is put on the back-burner, because these scandals would hit the government. Just like the scandals under the previous administration did.

That’s what is shockingly obvious, that reverend and former preacher isn’t living up to his preaching. His been talking so gallantly and with hubris how he would be different. How his government would be honest and supreme. The Chakwera reign would differ from the predecessor. However, we are not seeing that and neither is anyone else. It is carbon copy with another brother at the top.

Chakwera is just acting like the previous ones did. His not challenging or reforming. The President is busy at conferences and at meetings with dignitaries. While his not governing in any sort of new way. No, he could have been swapped with the previous one and nothing would have seen differently.

No, in Lilongwe and Blantyre. The same problems is evident. The state isn’t fixing or adjusting to 2022. No, it is just finding ways of eating of the government plate and calling it a day. That’s how things are looking and it’s no good.

Chakwera wasn’t an honest candidate, but just another snake-oil salesman. Promising salvation and hope, but only delivering false gods. Peace.

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