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Opinion: Zuma thinking his own spin can save his skin!

Well, former President Jacob Zuma has this week been under pressure and answered to the Zondo Commission on the State Capture Case, which has been such a slow glacier going. The African National Congress, the allies of Zuma and the Gupta’s surely doesn’t like these days. But its needed to get the dirty laundry out and about.

All the running scandals has been steady piling up, onto a level of 783 counts of Corruption, together with the ones piled together for the State Capture Commission, where the former President is residing and has to answer for acts in office and before. Surely, this will implicate more of his allies, his friends, former ministers and so-on.

Zuma didn’t buy his fire-pool alone in Nkandla, neither did he buy a house, all on his own in the Middle-East, but surely he got help to siphon, embezzle and find ways to misuse the State Owned Enterprises like Eskom in his favour. We all know that by now.

President Zuma knows what he did with the Gupta’s and others, he can use the spy-games, the implications of troubled waters and whatnot. He can play like he doesn’t remember anything happening from the millennium to the present day, but he can remember what happen in 1990?

How stupid does he thinks the public, the Commission and the ANC is at this present stage?

We know there are smoke, there are most likely fire. There are enough questionable behaviour to pile up 783 count of corruption on the man. You don’t get that without amassing and misusing power to an extent that your recklessly spending and tendering public funds to implicated associates on a daily basis. The Zondo Commission, the race for intelligence and the affidavit of the accused will come. Whether, Zuma likes it or not. His time with the reign is gone.

Zuma could try to save face, but instead trying to everyone for fools. It is not a good look. It makes a mockery of the Republic, a Republic he used to run. That should be warning to what to come, as he will play more jokes and spins. Trying to make the whole thing seem pointless. Alas, that is not the case. This is to return and to get the truth. Get the real deal behind the corruption counts and get the possible securities, that the players who played with him also get to pay. Because, there was plenty of scandals, plenty of bad deals around given to friendly Gupta’s or others.

However, the man will act like it didn’t happen or he doesn’t remember. But he will remember when Mbeki kissed the wrong girl or someone else did a boo-boo. Nevertheless, his sins is forgotten in his mind. His retired and he shouldn’t have to pay, because it was his time eat. That is how it seems. Which is not fair for the Republic and neither for the rule of law. Peace.


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Opinion: The political elite can all lie for themselves…

Now, there is a viral clip going of Deputy President William Ruto calling Raila Odinga the Lord of Poverty. Well, they are both that, and the President is it too. That Odinga at one point stood up and seemed principal was just a mere suggestion. As he has traded sides and ethics after the handshake, the Building Bridges Initiative have switched him over night.

Odinga is now for Huduma Namba, the Mastercard and Government of Kenya enterprise to skim the public for yet another registration drive. That is just what they do. Odinga is also so peaceful, that he sends condolences to the Safaricom CEO Collymore, as he did asks his supporters mere two years ago to resist it. That is why the political can lie to themselves.

That DP Ruto uses Odinga is well known, he has to have a someone to point at. It just happens to be him. The man who has his own staff forging letters to try to get sympathy for his cause, whatever that is, most likely another get rich scheme. As Ruto defends the Eurobonds, the NYS and whatever else the state has eaten.

The state is eating its own pensions, its own loans and own development funds, the stadiums isn’t built, the SGR is a debt-trap and Mombasa port is a haven for corrupt civil servants, but that is also Nairobi, where the elite is sanctioning them.

That is why the speeches of Kenyatta, sending warnings, the ones where Ruto points finger at Odinga. And Odinga together with Orengo promises a Canaan, all a tribe of people eating of the bone. They are all eating the last slices of meat and hoping no one notices.

Well, it is just the mirage, the game they play. The fun and games, as the Mudavadi, the Kalonzo’s, the Sonko’s and the rest are trying to find their pot to piss in. The others are ruling the world, they are allowed to walk where others cannot trespass, you need their guidance and their help. If not you end up behind bars for pushing the barrel, or if not ending up in exile. There are no-one who can touch the elite and take away their price, your and all citizens money and even the future returns on the failing loans. That is for the elite to eat and for the poor to pay. Somehow and somewhere in the near distant future.

We can all see it, the power-play, the grabs and trying to succeed Uhuru. We can all see it, as the Jubilee, the TangaTanga, the Tano Terror and what else in store, as the hustlers, the thieves and the ones promising redemption is on the horizon. The syncopates and the high ranking officials all working in tandem, while the citizens pay more tax and pay more for the goods. That is just a blessing for the cartels, the investors and the Chinese development state owned companies.

This is all in the vision and the prospects, as the police answer only to the elite, the tribe of power and the ones they hold dear. The rest has to suffer, at one point or another. The Jubilee, the KANU or whatever that is running the nation, they are all doing the same. Fighting corruption and eating of the plate of the citizen. While mostly doing the second, and only talking of the first.

Kenyatta is the man, DP Ruto is the sidekick and Odinga is the bad-cop, but they are just playing for keeps. They are all winning, while the public is losing. Peace.

Kenya: DPP’s Press Statement on Appointment of the Taskforce on the Establishment and Operationalization of ODPP Inspectorate Unit (29.06.2019)

Liberia: President Weah has forgotten why he rules the Republic!

Monrovia, 7th June 2019

Monrovia 7th June 2019

Those that constantly insulting the President, I want to be clear; after this, there will be no citizens in this country, I can defy you that will ever insult the President and think you will walk on the streets freely” George Weah on the eve before the demonstrations today.

Well, the Presidency of George Weah only started on the 22nd January 2018. It is only a year and half since gotten into power. Therefore, this has not been a long time for a man to let his power go to his head. However, that has apparently happen for the former giant footballer and Ball D’or Winner. His might has blurred his vision.

Why do I say that? Well, the man whose the Executive and Head of State has dimmed the hopes of possible changes of rule. As he is just like many others in the past. Since he has blocked all social media in Liberia, as the people were planning to demonstrate against the state after grand corruption scandals, called #SavetheState demos. This was scheduled today. So, to stop this from happening in Monrovia. The President blocked WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and other pages. Therefore, the citizens whose online today is using VPN to get Online and circumvent the acts of the state.

Since Weah has taken over, there are over a hundred million United States Dollars which has been siphoned away from the state coffers. The value of the currency has fallen swiftly, while the common commodities has escalated, therefore, the public is getting strained, while the elite and politicians are eating of wealth of the state.

Surely, the government should feel the power of the people, as they are governing on the behalf of the people. They wouldn’t have an office or be representatives, if it wasn’t for the people. The President and his cabinet, are there because the citizens needs proper representations. Therefore, the needs of the people and the will of the people should be respected.

Weah has forgotten these principals. Several of the ones organizing has gotten either their houses raided by the authorities or leaders arrested. Therefore, with these actions the Weah Administration is showing their lack of understanding and value of freedom of speech. Not only blocking the social media to stop the public from spreading information, but also going after the ones organizing the demonstration. Shows how he blesses a tyranny in Liberia.

Weah has gone after Council of Patriots and the Save the State Movement whose really have pissed him off. He was expecting more praise and glory in his role as President. Not being questioned for his role in eating of the public and trying to get away with it. That has backfired and the public wants answers.

Clearly, the President and his authorities have forgotten their role. That is why they put up roadblocks and coming with intimidation before the demonstrations. Instead of understanding them and actually deliver what they are asking for. The President should answer the questions of the missing funds and the rising inflation. Instead, his trying to use the pressure of the state to silence his critics.

We are seeing a side of Weah, which is weird, but shows again what power does to someone. Weah’s been eaten all up by it and lost himself in it. There is no return, unless he trying get redemption, but don’t anticipate it. His quotes on the eve before the demonstrations shows his heart and spirit. Peace.

Opinion: DP Ruto is something else, but truthful his not!

This is an occasion where we can speak to ourselves candidly without considering who is in government or opposition. The subject today is a new dawn for our country and what we should all do. We must rid our government and institutions of corruption. ‘ A New Dawn’ is a good subject for us all to engage in theft and corruption is bad in any language. From my mother tongue it is said… “ A thief may be intelligent but not more than the investigator” To our investigative agencies, you have our support as you help us deal with the challenge that we have. The 10 commandments say – Do not steal… Do not bear false testimony. The President and I were once victims of false testimony. It took hand of God and prayer for us to get out. We do not want any Kenyan to suffer such again. As we pursue this noble course, we must remember to inspire the hawker to own a kiosk and kiosk owner to own a shop and shop owner to own a mini market, and a boda boda rider to own a car” – Deputy President William Ruto on the National Prayer Breakfast on the 30th May 2019.

DP Ruto is the career politician, the man who says whatever to walk scotch-free and get other people in trouble. His really bold and brazen, he knows what his been up too, but still acts like its nothing.

Ruto knows how his grown wealth, built an empire and owns several of estates. The DP haven’t got this out of goodwill of the state, but out of the shady backdoor deals and land-grabbing. This is well-known stuff, therefore, the DP knows his corrupt and his actions. Still, he speaks like his still the innocent broke preacher he was back-in-the-day.

The Hustler hasn’t hustled through the proper channels, his wealth has grown and deals done while in government have surged all his accounts, his estates, businesses and even corporations. That is the sort of man he is. Therefore, his pledge to work against corruption, means initially work against himself and all of his associates. All of which is preposterous.

Secondly, it wasn’t an act of god that stopped the ICC case against him and Kenyatta. That was well prepared work from your associates and officials in the Republic. As the Judge Eboe-Osuji “declared a mistrial in the case, because it cannot be discounted that the weaknesses in the Prosecution case might be explained by the demonstrated incidence of tainting of the trial process by way of witness interference and political meddling that was reasonably likely to intimidate witnesses” (ICC – ‘.Ruto and Sang case: ICC Trial Chamber V(A) terminates the case without prejudice to re-prosecution in future’ 05.04.2016).

If intimidating witnesses is answers from God, than the God, DP Ruto confesses to at night is totally different than mine. Surely, my God answers prayers too, but not with possible tainting legal process and using harsh methods against the ones who will testify against you. That is what was done in the ICC case and therefore dismissed. It wasn’t false testimony, it was making people afraid of even speaking out on the mischief being done.

That is why I am not accepting the words of DP Ruto. He tends to lie and bend the truth to his advantage. This is just a snippet of his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast earlier today. Surely, he said more things whose was disregarding the truth. Still, I focus on this, because. Unless, the Life-Style Audit hits home, unless the war on corruption takes down his fraudulent activities. It is hard to believe it is real. Peace.

Joint Statement by the DPP, EACC, DCI, NCIC and Religious Leaders in Kenya (29.05.2019)

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