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Opinion: VP Chiwenga “financial terrorist” is his own cronies!

“I want to give a stern warning to those practicing financial terrorism in the country. We will react accordingly as Government and nobody should claim that they were not warned. We’ll take very strict measures” – Vice President Constantino Chiwenga

Sometimes, you wonder what kind of voodoo that has hit our times, that some people are in power and you wonder, what are they doing there?

Today, I am thinking to myself, if it wasn’t for the Mid-November 2017 Coup d’etat in Zimbabwe. The former General Chiwenga wouldn’t be a force to reckon with. He would just be another military crony that hanged out and followed direct orders of the Mugabe administration. However, those days are long gone, but his power remains and stronger than before.

The VP has an imaginary mind, maybe a near picturesque of the screenwriters of Hollywood. Because, his last venomous speech against “Financial Terrorist” is one for the books. Surely, Stephen King could need some of his visions and his tales. It would make a nice trilogy and surely make Universal Studios even more wealthier.

As this maybe, the VP should look into himself and his own kind before blasting others. It isn’t the citizens fault, that the albatross, the economy is failing. It isn’t the businesses trying to salvage something fault either. It is the state and their actions, which is failing. Not the black-market trading of US Dollars or South African Rands. Neither, the lack of value of the RTGS Dollars or whatever else voodoo economic policies coming from the Ministry of Finance and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

That is the people, who the VP should look into, the ones issuing taxes on mobile money transfers, the ones whose making Forex nearly impossible. It is not the fault of the public or the citizens. This is the state and the lack of trust in the “currency” and the “financial markets”. Which is solely created by the ZANU-PF and the institutions it is running.

So, the real terrorists, the real criminals, whose enterprise is to loot and make money vanish. Is the state officials, the state owned enterprises and whatnot, whose gaining funds and eating, before the cash-flow even get circulated. That is why the economy is drained and raising inflations.

Its hectic because of how the state is run and awaiting just another disaster to strike. So, that the needle-point can hurt the old wounds, ensure that the state bleeds a bit more. That is why it insulting to common sense. That the citizens trying to scrap by is in the wrong, when the state doesn’t delivered the needed policies nor the remedy to the situation. However, just prolonging it and hoping that it will not die. Keeping it in the E.R. and hoping the bitch is still breathing when passing by.

Let’s so how this goes, but the Financial Terrorist of Harare will continue to live in luxury, while the citizens suffers. That is how the game is rigged and this play doesn’t seem to be ending soon. Just keep breathing and hope you overcome. Peace.


Zimbabwe: Community Water Alliance letter to Dr. John Mangudya – “Re: Citizens Request for a Consistent Supply of Foreign Currency for Water Treatment Chemicals” (23.04.2019)

African Union Chairperson Mahamat: Is he flipping a coin to see if a military coup is okay?

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”Thomas Paine

I don’t know, the former Chadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Moussa Faki Mahamat, whose the African Chairperson of the Commission of the African Union. However, he has a rare strike of confidence. Surely after today, he should explain himself. Not because I am directly against the man, but because his perspective on the military takeover, coup d’etat in Zimbabwe in 2017 and Sudan in 2019. Is strikingly similar, but his response is differing.

Both was actions done against 30 years of rule by one person in each republic. The African Union have supported their reign and never imposed anything on the member nations. However, today the revolution of Sudan is put in another pile, than what happen in Zimbabwe. We can see how the Chairperson of the AU is acting differently. In a manner, where his vision doesn’t coincide.

Just take a look!

The African Union recognizes that the Zimbabwean people have expressed their will that there should be a peaceful transfer of power in a manner that secures the democratic future of their country. President Mugabe’s decision to resign paves the way for a transition process, owned and led by the sovereign people of Zimbabwe” (African Union – ‘Statement of the Chairperson of the Commission of the African Union on the Situation in Zimbabwe’ 21.11.2017).

The Chairperson expresses the African Union conviction that the military take-over is not the appropriate response to the challenges facing Sudan and the aspirations of its people” (African Union – ‘Statement of the Chairperson of the Commission on the Situation in Sudan’ 11.04.2019).

I don’t know if there is deep grudges between Mahamat and General Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ihn Ouf of Sudan or there are was a friendly relationship between Mahamat and General Constantino Chiwenga of Zimbabwe.

Because, his tone is vastly different. Both these men did similar fashion to take power. The Coup that wasn’t Coup in Harare in November 2017. While the Coup, that is currently a State of Emergency in Sudan. They are viewed differently by the African Union and their Chairperson. That is showing with the use of words and the protocol that the AU is sending the Republic’s way.

The Zimbabwean new leadership got a friendlier tone, as they used the military and installed new transitional government in 2017. While the Sudanese are getting a more hostile tone for starting to have a Military Transitional Council for two years before elections. This is done in the same fashion and with use of power by the same party as of the deposed leaders in both Republics.

The Sudanese are getting rid of Al-Bashir and starts a transitional phase by the same leadership. While the Zimbabwean did the same in 2017 and had a transitional government until the elections of 2018. Alas, it was okay in Harare, the AU had no trouble with the military intervention or at disposal in Zimbabwe. But the same Union are not impressed by what Ahmed Ihn Ouf done in Khartoum today. Still, it was fine just mere two years ago?

I don’t like a bloodless coup, its good every time a dictator and a tyrant has fallen, but the whole system has to re-invented and also restructured for a civilian rule of some kind. Not a government run by the army. Then the votes, the ballots and the will of the people will not be respected. That is why the change in Khartoum right now is only skin-deep.

The same, which happen in Harare, where the same fashion of ZANU-PF continues to linger on. There was only a change of head, but not of their operations nor their way of expression power. The same is trying to appear in Khartoum. Surely, the NCP will not let go easily. Even if the public continues to demonstrate. They will do whatever it takes to prolong their rule.

That is why, the AU could have been a useful tool, but this is usually the Dictators Club in Addis Ababa. That is why, their statements is not believable. Nevertheless, in this regard, their statement can be questioned, because of how vastly different it was comparing similar efforts in two different countries. That from the same Mahamat, whose seen both things occur within his time in the chair.

There are contrasts and difference in how these two military coup d’etat have appeared, as they happen in realms, which is not to similar in fashion. Even if both was bolstered by the army and needed their blessing to rule. Still, the Mugabe and the Al-Bashir reign ended abruptly by the force of the soldiers, who kept them in power for so long.

Now, the dictator club of Addis lost one more member and surely, will soon get a new face. Wonder, if Mahamat is ready to explain, why he accept the incident in Harare, but questioned the one in Khartoum? Peace.

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