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Brexit: Joint Statement on the Meeting of the United Kingdom and the CARIFORUM States on Future Trade Relations (16.11.2017)


South Sudan: Letter showing the state repaying debt in Crude-oil – “Subject: Payment of Outstanding Bills for Al Cardinal Investment Company Limited” (24.10.2017)

Brexit: Damaging Secret Memo by Gove and BoJo which was sent to PM May!

Clearly, this whole withdrawal from the European Union (EU) is becoming toxic for the Conservative Party and their Ally Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). The Tories where clearly not prepared for the consequences of the EU exit, if so then the process would have been so much more smoother and transparent. Even Prime Minister Theresa May knows this, but will not accept the defeat or the abysmal acts of her government. Not that Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has helped, neither has Department of EU Exit (DexEU) David Davis and now even help of Michael Gove to question her through secret memos. The good news is that its revealed in the media. Since it shows the bad political craft done by the Tories concerning the biggest change of foreign involvement in last century. Still, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove isn’t showing loyalty, more using the debacle for their own gain. It is sinister and demeaning, instead of supporting and showing clear path. They are running on their own, while being part of May’s cabinet.

EU Exit – Next Steps.

For your and Gavin’s eyes only.’

Your approach is governed by sensible pragmatism. That does not in any way dilute our ambition to be a fully independent self-governing country by the time of the next election.

If we are to counter those who wish to frustrate that end, there are ways of underlining your resolve.

We are profoundly worried that in some parts of Government the current preparations are not proceeding with anything like sufficient energy.

We have heard it argued by some that we cannot start preparations on the basis of ‘No Deal’ because that would undermine our obligation of ‘sincere co-operation’ with the EU. If taken seriously, that would leave us over a barrel in 2021.

We all want you to push your agenda forward with confidence and have your Government articulate the following…


Boris and Michael” (Walters & Owen, 2017).

This Memo states they want a hard-Brexit, but not explaining how they will negotiate and how the United Kingdom will pay for the changes. How this will affect business or deep dive into ordinary people’s lives. That they just want to cut ties and hope the wounds doesn’t become severe or to damaging. That Johnson and Gove wants the United Kingdom to limp into the future is pretty clear by this memo. They are even defending even grander cut of ties, just to secure a majority within next election. Is more important than the possible impact of a hard-Brexit. That means if City of London sinks, if factories moves to cheaper tariffs and headquarters move to other business districts. It will clearly lose the taxes and be more severe cuts on the workforce within private business and several banking institutions. Who are now based in London, but might move to Dublin, Frankfurt and even Berlin. Who knows where they may leave. It is senseless to push for that, when the UK will pay more tariffs and more on the outside of the EU. The prices will go up and the economy will be hit. It is just a matter of how much. Clearly for Gove and Johnson the price the people have to pay, so the Tories can continue to rule and make sure the Conservative is still ruling by 2021. Not making sure people has jobs and can afford their daily meal. Instead, just making sure Gove and Johnson has a job as their representatives and the public being their subjects.

If this isn’t hurtful for the British, if this isn’t showing their disregard of the possible damages of a Hard-Brexit. Than who knows how far these two will go to stay in power. They have no conscience to the cost of the working-class and the industries who lives on exports. That will clearly go more down and lose the markets. As the profits are eaten up by the new tariffs as non-member nation imports to the Union. This is what is striking to me and they will clearly risk lots of industries from banking, steel-mills, car-factories to simply selling packaged tea to the rest of Europe. Peace.


Walters, Simon & Owen, Glen – ‘Boris and Gove’s plot to ‘hijack’ Number 10 exposed: Menacing secret memo to Theresa May dictating terms for a hard Brexit triggers new Cabinet rift’ (11.11.2017) link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5073567/Boris-Gove-s-plot-hijack-Number-10-exposed.html#ixzz4yDj6syLR

Brexit: Honda Motors reveals how the Tariffs will affect them post-Brexit!

The Tories-DUP Government can come with their promises and keep the people in the dark. But when one company who has their European Headquarters there and is an international car-producer, their advice and their reasons for their production and sales should be listen too. These sort of facts from them is because they are thinking of their future and their possible profits. The Honda Factory is in Swindon and has 4,000 workers, also 500 people at the Headquarter. That means the Brexit can have effects for 4500 workers directly, plus the traders and mechanics who are label based.

Therefore, this part of their written statement is very damaging:

Although we are looking to increase our share of exports to non-EU destinations, the US in particular, 35% of Honda’s UK production would still be exposed to tariffs, ‘resulting in increased costs to’ Honda’s business, loss of competitiveness and potential cost increases for consumers. As we have experienced with the Israel market, when failure to meet Rules of Origin thresholds resulted in the need to pay tariffs, a 10% tariff would make our vehicles uncompetitive, and would impose costs we cannot afford to absorb” (Honda Motor Europe, 2017).

When leaving the European Union the tariffs between them and non-EU Member Nations. This will hurt the bottom-line of the production and also the exports of Honda Production from Swindon. That should worry the Tories-DUP as this is one manufacturer with this result and these findings. Who knows what the steel-mill in Wales, the Whiskey production in Scotland and whatnot they are selling from Newcastle. Therefore, the exports and Yorkshire tea might be more expansive after the Brexit. When considering the 10% added tariff on the manufactured goods in the UK after they have left. This will hurt more businesses than Honda. Honda is just proving the difficulties.

This is even more important to look at, since the Tories Government have kept the public in the dark over their assessments and their reports of the aftermath and result of the withdrawal from the EU. Therefore, the written statement from Honda. Gives clarity and also an explain how the leaving will effect business. Peace.


Honda Motor Europe (BRA0008) – ‘Written Evidence’ (20.10.2017)

Tories: Resignation Letter of Hon. Priti Patel MP as the Secretary for International Development (08.11.2017)

#NASABoycott: Kepsa – “Let’s Business do what it does best: Business” (08.11.2017)

Brexit: Written Statement by David Davis – “EU Exit – Sectoral Analysis” (November 2017)

RDC: Ministere des Mines – “Objet: Blocage des Exportations des produits miniers marchards – taxe sur les concentees – tax sur la voire” (03.11.2017)

NASA Statement: “Launch of Economic Liberation Programme by National Resistance Movement of NASA” (03.11.2017)

Brexit: The Tories answers to Brexit questions leaves the public and representatives in the dark!

Today, I will just post a few questions that has been answered today by the Department for Exiting the European Union (DeXEU) Secretary Mundell and also State Minister Eustice, both Tories MPs and ministers, who are proving that the they will assess the situation and find invisible deals, but not give clear information on the possible split form the Union and the possible effects. It must be bleak and vicious if they as politicians fear the aftermath of the release of the damages of the leaving the Union goes public. They must know the score and sore wound will struggle to heal after the departure of Membership.

That is why these answers from the Tories Government is revealing, not because they say much, but because they say so little. They are not giving signs or even signals of where the United Kingdom are heading post-EU Membership. This is now proven with Mundell and Eustice, these two cabinet ministers are proving their loyalty, but also how little they will reveal. Take a look!

Seema Malhotra MP of Feltham and Heston asked the government this question on the 25th October 2017: “To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland, whether his Department was consulted by the Department for Exiting the European Union on the economic impact assessments conducted for the UK leaving the EU” (Malhotra, 25.10.2017). This was answered by the Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell, the Conservative Party MP for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale. Mundell answered on the 2nd November: “The UK Government is carrying out an ongoing programme of comprehensive analytical work that will inform our negotiating position with the EU, to define our deep and special partnership with the EU and inform our understanding of how EU exit will affect the UK’s domestic policies and frameworks. The Scotland Office is working with officials across government, in close coordination with the Department for Exiting the European Union, to ensure the delivery of a holistic programme of analysis across government” (Mundell, 02.11.2017).

Chris Ruane MP of Vale of Clwyd asked this question on the 26th October: “To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, what assessment he has made of the effect on the volume of exports of Welsh lamb to Europe of leaving the EU without a deal”. This was answered George Eustice MP, the Conservative Party of Camborne and Redruth, who is the State Minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, who answered this: “We are fully aware of the importance of the EU market as a destination for Welsh and UK lamb. We want to secure a deep and comprehensive Free-Trade Agreement as an alternative to membership of the Single Market, which preserves our access to EU markets for lamb and all agricultural products. We are conducting ongoing analysis to help to develop a detailed understanding of how various trade scenarios will impact on all regions of the UK” (Eustice, 02.11.2017).

Chris Ruane MP of Vale of Clwyd asked this question on the 26th October: “To ask the Secretary of State for Wales, what discussion he has had with his (a) Cabinet colleagues and (b) counterpart in the Welsh Government on the effect of leaving the EU without a deal on the export of Welsh lamb to Europe” (Ruane, 26.10.2017). This was answered by Alun Cairns MP of Vale of Glamorgan, the Secretary of State of Wales, who answered this: “Leaving the EU presents a major opportunity for Welsh and wider UK agriculture and we are working towards achieving the best possible deal for the agricultural industry across the UK. We want to secure a deep and comprehensive Free Trade Agreement as an alternative to membership of the Single Market, which preserves our access to EU markets for red meat, including Welsh lamb, and all agricultural products. The Office of the Secretary of State for Wales will continue to work with other Government departments including the Department for Exiting the European Union, directly with farmers and farming industry representatives, and Welsh and local Government to support the Welsh economy and promote a prosperous Wales within a strong United Kingdom after we leave the EU” (Cairns, 02.11.2017).

If you felt your were getting wiser, you are not, because that is the intention of the Tories Government. To keep the people in the dark, that is why the Brexit Assessment Reports on effects on Industry and the country in general are kept hidden on the desks and inside the Departments. They are kept as government secrets as the tactics and the negotiations are also kept in secret. The Tories are trying to this all in secrecy, instead of having an open policy.

These answers to the Scottish and Welsh representative on their constituencies and their industries are really proving their lack of understanding. That the non-answers combined with secrets makes the locals and constituents uncertain about the future prospects. The same with businesses that don’t know if they have a market to trade in or possible to import within a affordable price-range to make profits. It is like the UK Government want the unknown and uncertain to loom, since they have numbers and possible analysis that are damaging. Since the loss of direct access to the European Markets will hurt the economy and also the export industry. Also, the possible investments from European businesses in the United Kingdom. All of this can be put in question, when Mundell and Eustice are answering like they do today.

This is worrying for the United Kingdom, that they are trying to blind-fold businesses and the public, even their representatives, as they walking like Stevie Wonder to the unknown future outside the European Union. Peace.

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