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Brexit: A Perfect Nightmare!

“Now that I’m back, you can’t sleep, I’m a nightmare, huh?” – 50 Cent on ‘Back Down’ (2003)

This Brexit process, this whole Withdrawal of Membership from the European Union has been a perfect nightmare. There haven’t been signs of hope or professionalism from the Tories concerning this. The Vote Leave or Be Leave people combined with Brexiteers promised a silky road to heaven without the toils of Brussels. That would never happen, as there are rules and they will be followed, if the United Kingdom want to be able to trade with the European Union. However, these protocols and these regulations has been cast astray, because the United Kingdom was supposed to get just they way they liked it.

The Draft Withdrawal Agreement that was published yesterday, proves what many of us has said. That the Brexit would cost UK a lot, it would cost independence, but also the sovereign control, as it has to still follow regulations from Brussels. Even if London think of itself as an Empire, they are still a soldier in the field of the EU, when needed be. That is the cost of trading and being in the single-market of the EU.

What is worse, is that they are outsider looking in, without any direct say, as the laws and regulations will still come from the EU. The standards and the jurisdiction comes from the EU and not from London. They are becoming a Third Member state who still has to comply to the EU directly. That is what is amazing me.

What amazes me more, is the political gambit and gamble that the Tories has done, but is not paying off. The ones thinking they could get both the cake and eat it. They thought they could get it all without paying anything to be involved with the EU. However, that is not the case. That is why the deal is looking as it is.

This is the continued nightmare, a process that was flawed from the beginning, but the Tories wouldn’t tell or say. They kept the rouse and said nothing. They spoke of ease and said it would be fixed, but the narrative, the story wasn’t true. They wanted to sell a dream, a dream is so easy, but the reality was that it was a nightmare.

A perfect nightmare, that is revealed again and again, but Prime Minister Theresa May doesn’t want to accept that. A nightmare that haunts the halls of Whitehall and London.

Now there are talks of ‘No Confidence’ vote over the PM too. That shows how dire the process, as the has been plenty of resignations and today alone a few. Therefore, this nightmare evolves on its own. Peace.

Brexit: The Draft Withdrawal Agreement, is that the UK is about leave, but not really leaving!

The charade is up and the draft agreement was released. The hard bargain is that the United Kingdom would lose finalizing this agreement that is made now. Because of the predicament they are already in. they want to trade, but don’t want membership. They want to control the movement, but has to consider the Northern Ireland. Therefore, the Republic of Ireland vote in the European Union has values. Still, the ones who thought the UK would be sovereign by leaving the EU is wrong. They are still connected, but losing their vote and say in the Union. While they have to follow the Union, that they just left.

Brussels won this one. They really took the cake and ate it, but they just used the EU Regulations and Rules, the set-up and configured landscape that is made the EU Member States, which again control the Third States towards the Union; if they want to trade and be incorporated with the Union. In this regard the UK.

The UK and Tories was bound to loose, they have promised an easy road, but everyone on the outside knew they would loose. They just waited to reveal it, until the Withdrawal Agreement Draft was published.

Now, people want to distance themselves from it, the Cabinet and fellow MPs. Who has been solid Brexiteers and wanting to leave the Union. Because that would make the sovereign UK so much better. However, this deal that are delivering the protocols and the measures that any NON-MEMBER STATE would have to encounter, while still being association with European Union are going through. Is something the UK is not ready for.

The Conservative Party, the Theresa May legacy and the whole debacle over the two year work towards today from the Referendum on 24th June 2016. Are clearly showing the blatant disregard, but also the nativity across the English Channel. As the London based politicians thought they could maneuver and trick this one. To negotiate and make it look funky fresh. Instead, they have lost the Membership, their say in the Union and have just pay more for imported goods.

They are having an agreement where the Court Justice of the European Union still have jurisdiction and mandate, even binding force as they leave. The UK is also demanded even as they leave to contribute to the EU budget until the 1 January 2021. Also, ensure there is a Common Travel Area between Ireland and UK, as with respect of the Good Friday Agreement and previous agreed upon measures with the EU considering the Northern Ireland.

Clearly, there is a lot more, but the Tories and the PM May has lost big in this one. They have bound their state as a non-entity, but still giving powers to the Brussels. Seemingly lots of concessions without seeing the implications. Or if they saw it, they accepted because they knew consequences if they pulled out of the bodies or took power. Than, they would have a harder time trading with the EU.

The UK are getting more of the same, as this deal also ensures a Single Customs Union and also free movement of labor, just like today. While also losing their say. But they get a joint Committee, that they will share together with EU until the final withdrawal.

Clearly, the years in limbo will continue with this continued deal, but not the deal anyone really wants to sign. As the beneficiary isn’t the UK, but the EU. That is the funny thing about it all. As the ones wanting to leave, are the ones paying and not the ones remaining. Who would have a say and actually contribute as an equal partner. Instead, they are divorcing, but still kissing the ring.

Also, there was so something about Northern Ireland their rights, but the draft agreement had no sections mentioning special rules or arrangements for Scotland or Wales. They are just ugly ducklings who doesn’t matter to London. As London has to trade the waters carefully in Belfast, but not so much elsewhere I suppose. Peace.

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