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My Letter to President Emmerson Mnangagwa: Time to ACT!

14th January 2018, Oslo

Dear Sir, His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa!

Today, I am writing you in haste, as your on a two-week foreign trip. After you have pushed your Republic into destruction. As the public, the citizens and the economy cannot last the measures you have put on it. This is what has happened, the public is outrages, the Security Forces has attacked the public and massive destruction.

Also, what is also seen is big blame game on Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and MDC-Alliance. That was Clock-Work Mr. President, which is not creating any goodwill or making the Republic any better.

It is a natural defence mechanism, but it doesn’t make it right. ZANU-PF and your brigades, comrades should be more careful with their language, this being ZBC or the Herald. Therefore, the state media and ZANU-PF should handle the situation with a bit more care.

Mr. President, the acts of violence, state sanctioned violence, the use of guns, the harassment of journalists, the mass arrests are not a good move from the state. Neither is the looting, the burning of houses, party offices and so on. We also know that someone tried to burn down the Harvest House or the MDC-Alliance HQ as well.

Therefore, Mr. President, we know all parties in this crisis has been hit. The ZANU-PF has seen lots of losses today. Dozens of businesses has been hit. Many people have been shot, even some killed, but hard to get verified numbers. However, Mr. President, each of these people is one to many. Each person shot, each person died on your watch Mr. President. Even if at this moment, Vice-President or Acting President Constantino Chiwenga because your abroad.

It is time to ask yourself Mr. President, can you contain people’s anger? Can you find fruitful ways to stop the furious attitude shown today? Can the Police Officers and Soldiers restrain themselves, meeting this anger?

Because, Mr. President, they have all acted on your orders and on your taxes. They have acted on the RTGS, the new levies or the new exercise duty on fuel, which has sky-rocketed the price on that. The fuel prices went over the moon over night. It would create a reaction, Mr. President, I think the state wasn’t ready for it. Neither was the opposition. The ZANU-PF was never ready for this. They are just trying to settle the score and silence. But the anger will still be there. Because, the state and you Mr. President, never patched up the hurt.

You have put salt on the wounds, you have hurt the public, you have crippled the economy and given no proper solution. The ZANU-PF, which you rule has shown. The economy haven’t become any better, but only worse. No signs of positives anywhere on the horizon.

Mr. President, you should think about the people, you should think about how your actions affect them. The PFee have ruled for over three decades and had the reign, you could have ensured this from not happening, but the party let this happen.

Mr. President, if you do care. Time to act. Time to make a difference. Not flying in a luxury jet across Eastern Europe as a King. But come back home and settle the difference. Face the music and act upon the issues, that every single citizen is feeling right now.

Mr. Mnangagwa, you have been apart of the elite for so long, seems like you have forgotten the plights of the citizens, the lack of foreign currency and the wages concerning the rises of costs of living. There is time Mr. President to act upon this, not put more plight, but finds ways to ensure citizens are more safer day-to-day, not create a wasteland of uncertainty and lack of basic commodities.

President, this is your mantle, this your role to play. Mr. President, it is not the cards you have on your hands, but how you play them. Time for you to man up and face the consequences. This is also, actions related to your actions and your advisors saying it is a good idea. However, it creates a national crisis. The Republic have to act. The Republic have to find solutions, not only put more fuel on the fire. Right now, that is what you do. Instead of finding a way out, your burning the bridges.

Best Regards

Writer of Minbane


Zimbabwe: Citizens’ Cabinet – Press Statement on the State of Economic Emergency in the Country (14.01.2019)


Sudan: UN Group of Experts – “Darfur is a source of weapons for foreign belligerents in neighbouring countries”

There has been a new United Nations Report on Sudan and the situation in Darfur. What is striking to me, is the weapons trade and the transfer of it within Darfur. This here is showing the reality on how these areas are moving both old weapons and new. Where the government of Sudan is supplying weapons, but the different militias are doing to.

The Group of Experts found out that the Darfurian Militias was even selling to Chadian Ones and to Central African Republic. These reports shows that there is so much trading of arms, which are done by violating the arms embargo, not only in Darfur, but also in the Central African Republic, Chad and Libya itself. That is why it is done by smugglers based in Darfur. This must surely be a way for the militias and state to get funding for their operations.

The Group of Experts explain it the best:

The Libya-based Darfurian rebels source most of their weapons in Darfur, in particular 12.7mm, 14.5mm and Goronov machine guns, which they frequently use but which are rarely available in Libya. They purchase some of these weapons from Darfurian smugglers, often ex-members of Arab militias, who deliver the weapons to Chad or Libya, where the transaction takes place. For instance, in November 2018, according to a rebel source, some GSLF elements were arrested by the Chadian authorities on their way back to Libya after buying weapons (12.7mm machine guns) brought from Darfur to a refugee camp in eastern Chad. Some other rebels use their personal connections with the SLA/AW group led by Soliman Marajan in the Malha area (North Darfur) to come and purchase weapons in the Malha and Mellit areas” (P: 27, 2019).

Security Council resolution 1591 (2005) requires that the Committee established pursuant to the resolution approve any movement of military equipment by the Government of the Sudan into Darfur. During the reporting period, the Government of the Sudan continued to transfer military equipment without seeking the Committee’s approval. In its travel to Darfur, the Panel on several occasions saw the offloading of military equipment from aircraft” (…) “As a further reason for the transfers of military equipment into Darfur, it cited Article 2 of the Charter of the United Nations and the need to protect its international borders with Libya, Chad and the Central African Republic” (P: 36-27, 2019).

Darfur continues to be a source of weapons for foreign belligerents in neighbouring countries. Some armed groups participating in the Libyan conflict purchase some of their weapons and ammunition (such as 12.7mm machine guns) in Darfur, in particular from Arab militia members in the Kutum/Kabkabiya area of North Darfur. For example, the Chadian authorities said to the Panel that in the second half of 2018, they had discovered an important arms cache in the Kariari refugee camp in eastern Chad (inhabited mostly by Darfurian Zaghawa refugees). These weapons originated from Darfur and were to be sent to Chadian rebels in Libya” (…) “Some ex-Séléka factions based in the north-eastern Central African Republic also sourced some weapons from militias of Darfur in 2018. Weapons smuggling from Darfur to neighbouring countries seems to have been accentuated by the weapons collection campaign in Darfur, as the campaign pushed some armed Darfurian elements to sell off their weapons surpluses rapidly” (P: 39, 2019).

So, unless Government of Sudan, their security forces want to handle this, unless the militias who fights for their rights and funding doesn’t get incentive to stop it. The volatile business going to continue. The militias of Darfur are getting their funding by trading weapons to the rest of the region, exporting it for cash. The state continues to drop weapons in violations to. Ensuring more are circulated there. Even as the state in the report has stated they are feeling they contain the militias in Darfur now and have made the Janjaweed aka RSF more professional. Still, there are questionable behaviour and that has to be addressed.

Even as there is riots, demonstrations and questioning the central leadership/dictatorship in Khartoum. Peace.


United States Security Council – ‘Letter dated 10 January 2019 from the Panel of Experts on the Sudan established pursuant to resolution 1591 (2005) addressed to the President of the Security Council’ 10.01.2019

Zimbabwe: Press Statement by The Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Hon. Prof. M. Ncube on the Excise Duty Refund Framework Following the Fuel Price Increase under Statutory Instrument 9 of 2019 (13.01.2019)

Zimbabwe: Hiking fuel prices will touch all parts of life!

Yesterday, out of the blue, the President and his people said they would hold a Press Conference. This happen as President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced the spiking or doubling of fuel prices, as the state is struggling with the dollar shortage. This is happening as the effects of RTGS Taxes and the hurting economy in general. As the black-market bond-notes exchange rates and lack of currency in general. This is all making the financial market worse.

So, of today, there are long lines of cars going to petrol stations trying to get fuel. The videos of it is online and shown to the world. Mnangagwa statement came late at night on a Saturday and on Sunday, the results of this has occurred. As businesses are challenged, the Unions are reacting and the public are bitten by it too. This is hurting all, everything will become more expensive and the lie of 1:1 exchange between the Zimbabwe Bond-Notes and United States Dollars (USD). Therefore, the statement yesterday proves the added expenses on ordinary lives.

ZCTU Statement:

After wide consultations, the ZCTU General Council resolved to call for a nation wide STAY AWAY with effect from midnight today following the insensitive and provocative increase of fuel price by the President of Zimbabwe. 2) Workers have been facing serious hardships as a result of the general astronomical price increases since last year against stagnant salaries. The fuel increase added more misery to the suffering working class of Zimbabwe both in formal and informal sectors. The action will be embarked on an incremental basis & include other forms of actions that will be advised in due. There is nothing else pushing the workers besides the starvation & hardships afflicting every working class household. Think about your family & do the right thing” (Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, 13.01.2019).

Some people are blaming the sanctions, other like me is also looking into the added taxes done by this administration late last year. As the costs of currency has gone up, as the RTGS and the transactions are added expenses. Also, the reality of lack of currency itself, as the foreign exchange has hit the workforce of the state. There been numerous strikes, there been plenty of businesses closing and also empty shelves. Therefore, the stagnation and slow destruction of the economy without a currency. Is really hitting the common folk. Who knows what rate the inflation is at, but it must be hitting hard.

Because we know the hardships hits the citizens, not only the prices of fuel is doubled over night, but the amount of fuel you can buy has been cut in half or even less. That has even been stated by companies like Redan Coupon (Pvt.) Limited, who came out with a public statement. Showing the effects on all of them customers.

We know this is fixed prices from the government, as the President did on Live Press Conference, telling the public about the prices yesterday. The Herald wrote this about it yesterday: “Zera said the prices which were implemented recently were in line with Statutory Instruments 20 and 100 enacted in 2015. Zera notified members of the public that uel stations were at liberty to sell the commodity at lower prices “depending on their trading advantages.”” (Farirai Machivenyika – ‘Govt clears air on fuel prices’ 12.01.2019).

We are seeing clearly, that the authorities had worked together before the doubling of fuel prices happen. As the President stated. They know it will affect all parts of life, make everything more expensive. Everything in the Republic will be touched and the costs of life, will sky-rocket naturally. Not looking forward to see the inflation numbers and how it affects the prices on food and basics in general.

Also, expect more strikes and demonstrations, as the costs of living is hitting all parts of life. Peace.

Zimbabwe: Redan Coupon letter to Costumers (13.01.2019)

BoU Scandal: Mmaks Advocates – Press Release (12.01.2019)

Zimbabwe: Press Statement by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Hon. M. Ncube, On the Setting Up of a Foreign Currency Allocation Committee (04.01.2019)

Joint Press Release Between the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and Delta Corporation: Sale of Products Exclusively in Hard Currency (03.01.2019)

Zimbabwe: Delta Beverages – Payment of Wholesale Prices in Hard Currency (02.01.2019)

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