My honest letter to Nelson Chamisa: They were not stupid, they were supporting you!

Oslo, 15th November 2018

It was very stupid even for those people who demonstrated to demonstrate for the result to be released. It was stupid because they then opened themselves for attacks and manipulation and that’s my view. I’m not insulting them, but it was premature and they opened themselves to manipulation and violence,” – Nelson Chamisa (15.11.2018).

Dear Nelson Chamisa.

I am writing to you because you have forgotten your role as a leader, as a shepard and the ones people are looking up to, as a beacon of hope even. Especially, it was like that in the days in and around the Harmonized Elections. As you proclaimed the victor, even before the announced results where there and the ZANU-PF rule has persisted since.

Chamisa, let me be clear. I saw some hope and some vision in you. As you seemed like the youthful successor to continue the legacy and hard work of Morgan Tsvangirai. However, today you have shown your true character. As you was subpoenaed yesterday to meet with the Commission of the 1st August 2018 Post-Election Inquiry.

Seems that this has hurt you and made wounded. However, you we’re not touched as so many of your peers. There was plenty within the MDC-Alliance that spent time behind bars, six people lost their lives on the streets of Harare and dozens ill in the hospital with wounds. Wounds that they are healing today or even scarred for life. Because they had faith in you, Mr. Chamisa. They looked up to you. They saw hope and potential for a New Zimbabwe.

Today, when calling them stupid. You betrayed their cause. You betrayed yourself. You gave up on the cause and the vision. You left them astray, like cold coffee. They taste bad and isn’t fresh like hot coffee. Clearly, that is what you see now in November.

They walked on the streets for the MDC Alliance and YOU. They marched and protested because they looked up to you and wanted to show that. They voiced their concerns and sparked the protest as a proof of their loyalty to the cause. The cause of toppling the junta, the regime of ZANU-PF.

However, you have deemed them now, as the inquiry is coming, as irresponsible, as stupid and in contempt with wisdom. Instead of supporting their will of securing their ballots, their votes and their election. You have given that totally up and now even calling them names.

Chamisa, I thought you were better, but I was wrong. Terribly wrong. They demonstrated for you and your cause. Instead, you are saying they was manipulated. Was they by your team and the parts of your team that was behind bars in August? That is what I wondering about after your statement. Because you proclaimed victory and so did Tendai Biti. That is maybe even the manipulation you was serving these people. The people you called stupid.

That is distasteful and disgraceful to the ones who run out on the streets fighting for the ones who voted for you. Because that was the people who went out there. This wasn’t Emmerson Mnangagwa’s supporters, they was yours.

Best Regards

Writer of Minbane


Justin Manyenyere – ‘August 1 demonstrators stupid: Chamisa’ 15.11.2018 link:

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