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Opinion: A little bit of defiance overpowered the independence celebration!

Let us reject being mere spectators in life, to becoming masters of our own destiny” – Dr. John Garang from the 1990 Torit Speech

Today was supposed to be the day that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni shined in the Bugisu Sub-Region and in Sironko District. Where he together with all the flair, the state machinery, the army and dignitaries. Even Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa was there to bring the festivities to the next.

However, the actions of his state apparatus, the acts of his own security organizations and their compatriots failed. They were supposed to have a smug party and celebrate the spoils of 57 years of independence. Instead, this day will not be remembered for whatever trophy or award Mnangagwa got or the speech of Museveni.

No. Today will be remembered by what happen in Wakiso district and in Kampala. There was another fellow taking the headlines and stealing from the military parades of Sionko. The man who overtook the mantle and the spotlight was Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

His not the first opposition figure (Dr. Kizza Besigye and Ingrid Turinawe) to sneak out his own home, as it is besieged by police officers and road-blocks. Which was the case today, as the news of Independence and Magere was sealed off. Still, Bobi Wine found away and he took off.

What is even more amazing was that Bobi Wine was able to dip through traffic and pass into Kamwokya. He was able to drive-in convoy during the day and even jump onto a boda-boda while the police tried to arrest him. This all made fuzz and the video-clip of this is online. It went viral. Because, it shows the lack of freedom and how one mad had to defy the authorities.

This is defiance in-action. Where one man took it and showed the world what it means to stand-up against the oppressors. He could have been a defeatists and been behind sealed of premises. Instead, his action showed the public what a little effort can do. He was able to shock and awe, but also show them that they can stand-up towards the people with guns and spike-strip or tire deflation device to stop him from passing.

Still, Bobi Wine did pass his home. He went and became the man about town. Bobi Wine didn’t only show his face, but he showed true defiance. Some calls him a hooligan, but his not a fanatic football support. His a man who stood up for his own freedom and as an example of someone who will not be shackled by an unfair system, which the NRM is putting the public.

A little defiance overpowered the festivities today. Who knew? Nobody did, that’s what defiance does. Peace.

Bobi Wine escapes house-arrest on independence day!

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine released pictures earlier today of a cordoned home, road-blocks and a police siege at his home; and also on the road-blocks to his “One Love Beach”. Where he was supposed to hold an Independence Day concert. A concert that the authorities didn’t have the man-power to secure it.

However, they had the man-power to put up roadblocks, several of them, apparently. Both, in Wakiso District and in the greater Kampala area.

Well, that didn’t work out well for the Police Force. The Police Officers could detain the man in his own home. The artist and politician escaped on a motorcycle or boda-boda. As he was able to cross from Magere in Wakiso district and been able to ride to Kamwokya, Kampala. On route to Busabala, where the beach property is.

Surely, the state is looking foolish in all of this. As the boda-boda’s are even riding convoy with the man across town. As the President of the Republic is presiding over events elsewhere and totally forgotten. It proves his popularity and his rise, why the authorities fear Bobi Wine. Because, the public stand behind him and support him. Stops even police from arresting him again.

Therefore, even as this tale is far from over. The proof of his resilience and will is there. That his not following orders from high above. To silence himself and his comrades in the struggle against oppression. That he takes up the mantle and stands up against it.

By all means, for doing what he did today. He will get new charges where he defied orders, “incited violence” or trespassed Bosco’s mind. But that is something that impossible not to do. When without court orders, warrants or legal justification, they put him under house-arrest, which state did earlier this morning.

Alas, that is the proof of the sinister state and lack of freedoms in the Republic. When a man has to break away from his own home to get freedom on INDEPENDECE day. Not just a random day. BUT ON INDEPENDECE DAY. Just let that pickle cherish for a minute. Peace.

Only Museveni can celebrate Independence Day: Bobi Wine’s concert is blocked!

Besides, police would not be able to fully provide the requested for security as our main effort will be on securing the national Independence Day celebrations in Sironko district,” the letter reads in part” (NBS Television, 08.10.2019)

The Osabala Concert at One Love Beach on the 57th Independence of the Republic has been blocked by the Police Force for their ordinary reason. “Safety” and whatever else concerns the state has, as the musician and politician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine was prepared to hold a concert at his venue again. Since, everything else is steadily blocked for him during the last two years.

This is the first concert his tried to hold in the Republic in a long while. Not the first nor the last time the National Resistance Movement will close of venues of other people and politicians celebrating independence day. Because, its only an independence celebration if the President and his cronies are there. If not its deemed unfit and dangerous.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) are planning also an event at the FDC Headquarters at Najjankumbi, but don’t expect that to go through either. As the state has a gift of blocking these events.

I didn’t expect Bobi Wine to get this. Just like the other politicians who has tried to celebrate the day without His Excellency. That is just mere impossible in the Republic. The freedom is limited and only the one given by him. Your lucky if your free and have the liberty to celebrate it. Especially if your figure who oppose him. Than, your freedoms are limited and your moves are restricted. Just like in the manner of the concert of Bobi Wine.

He just had to be blocked. Even if there is no evidence, no clues or no intelligence saying it will be an issue. Just that the orders from high above says so. That the President doesn’t want to be outshined or be exposed for his hypocrisy on the 57th Independence Day. That cannot happen and Bobi Wine just have to shut-up.

That is initially what the President is saying. Expect arrests either today or tomorrow. Of fellow peers, of people going towards One Love Beach. Expect FDC leaders in trouble too. They are always in the mix. While President will bless an venue with his deception of freedom, liberty and liberation, which was made for him and his cronies, but not the whole republic. Peace.

Opinion: The UCC report on breach of “minimum standard” is the anti-broadcasting Bobi Wine Report!

The Uganda Communication Commission report on the breach of minimum standard is really about the media houses, radios and TV-Stations broadcasting events and court-trials. This investigation report goes on supposed breaches of broadcasting standards.

All observations and affairs in these circumstances just happen to be involving the People Power Movement, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and his affairs with the law. The demonstrations or the return from a police station.

This being the reports from Bukedde TV, BBS, NTV and NBS Television. What is really striking from all of this, is that the UCC recommends actions of “remain impartial and non-partisan in the course of their work”. Still, this whole report itself is only looking to breaches following Bobi Wine and sometimes Dr. Kizza Besigye,

These all stems from the same time and incidents surrounding Bobi Wine on the 29th April 2019. The UCC is all looking into the messages about this. Not about any other instance or investigating how the media houses followed the messages of the state. No, only how it blessed the air-ways with content following an arrest of unlawful assembly, as the politician tried to hold an Kyarenga Extra Concert on East Monday; Which the state blocked.

The report doesn’t look into how the state acted towards him. Neither is the mandate of UCC to do this. But it is interesting that their scope is on this and they are showing loyalty to the “high above” this way. Because, it makes it obvious.

That the reporters, the media houses, the radios and TV-Stations should be “non-partisan” the NRM way and not follow up on arbitrary arrest of opposition figures. Because, that incite violence, startle the public to demonstrate or even can cause “riots”. Since, this will not happen if they just show Museveni in 3D all day or make mash-ups of his latest speeches.

This is an targeted assault on media freedom from the UCC. This is biased attack on these media house. Nothing else too it. Peace.

Opinion: Mzee micro manage everything!

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the Commander-in-Chief, who has a bloated patronage, who has such a vast amount of Ministers and State Ministers, even has his own giant click of Presidential Advisors.

Still with all these people in his close circle, he still has to micro-manage anything from the State House. If it is whose arrested or not, whose promoted in the army or in the Police Force. Who is taken to Court and whose getting a contract or signed-off as investor to a project. It all passes by him or with the word from him.

There is no case to big nor to small. The ministers are puppets; the Parliament is a rubber-stamping operation for loans and budgets; and occasionally to enact a friendly law. Nevertheless, they don’t need to work hard. The directions, the directives and the orders comes from “high above” or in this regard, HIM.

The President directs who’s detained, who’s to let go. He directs who gets to do business and whose not. If it is Uganda Telecom Limited, Dott Service or whatever Chinese Contractor for hire. The President will have a say and guidance in the matter. Nothing left without his final words.

Therefore, the micro-managing, the steady pursuit of control from one-man is so evident. There is nothing his not having his hands in. Today he directed all hospital from having private pharmacies. Yesterday, directed the police from arresting idle and disorderly persons. Tomorrow, he might order someone in Lira to fetch him a local catch. Who knows, but that is what he does with the power of the State House.

Everything passes by him and needs his verdict. Nothing is left unturned or unquestioned by him. That is why, the Ministers needs his blessing to do anything. That is why his statements and his decrees are so powerful.

We cannot see anything without him or by him. The Republic will cease to exist without him. Especially in his own mind. Since he thinks everything needs his vision. His the doctor, the priest, the civil servant and the professional know-it-all in the Republic. That is who he is.

If you didn’t know, now you know. Peace.

Opinion: Mzee warns everyone, maybe he should warn them about himself?

This is good for entertainment and business, but should never be to the detriment of strides made in bringing our country out being a failed state. For example, I disagree with one of the singers who was saying “Bizeemu”, as if to say that this NRM government is committing crimes against its people! I advise the artists to use their talents in ways that do not sow divisions based on lies. The government of Uganda is working against all the threats and crimes against Uganda and her people“ (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 21.09.2019).

Isn’t it weird that all the time and nearly everywhere, the President, the Head of State, the Commander-in-Chief, the Fountain of Honour, His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The old man and his place as the King at any function. He has to lecture and often warn them.

I have a feeling he has during his career now, his warned every single profession he has passed by. If it is teachers, nurses, doctors, soldiers, refugees, unemployed or whatnot. Everyone get packed together, farmers and foreign investors too. They are all warned, not to go into sectarianism and become threats to the Republic. Because, nobody wants to become that.

What he means, that you shouldn’t challenge him nor his NRM. His National Resistance Movement (NRM) is the only right way, the rest is the enemies and the ones committing crimes against the state aka him. Museveni see himself as the state and with that in mind. If you question the administration, the NRM and the State House. Your going against him.

That is why his warning everyone at every possible place. It is a reason why writing “Museveni Warns” on google and you get 1,200,000 search results. Many is the same story in repeat, but it shows a pattern. He warns MPs, warns Beneficiaries and so on.

He does that because he knows best and has the answers. No one else does and that why everyone has to blindly follow him. Nobody else has the skill set to think or make a difference without the touch of Midas aka Mzee.

That is just the way it is. Yesterday it was the musicians. Next time its the Mwenda’s or the Mao’s. Who knows, but Mzee always has to lecture someone. That is what he does and what he do. He thinks this is smart, its not.

We have been here before and its not funny. Just more mere proof of how the President thinks his brilliant and has to warn about the correct path. That is just the way it is in 2019 I suppose. Peace.

Opinion: NRM Diehards [Don’t read this] – Here is a side note

The ones whose die-hard and Museveni loyalists. Well, my page isn’t for you. Unless, you will eat your heart out. Because, there is so much proof of his mismanagement, his utter misuse of power and patronage.

Never forget 1986” [NRM narrates].

That if I didn’t have a day-job, didn’t have a personal life and wouldn’t like to enjoy it. I could write articles upon articles and express the dire reality.

Alas, the National Resistance Movement and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Are using propaganda, so many platforms and has a big team behind him to massage his message. He has TV Stations bowing their knees, newspapers and online outlets. All praising him.

As well, as all his advisors, all his puppets and the ones not wanting to someone else power.

I tell you never forget 1986” [Museveni speaks].

However, there are enough shady going on. There is enough decisions being made. That even the Lady In Red in the supposed Ziggy Wine footage can bring. To change the narratives the way Canary Mugume or Andrew Mwenda wants. They have to get some Hollywood Producers to alter some tapes, because what the Uganda Police Force released wasn’t for-real.

Maybe, you can call me radical, FDC extremist or whatever. That is fine. I take it. But I will also tarnish any FDC MP or anyone who doesn’t act right or do the right thing. Just check my track-record.

Don’t you dare to forget 1986” [NRA Historical tell you].

I am just tired of spin-control, damage control and utter spin. Where the tales of the forgotten, the lost men and women. Who deserve their credit and deserve justice. They are forgotten. They have fought for freedom. The liberators are now eating the kids of the revolution. They are now using the same mentality as the ones they was supposed to liberate the people from. The NRM who fought for supposed liberty, freedom and justice for the peasants.

Are now using the same tricks against their own. It is tiring to repeat it. As so many big cases are unsolved. So many people lives and livelihoods are taken away. The landgrabbing, the injustice and impunity. Done day-in and day-out. The NRM knows this, but they don’t want that out.

You cannot breath, if you don’t remember why we fought in 1986” [Museveni speaks again]..

I’m just tired of it and the ones defending it. Because, everyone are supposed to be blind and follow without a conscience. Everyone is supposed to fry-their-minds like fries and hope that it doesn’t get burned.

So, if your a NRM die-hard. Think of this. What if your land is taken away without compensation, that your business is not accepted and the you cannot pay the school-fees. The civil servant position want pay your salaries on time and the presidential pledges to your area never comes. Will you still care? Will you still love this government, because it doesn’t love you. Your just a tool and someone they can use. When they don’t need you at the rallies, at the function, your gone to them. You could be a ghost like the ones in budgets, like the ones getting your supposed salaries and government tenders. But you don’t because your just a supporter and a loyal subject to His Excellency. Peace.

Opinion: Mzee lies to Godfrey

Godfrey Begumisa (Twitter-@GodfreyBegumis2), tells Bobi Wine to go to the bush if he wants power. That is not necessary. Politics is about competing policies. Our policy is well stated. Let the others also state theirs. If they do not have anything different, then support what is on the ground” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Facebook, 26.08.2019).

Well, this is too easy. Therefore, this will be very short. There is no-way in the current state of affairs, that policy nor leadership itself would ever topple Museveni. He has and direct the state at every single turn from the State House Entebbe or Nakasero. To think otherwise is naive or stupid.

Secondly, all the security organizations is behind him and is loyal to him. Even if he pay them squat and they live in piss-poor conditions. As their loyalty is to his cause and his usage. They continue to be used by him, by hoping for a promotion and better pay in the future.

Thirdly, the Electoral Reforms are lackluster, the Electoral Commission and all the state machinery are gearing in for another term. There is no way, they want to squander or even lax into 2021. Unless, he start having strokes or even poke at some serious illnesses caused by fatigue and advanced age.

Fourth, Museveni is not giving up on policy, even if all his actions are filled with mismanagement, corruption and patronage. Still, he will act like statesman and act like pure-bread politician. Even if he is war-lord and a manipulator.

Bobi Wine can come with all the guns blazing in a political battle over the ballot and at this current state. He will loose. No one sensible will deny that. Besigye have done the same thing and popular, but beaten in the polls, because the polls are massaged to fit Yoweri, not the public. The EC has delivered the majority of MPs and the needed leadership across the Republic. It is only a figment and some power-play moments where the opposition has gotten some traction. But that is when Museveni and NRM feels safe about it.

That is why Godfrey is right. The history repeats itself. The only way to get rid of a rigging, self-styled for life-president is to topple him with weapons and arms. Just like Museveni did Mobutu and Obote. Not that we want another coup d’etat or bush-war. But its not like Museveni will accept a peaceful transition. As the stacks are always on his side and rigged to his advantage. Its only the blind that doesn’t see that.

At this point and time, a incarnation of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Jesus Christ couldn’t beat Museveni at the polls. He would have configured the results, edited the stats and crucified his opponents at the Constitutional Square in the midst of Kampala. That is what he does. Peace.

Uganda Police Force: Police Refutes Claim of Spying on Opposition (19.08.2019)

Opinion: Surveillance of the opposition is nothing new by Mzee

That the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni have used many methods to continue to surveillance the ones in opposition. Not only all the notifications to the Police Force, when the Opposition parties are planning gatherings, meetings and rallies. This clearly shows that the state wants to follow and monitor them.

This is not the only tricks, the state have done what it could to hack into the gadgets of opposition leaders.

Like Privacy International reports: “In late 2011, officials of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and Uganda Police Force (UPF), acting on presidential orders, used an intrusion malware, short for malicious software, to infect the communications devices of key opposition leaders, media and establishment insiders. The secret operation was codenamed Fungua Macho (‘open your eyes’ in Swahili), according to documents acquired by Privacy International. The tool chosen as the ‘backbone’ of the operation, FinFisher, is intrusion malware that was at the time manufactured by the Gamma Group of companies, headquartered in the UK” (Privacy International, January 2019).

Clearly, the NRM has used this tactics before and could use it again. Through new forms and even other type of equipment. So, the idea that the NRM could use all sort of tactics of surveillance of the new People Power Movement and Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. This has been written about in Wall Street Journal. However, the Chinese Embassy of Kampala has dismissed it.

Still, the Chinese company haven’t dismissed it, and secondly, the company has gotten into question for questionable usage of data in the past. Therefore, Huawei could have breach the privacy and done this to the rising star, Bobi Wine. They could do this on order combined with favourable deals with the Ugandan Government. None of which, sounds surprising, knowing the friendly relationship between the NRM and Beijing.

So, I am not shocked, as the NRM has even used other techniques in the past. Like putting in devices to monitor the movement of the car of Besigye. This they did during the campaigns of 2014/15. Therefore, that they could launch a new method to follow Bobi Wine wouldn’t be shocking.

We cannot be sure, but knowing how the NRM operate and uses all methods to breach the peace. They will initially find a way to monitor, surveillance and use their power to know everything. To take the data and connections, they will wire-tap or do whatever it take to gather intelligence on opposition leaders. That is what they do, if they have the opportunity.

They used Fungua Macho, they have used other since. To believe otherwise, would be naive and the usage of CMI, ISO, UPF and Office of the State House would be anticipated. Peace.

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