Rwanda: Kagame doesn’t differentiate the party and the nation…

“But some of our friends, sometimes they are friends, other times you don’t know what to expect. We still have to deal with those. Because we are RPF, you can’t wish us away, we are here, this is our place, this is our country. We shall stay and stay and stay. Here I am not talking just about RPF, I am talking about the country, through RPF. When I say this, I mean Rwanda” – President Paul Kagame (02.04.2023).

Yesterday at the Conference, in which the President was re-elected for another term as the Party Chairman of the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF). He said some chilling words to his critics. However, it is also saying, which states something many has perceived over the years.

Kagame is now directly saying that RPF is Rwanda and Rwanda is RPF. Meaning they are directly connected, and no one can wish them away. This practically announcing that the RPF is the sole-party, and the one custodian of what Rwanda is. Therefore, if anyone partake or associate with other parties, they are not Rwandan.

RPF is saying Rwanda is their country and are here to stay. It is in the name and with the historical factors… it isn’t shocking either. Nevertheless, it just shows a sentiment and an idea, which is wrecking the idea of multipartyism or anything similar to that. Because the words used, and rhetoric is obviously to align the party to the nation.

Ever since 1994 the RPF have been the ruling regime and Kagame has lingered in power. Kagame has President since 2000, but been in the upper echelon ever since the invasion and when the RPF took power. That’s just a fact and his now the sole leader and commander-in-chief. There is no initial pressure on him. The proprietor of the Republic and it shows.

That’s why his “winning” elections, as close to 100% as they can get. There is no real competition and anyone who dares to oppose will be silenced. They will either rot in prison or mysteriously die. That’s just the endgame and this is why he has embedded his party in the state infrastructure. They are so connected that it will be hard to differentiate or separate them apart. It’s all done with a purpose and because Kagame has consolidated all power within his ranks.

Now his leaving all doubts and saying it out loud. If you are dissenting or questioning the reign of the RPF. You are indirectly questioning the nation itself. Because his stating this as a fact. That the RPF is Rwandan, and Rwanda is RPF. When you speak like this… you are setting the bar and has already decided the path. There is no middle ground or wiggle-room. The whole space is taken. The state and the party is one and the same.

Sooner or later, Kagame will not only say the party is Rwanda, but he himself is the embodiment of Rwanda. Since there isn’t that far from each other. Just like RPF is Rwandan, so is he. Therefore, Kagame and Rwanda all is here to stay. That’s the gist of things and it’s going.

We know that Rwanda is ruled by one Majority Party, a former armed liberation front and armed resistance against the previous predecessor in the civil war in 1994. Therefore, we know the militarized government and junta leadership, which is the RPF itself. It isn’t totally civilian and never have been.

It is now common knowledge, and this is words of Kagame. The President and Chairman of RPF. That’s who he believes Rwanda is and everyone else just has to comply. Peace.

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