Opinion: The IMF decided to give dictators a COVID-Lifeline

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) might have the best intention, but when you give debt relief and certain programs funds to several of republics. Don’t expect this to be spent on the public there. These funds will be squandered on big convoys, don’t expect suddenly these dictators do build fancy hospitals for poverty lingering citizens. Who hasn’t been a priority and only useful, when they need grants and loans from the likes of IMF and the World Bank (WB).

On the 2nd April 2020, the IMF approved US$ 109.4 million to Rwanda. This is supporting the militaristic regime, which have ruled since the genocide in 1994. Therefore, giving a lifeline to President Paul Kagame. Who is gettign rid of his opposition, activists and they suddenly dies. That’s why they are ensuring a small praising elite in Kigali to overpower the public with more funds like this.

On the 3rd April 2020, the IMF approved US$ 97.1 million to Togo. This is supporting the Second Generation Dictator Faure Gnassingbe who is just sworn in for his third term in office. Where all protests are hard hit, where the real opposition is destroyed and there is lack of real investment into the the state. As the Gnassingbe family, who has ruled this nation from 1967. They haven’t showed any interest in real development and only using the state as a private business operation.

On the 9th April 2020, the IMF approved US$ 147 millions to Gabon. Where second generation dictator resides. The son like father, keeps the state all enclosed. Omar Bongo Ondimba follows Ali Bongo Ondimba. These funds are given to a man who is following the family affair of running this state. This is has been done since 1967. So, they are validating the Bongo regime and they will continue to constrain it.

On the 14th April 2020, the IMF approved US$ 115.1 millions to Chad. Another big-man and militarized government run by Idriss Deby Itno have ruled since a coup in 1990. He rules by decree and silence his opposition. So, it not like this man is saint. Your not a saint, when the only way the opposition dares to show their affection is to whistle. Not like the IMF cares about that, because these funds will be given to an boast of his army, whose not only battling Boko Haram, but also constrains the public.

On the 4th May 2020, the IMF approved US$ 226 millions to Cameroon. This is boosting the President for Life, Paul Biya. The Ghost of Cameroon and Swiss Landlord of Cameroon. The man who kills own citizens in the North-West and South-West Regions, the Ambazonia parts of Cameroon. The man who rigs elections, uses army against his own citizens and who has reigned non-stop since the 1980. So, this man hasn’t developed Cameroon, except for making his elite wealthy and making his own family richer than the nation. That is the ones the IMF is bailing out.

On the 6th May 2020, the IMF approved US$ 491.5 million to Uganda. This is giving money to the militarized government of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The government who has run the Republic since the coup in 1986. A man who torture, detain and assaults his opposition. A man who uses the government as private property. A man who is the “high above” and who directs anything from his State House. Who has had debt relief and grants gotten lost, paying ghosts and so fourth. These funds will squandered and only feed the kitchen cabinet, not the public. He has had the time from 1986 to develop the Republic, but have instead built a big army and the biggest entourage on the continent.

So, the IMF is giving these money out in good faith. They are doing it with a purpose, but don’t expect to do any good. These funds will boast and give the Dictators a lifeline. That is sad, its a bitter pill to swallow, but needed to be said. Since, the IMF is by doing this giving way to the most ruthless leaders on the planet. People who have no heart, but only lives for their own personal greed. These people can order the death of their enemies and can without a flick of their eyes make someone stop.

That is why this money will not be used for the purpose of which its given. It might be some of the dollars ending up to nurses and frontline workers. However, this will most likely pay of their pet projects like para-military groups or security organizations, which is used to monitor the public. The money will also go to the expensive lifestyle of the President and his cronies. While only a few rain-drops will go to public. However, don’t expect these funds to go anywhere useful. Than, your lying to yourself and very naive.

You don’t become big-men like these without being using force and not caring about governance. They are there because of the guns, the method of fear and intimidation. These funds are given to men who uses their state as a racket.

The IMF like I said does this in good faith, but its a reason why its faith. Because they have trust and belief it will do some good, but don’t expect magic. There is no magic wand to fix things, especially with the leadership at the helm. What is worrying is how easily they could get these millions of dollars, because of the global pandemic.

They will misuse it and it will be squandered. It just a matter of time, before ghost companies and ghost workers are paid. Before sudden funds have gone missing and no one can find the allocation. That is just what happens. Also, the elite will get a big pay-check, because their loyalty is worth more than gold for these men. Peace.

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Opinion: Your know your bad, when people wish you dead

Just like in October 2018, there are rumours going around. Last time there was a dream of military coup d’etat against President Paul Biya. The man who has ruled with an iron fist for 38 years and Mr. Biya himself is supposed to be 87 years old. He living in mansions in Cameroon, but abroad staying in luxury hotels in Switzerland. His the ghost president, who rules by decree and rarely seen by the public.

Therefore, with the growing COVID-19 or Coronavirus outbreak in the midst of the armed conflict in the North-West and South-West Regions. The President has been invisible just like normal. Only seeing some leaflets of papers and statements, but his face and his voice haven’t been delivered. Well, the last National Address was on the 31st December 2019 and before that September 2019. So, its not like his a character out there trying to be in the public space.

Just like there is not steady meetings with the Council of Ministers. There was three years between the ones in the 2015 and 2018. There was also held in March 2019, but not like its a common courtesy. More like a random events, just like National Dialogue, which haven’t stopped anything. Only some PR stunts and resolutions, which haven’t materialized, as the state is still to busy finding new villages to haunt and destroy. Not like they even trying to generate peace, but instead trying to forge their power over the public. One gun and one bullet at the time.

The President who no-one see, no one hear and no loves is really something. When rumours of his death sparked yesterday. It has sparked the same way the rumour of the Coup d’etat in October 2018. This is a real will of the public to see him gone. If not, they are asking him to be in the public and act upon the rising cases of COVID-19.

Because, a ghost is not a leader, a man who uses the army onto his own is neither a leader too. That is just a gangster in office and one who doesn’t represent the ones in dire need. He instead lives lavish, pays his cronies and hopes everything smooths over… without any consequences or anything hurting him.

Mr. President, your know your acts a bad, ill-advised and insincere, when people are sparking rumours of death and wishing you where overthrown. That isn’t the voices of concern or care, but more hope that you are gone. That your not their leader and that someone else gets to carry the mantle. Since, you have mismanaged and created a tyranny in your name. That will be your legacy and how people will remember you.

If your alive, do yourself a favour, release a statement, a voice-clip, if not release a taped clip with your concern and your decreed actions towards the COVID-19. Be a man, act and swiftly before it goes out of hand and then into everyone’s yard. That is all up to you. However, I doubt that you care or want too. Instead, you hope your Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute. Maybe his your water-boy, but maybe you should do something. That would be the right thing to do, unless your careless and safeguarded in some hotel in Switzerland. Because, God know where you are right now. Peace.

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