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Cameroon: The Ghost of Geneva plans to handover it all to his son!

The Cameroonian President of all the ages, Paul Biya seems to prepare this succession. After ruling steadily since 1982. A man who has reigned by decree in Geneva, Switzerland. Who have rarely convened Council of Ministers or been visible in the Republic. Paul Biya seems now to prepare his son to take over the reigns.

The son in question is Emmanuel Frank Oliver Biya. The son who was born on the 21st August 1971. The 49 years old man who has started his own political party named Mouvement Citoyens des Frankistes pour la paix et l’unite du Cameroun or the MCFP. We see that its all surrounding him, as the people are pledging allegiance to him. It’s The People for Frank, which happens to be him.

The son have already been in the spotlight… but not for the positive vibes or brining hope to nations. No, he was in hot press because there is alleged corruption scandals and looting the state coffers with impunity. Even back in 2006 he was supposed to have taken FCFA 100 billion. There was several of rackets, which was intending to secure the money to companies owned by Franck and getting the state pay premium prices on lower valued bonds, a shady deal with the National Sinking Fund and so fourth. Therefore, Frankie Boy know how to use the state as his private dominion already.

That is like father like son. They are both used of eating of the government plate. That is why Paul Biya and family have been living lavish in a hotel or at resorts in Geneva. Where he can spend like tomorrow, while his republic is burning. The Republic at war with itself in the Ambazonia region. Where the soldiers are killing civilians, burning villages and using extra judicial killings. The anglophone is set to suffer for their wish to have independence from Yaounde and the French Cameroon. Alas, the President and his men has no issues doing that and forcing them to obey him. Even as his life has been like a colonial master far away ordering the public by decree.

Now the colonial master and President-for-Life, Paul Biya plans to anoint his son Franck. The plan to secure the succession of Frank Biya. The timber tycoon owning ‘Ingénierie Forestaire’. He has clearly gotten wealth true the state coffers and built up his enterprises this way. The former corruption scandals and graft allegations is building up under this. Because, his the first son from a former marriage of the President is the reason why he was never seriously “probed”.

Therefore, we can just wonder, but it wouldn’t be shocking. As the state has been like a private estate for the Family of Biya. That is how things has been and this is why the President is absentee is ruling by decree.

We shouldn’t be shocked if the MCFP would swallow the whole Rassemblement Democratique du Peuple Camerounais (RDPC) and ‘unite’ everyone behind the next generational president. That would just be poetic. The injustice served in another generation. One family rules supreme and without any consideration. It isn’t even a monarchy, but the President’s ruling by decrees acting like it.

Paul Biya isn’t different there, than his counterparts in Togo or Gabon. They have done this with their sons too. He would do this in Cameroon as well. Where certain families considers it their rights to rule without having proper or fair elections. Because, if it was… the track-record wouldn’t speak in their favour.

Frank will be no different than Paul. The only difference will be the age. They have both looted and will continue to loot. They will continue to use armed forces on civilians and rule with no redeeming factors. Only that Paris will enjoy the perks of their reign shield their human rights violations and crimes against humanity. Because that is good business for the “colonial” French. Peace.

Opinion: The IMF decided to give dictators a COVID-Lifeline

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) might have the best intention, but when you give debt relief and certain programs funds to several of republics. Don’t expect this to be spent on the public there. These funds will be squandered on big convoys, don’t expect suddenly these dictators do build fancy hospitals for poverty lingering citizens. Who hasn’t been a priority and only useful, when they need grants and loans from the likes of IMF and the World Bank (WB).

On the 2nd April 2020, the IMF approved US$ 109.4 million to Rwanda. This is supporting the militaristic regime, which have ruled since the genocide in 1994. Therefore, giving a lifeline to President Paul Kagame. Who is gettign rid of his opposition, activists and they suddenly dies. That’s why they are ensuring a small praising elite in Kigali to overpower the public with more funds like this.

On the 3rd April 2020, the IMF approved US$ 97.1 million to Togo. This is supporting the Second Generation Dictator Faure Gnassingbe who is just sworn in for his third term in office. Where all protests are hard hit, where the real opposition is destroyed and there is lack of real investment into the the state. As the Gnassingbe family, who has ruled this nation from 1967. They haven’t showed any interest in real development and only using the state as a private business operation.

On the 9th April 2020, the IMF approved US$ 147 millions to Gabon. Where second generation dictator resides. The son like father, keeps the state all enclosed. Omar Bongo Ondimba follows Ali Bongo Ondimba. These funds are given to a man who is following the family affair of running this state. This is has been done since 1967. So, they are validating the Bongo regime and they will continue to constrain it.

On the 14th April 2020, the IMF approved US$ 115.1 millions to Chad. Another big-man and militarized government run by Idriss Deby Itno have ruled since a coup in 1990. He rules by decree and silence his opposition. So, it not like this man is saint. Your not a saint, when the only way the opposition dares to show their affection is to whistle. Not like the IMF cares about that, because these funds will be given to an boast of his army, whose not only battling Boko Haram, but also constrains the public.

On the 4th May 2020, the IMF approved US$ 226 millions to Cameroon. This is boosting the President for Life, Paul Biya. The Ghost of Cameroon and Swiss Landlord of Cameroon. The man who kills own citizens in the North-West and South-West Regions, the Ambazonia parts of Cameroon. The man who rigs elections, uses army against his own citizens and who has reigned non-stop since the 1980. So, this man hasn’t developed Cameroon, except for making his elite wealthy and making his own family richer than the nation. That is the ones the IMF is bailing out.

On the 6th May 2020, the IMF approved US$ 491.5 million to Uganda. This is giving money to the militarized government of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The government who has run the Republic since the coup in 1986. A man who torture, detain and assaults his opposition. A man who uses the government as private property. A man who is the “high above” and who directs anything from his State House. Who has had debt relief and grants gotten lost, paying ghosts and so fourth. These funds will squandered and only feed the kitchen cabinet, not the public. He has had the time from 1986 to develop the Republic, but have instead built a big army and the biggest entourage on the continent.

So, the IMF is giving these money out in good faith. They are doing it with a purpose, but don’t expect to do any good. These funds will boast and give the Dictators a lifeline. That is sad, its a bitter pill to swallow, but needed to be said. Since, the IMF is by doing this giving way to the most ruthless leaders on the planet. People who have no heart, but only lives for their own personal greed. These people can order the death of their enemies and can without a flick of their eyes make someone stop.

That is why this money will not be used for the purpose of which its given. It might be some of the dollars ending up to nurses and frontline workers. However, this will most likely pay of their pet projects like para-military groups or security organizations, which is used to monitor the public. The money will also go to the expensive lifestyle of the President and his cronies. While only a few rain-drops will go to public. However, don’t expect these funds to go anywhere useful. Than, your lying to yourself and very naive.

You don’t become big-men like these without being using force and not caring about governance. They are there because of the guns, the method of fear and intimidation. These funds are given to men who uses their state as a racket.

The IMF like I said does this in good faith, but its a reason why its faith. Because they have trust and belief it will do some good, but don’t expect magic. There is no magic wand to fix things, especially with the leadership at the helm. What is worrying is how easily they could get these millions of dollars, because of the global pandemic.

They will misuse it and it will be squandered. It just a matter of time, before ghost companies and ghost workers are paid. Before sudden funds have gone missing and no one can find the allocation. That is just what happens. Also, the elite will get a big pay-check, because their loyalty is worth more than gold for these men. Peace.

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