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Somaliland: Reports of fatalities and injured civilians after protest against the delayed presidential election

Update: One protestor killed and 5 others injured after security agents used live bullets to disperse an opposition demonstration in Hargeisa, Somaliland. The opposition leader Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi aka Irro had called for a protest against the delay of presidential election” (Dalsan TV, 11.08.2022).

Police officers in Somaliland’s capital Hargeisa filmed opening fire on protesters at close range. At least two protesters were killed in the city with more than 16 others wounded” (Somali Guardian, 11.08.2022).

Faysal Cali Waraabe, chairman of UCID party says to protestaors “we shall arm ourselves against the administration!” Commander of Hargeisa Central Police Station to policemen “fire at the people at low flying angles” Tensed situation in Hargeisa with fires in many places” (The Daily Jubba, 11.08.2022).

Press conference by the Police confirms the death of three civilians and many others injured. We do not know or have further information. Human Rights Centre condemns the violence that took place today during the protests. This is a crisis that needs peace and dialogue. However, the act of shutting down the internet by the government has blindsided the public and their right to access to information. We condemn this and require that telecommunication companies stay impartial in this crisis” (Human Rights Centre Somaliland, 11.08.2022).

The Government of Somaliland has brutally cracked down on the opposition in the capital of Hargeisa today. This has been done on the watch of the President Muse Bihi Abdi. Who was elected to the Presidency in 2017 and there would be a re-election this year. As his mandate as President would be over. That’s why the opposition are calling for elections, because the term of President Bihi is soon over.

The authorities and government is clearly using brutal means to silence and oppress the dissidents. The calls for an early elections is fallen on death ears. The opposition has been able to get the public on the streets, but we see the answers from the authorities themselves. They are in contempt of the public rights to demonstrate and call out their grievances.

We should now expect opposition parties to call the Kulmiye Party and it’s government illegitimate. The calls of tyranny and dictatorship is already being heard, which is fair as the people are dying on the streets after the orders of lethal fire against innocent civilians. No party or government should see the need of lethal force against unarmed civilians who are demonstrating. Loyalist of the President has already used arms and killed civilians. That shows what sort of leadership that is in-charge of it all in the Hargeisa.

Time will tell how this will go from here. However, things will be rocky and the tensions will not be over fast. The tides are changing and the opposition is daring to challenge the President. Certainly far from over.

Eyes should be on Somaliland in the days ahead. Because, the true character of Bihi is out and everyone should acknowledge that. Peace.

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