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Nigeria: It looks like a country for old men…

E no easy eh, oh oh oh oh

To dey sing and dey dance

And the people dey rejoice eh, oh oh

My brother my sister

No be today, oh oh oh oh

If e good or bad eh make we dey thank God eh

Baba God na your handwork yeh yeh yeh yeh” – P-Square – ‘E No Easy’ (2009)

After the primaries of the major political parties in Nigeria. You can assess to get ahead and get to the top of the food-chain. That a person needs to reach a certain age and have time before getting there. This is certainly the case of the two biggest parties of Nigeria. The historical parties and the ones who has been had the control of the state since independence. That being the APC and PDP. Therefore, their choices of candidates says a lot.

It is now revealed that the three main contesters to follow the two terms of Muhammadu Buhari (APC). The ones picked is really striking and of age. The list is very clear. It wouldn’t have been younger if the APC had picked the current VP either, Yemi Osinbajo who is 65 years old.

The All Progressive Congress (APC) Presidential Candidate Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu or Bola Tinubu is 70 years old. While the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) President Candidate, Atiku Abubakar is 75 years old. The third force and Presidential Candidate for Labour Party Peter Obi is only 60 years old.

We know that two major parties are the ones that matters. Tinubu has been a career politician since 1993. He has represented Lagos, either as a Senator or a Governor. Therefore his well-versed in the political games of Nigeria. That is certain, but will he bring any significant change from Buhari? No, his just one of them…

While the other major candidate of the PDP Atiku is a former Vice-President and he has already lost one Presidential Election to Goodluck Jonathan in 2011, Buhari in 2015 and in 2019. Therefore, Atiku is a serial looser at this point, but still given another shot in the PDP. That isn’t a winner, but maybe fourth time the charm?

Well, what is striking about them all is that they are of age or in retirement age. Because, in the public service or civil service it’s either the age of 60 or after 35 years of service. Which means these gentlemen either should have been retired before the primaries in question. This is old men holding power and not allowing the next generation to takeover.

What is striking is that this is happening in a nation of median age of 18 years old and life-expectancy of men is around 47 years old. So, all of these men are above both and beyond life-expectancy. That is speaking volumes, but usually the elites and the rich lives longer than the average citizen. Therefore, these numbers aren’t telling the whole story, but is compelling as the Republic is gearing up for another election.

An election with only old candidates who is fit for retirement before they step into office. That’s if the laws and such should be fitted to the politician who enact and make them. Tinubu and Atiku are both old men. They are of what soon could be stated as advanced age.

So, do I look forward to the up-coming elections or polls in Nigeria? No, these two major parties aren’t showing any progress or characters of which brings hope. No, these are just more cronies for the rich and businesses of the Republic. They are just continuing the cartels and whatnot. Tinubu and Atiku will not challenge the state or reform it substantially.

These primaries are proving Nigeria is a country for old men. That is the result of these elections just shows that. You need endless of experience and means to succeed. There is no easy way out. That is for sure, but what we do know… is that old men will be on one winning in the end. Peace.

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