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Opinion: Kagame has no intention of stepping down… and he never will.

The ones that thought the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame would step would be naive at this point. His the sort of leader who took power with the guns, who lives by the gun and dies by the gun. There is really no reason or justification for him to step down or retire. Kagame is just the ordinary character who will die in office. There is no way he will secure a peaceful transition or a legit transfer of power.

Kagame has a stranglehold on the political landscape. The only way to possible topple him or takeover is by armed rebellion. That’s because any sort of critic is losing their businesses, licenses or even career. If you voice your opinion or is a legit opposition. You will either be arrested, charged with superficial charges and possible killed by an “accident” or by “default”. That is just the way the regime works.

The ones that is defending Kagame is doing it for all possible reasons of the development and his extraordinary ability to look like a statesman. However, his far from that. His a former military intelligence agent and worked together with Museveni directly in the Bush-War before getting help from the NRA to topple the regime in Kigali in 1994. Therefore, his whole career has been based around violence and he has pursuit that ever since.

Kagame has been parts of proxy wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo since the 1990s. He has been part of installing Laurent Kabila in office. The officials and military of Rwanda has since then used the provinces bordering to Rwanda as a way of looting and massacres for vast profits. That’s why rebellions and militias has been supported, trained and operated from Rwanda. This is well document and not just hearsay.

While Kagame wants everything to look perfect and sincere. There is a deeper and a sinister side. His the sort of man that bans satire and political cartoons. The sort of Demigod who walks among us and no one can utter a joke about him. People cannot discuss politics or state affairs on YouTube. Bloggers are taken out and so are government critics who are singers or anyone else.

So, when people are shocked that this man wants to run again and plans to run another 20 years. Well, Kagame and his kind will die in office. He will either die in a hospital in the West or Nairobi. If not he will be killed by an assassin. There is no way his retiring unless a general is able to sway him to step down, because of a crisis or a renegade officer plans a coup d’etat against him.

A man like Kagame isn’t built for democracy or for freedom of speech. Neither is he a visionary of liberty or justice. His the man who believes his vision is supreme and above the rest. He fought and everyone else should just be lucky to have him in-charge.

Well, that’s the sort of leader he is and people are just supposed to blindly support him. If they doubt him or questions him. There will be no mercy or even soft consideration. That’s why there is no real alternative to state media or even critics who is allowed to speak.

That’s why I am not shocked that his returning for another election. This is just a scheduled affair and the “opposition” of the race is just pawns anyway. Secondly, the real opposition is behind bars, dead or in the diaspora. Thirdly, this man will die in office. Either by natural death of ageing or by assassination. Peace.

Opinion: CHOGM gave Kagame all the political capital he ever wanted

This here was served on a silver platter. The speeches, the interviews and the publicity is a wet dream for any sort of Head of State. The 26th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Kigali in Rwanda was just to perfect. It was a spectacle and a show worthy of anyone watching politics. Though the usage and the means of it won’t amount to much.

However, President Paul Kagame got exactly what he wanted. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaking well of Rwanda and other Heads of State doing the same. People seeing all smiles and the glory. That’s a propaganda victory of the ages. Just like the Olympics or Sporting events. This was just that sort of story and making the regime of Kigali look good.

We know that critics of Kagame goes missing, gets abducted, arrested or is inevitably silenced. The same with the opposition or anyone who really opposes him. That’s why he wins over 90% at every single election. His party is supreme and his words are decreed. Whatever Kagame decides is the law and order of the Republic. That’s how things are run… and what you not got to see.

People got to see a polished “statesman” though Kagame is as brutal as it gets. He kills his detractors and has earned fortunes on the plights of the people of Kivu Provinces since the 1990s in the Democratic Republic of Congo. So, while the M23 is ravaging in the DRC with the support of Kigali.

Kagame got to bash in glory. Got to get the spotlight on the clean-streets and the positivity of Kigali. Where things are correct and smooth. However, it is just perfecting things and making it look organized.

This will be shilled to the press and whatever sort of international media houses who reported on it. The Commonwealth was now a the sort of operation that skims over what the regime does. That’s the beauty of it and the United Kingdom is willing to be the supervisor of it all. Which is very ironic, because Rwanda has distanced itself from much of the relics of the colonial past. Nevertheless, they signed up for the Commonwealth and his now the Chairman of it.

That is saying something. Kagame is getting a title and a world stage in an organization, which is only reflecting good on him. Just like he used the year 2018 to be the Chair of African Union (AU) to spearhead himself and his own vision across the board. The same will now be done by giving him the honour of being recognized by the Commonwealth.

Certainly, it is like his past or present doesn’t matter. The ones who dares to defy him in Rwanda. Either ends up in jail or stops breathing. Therefore, this isn’t the sort of man you hire to get better governance. Unless, you prefer oppression and a full blown military dictatorship. Which uses all means to silence critics. The state uses various techniques to make it happen and it all happens simultaneously. People just end up dead and there is all sorts of excuses for it.

Kagame won’t state it and we know. We know that Kigali will not take any blame, but blame the victims. That’s just what it does and the same for the ones lingering in prison. The prisoners of conscience and political prisoners who defied him. They are there because they spoke out, made a cartoon or fielded their candidacy without him recognizing them. Because, no real opponent of him would get his blessing.

This CHOGM22 gave Kagame just what he wanted. It gave him positivity and it looked futuristic. The facade and the play of the guards. Where everything just looked amazing. However, the dark-side of this regime wasn’t spoken off. Neither was it addressed. Instead, Kagame down-played and acted like no one could give him any lessons. We have seen that before, but now at a grander stage and without any real push-back.

He shouldn’t get away with it. We know that he most likely will. This man is a warlord and a tyrant. It is just the way he wants to play things to get away from that. He wants to act like a natural leader, but we know that if he didn’t have the guns or the power of the army. Kagame wouldn’t get far either .That’s why anyone who opposes him gets into danger.

This man isn’t a gentleman, but a calculated killer and if you don’t believe me. Read up on why they nicknamed him: ‘Pilato’. Peace.

RDC: Red-Tabara – Press Release (06.06.2022)

Opinion: The beast of Kagame and Museveni haunts Nord-Kivu province to this day

The Mouvement du Mars 23 (M23) re-insurgency this year is now hurting the province of Nord Kivu. In such a manner, that Kinshasa is calling Kigali and ensuring the allies of M23 is getting into hot-water. Therefore, the way of things are going. Sooner or later the President of the Republic would need to either cease communications with the neighbours or hold direct dialogue with them.

That means that President Felix Tshisekedi has to decide if he wants to talk to Rwandan President Paul Kagame or Ugandan President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni. Because, the M23 is a beast of the past, which is revived now and then. Former President Joseph Kabila did that when he needed insurgency to block elections and stop opportunities for “peace”. While siphoning the funds of the military operations into their own pockets in Kinshasa. So, people can move the argument of the sudden rise of M23 of late to either thing really.

We know that the M23 historically has ties to Kigali and Kampala. To say otherwise is a lie. Both parties and governments has been connected to them. Rwandan and Ugandan sponsored proxy-militias within the Kivu Provinces isn’t anything new either. There been plenty of outfits and warlords who has sufficiently been trained and armed by the comrades in Kigali or Kampala.

So, we know that Kagame and Museveni knows the game. They have been here for decades and has vast knowledge of warfare within the DRC. Their respective armies and proxies has fought within the DRC since the 1990s. They went to overthrow Mobutu Sese Seko and never really left… they just changed names and found means to profit of the plight, suffering and mass-death of the region. That’s what they have done and the blood is on their names.

That’s why when the likes of M23 resurfaces and the questions of whose behind it comes at once. This is because of the past aggressions and interference in DRC’s internal affairs. The M23 is just the most amplified and the militia that is hitting the news. There is plenty of Maï-Maï, FDLR and other outfits, which are sponsored and helped from across the borders. Which also inflict damage, pain and suffering in the Kivu provinces. Therefore, the knowledge of this… is well known and these sorts of things are now coming home to roost.

Kagame and Museveni has had their hands into it. They have enjoyed the perks and the spoils of the insurgencies in the DRC. The DRC has been a profitable enterprise and the illegal exploits has earned them vast Forex-Exchange and capital. It has been a way of creating industries and all jack-of-trades, which minerals and other resources that has given them an edge. While their armies has ensured training, arms and possibly recruits within their territories. That is something that has occurred and is still prevalent to this day.

M23 could be sponsored directly by Kigali these days. M23 could be sponsored by Kampala these days. That is just a mere option and no one would bat an eye over this. The former UN Experts Reports and the origin says enough. The way both parties has accepted previous combatants and cantonment within their borders. That’s why when they resurface and causes new insurgencies. You know they are involved and allowed it to happen somehow. Because, they just don’t dip out across the border and start fighting out of nowhere. Neither does they have ammunition and weapons to do that as well. Especially, when they were supposed to be peaceful and leave their rebellious ways. However, that was just buying time and awaiting their operation within the DRC.

That’s why the ghosts, the beasts of old is returning. This is why the eyes are turning towards Kigali and Kampala as the deaths and internally displaced people’s are on the rise. The endless conflict, which are inserted and supported from afar is very evident. The bullets and skirmishes continues too. While the region suffers as a consequence. The big-men are playing war-games and the civilians are forced in the middle. That’s the sinister plot of all of this. The big-men are playing and issuing their next meal. While the public are either living in fear, uncertainty or in refugee. As their homes, villages and territories are violated by a militia, yet again. A militia that has foreign backers and big-bank to fund their bloodshed. All done for the power of money and possible resources, which they cannot have access at back-home. Peace.

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