Burma: Karenni National Progressive Party – Urgent Appeal to the United Nations, International Governments, and Humanitarian Organizations (03.06.2021)

Burma: Democratic Voices of Burma (DVB) – Detained DVB team in Chiang Mai safe in third country (07.06.2021)

Burma: National Unity Government of Myanmar & the Japan Parliamentary Group Supporting Democratization in Myanmar – Joint Statement (26.05.2021)

Burma: Justice for Myanmar responds to Kirin’s 1Q 2021 results Myanmar Beer boycott hitting generals’ pockets with sales down 46% YoY (12.05.2021)

Burma: World Vision – Three months in and no way out: World Vision calls for an end to fear and uncertainty for Myanmar’s children (10.05.2021)

Burma: Justice For Myanmar – JFM calls on institutional investors to take urgent action against companies enabling the Myanmar junta’s terror (06.05.2021)

Burma: Special Advisory Council for Myanmar – ASEAN Five-Point Consensus a Tentative Starting Point (30.04.2021)

Burma: Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK (BROUK) – ASEAN: Last Chance to prove it can save Myanmar from disaster (23.04.2021)

Philippines: Archdiocese of Manila’s Clergy Statement against the Re-imposition of Death Penalty (04.08.2020)

Malaysia: Statement by the Foreign Affairs on 36th ASEAN SUMMIT (26.06.2020)