Opinion: The State House is the most vital ministry in the Republic

Again and again, the budgets and the supplementary budgets are revealing what priorities that matters. In the recent release of the 900 billion shillings supplementary budget. The Office of the President is destined to get 168 billion and the Office of the Prime Minister gets an additional 40 billion shilling. While the Ministry of Defence and the National Army is getting 79,2 billion shillings.

That just shows the priority, we know the UPDF is stretched in the Democratic Republic of Congo and suddenly deployed in Karamoja. That got to be paid and the soldiers equipment has to be reimbursed. Therefore, the necessity of added funds there makes sense.

However, the extended and added funds on the Office of the Presidency shows how the State House can mismanage and spend like there is no tomorrow. The President has already a massive budget in the first place and this addition only shows that they cannot manage these vast funds.

They are now claiming these funds will go to scholarships for students, Kiira Motors and whatnot. It is better than other eyars to water-bills and utilities. Still, shouldn’t the Ministry of Transport and Works fund the Kiira Motors? Why is that under the Office of the Presidency? Why is the Office of the Presidency paying scholarship? Shouldn’t scholarship be under the Ministry of Education and Sports? Isn’t that wifey material … and paperwork for her to handle?

That’s why you know these Supplementary Budgets are questionable at best. This is just a measure to ensure the President has more funds for his inner-circle. The lack of oversight is clear. When the Office of the President is paying for such projects and participating in other Ministries work. The Office of the President shouldn’t be entangled into so much of the Ministries of the Government. However, it is and it shows what sort of governing the President does.

This budget is questionable and shows what is priorities. The State House and the Office of the President is getting a huge slice of the cut. That isn’t shocking, but proves what is important and what the state see as important. They rather spend money on the President than on Health Care or any other Ministry, which is lacking or not having proper budgets. That could even be said about Ministry of Education for that matter…

Therefore, President Museveni is the one who gets the funds and get to spend the way he likes. That is the message of this Supplementary Budget. Peace.

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