Ethiopia: Shabait tries to revise the history on how the Tigray Conflict started…

Sometimes it must be really boring to work for dictators and warlords, as one part of your job and detail is to make fiction into history lessons. That’s what is happening in the case of today’s published article or pieces of information from the Ministry of Information or the Shabait. That Eritrea wishes to this isn’t shocking or surprising. They just want to whitewash and ensure people believes their story. Alas, that doesn’t make it true or believable. As there are records out there proving another case. Which I published and the Addis Standard published in January of 2021. So a year and about half later. The Shabait hopes people are forgetful and can sprinkle some distorted lies over the matter.

No one should be shocked by this. That’s why it’s has to be proven and showed how it’s wrong. Yes, the tripartite alliance of Asmara, Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar wants to blame the leadership of Mekelle. That’s necessary as they need to perceived as vicious and calculated, in such a manner that the “Operation Law Enforcement” was needed to bring down the leadership of the TPLF. Therefore, texts like Shabait is to imprint that story. However, the more you repeat it doesn’t make true either.

Here is what was important in the Shabait story published today:

o The origins of the war, the TPLF’s sole culpability, as well as, the grave danger to regional peace and security that it posed were never ambiguous by any stretch of imagination.

o The fact is the TPLF launched pre-meditated, massive and coordinated attacks on all the positions of Ethiopia’s Northern Command on the night of November 3, 2020. TPLF wrongly believed that it could neutralize the Northern Command, and seize all its heavy weaponry which constituted 80% of Ethiopia’s total arsenal in its ‘blitzkrieg’.

o In launching its war of choice, the TPLF’s twin objectives were to seize power in Ethiopia and to pursue its hostile agenda “of territorial expansion” against Eritrea” (Shabait, 27.05.2022).

First off, the portrayal of the conflict triggered by the TPLF’s War of Insurrection was, and continues to be, distorted by crafting a new, fallacious narrative. To this day, the war continues to be described in neutral terms, and at times as if it was launched by the Ethiopian Federal Government, in virtually all main stream media outlets and in executive/legislative branches of most western governments. Indeed, the unanimity and “tunnel-vision” of western media outlets belie an over-arching US strategy that has evidently used all its networks and alliances to impose the “Revisionist Narrative”” (Shabait, 27.05.2022).

When you read this you start to wonder… could this be true? Is this the real story? Have I heard something else? Yes, you have and the stories of the ones involved ahead of the invasion of Tigray and the “Operation Law Enforcement” was well prepared. That was very clear and the planned forces was across the border to sooner or later invade.

That story I have told before… here is what I wrote back then and the sources I had, which is credible ones. Just read this part.

The Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy and the whole Federal Government have blamed the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) for attacking and initiating the war. Alas, moving troops to the borders and deploying soldiers across the borders of Tigray. Shows, that the preparations happened way before time. Like some has speculated that the Prime Minister Abiy and President Afwerki had this planned already on the 12th October 2020.

This meeting has said to have done this: “President Isaias visited Ethiopia, during which he visited a number of projects, including a hydro-electric dam and coffee plantations. He also went to the Bishoftu air-base – home to the Ethiopian air force. Both leaders took time to see each other’s key military assets ahead of the current conflict.” (Martin Plaut – ‘Timeline: How the President Isaias – Prime Minister Abiy relationship developed’ 09.11.2020).

With the knowledge of that. The revelation of Adamu says a lot today.

Commissioner Abere Adamu said:

Because it is history let me tell you what happened during this time. At the time, Amhara region police and Temesgen [Tiruneh] who was the president of the Amhara Region, already knew that this thing was going to happen, especially TPLF’s preparation, as they were next door to us. Therefore we have already done our homework, and accordingly deployment of forces had taken place in our borders from east to west. The war started that night after we have already completed our preparations” (Addis Standard, 04.01.2021)” (Minbane – ‘Ethiopia: Tigray – The Army all prepared before the attack on the Northern Command’ 05.01.2021).

If you want more of this and a deeper insight to the statements. You can check the references directly. Some might be repetitive, but it will be deeper and more quotes from the likes of Abere Adamu who really told the story of it.

That the Shabait tries to rewrite the story shouldn’t be acceptable. However, everyone should have an ear to the ground and open eyes. As the ones who have waged this war and participated in the genocide. Wants the victims to be the problem and the reason for their own deaths. They don’t want to take responsibility of their part of the war and the start of it.

We should expect to see more of this. Don’t be shocked, but prove their wrong and rebuttal. Because, they trying to forge a narrative and make the victims of this conflict the villains. Which I have stated before, the TPLF has the ills of the past and had in their hay-day responsibility for dictatorship, violence and injustices, which they should answer for. However, this recent war… the tripartite alliance has more to answer for. They are the ENDF-EDF-FANO invasion of Tigray, which is blocked to this day. A war that is still adding pressure and pain, endless suffering and a famine. That is something the Shabait will not take the accountability for… Remember that. Peace.



Minbane – ‘Ethiopia: Tigray – The Army all prepared before the attack on the Northern Command’ 05.01.2021, link:

Shabait – ‘TPLF’s War of Insurrection: Fundamentals of the Conflict and Chronology of Events’ 27.05.2022, link:

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