Ethiopia: Tigray – The Army all prepared before the attack on the Northern Command

Sometimes things are too good to be true. A lie is sooner or later found out. Again, this is happening. This time its the Amhara Regional Police Commander Abere Adamu revealing it. As his speech at a book launch has revealed a key aspect.

The Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy and the whole Federal Government have blamed the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) for attacking and initiating the war. Alas, moving troops to the borders and deploying soldiers across the borders of Tigray. Shows, that the preparations happened way before time. Like some has speculated that the Prime Minister Abiy and President Afwerki had this planned already on the 12th October 2020.

This meeting has said to have done this: “President Isaias visited Ethiopia, during which he visited a number of projects, including a hydro-electric dam and coffee plantations. He also went to the Bishoftu air-base – home to the Ethiopian air force. Both leaders took time to see each other’s key military assets ahead of the current conflict.” (Martin Plaut – ‘Timeline: How the President Isaias – Prime Minister Abiy relationship developed’ 09.11.2020).

With the knowledge of that. The revelation of Adamu says a lot today.

Commissioner Abere Adamu said:

Because it is history let me tell you what happened during this time. At the time, Amhara region police and Temesgen [Tiruneh] who was the president of the Amhara Region, already knew that this thing was going to happen, especially TPLF’s preparation, as they were next door to us. Therefore we have already done our homework, and accordingly deployment of forces had taken place in our borders from east to west. The war started that night after we have already completed our preparations” (Addis Standard, 04.01.2021)

To move battalions and brigades to a border area. The reports of movement of Ethiopian Army to Eritrean soil to be able to attack on fronts. Make more sense, as the planned escalation and conflict seems to make sense. However, that the Amhara Police was guiding and helping the preparation of conflict. Shows, that the supposed attack on Northern Command wasn’t such a violation or surprise. As the Tigray region was already besieged before and the Federal Government had already planned their “Law Enforcement Operation”.

As Adamu continues:

What we have talked about was, because it is now in the past, let me make it clear for you today: what we discussed was that we had communication with those from within; with whom we had close relations, especially with those members of the Mechanized Forces stationed near Humera; we had relations with them and we have already studied how to retrieve the force to come to us if something happened. So when I and Assistant commissioner Biset say “according to what we discussed” we understand what we were saying. So he told me “things are going as we discussed.” What it meant was to make members of the steel-clad mechanized Special Forces to come to us under the protection of our Special Forces, and after they reached us, to commander them to turn back to face the enemy. So he asked me “they are coming, what do I do with them?” so I told him to divert them back face the enemy; he did it. The armored mechanized members that we provided protection and retrieved from there provided protection for our forces and the foot soldiers marched in. You all know what happened next. This is how the war started; this was the day” (Addis Standard, 04.01.2021).

What is really special about this statement. Is that they claimed first to have captured and taken control of Humera Airport on the 9th November 2020 after 6 days of conflict. That says a lot really. It is really special to have a possible lie like this. When they had troops and mechanical deployment there already ahead. As they had already discussed this. That was prepared and pre-planned attacks. It especially makes sense with the deployment around the border of Tigray. That the Amhara Regional Police helped the army too. Says a lot of the coordination of the state and that they would have used whatever excuse to launch their warfare against Tigray.

That is how it seems. There been so many lies from the Prime Minister and the Prosperity Party on key aspects already. Which shows they are not believable in the manner of their operations. When you have to lie about a massacre and refugees. Why shouldn’t you also lie about the origin of the warfare? Secondly, when you lie that no citizens are killed during air-strikes and the battles of Mekelle?

It is so easy to debunk. To do so doesn’t change the fact or the reality of the warfare, but it shows a disgraceful attempt of white-washing the conflict. Yes, the TPLF was a bad governing party. They did misuse their power and used to reign with impunity. The TPLF should answer for their crimes in power in the courts of law. However, that doesn’t make the means to end of starting warfare against them. Also, when your ready to prepare warfare in a region. Why call it a “Law Enforcement Operation”?

Was that another trick to make it seem less of civil war and more of a quick fix to catch a bunch of thieves? We are now in January and this was launched in early November 2020. We can see it wasn’t as easy as the Prosperity Party and Prime Minister Abiy wanted the world to believe. He proclaimed early victory in the end of November too. So, the PM better create better stories. Since it is catching up to him and the ones down the food-chain is talking. Like Police Commissioner Abere Adamu said in his speech. That reveals certain things and it shows the deceptions made by the Federal Government. Peace.



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